The Power Within Dualism

This whole issue of our flawed social narrative I speak of constantly is really much deeper.  It is the core of the dilemma of human dualism of the ego and other.  It is the denial of mortality and the connection with the other which offers immortality.  It is the fantasy and delusions that we create to bargain with reality.  This comes from the human ability to look back and forward yet struggle to live in the here and now.  It is the constant variable value put on that which happens in the future and that which is right here right now.  It is the discounting and the revisions of what happened in the past and the predictions, forecasts, and projections of a future.  This represents the human dilemma of our dualism.

I bring this up for the few of you who have interest in a green prepping a permaculture homestead.  At a deeper level you will have to live a dualism.  On the one hand you will want to promote yourself with growth and surplus.  Yet, on the other hand you will want to lower your footprint by declining-in-place, choosing conservation, and embracing low carbon capture.  These stances are at odds alone in juxtaposition and in fact they are incongruous.  How do you reconcile growth and decline-in-place which is degrowth?  The way this is done is adapted behavior in a dualism of acceptance.  If you believe in green prepping then you are doing two reinforcing actions.  You are increasing your own security and you are promoting the web of life.  Yet, the conflicts will be everywhere because you will be juggling growth and degrowth.  In the delocalized global world growth is a human engine so you will participate in something that is destructive and not green.  You will be degrowthing by declining in place with permaculture localism that embraces the low EROI and ROI of low carbon capture.  Reconciling these two opposing stances is done first by acceptance of a force of change of decline and failure then by being relative and realistic.

The world of humans, the web of life, and the planetary system is in a great turning.  All of these are turning.  This is a period of great change.  This is a compression of time and change meaning time is speeding up with rapid change.  You the individual is aware of this and adapting to this by going local and declining in place because this is the proper response to this force of change.  You are embracing this reality but you are embracing this reality relatively in relation to you local of people and place.  Your family, community, and society are in general not there.  Too much change is disruptive and counterproductive.  They are still fixated on growth and human manifest destiny.  This is the trap of the arrogance of humanism.  It is also the natural instinct of humans.  Humans seek to exploit with technology and intelligence.  This expands in ascending levels of abstraction to a force of civilization.  We see the culmination of this right here right now with the never before seen growth engine of globalism and likely never to be seen again.  This is a material pinnacle not a spiritual one.  Your local will be corrupted by this and this is your trap.  Discover your trap and know what you can and can’t do within this trap.  This is critical and why I call it a dualism.

You will have to use this growth engine to leave it.  You will understand the dangerous overextension of this powerful delocalization.  There is no leaving it.  The world is now completely covered by its web.  Yet, you also understand this human narrative with physical manifestations is in decline and a process failure.  Knowing the science of ecology, you will then seek out niches of constructive change where the breakdown of this complex system offers microclimes of growth.  This is a special power I speak of with green shamanism.  It is a spirituality of this age of abrupt change.  Do not look at this religiously.  You can incorporate this green shaman power into your higher power worship as needed.  This is your own personal choice how you embrace it.  What I speak of is acceptance embracing the process of change.  By acceptance you stop the bargaining which is the ego protecting itself from reality.  We do this in multiple ways and this ascends into the narrative of our civilization.  We protect ourselves from dangers through fantasy.  Today science is corrupted by this with delusional forecasts, predictions, and projections.  The scientific process is now a process of denial.  The reason for this is humans are now trapped.  Humans over the last 10,000 years have more or less always been growing and expanding.  This is now over and humans at the level of civilization cannot handle this truth but you the individual can.

This was important to explain in regards to your individual trap of dualism because you will have to accept the collective trap and adapt to it.  It is not enough to accept this great turning of decline and decay that is the succession of all but you will have to accept and adapt to the denial of death of civilization which today is the growth engine of globalism.  In fact, these days science has now become a religion seeking immortality in transhumanism.  This transhumanism is combining biology and the digital in artificial intelligence and unrestricted technology.  This is a mechanization of control that is alien to life.  Intelligence and technology are now seen as the higher power to be worshiped.  This new human higher power sees intelligence as the basis in the universe or its singularity.  The Judeo-Christian God has been dethroned for a transhuman one.  Of course, most normal people to not aspire to this but the elites do.  This is why a global oligarchy is seeking human domination in a great reset.  There is a parallel path for this in China with the CCP.  This will fail and the reason for this is everything has tipped or near the tipping.  The planet is tipped but keep in mind this tipping is in regards to habitability.  The planet does not grow or degrowth it just balances.  Its systems follow their nature.  Yet, the web of life and the human ecosystem do grow and decline in events of evolution and decline with regular extinction events.

You as the individual will then if properly orientated to the planet in green shamanism seek out your niche in overall decline and abrupt change.  This does not mean you will find it but you have found the truth.  The truth is where meaning is and this is the highest of human value.  Meaning is a spiritual asset that will make up for the painful decline in resources and comforts ahead for all.  This is a key element in the relative and realistic of your transformation.  Through acceptance of this process of decline and abrupt change and the acceptance of the inability of civilization to change you seek out a niche where you can constructively growth within overall destructive change.  This means you will have to live in both worlds.  To only embrace pure degrowth and decline activity means you will be crushed by the forces of civilization.  If you embrace pure growth alone then the destructive forces of the great turning will crush you.  The alternative is green prepping.  It is using delocalization to localize.  It is growing in degrowth.  Some of the most profound aspects of life are paradoxical and incongruous juxtapositions.  Live these in surrealism.  Your life will be surreal because you will have double vision.  You will live these contradictions to survive.  It is the new force of change.  It is a subtle and low-level power underlying all.  You will draw on this for meaning and strength.

The results are still uncertain.  There are no refuges and no transcendence.  There is only the transformation in meaning and the journey.  This now is about lifeboats and hospices.  The lifeboat is the outfitting of your journey with green prepping.  The hospice is the palliative care to those around you and the land under your feet.  You will be green to restore and reinforce the web of life because the diversity of the web of life is like a strong immune system protecting against entropic decay.  You will be green because it is more prepped for survival.  The result of this must be localism.  It must be low carbon capture.  It revolves around a permaculture homestead with a monestary of ideas and things for this journey.  This monestary is also the tabernacle of sacred writing that will be given to those who will be the new humans that navigate the coming bottleneck.

Much of the world is now urban and mega urban.  There will be no future in this arrangement despite what the new religion of scientism is professing.  Travel to the stars and digital and biological complexity will be destroyed and the result is the organic birth of a new human that is who we once were but altered by the journey through the valley of death.   This is a journey back to where we came from.  Extinction is possible but since your concern is not, the destination you live but the journey.  All of us will die and all we create will eventually be dust.   This new humanity may retain some of the advanced knowledge we have built up.  Likely it will be mostly the wisdom of what not to do in the future.   Much of this vast knowledge will be destroyed by the entropic decay of the process with abandonment, dysfunction, and the irrational of the forces of chaos.  How much of that is really worth keeping anyway?  There is still a system or process behind chaos.  It is in a way the sacred guarding its nature.  There is no activity eventually in mechanization and control.  No activity is death so it is the tipping function that maintains life. 

Those of you who are trapped in the urban jungles of human excess can still constructively change with principals of localism, permaculture, and low carbon capture.  If you can leave the urban and go local but keep in mind the sacrifices are great.  You will generally experience lower comforts and less consumption.  This process is time dependent.  Some of us may not see the coming changes so for some of you why leave your comforts?  That is an individual choice I have no answer for.  I chose to leave because meaning is what I seek.  I am a green shaman who is explaining a way I have been awakened to.  This is an individual choice but keep in mind your choice is within a trap there are no choices for. 

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