The Green Lie and Reconciliation

I made these two comments on resilience dot org. Resilience is a great environmental site that inspires me with posts I do here. It is a site that often deals with behavior which I feel is the most important part of green. Tech must follow green wisdom. The first comment is to the article linked below about earth day. The second is to an excellent response to my first comment. This individual inquired how can we reconcile green and affluence. I feel these are very important topic because of all this talk of net zero 2030, 40, or 50. The strong green buildout by Europe and now contemplated by the US for a Green New Deal is permeated by delusions. These delusions are not with the science of the call to change but the solutions and the narrative of what is green.

I feel it is vital to do a green build out but not the political based buildout contemplated. This is especially true because the .01%ers are behind a radical change to society that is really just a power grab. There are lies behind the enormous change talked about. This change is just a green washing of more of the same. This is not going to be green in the end and instead disillusionment will grip the people. Much good was being done before at a slower pace. Too much effort too fast will actually be a less optimal outcome because civilization and tech are already at diminishing returns. Debt and social instability are the indicators. The proper behavior behind green wisdom is not being addressed. Instead a green tech is being pushed and mixed with advanced high tech. This is fake green not true green or REAL Green.

Either way the system is failing so our goal should be palliative not the narrative “failure is not an option” talk with a doubling down on advanced tech. Advanced tech got us to the trap we are in more of it only makes the trap less green and dehumanizing. The other issue is the woke detour being implemented as if a hijacked social policy can be green. The Great Reset, transhumanism, and the new religion of scientism are behind the hijacking. The elites want the people to be green but they have no interest in it themselves. This is resulting in woke capital of monopolies and dangerous governmental overreach. This hijacking by the elites is always how civilizations fail so in a way this is natural. Social and Green are two different spheres that overlap but should be separate in focus. So, in conclusion this post is really two posts, The Green Lie and Reconciliation.

The article:

Earth Day 2021: Awakened Not Woke

The Green Lie

If the challenge is solving climate change when climate change is a trap how can we expect the collective will to rise when the trap must continuously be lied about? How can we expect the collective will to rise when there are numerous detours from those who should be focused on the challenge instead of Woke? How can the collective will rise to a challenge that does not add up so we create trillions and say modern monetary theory is great? This message that your life will remain the same or be bettered by a green new deal when technology got us to this point is a lie? Technology is not green that is man’s biggest lie.

I like to point out intelligence always overshoots and that is because of arrogance. It is arrogance to think you can do the same behavior in a slightly different way and solve a problem or is that insanity? Maybe arrogance is insane. This is a mental Ponzi scheme of making things up as we go. The Ponzi payout is consoling advice so people can continue to believe the lies. I say lies not of the problems because science is clear about them but of the solutions. Renewables are not clean and not cheap in a dirty world that is broke. Renewables are vital but not a solution. The solution is accepting the consequences of arrogance which is our wonderfully protected feeling that knowledge and tech will always be there to save us. Where is the wisdom in this? Wisdom would say no if this is the truth. When do greens say no today except to the other side? Of course, we are not going to make American great again but we are not going to build back better either. Greens are unable to self-reflect negatively because the theory goes the stakes are too high. The stakes unfortunately become perpetuating the Ponzi Scheme of the arrogance of the overshoot of human intelligence because people can’t handle the truth.

I am living a life trying to reconcile green and affluence. It does not reconcile unless you accept the two are irreconcilable. Acceptance is a kind of forgiveness for living a lie. The honesty of this seems to be too much for our brightest minds who find forgiveness a failure. They know failure is staring at them hence the use of challenge. A trap can be lived within but it cannot be transcended. You cannot leave a trap but you can learn to live within the trap maybe even transform it if you stop fighting the trap. The unfortunate reality of the socio-political is people must believe the lies otherwise social cohesion is lost. But when our wise men are also self-deceived then real problems occur. When civilization basis is lie bad thing happen quickly. Imagine what people would think of if the challenge is no hope? The fact that we are accepting the lies intead of accepting the trap does serve a purpose but that purpose is still a Ponzi scheme of lies. Lies must be propagated and supported with more lies. The truth will always be there.

I am a passionate green which includes conservation and also permaculture localism. I have invested all my wealth from a fossil fuel drenched life in going local with a permaculture homestead. I am having my coffee now and will soon go visit the animals and do the farm chores. My day is full to the brim and much more needs to be done I will not find the time to do. Sometimes I do not know where to start. There are always the detours of health, weather, and resources. Without my investments of a previous life my semi-retired life devoted to being green would not add up. I have found meaning in what I consider my failure. My operation is small without profit necessary for affluence because otherwise it is industrial agriculture. I have to participate in the transport and digital culture or I would have a difficult time trying to be green and have some affluence. Transport and digital are among the dirtiest undertakings. Electric cars are not going to change that. Putting wind farms up to offset Amazon, Google, and Twitter is just fooling ourselves. Affluence is not green and never will be. The spiritual assets of meaning are found in accepting this failure and going forth in a green prepping mentality. Why, because in forgiveness there is truth not lies. Forgiveness is humility not arrogance.

There is much that can be done but in my opinion the challenge and the collective will needs more wisdom and less tech. The realities of the socio-political and economics means there has to be a collective will. Entropy requires rising to the challenge. Yet, if the destination is more of the same then the Ponzi Scheme remains but Ponzi scheme always end in tears. Maybe if more of us who care would show healthy skepticism to moderate and mitigate the lies of our fake green world maybe there will be more humility and less arrogance. I can tell you I am living a life that does not add up but it is a journey not a destination. The destination is failure and death. The difference is I am humbly trying to reconcile the irreconcilable just to know and to live to die another day. The journey is rewarding because I am finding meaning in it. My animals and family are happy and the land is rich with life but this was paid for and made possible by technology and arrogance that is a lie.


“I am living a life trying to reconcile green and affluence.”
“How easy is it, to accomplish the former, while starting from a point allowed by the latter?”

True green is someone who is not affluent, period. I am not true green even though I am a dedicated conservationist, permaculturist, and localist. My biggest obstacle but also opportunity has been my affluence. I am REAL Green which is realistic and relative and it is focused on my local of people and place. I am taking my uniquely existential situation and modifying it as best I can within my anthropogenic status quo trap. My obstacle to being truly green is the affluence of my people and place who I feel I cannot leave. They are my family and I am on my land. I could very well embrace voluntary poverty and move away from my life as it is and go true green which in my point of view is extreme simplicity in localism. Keep in mind there is a spiritual asset of meaning that can be found doing this so poverty is a relative poverty mainly physical not spiritual. I would say the individual would likely need to be young and unattached and approach this like a monk. Most people do not want to go into a poverty and simplicity to be green so they pretend they can be green otherwise.

My opportunity is I have investments from years of being in the world before we were awakened to the science of a disrupted planet, the web of life in an extinction event, and civilization in decline. We now know beyond the club of Rome type studies I saw as a student the science is playing out to be true. From this world I was able to gain affluence thinking that world I studied as a youth was far off. I was once a globalist embracing sustainable development which I now know is a lie. Now I am here in the cauldron as an old man. I am now embracing REAL Green which is accepting my trap. Accepting my path dependencies. Accepting those significant others who respect my positions but do not want to be as passionate and obsessive as I am about living permaculture, localism, and a being dedicated to conservation. I am relatively adapting my situation to be greener within my trap. I am realistically changing my life and asking of my significant others to accept my adapted behavior. It is not true green of simplicity and poverty. Again, poverty of things not of spirit. Ture green is a freedom but also without comforts and facing uncertainty that is poverty. Instead of moving to the sunbelt or buying a summer home I have decided to dedicate my life as best I can to permaculture, localism, with passionate conservation.

So, to answer your excellent question it is almost impossible to embrace green if you are affluent unless you follow REAL Green in my opinion. Having a McMansion that is solar powered with a Tesla in the 4-car garage is fake green. Being a John Kerry and flying in your private jet to a climate discussion is fake green. I am faced with fake green too. I am forced to do things because of my family I do not want to do. This is why I call myself REAL Green not True Green. To the best of my ability I am reshaping my life and finding meaning. I am not virtue signaling like an AOC and gaming a fake green environmental and political movement requiring huge growth impulses. We see the same thing in China with all the deference to the Paris accord as they build out new coal plants and consume huge amounts of coal. Ironically this coal is creating solar pannels that are then shipped on Large ships across the world with bunker fuel.

REAL Green accepts this is all a done deal. Humans have failed and are trapped. Not only has the transhumanism of tech taken over the green movement but science is now a religion dedicated to the fake green tech world. World behavior will not change because it is impossible to cooperate competitively and embrace poverty. Poverty is the only true green and unfortunately unlikely to save the world because it is already gone. Instead we humans will deceive ourselves that we can be richer and also greener. It is only with this acceptance of failure of this last narrative of civilization that you can go REAL Green. Then you go forth in a journey to find a unique micro clime of green that is local in a world coming apart all around you. Here you can green prep. That which is green is also more resilient and sustainable so you will be more prepared to face the decline of civilization, web of life, in a destabilized planet. Most of all this is behavior based not tech although the wisdom of real green will embrace tech or reject it in relation to your realistic and relative situation.

One thought on “The Green Lie and Reconciliation”

  1. “Humans have failed & are trapped.”

    Yep. This sentence sez it all. But we must continue the illusion to keep the wheels on.


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