Green Economics

I am going to ramble a bit.  Part of this is because I am not a writer, I live what I talk about.  If you could be here, I would show you but instead in my imperfect ability of prose I will try to describe to you REAL Green economics. 

I am going to talk about REAL power that is rather difficult to know.  This is the case despite it being all around you and the simplest of realities.  Dostoevsky said: “In the realist, faith is not born from miracles, but miracles from faith.”  The point here is if you are looking for this power I speak of as something that will give you power then you will be disappointed.  If you think this truth is the truth that will liberate you then you will be deceived.  The reason for this is you will toil and suffer to find this truth and the best you will get is only marginally closer to it.  This power is the greatest of powers that is the least discernable and of the lowest effect. 

You are wasting your time reading this if there is something dramatic you desire.  The dramatic comes from the smallness of it.  You will find it as you lose it.  All of a sudden it will hit you as you wipe the sweat from your brow.  It is the giving up of the search that is the revelation of the destination.  The destination is the journey.  The journey is the optimism and the destination is where pessimism dwells.

If you want to find power look low and dispersed.  Remember it is said of Jesu saying “the meek shall inherit the earth”.  In Taoism power is like water acts in nature. “Water does not resist, yet it conquers all; it is tasteless — suggesting the invisibility of the Tao — yet life-giving.  It moves through all that lives and in movement remains clear and pure. It is supple, flexible, and humble; it does not compete.”  It is also said of Taoism that to know it is not the Tao. 

I don’t want to get too absorbed with these human wisdoms other than to relate this to the dualism of REAL Green.  Status quo power is a trap not a power in relation to what really powers life.  In REAL Green you will learn how to manage and adapt to this status quo trap of human power to find the REAL power.  You will use man’s power to leave it.  REAL Green power is both spiritual and economic and it is nested in nature.  Only nature can overcome nature.

In REAL Green you will pursue spiritual permaculture.  Some of you may even become REAL Green Shamans.  This is really is all about behavioral because behavior is where deception is.  You will be tasked with lowering the deception.  It is the connectivity with the planet and web of life.  The planetary pulse of power in nature will inhabit your soul and support you.  Flowing with its current you will naturally find proper orientation.  This will lead you to meaning and in meaning there is truth.  This spiritual asset will offset the pain and suffering of loss ahead for mankind. 

I have said this numerous times.  REAL Green is not a religion or a new age spirituality.  It is a add-on to your existing higher power, faith, and or religion.  The reason I say this is because of the extreme nature of localism to REAL Green.  The ultimate localism is that place deep down that in you and only you.  That place where you are naked and alone.  That place where fear and love are and all there is.  This is the powers in your soul you call “me”.  I cannot know or explain your nature and nurture.  To do this would be a gross overreach of my humble abilities.  It would be a gross violation of my own wisdom.  This is your vessel not mine.

I wanted to briefly touch on this spiritual power to make the connection to economic power.  These powers are interrelated and both point to the same meaning.  The reality is there is no difference except when humanism creates arrogance.  In humanism man deconstruct to understand instead of just living on instinct.  Today man deconstruction is destruction because it has gone to the peak of arrogance in transhumanism.

The difference arises from human behavior that is the dualism of being.  We have our ego of self that is self-conscious and seeks to live and survive.  This is naturally selfish in this regard.  If you did not take care of yourself, you would violate your own nature.  Needs are natural and one must not feel guilt over them or you can never know more than needs.  All life strives to live and thrive.  Where the extreme distortions arise is with human networks that ultimately is civilization.  Here the power that comes from the leverage of specializations and economies of scale destroys that which we wish to preserve.  Beauty is destroyed by breaking it down to understand it.  It is destroyed by holding it as your own.

The other aspect is the other orientation of the ego seeking connection with the whole.  That which gives life and that which is our creator.  Here we find a higher power.  There is no separation just as time is timeless.  Time does not start or end except when we humans become self-conscious of time.  Then it becomes a measurement.  This similar relationship exists with economics and spirituality.  REAL Green economics is spirituality and spirituality the reason for economics.  The keystone element is the nature of green economics and spiritual meaning.  Man’s biggest obstacle is his mind but it is also his greatest asset.  It allows him to find a reason to toil.

Humans put a measurement to economics when the reality is nature is circular.  Even human activity is circular in nature.  Humans are incredibly concerned these days with planetary destruction and for good reason.  I am in no way trying to belittle this.  It truly is a crisis of our civilization.  To say this crisis is natural which it is, then is a difficult concept to understand.  This crisis is the arrogance of humanism at work.  When we externalize this crisis as our doing, we have just discounted nature primacy in our arrogance.  The power I speak of is the acceptance of this process and our part in it as natural.  The reason this is important to REAL Green is letting go in acceptance and going forth on a journey.  The outfitting of your life boat will be extractive and not green but it is part of the green way.  When you understand REAL Green then you see there is no difference.  The guilt begins to evaporates as an obstacle but it will never go away.

Humans have an elaborate system of language for our arrogances’.  It really is just a cleaver game.  The reality is the clever are deceived.  Going deeper this game is a Ponzi Scheme.  Civilizations don’t practice real economics.  Civilizations game economics.  Anything extractive that follow linear growth patterns are not making a real return.  In the short term this may be true but longer term it is not.  This is why all civilizations end.  It is usually the elites who are concerned with wealth and power preservation that destroy civilizations.  They are game masters.  Green economics is the basis of life and its interdependence.   The truly circular is with waste streams that are nutrient streams.  This is the REAL Power.  This is the true nature of life on this planet.  Yet, evolution comes when this rigid system is disturbed.  Man as the destroyer will eventually allow life a new definition.  In this acceptance of our destructiveness there is solace for the sins we beat ourselves up over.

The reason I mention this is the surreal nature of true economics that REAL Green professes to.  This is a spiritual economics.  It is planetary and seeks out planetary power.  It is spiritual with a behavior of permaculture localism.  It is also engaged with the status quo in a parasitic fashion.  This blood sucking of the powers found in the status quo is the activity of using the status quo to leave it.  The planet is now in the Anthropocene and this for humans means the pyramid of power is dominated by human activity.  You have no choice but to tap into this or you will be consumer by it and become its waste stream. 

When I talk about REAL Green economics, I want to emphasize respect for something that is like a shark for a scuba diver.  You never take the status quo for granted except at your own peril.  A scuba diver always keep an eye out for them.  If they come for a fish you have speared you give it up.  Here what I am implying is yield to greater forces or also like is said by Jesus, “Give back to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.”  In this respect the status quo of making money and paying taxes must be acknowledged.  You are not going to transcend this.  The best you can do is adapt and accept this world and through this be transformed. 

The transformation is seeing this status quo world for what it is and not getting too lost in it.  Remember it is a trap and one you are in too.  This world is not where real meaning dwells.  REAL Meaning is within the way of the planet and the web of life that is our mother.  For you to truly realize you higher power you will have to respect this or else you will be lost in your mind.  You will be adrift and not attached.  Here destructiveness is at its greatest.

I know this is a rambling but it is critical to have an understanding of this if you are going to find meaning in the low carbon capture of REAL Green economics.  Only a few will accept this calling.  Only a few have the right stuff or else there would be a human utopia.  In the same respect the spirituality found in permaculture is of acceptance and humility.  This economics and spiritualism are of the type that will make a normal person feel weak and naked.  This is it!  If you feel special and powerful then you are deceiving yourself.  You are trapped in the trap trying to eat your tail.  True meaning is found in the lowest of places.

This type of economics is all about localism and low power.  Voluntary simplicity in a poverty of things but riches of meaning is what it is about.  Yet, a rich man is able to find it also but it is much more difficult a journey.  This is why REAL Green says respect the relative of your local and embrace realistic action. 

This type of economics is based in permaculture and or the support of permaculture.  A carpenter may not be a permaculture farmer but he can build a barn that is part of permaculture.  A doctor can keep the permaculture farmer healthy.  This is the community of permaculture that support permaculture.  The ideal permaculture that man had in the past is gone.  Now we strive to build mega cities and consider them our finest achievements when the reality is they are our greatest trap.  I you are in a city I advise you to get out. 

Currently man is as far from REAL meaning as we will get.  Man is now turning back to his true power because of how lost he has become in his search for the all-powerful.  The reason this is vital for your survival is you will need to reconnect to the old ways but in acceptance of the trap of the consequences of our great detour of affluence.  The Anthropocene is the age of affluence that is the age of death because affluence is death.  You will use affluence to reconnect to our original nature.  This is the surreal world of the in-between of the trap and salvation. 

REAL Green economics excludes economics that are concerned with profits as the ultimate economic meaning but uses profits.  Profits are the abstract of economic growth.  Capitalism, socialism, and Marxism are one and the same.  State capitalism found in China is the most destructive.  REAL Growth is orientated to the circular in nature with waste streams that are nutrient streams. 

This tension of human dualism of man’s way and nature’s can be expressed by the use of two scientific terms.  One is ROI and the other is EROI.  Return on investment (ROI) is something that does not concern itself with its energy return on energy investment (EROI) in relation to the environment.  So, you may have a positive ROI but a negative EROI.  ROI is how you survive in man’s world.  EROI is how you survive in nature.  It is the combining of the two where REAL Green is found.

You will seek out a ROI that is more EROI.  The point here is you will have to make a profit in the status quo world or your life will be taken from you by foreclosure.  Yet, nature will foreclose on you if you do not embrace the natural way of things.  What is greener is a greater EROI.  Here low carbon capture in localism is paramount.  Do not confuse the high EROI of fossil fuels.  They are a one-shot deal of stored energy that once used are for all practical purposes gone.  Man is at the net energy cliff now so beware of you fossil fuel drenched world.  Don’t deceive yourself with renewables either.  They are fossil fuel derived.

What is greener is more prepped.  Prepping is what man always did because he lived on the edge of famines and war.  It was those who properly found places to make their home that had better chances at survival.  They also left bad places when confronted by the reality of unsustainability.  This includes within ourselves with our spirituality.  If your spirituality is not adding up leave it in the same respect.  It is not good enough to find a place.  There must also be a behavior.

I am not going to go deep into low carbon capture in localism.  This knowledge is readily available for you now.  We need only review human history.  The net has a wealth of it if you search.  Books are everywhere on it.  I say available for now becuase man is in the neighborhood of collapse.  When or if collpase comes much knowledge of the past that has been saved will be gone.  It may not be our collpase but it may be those who come afterwards.  If you don’t care about those who come after then enjoy the game of modern affluence.  Instead, if you care about yourself, your land, and those who will come later then you will build a permaculture and you will accumulate artifacts of wisdom.  This is physical and mental.  This then is the permaculture homestead and monestary of ideas of the spirituality of permaculture.

It is here in the midst of a slow boiling apocalypse you will find a niche of constructive growth.  Within this age of destruction, we call the Anthropocene you will find a micro-clime for proper growth that is greener.  This niche in destructive change is where resilience and sustainability will be closer.  You will not be safe but safer.  Your wisdom with be a wisdom of insecurity.  You will appreciate toil and suffering because this is the way to the comfort of meaning.  The truth will set you free but not how you think.  You will give up on finding the truth and once at that point you will go forth in truth getting closer to it.

The economics of REAL Green is low carbon capture adapted to the trap of affluence that is the arrogance of this modern age.  Your spiritualism is the humility of rejecting the arrogance of humanism that seeks the primacy of knowledge and power over nature.  You will reject this but you will also harness it.  It is the purgatory of this in-between place where everything will take on a surreal that you will dwell in.  It will take wisdom to thread this needle.  You will live to die another day.  You will not find eternal life.  The eternal life is the journey.  It is all around you like the sea you are floating on.  The destination is death.  All will end stop fighting this and get on with your journey.  This is where life is born.

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