Should, Can, Will

What I am telling you is profound but in a very simple ordinary way. Actually, the most profound knowledge is often plain and simple and right before our eyes. Humans complicate knowledge and miss the most basic and profound. The reason this is profound is it is a manifestation of the anthropogenic trap humans are in at all levels including REAL Green. This is profound for you my reader because you need to digest this before you get unrealistic expectations of how REAL Green can change your local of people and place or how it can transform your life. REAL Green is about living the trap not overcoming it.

Keep in mind I have very few readers. I do get good visibility when I comment on resilience dot org. Other than that, I have a handful of followers. This is not an issue for me because I am looking for just a few people with the right stuff that can become the seeds of change for when a new human evolves. When I say a new human what I mean is one who has broken out of the trap into a brave new world of post-modern man. The only way we can leave this trap is a collpase of modernism of the techno optimistic human with a human population in overshoot. So, the breakout comes once the collpase process runs its course. This process is multidimensional and both location based but also systematic dispersed through all locals globally. At some point this will end and the trap will be gone.

Modern man is transhuman. What I mean by this is modern man is basically techno optimistic with techno appendages of digital and transport tools. This is in fact becoming worse with the advent of techno appendages of AI and sensors within the body. Modern transhuman are also seeking DNA adaptive strategies. These transhumanists are increasing part of the rich elite wanting to control the world. This new human type will accelerate collpase because tech is the problem. The reason tech is the problem is it is not guided by organic human wisdom. What the modern transhumanist is guided by is increased power and control by whatever means. Tech becomes the vicious circle of needing tech to combat the problem tech creates. This is a tail eating experience that is accelerating.

This transhumanism is of course part of the 1BIL rich of the world but keep in mind the other 6BIL is codependent on the 1BIL rich. The population of the earth is an order of magnitude in overshoot to realistic carrying capacity. Even that number is not sustainable in a greatly altered epoch that the Anthropocene will give way to in the future. I know epoch are long geological periods but here I use the term to mean periods of human planet history. The Anthropocene will eventually give way to a post Anthropocene of a climate in abrupt change and uninhabitable for modern humans mainly because complex economics and agriculture will not be possible. Space travel away from a ruined world is a fantasy also so our planet wrecking transhumanist techno optimist will one day accept the trap when all is lost.

This 6BIL that many greens look to as inspiration are little better than the 1BIL rich who are completely dependent on tech for survival. The reason for this is the cascading effects of the chaos of decline and ultimately collpase both local and global. The 6BIL poor cannot survive without the rich 1BIL. The rich 1BIL cannot survive without all those tech systems so you see the complexity and the complications of separating out the two. The reason I mention this is to emphasize the trap for those nostalgic and romantic greens who look to subsistence farming and indigenous lifestyles to save humans. Subsistence and indigenous have great lifestyle qualities in many cases the problem is the complexity of globalism will crush even these resilient and sustainable ways once the cascading effects of decline unfold. Where subsistence and indigenous ways come into this equation is their best in class knowledge and lifestyles that can be saved for the new human that comes once the trap breaks down. In other words, there is no refuge for any human in this Anthropogenic trap. Yet, there will be a rebirth that is if there is planet acquiescence and humans do not go extinct. Extinction is very real but should not be defaulted to.

REAL Green behavior and the resulting action should be done by those who can. Those who can will be those who have the education, resources, and the time. It will be those who can foster a local community that will take this even further. I am a REAL Green master but I am not an outstanding example of REAL Green. The reason for this is the power of community. There are some out there that have the force multiplier of REAL Green in the form of a community. I do not have this. I am a monk and lone wolf but one who speaks to those who have the right stuff. This REAL Green local will struggle with the status quo which is focused on income and profit. Keep in mind income and profit is essential just as the rabbit is essential to the fox. You have to survive and the anthropogenic status quo is your habitat. You cannot transcend this by being REAL Green. What you can do is transform your local of people and place with REAL Green wisdom.

This will be a struggle because you will be living a dualism of being in the status quo and leaving it. The anthropogenic status quo is delocalized and your REAL Green will localize relatively and realistically. There is no room in REAL Green for idealism except in your academic pursuits. A REAL Green needs to research and study as part of his REAL Green work out but theory and application need to be kept in their proper place just as spirituality and science. The struggle will be the fact that REAL Green resilience and sustainability is expensive because it involves redundancy and low carbon capture.

The redundancy comes from the green prepping of stocking up. Having a store of goods and things for an uncertain future is expensive but essential. Low carbon capture in localism is the best survival strategy but it comes at the cost of lower affluence and comforts. Low carbon capture does not have the energy density of a tank of fossil fuel or grid power but it is more renewable. The more complex and powerful the technology the greater the risk of entropic decay. Complex and complicated systems suffer issues of failure threasholds. They may be efficient and powerful but when they fail, they can be very disruptive. Complex means a small failure can cascade due to brittle resilience and complicated means the ability to fix a failure beyond the capacity of the local. Low carbon capture uses simpler system with less complications but the volume is increased and the return of power low.

REAL Green seeks to find a proper combination of these two approaches to emergy and time value which together seek the production from energy and time. REAL Green uses the modern and the old ways in a hybridization that is realistic and relative. It is parasitic in a respect of using the modern high performance Anthropogenic status quo to leave it. This approach also involves triage of removing those modern systems and products that create failure threasholds. The reality is this life way almost always means less affluence and comforts but more spiritual meaning. The spiritual assets revolve around being better prepared and greener. Being prepped for an uncertain future is a fundamental to the human activity survival. Being greener is the connection to the land and the web of life around you. This produces meaning and meaning is getting closer to the truth which is the ultimate spiritual asset.

If being prepared for uncertainty or caring for the land is not of interest to you then REAL Green has no meaning for you so there is no profound to discuss. If green prepping with a REAL Green attitude of acceptance of the collpase process is a higher value then REAL Green is a profound path because it offers a satisfactory trade off to lower affluence and less comforts with meaning and the satisfaction of being more secure. Keep in mind a REAL Green behavior is the prerequisite. This behavior first and foremost embraces failure of human civilization in a planet and web of life in succession to lower complexity. So, a REAL Green will live in a wisdom of insecurity. A wisdom of insecurity is concerned with the journey not the destination. The destination is the failure of all. So REAL Green has a behavioral component of leaving the denial of death. By doing this a REAL Green is transformed and if awakened goes forth in action.

It is this action that very few can make significant. This is not their fault it is just only a few will have the seed bed and the beneficial rains that produce a crop in a world smothered in the homogeneous anthropogenic status quo. Many people will lack one of the required variables of education, resources, time and finally the alchemy of the transformation that comes from behavior deep in one’s soul. The other aspect is the local of people and place. So many locals do not offer a future and these tend to be the ones that the modern humans flock to. If you are in a local that is not fertile for a successful green prepping operation then you will not profit by green prepping. If you invest in the wrong local of people and place you will have wasted resources and actually be worse off physically and spiritually. Some places cannot be REAL Greened but all individuals can embrace he REAL green behavior of acceptance.

This then points to a few who can make an oversized impact on a REAL Green fertile local of people and place. They may only be a storehouse of knowledge and things for a new human coming postmodern. In this case they will be a monestary that works to store and preserve knowledge found in the wisdom of REAL Green. This monestary may offer sombody someday something to increase their ability to green prep. Others will have a community with a homestead that actually produces low carbon products that are greener and offer the prepping attributes of resilience and sustainability. A strong local community of people dedicated to localism and the enhancement of the local land is the culmination of what REAL Green can be. Most often the case is a local of people and place that is prepped for more but the time is not at hand. It is possible a crisis will be the spark.

In my case hardly any in my local share my convictions. I am spending lots of money and time doing low carbon capture and focusing on remaining local. It is a real effort of patience and perseverance. There are constant disruptions and complications from being trapped in the anthropogenic status quo. Yet, the meaning from what I do makes up for this. At least for now because keep in mind this is a journey to death both with my mortality and what I construct. One day my REAL Green monestary might be divvied up in an estate sale or maybe a collpase destroys it. This is not the point because remember it is the journey not the destination. Life is nonlinear humans behave linear. A journey is non-linear and the destination linear. If you embrace the behavior of acceptance and the journey instead of the destination then you can find the spiritual meaning that trades off the lower affluence and comforts for the spiritual meaning of what is right and just by the planet and the web of life. If you do this the planet and web of life will support you and these are powerful allies. The support comes from the truth. So, there is what you should do because it is right an just by the planet and the web of life. There is what you can do because of your anthropogenic trap. There is then what you will do and that involves a transformation that results in an awakening. This awakening becomes action. This action is life.

PS: I have a style that I use with comments that is limited to one page. When I speak only for my blog, I may have several pages. The above is that case. I find the one-page style interesting because it forces me to focus on an idea for a comment yet, I love a word salad of ideas that flow from the freedom of having my own blog.

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