Spiritual Permaculture

I enjoy comparative religions, philosophy, and Native American culture.  I am an avid reader of current events.  I am fluent with geography and well versed on cultures.  I combine the best of these in my world view along with science.  I enjoy these things.  I appreciate them.  I am not here to judge or discredit.  Most of these various human mind inventions will stand own their own merit or not.  I am an adventurer of the spirit.  I have made a journey in my youth and now I am on a journey. 

I am oriented to system thought.  A key component of this is the separation of spirt and science.  They require different approaches.  When these disciplines encroach on the other, they pollute.  This is not to say they do not go together it is just they are like left and right arm that can be used together to lift meaning.  I live what I talk so my religion, art, and science appreciation is manifested through the land.  Here scientific knowledge, technology, and efficiency is applied or not.  Sometimes it is less that is better so I focus on a wisdom to filter my scale.  Spiritual permaculture is the combination of the mental of ideas with the land I live on and restore. 

I appreciate those who are thinkers and researchers but I feel they lack a key ingredient and that is the authenticity found in the reality of doing what you research.  I have a very strong appreciation of environmental science naturally because my spiritual permaculture is about living in an ecosystem of 400 acres that is within the greater region of the Ozarks.  Spiritual permaculture is the combination of eco sciences with eco spiritualism.  This does not exclude religion but instead adapts it with the planetary and web of life.  My biggest problem with religion is its separation from the land.  The idea of the other that is divorced from the land and out there instead of right here.  It is permaculture that brings one back to the reality of living on a planet with other life.

REAL Green is about realistic and relative green prepping.  It is significantly behavioral.  This behavior is firmly nested in acceptance of a decline process everything is in now.  The spiritual is excluded from this decline.  In fact, it is the spiritual where growth is now manifested.  This is what crisis does.  It focuses man’s spirit.  The result is a humility for a greater force in life.   This means if you submit to this reality of a succession of life and abrupt change of the planet your spirituality must adapt.  This is an add-on to your existing higher power found in your belief system or your religion.  The reason I say this is you have your nature and you have been nurtured.  You are trapped in a culture and family.  REAL Green is not about being a new religion for you.  It is about an addition to your uniqueness.  It is an ap so to speak so you can open up the appreciation of planetary change and the succession of life.   The complex is moving to the less complex from human forcing and this will impact you deeply so adapt accordingly.  In other wards get out of denial.

REAL Green is about green but green with an attitude.  Green is the correct path currently in a world of human forcing.  What is green is simpler.  What is green is more prepped.  In a world of abrupt change with a web of life in succession being green in localism with low carbon capture has its advantages in regards to security.  You will be more secure relatively by being green.  It is also a pathway to meaning for the “why??” of the pain and suffering ahead. 

The key behavioral component is the wisdom of insecurity.  You are in a humility of acceptance of decline and the destructive change this represents.  The key attributes of this will be abandonment, dysfunction, and the irrational.  These are traits of chaos.  All systems are faced with chaos.  Entropic decay is ever present in all of nature.  The wisdom of insecurity seeks to adapt to this with the inertia of the behavior of acceptance.  This inertia is a strength to face the constant disruption ahead.

This REAL Green spiritual permaculture seeks to find niches of constructive growth within a world of destructive change.  You will have the planet behind you because your orientation will be to its process of destructive change in relation to the complexity of life humans has evolved in.  The Holocene epoch that brought human civilization is now tipped by human forcing into the new epoch of the Anthropocene of human induced destructive change.  This requires new skills and thinking.  The key is an acceptance of decline.  This is similar to the acceptance of aging and the physical and mental decline that is ongoing until we die.  This is about getting out of the denial of death on all levels because destructive change is about a dying.

The spiritual permaculture of green prepping through REAL Green is about a journey into a storm of change with an outfitted lifeboat and a mentality of palliative care.  In crisis there is action and crisis focuses attention.  I often point to the stages of grief as a template for this process.  This is strictly abstract as a compass.  Get out of anger, bargaining, and the depression of failure.  Once in acceptance you will appreciate living to die another day.  You can weather the storm better.  There is no transcendence but there is transformation.  The difference is accepting your limitations that is your own personal trap.  This is mostly about behavior because it is behavior that is the human’s biggest problem.  This is the reason humanity is at an impasse.  Our oversized brain gets us into problems.  It is increasingly our evolutionary defect but it can be the greatest of gifts when the spirt of life is appreciated.  This is in a sense life self-reflecting and humans are the vessel.

As the vessel life self-reflects in, this means in a spiritual sense our human self-consciousness is a temple.  As a temple it deserves respect.  It is through humility from acceptance that self-respect is possible or there is self-loathing and anger to others.  Our ego is where we lose our connection to life in our own wants and ambitions.  It is when we are honest and accepting of both these aspects of our humanity that they work like two arms to do the heavy lifting of meaning.  This is where spiritual permaculture finds its power.  It is allowing life to function through you but with a unique personality.  This orientation has support from the planet.   This is where the web of life will bestow power on you.   That is if you connect.  Too much of the ego or otherness will cause dysfunction.  Dysfunction is natural.  Expect a wave like pattern to your dysfunction.  The dysfunction is part of the process of evolution and devolution.  It is here man mirrors nature in its process.  Humans learn and adapt and the result is failure and success.

Use spiritual permaculture to embrace the power flowing through the planet and its web of life.  This will support you and help manage your destructive ego which is caught in a trap of fantasy and reality.  Our behavior is the problem but also the solution.  It will be both and it is their interaction through humility and acceptance that can then be applied in the physical of our local of people and place.  A proper scale is required so this is why REAL Green calls for localism and low carbon capture but realistically and relatively to your trap. 

Your trap is your limitations of nature and nurture.  These must be this respect for you place in things or you will follow delusional tendencies.  You will want to avoid opening doors but also want to open the correct doors for constructive growth.  Here is where the planet can assist you.  Take your higher power and allow the planet to turbo charge it.  This means if you are a Christian green up your community of Christ.  This fits all other religions because every other religion lives upon this planet and requires energy from the web of life.  What once was in the Holocene is now adapted by the decline of the human forced Anthropocene so adapt your spirituality to this.   Just because the Anthropocene is human forced does not mean unnatural.  That is delusion of our mind.  Applying REAL Green as a compass to enhance your spirituality.

 Be authentic with proper orientation.  In this noisy world of too many opportunities from a delocalized world of on demand satisfaction orientate to the local to find meaning.  Orientate to the low carbon capture of energy.  Energy is taken for granted today when we flick a light switch or buy our food in a grocery store.  Make an effort to feed yourself something from a garden at a minimum.  Stay physically healthy so you can do the heavy lifting of low carbon capture.  Low carbon capture is in the cards for modern man as civilization breaks down.  You will increasingly be faced with adversity with less products and greater discomfort.  This is what is meant by succession of complexity.  Human networks are going to break down which means you will increasingly be on your own.  If you scale properly locally in voluntary simplicity you will be better prepared.  Local is greener.  Greener is more prepped.  First find a place to plant your seeds that is healthy.  Once your spiritual garden is found decline in place.  Downsize in dignity.  This is a personal journey to the local that is unique to you but also common to all because it is planet common to all.

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