Green Mysticism

There are no limits to what can be forecasted, predicted, and projected. Goal seeking is alive and well with the techno optimist. “Failure is not an option” optimism you know got us to the moon and won WWII. “We have to do it because” thinking is loved by people in denial and prone to fantasy. Academia and science are now so corrupted with this stuff it is no wonder normal people are becoming skeptical of anything being told to them by the establishment. It is bad enough that mainstream media and our leadership are at an historic low for trust now science is failing too.

This is how civilizations fail. It has always been this way. It is the elites who cannot handle the truth once limits set in. The normal guy has to handle the truth because he is on the receiving end of it. When you can’t afford to live like you did a few months ago you handle the truth. A wake-up call is coming for the elites many of whom are so-called greens. I call them fake greens because tech is their delusion. It is all about techno-optimism which is the merging of hope with progress. Techno greens are now worshiping science dominated by so called cutting edged “fantasy” science no different than a fundamentalist worship the words of a book literally.

I am saying this not in anger or bargaining because it is my opinion this is the natural progression of civilizations. To get angry is just a step up from the elites in denial. To try to reason with these people in the act of bargaining is just two steps up. Once you get really depressed with all this then you are ready for an optimism in pessimism of acceptance. To some of you the stages of grief is simplistic and worn out but give me a better analysis of the situation. Maybe the complexity of civilization and the complications of the ego are a simple observation so don’t complicate it.

What is the awakened green to do in this situation? That is an individual decision. For many of you here you are affluent, educated, and basically happy. I can’t tell you to embrace decline and turn your back on affluence. Life is short. In my opinion life is so short we are already dead so enjoy it to its fullest. Take it day by day. Yet, that does not work for me. Meaning is more important than affluence. I want to clarify that. My basic needs are covered. I humbly acknowledge empathy and compassion for those struggling to survive who do not have a place to lay their head. I will say this I have been in these places although not because of lack of affluence. I have experienced the darkness.

If you are to the point in your life where meaning is more important than affluence then you may be open to an optimism in pessimism type awakening. I am reaching out to those who have their basic affluence covered. Those of you like me who have something may be appealed to. I do not stand here appealing to the young who are idealistic. I am not here appealing to the poor who are wanting of food and shelter. My words will mean little to them. I am here for those who have lived a full life and now have something except you lack meaning. Meaning is a spiritual asset that this group of people can embrace to offset the decline in comforts and things. In addition, and in parallel, this is your human mortality playing out. In a way they are linked. Civilization is in its late stage also.

The awakening I speak of is an acceptance of a turning or tipping over into decline of everything except meaning. There is a sacred quality of meaning above the arrogance of humanism. A REAL Green is awakened to this in the humility of acceptance of a decline of everything and this is the starting point of the journey that is a transformation. This journey is local, permaculture based, and orientated to the planet. It does not replace your higher power but instead is a compass for your current higher power. This transformation is where the ego meets isness.

This is not new and is commonly called mysticism. In this case because humans are in the Anthropocene it is green mysticism. At this inflection of meaning the individual goes forth. It becomes a seeking out of places for meaning to be realized. Ecology tells us that in the succession of ecosystem there are opportunities. Niches are freed up where species can find constructive growth. Microclimes of living are out there where there is meaning. If you become a master of this you will take this awakening even further. You will construct a monestary of meaning that will be an incubator for a new human type that will hopefully navigate the bottleneck just ahead.

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