The Journey to the End

Let’s be clear regenerative agriculture is the direction humans need to be going. Lets also be clear humans are trapped. This trap is physical and behavioral. This is why the trap is so tight and will not be broken. Human nature is as much the problem as physical limits. Even this article is trapped. All these wonderful ideas when applied are like an angel with iron wings. They do not square to the reality of the economics of modern globalism nor the modern human lifestyle of affluence and comfort. If you want to be really regenerative you need outside subsidies. Outside subsidies are little more than outsourced dirty fossil fuel profits that are destructive. We live in a vicious circular world of fantasy narratives instead of a properly scaled circular economy of resilience and sustainability.

So, does this mean you reject this messenger. No, and the reason is scale makes the difference. Scaling locally and relatively within the acceptance of the decline of human civilization within a planet in succession is the key. Planetary instability and a web of life in a succession process of localized mass extinction and general decline is the world we inhabit. A properly scaled human that goes local with an adapted lifestyle of relative and realistic regenerative efforts is the key. This human must live in the anthropogenic world of income and expenses. This human will use wisdom that uses this system to leave it. He will have to have mental strength because this dualistic way of life is so demanding.

You will be living two lives. One life is anthropogenic survival the other is local regenerative activity both community based and nature based. Localism of connecting the best you can to neighbors who are delocalized is a key. You will struggle to localize these people. In fact, likley, the best you can do is plant the seeds of localism for when SHTF and the blueprint is drawn on. There is the regenerative aspect of a love for the planet with the activity of low carbon capture in a local expression. Polycultures and realistic efforts at threading the needle of this dual life become the theater. Survival in the anthropogenic status quo and the regenerative nature of localism and green prepping becomes the journey.

Green prepping is a lifestyle of a local based individual prepping for a decline and possible collpase of civilization and the low footprint way of localism that actively regenerates nature through permaculture and rewilding. They go together because what is green is also what is more resilient and sustainable. A look from the outside in on this way of life will not find what is written in many renewable focused reporting. Often the case is the efforts are minimal because people are so trapped, they can hardly start an effort because of the delocalization of people and place. Resources, education, and status quo propaganda of even the most well-meaning environmentalist is a constant obstacle. Yea, environmentalist and scientist are the problem too because they are corrupted by the status quo. This is why if you can do a significant green prepping effort because you have the right ingredients do it! You will be the seeds of change of the new human type waiting in the wings.

What we are talking about is three things. One is a hospice and lifeboat for the individual who is prepping for a civilization that is coming apart and cannot be salvaged. The hospice is the mental palliative effort and the lifeboat the physical effort. Civilization will likely limp on for years but its destiny is sealed. Collpase will happen like all civilizations. They always overshoot and our global one is one of the worst. Our brightest minds are taboo from discussing this because humans can handle the truth and endlessly bargain with it. The other effort is the creation of a monestary of knowledge and things that needs to be carried through the gauntlet of collpase to the new humans that will come after this endgame of the transhuman modern. The transhuman modern is a techno delocalized human living with techno appendages and out of scale ecologically. The third aspect is the permaculture homestead when this awakened transformed human can go forth and put the wisdom of green prepping into constructive growth within the overall destructive change of a planet increasing uninhabitable for the web of life.

What this green prepping is then is the localization of individuals who are awakened to the existential trap and who goes fort to live within the trap seeking meaning in the journey. This is a journey of acceptance of the destination of eventual collpase. They are optimistic pessimist because of this. The optimism comes for living the journey of meaning that comes from acceptance and reality of the end. It is the leaving of the denial of death on all levels. Transhumans today are mainly the modern rich 1BIL that can shape the world. It is their self-organizing fantasy that is destroying planetary and human stability. This fantasy is so bad they imagine constructive change that is little more than a continuation of what got us here. They are digging the hole deeper. You as an individual can be transformed from this deception of the modern ego. This transformation must start with behavior then the tech and the knowledge will follow.

Regenerative Agriculture part 3 | Working With Nature, Not Suppressing It

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    1. Good to hear from you. I hope all is well with your work. I just finished my shop. I spent more than I wanted but it has an R30 with strenghtening for the bad weather ahead becuse of climate change. Stay tough and don’t weaken!


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