Why Goats…continued

I am not a writer.  I am living permaculture localism relatively and realistically.  This means a lifestyle that mirrors my meaning.  I am a green prepper who has reached acceptance of a decline process leading to collpase somewhere down the road.  This means I am on a journey to this destination.  This blog is a reflection of that.  I do not advertise nor ask for money.  I am giving of myself for the benefit of the planet and you the reader.  My blog is not well written or sophisticated.  It will not generate much traffic.  My target is a few of you with the right stuff to make a difference.  It is just me living a way of life I feel is vital for people and the planet and writing about it. 

I am very pressed for time.  Right now, I need to get out and feed animals then I have a full day of work ahead.  I am getting older and every month this gets harder to do as I weaken with age.  So, I hope my writing about my life gives you something of value or a pause to reflect.  It keeps my mind fit and helps me deal with the constant hardships of farming and surviving the status quo of growth.  There are days I get tired and things break and I question all the work I do.  I see society enjoying their free time and all those toys of pleasure and ask myself Why!!  Yet, meaning allows me to get through these tough times.

I am currently working on a presentation on goats that is taking longer.  I alluded to this two posts ago with “Why Goats”.  I am now 5 years into my rotational grazing system so I have lots to cover.  I want to cover behavior of why but also the mechanics.  Since we live in the status quo of growth and profit I want to give you the economics of my operation too.  I do what I do with less profit because I am pursuing low carbon capture strategies of green prepping.  Naturally there has to also be a profit motive or else you will not succeed in the tough world we live in. 

I want to talk goats and rotational grazing but in such a way that what I am doing can be applied to other permaculture but also the mentality of green prepping that anyone can embrace.  This is about meaning one finds with embracing the deceptions of civilization, the declining web of life, and the changing planet.  This is about the turning over of a human epoch into decline and collpase and how you the individual in a local of people and place can adapt and prosper.  The main element of prosperity I speak of is with spiritual meaning but also materially when you find a niche within the decline process to restore and enrich.  I hope to be finished with this post in a week or two.  In the meantime, the weather is breaking Sunday and I start cutting hay for the goats.  I have 400 square bales to make and put up.

3 thoughts on “Why Goats…continued”

  1. Reading this blog makes me feel bittersweet. Remembering my own days on my farm & the satisfaction of having relationships with my animal companions. And now, with the realization that moving onto a less physical lifestyle is inevitable, the relief I not having to be chained to the farm lifestyle.

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      1. I don’t have any regrets. Was grateful for the experiences but VERY happy with my current situation! Happy to be removed from the artificial churn of society & immersed in the reality of the natural world.

        Still hope you & C can get up here but also realize getting an animal sitter is next to impossible! 😒

        I got drawn for a bear hunting license this year so that should be interesting! Am working on tanning hides for clothing too. Seems a natural way of life here! No PETA here. 😉

        Take care & stay well!

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