This picture represents REAL Green in a sense.  I took this on a trip to the Osage Nation to buy a goat.  I came across this wind farm with an old oil stripper well.  You see the old and the new upon a beautiful southern plain’s prairie.  REAL Green acknowledges the carbon trap of civilization in path dependencies of affluence.  It seeks restoration of scale to the land but accepts the trap of technology and affluence.  A pathway of this journey is the hybridization of technology with permaculture localism.  The keystone principal is behavioral.  This is acceptance of decline and the humility of being trapped in both limits and its unsustainability.

This hybridization represents the best response to the trap.  Decline involves abandonment, dysfunction, and irrational.  Yet, decline of an ecosystem also involves adaptation and niche nesting.  Here a different reality exists.  The overall ecosystem is decaying but within this decay is adapted growth.  Species assume new rolls in microclimes of habitability.  This involves migration but also adaptation.  In our case this involves individuals embracing permaculture localism but within the context of a decaying delocalization of globalism.

REAL Green involves a dualism of being.  This is living delocalized in localization.  This incongruous juxtaposition is a paradox.  This self-contradictory proposition proves to be true for the age of contradictions.  REAL Green seeks to combine and mix new and old carbon capture with a focus on low carbon capture of localism.  These are all those ways of gathering and harvesting energy in the form of power and calories.  Today we take energy for granted by flipping a switch, pumping gas, or buying food in a grocery store.  It is not possible in most cases to avoid this but you can adapt it.  Adapt back in time to the old forms of carbon capture that were low power and local.  These carbon capture strategies are low ROI but high EROI meaning they offer high sustainability in the local but do not pencil out in the status quo modern of high returns.  Lower affluence is the result but higher survivability.  What is green is more prepped and vice versa.

REAL Green combines the two through realism and relative applicability.  The realism concern traps and limits.  The relative applicability involves the nature of how delocalized your local is of people and place.  Notice this applies to both the land and your significant others.  This hybridization yields a moss color that is a mix of green and brown.  The Anthropocene as an age of human growth but now is destructive growth from human forcing.  We are now in the age of death.  In this age of decline you have no choice but to be part brown.  Try living with less modern affluence yet by adding green strategies to yield better survivability.  This is profoundly spiritual with technical responses.  Green when in the context of the local yields an organic meaning.  The land will fill you up with its harsh but harmonious reality.  This is why it is so important to find the right place to build your REAL Green homestead and permaculture monestary.

What I am talking about applies to all in general but most importantly to REAL Green knights who have the right stuff.  This takes time and money but also people and place.  This requires education both with studies but also experience.  This first and foremost takes the humility of acceptance through the acquiescence of the planet and web of life.  It is here you will be chosen or not.  If you are choosing to lead you then are the servant.  This leadership is free choice but you cannot find it.  It finds you. 

This leadership in service emulates an ecosystem in the succession of decline.  A few species will populate new niches.  The decline and death of this complex ecosystem is both of evolution and extinction.  In the case of the human ecosystem, it is the end of civilization as we know it.  This is time based so it may take years but the trend is set.  The momentum is nonnegotiable.  If you have the right stuff then you will be that species who experiences constructive growth within destructive change.  You will evolve into a new human type.  This human type has been forged in the crucible of a destructive end of an age of human forcing.  It will be the wisdom found in the insecurity of this existential reality that will allow you to choose the right path and open the correct doors.

This is something the planet will bestow on you.  You will be an expression of the web of life.   Because of this you will have a special power.  This is not your power.  If you claim it, you will lose it.  You are only its vessel.  This is the reason for humility.  It is in humility of acceptance of the decline of all that the one area of growth is found.  This is spirituality.  This is now the spirituality of a new age and it is ironically the spirit of an older age.  This is the age of insecurity which was always the state of being for humanity.  Modern humans have been deluded into thinking technology and affluence has eliminated insecurity.  Instead, we now have insecurity without meaning which is darkness.  REAL Green seeks the light of meaning in honesty and acceptance.  It seeks to relatively and realistically blend these realities to navigate through the valley of death ahead.  Make no mistake this age is the age of death.  Ignore this at your own peril.

This call for an embracing of the best of spiritualities.  One can get much of the mechanics from comparative religions.  This also includes the religion of tech and affluence which is now scientism.  Respect knowledge and things as a reflection of life.  Man acts like these are his but the reality it is life not man that has created tech and knowledge.  Not all scientism if bad.  It is the elevation of scientism to the primary religion that is the problem. 

Science and spiritualism must remain separate because of human dualism.  When each accepts its proper roll and place a turbo charging effect occurs.  Science supports spiritualism and vice versa.  The result is wisdom of what knowledge to keep and what to ignore.  Man cannot have it all yet that is what happens with the ego when it seeks immortality.  The ego seeks to know all.  It is this false hope that destroys spirituality that must include acceptance of mortality in an existential humility.  This acceptance is grace.

The basis of this wisdom will guide the individual and his local with what things and lifestyles to live and what to triage out.  The triage is needed because this is an age of too much when less is what is called for.  This way of life is an expression of permaculture localism that seeks to be more circular and steady state with the nature of things.  This means leaving the delocalization of excessive human dualism as much as is possible within the trap of being human in a dualism of being.  This Anthropocene trap is grounded in the carbon trap with the path tendencies of networks and the social narrative of meaning.  To reject this situation is to reject human reality.  If you want to be green you must accept brown in this age of human forcing.  The resulting color is moss.  Green is more prepped and wiser but brown is the reality of the age.

In this age of decline of everything the spirituality of the meaning is found.  So, decline yields growth only with spirituality.  Meaning is the asset that will offset the decline of affluence and comforts but also the condition of meaninglessness.  It is what will power you through to live to die another day.  This is a journey to a destination.  The destination is pessimism because death is painful yet, the journey is life and constructive growth on the way to death.  Here is where you find your optimism.

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