Humility and Arrogance

Behavior is the key and acceptance the goal should be what honest science messages in regards to the environmental problems of our age. This means science would admit humility and reject arrogance. This cannot be admitted because the general public is not able to handle this truth nor can the corrupt scientific community. Science is honest on the problems but dishonest on the solutions. Admitting there are no solutions is failure. This would require science to admit limitations and the separateness of science and the spiritual. The elites that are pushing the “Great Reset” do not even want to hear of it and instead have hijacked and weaponized science for their own ends. They have decided they can force change on the population in the name of science while remaining uber affluent. This is the ultimate arrogance.

What is an honest green to do? First be honest and go as boldly as you can where that leads you. This is unique to you so don’t look for a template. If you go local to your people and place as the starting point then you may find the scale that allows a balanced approach. I say may because this is a gift not a right. You cannot escape the trap civilization is in but you can live within this trap. This does not mean you can transcend the consequences which is a decline process. Collapse is the destination of decline but you can journey to this destination in the hope and joy of meaning. Meaning is only found in honesty. Meaning is a reflection of the truth.

Civilizations rise and fall why would ours be different? Epochs come and go why would the mother of our civilization, the stable Holocene, be different? It is the arrogance of intelligence that got us here to a planet now abruptly forced into change. It is the lack of humility that allowed doors to be opened that should not have been opened. Wisdom must have humility to function as the gate keeper for intelligence. There has to be checks and balances which is humility. There are no checks now and the result is no balance.

It is not useful to judge the situation but instead have the understanding and acceptance this is the process. This is the natural process it just seems supernatural because humans believe we are special. This is human arrogance. Intelligence manifests as knowledge, tech and also spirituality. It is knowledge and tech that have taken over with spiritualism relegated to the back seat. In fact, spiritualism has been hijacked and Scientism has taken its place. Scientism seeks to elevate the transhumanism of knowledge and tech to the spiritual. A transhuman immortality is the new God. We killed the idea of God only to replace it with human centric intelligence as a new a God. The mechanization of human arrogance is sweeping aside anything that challenges its supremacy. This mechanization will result in self-destruction. They always do just like a Ponzi Scheme. This is what lies do.

This is where the individual can be far superior to civilization. Civilization can’t reflect on failure but the individual can. The systematic self-organization that occurs with growth-based systems like civilization is its trap. Civilizations are path dependent on the growth that got them to where they are at. It is their DNA. They can’t degrowth they can’t even consider degrowth. Civilizations can only bifurcate.

You the individual can adapt within this trap. You can find a micro clime of constructive growth within an overall system destructive growth. I call it destructive growth because this in reality is destructive change where dysfunction, irrational, and abandonment increasingly dominate as the nonlinear of diminishing returns of growth is reached. The current inflection is near or past where problem solving is the problem. Yet, the individual can live in both worlds through meaning. Humans are dualistic with the isolated ego and oneness. Go local to find human scale so you can properly balance the ego and oneness. This is the only place wisdom can function as a gate keeper. Where humility can guide intelligence. Yet, you will have to remain global too because this is the world, we live in. The answer is uniquely yours on how you live in the dualism of both worlds.

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