The Delocalized Soul

Sometimes I feel the desire to leave the interconnectedness of this great web.  I am speaking of the digital web.  Just as our homes have been delocalized so has our souls. The car culture has taken us from our homes and the digital from our soul.


I am now witnessing a nation being ripped apart.  I have a side and I have a betrayal.  But really this is the natural progression of human nature when it is out of scale.  Though I tell myself that really it is my battle within because all those fine ideas are put to the test and many fail.  These dysfunctions and irrational tendencies come from our separation from our home and soul.  This schism is taking us further away from our people and place.


There is no answer to this if we cannot scale properly and the world will not let us scale properly.  Scale is against the narrative of affluence because it means accepting defeat and, in this world, defeat is for losers.  It is what it is and that is poison.  Lying, cheating, and stealing with each side progressively polarizing.  Those who try to take a middle road are accused.  Those who don’t care and want to hide are fodder for the warriors.  There is no hiding from this conflict.


In REAL Green there is the behavior and lifestyle of the green prepper.  A REAL Green prepares for just such crisis.  It is a way of life and in some ways second nature but this has to be the hardest of crisis.  This is because this crisis is the battle of our collective soul.  It is a battle for who will tell the narrative.  In a civil war the winner takes all.  No mercy is granted because the other is guilty of betrayal.  His family has betrayed him and nothing cuts like that.  In the end all is lost before rebirth.  Scorched earth allows flowers to grow.


I am not going to tell you as a REAL Green you can transcend this.  You can’t hide from it.  All you can do is mentally and physically lay low as needed and fight when you must.  Yes, this is about doing battle and this battle is also within.  The battle to be compassionate and understanding when there is so much pain and anger.  You can transform this battle by scaling locally in home and soul.  This is why I would say downsize with dignity to lessen the indignations that will come.  Civil wars are net loses not even zero-sum gains.  You will find strength by simplicity in places close by.  This of course will not save you but it will bring meaning.


The meaning is acceptance that you do not even have your home or your soul in this trap.  You embrace your insecurity.  You feel it.  You look into its abyss and from there you find yourself….maybe.  Yet, it is those who face this struggle both within and without honestly who thread the needle of success.  This success is deceptive because there is no prize as in a diploma of achievement.  It is more the journey itself that offer life and a chance to be authentic.  Authentic is being human and to be human you must find a proper place.  If you do not then you are adrift.  To be adrift is to be destructive.


My advice to myself now in this dark time of great change is to live what I just spoke.  It is to face that which is in me that is my own destructiveness.  If I can come to terms with that then this demon will become an angel.  An angel is acceptance of the inevitable end of my home and soul.  Once I have taken that step then I go forth on its behalf.  That it is our mother earth and fellow man.  It is not to live as I should but to live as I can because the ultimate trap is within.


P.S I continue to work on my working vocabulary of REAL Green.  It is something I must feel to do so instead of pumping it out quickly I am taking the time needed.  BTW, it has been very enjoyable to explore all those ideas that have coalesced from the wisdom of embracing planetary and human succession.

4 thoughts on “The Delocalized Soul”

  1. This too shall pass….

    It is easy to get addicted to the drama of “civilization”, particularly social media. That is my cue to reduce my time with this artificial platform & return to nature.


  2. As always, thank you for your thoughts, feelings, and soul-work!
    The path is always there for us to take, should we have eyes to see it.


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