Is It Worth It?

REAL Green is about adaptation.  This adaptation is both physical with tech and metaphysical with psychology and spirituality.  The key to adaptation is a metaphysical orientation as the basis.  This is the psychology of a rejection of the social narrative of growth, affluence, and optimistic humanism replaced with existential pessimism.  This existential angst allows spirituality meaning from acceptance.  This acceptance then allows an application of optimistic meaning.  This is a transformative lifestyle of green prepping.  Importantly this is an add on to your existing higher power.  Atheist and agnostics should entertain this spirituality too.  The realm of Spirituality is that which is beyond your ego.  If you entertain the “why” of it all then you are a candidate.  If you have the feeling of a process and a system to existence then you are delving in the spiritual.

This is not religion this is an add on.  An add is the clothing of your being.  In this case it is your shoes because you will be on a journey.   The physical adaptation with tech and knowledge is easy enough to learn.  It is available from existing sources and in today’s digital age so much knowledge is at your fingertips.  As an add on to your existing self the application of this huge amount of knowledge and tech depends on your education, financial position, and time constraints.  This is your own unique nature and nurture.  Leave the world of what you are told is right and wrong and turn inward to your own meaning in your soul. 

This is a decade long process of a reshaped world.  Small physical adaptation can be achieved by anyone immediately though.  You can get an orange belt with little effort.  To get a black belt takes years.  A GREEN belt is attainment.  Attainment is humility.  This humility is spiritually and psychologically your measure in a connectivity with the planet and its life force.  This must be in a balance with your human world of community and greater world that is society.  You either have it or don’t or should I say you have it and don’t.  If you have it then this is a lifelong adaptation.  You don’t have it because you can never have the truth but only approach it.

Before you embark on this journey you must preform a personal cost benefit analysis both physically in regards to the physical investment but also in regards to your higher power.  This is very important because some of you should not do this adaptation because your local of people and place and the local of your soul.  This is a rigorous process that is disruptive.  This is an expensive process of physical change. 

I feel this adaptation is worth it for all in regards to a minimum of a personal cost benefit analysis.  It is likely worth it to do some minor green prepping.  Prepping is a wise thing to do.  The basics of prepping are easy to find out.  There are many sites that focus on lists of dos and don’ts.  I highly recommend some prepping in this age of decline.  The green part is worth a look at because in this age of emptiness there is immediate connectivity with natural beauty.  Doing some gardening and natural restoration is a rewarding undertaking.  Appreciating nature with acts of kindness instead of negligent destructive behavior is spiritually rewarding.  This adaptation is practicing basic good citizenry of society and the planet.  There are no miracles here because life is miracle enough.  Stop looking for special powers because the power is both minute and complete.

If you want to get serious about this way of life then becomes a REAL Green monk.   The teacher is the life force within the planet and web of life.  If you choose to be a REAL Green monk you must embrace radical change.  The key to REAL Green is the relative and realistic approach of this radical change.  This is where it differs from other spiritual traditions.  The radical of REAL Green is the relative and realistic approach within as an add on to your existing higher power of meaning.  Acceptance of death on all levels is radical.   This is the key because decline is death but death is also the soil for life.

How outward you are with the radical adaptation is dependent on your people and place.  REAL Green is deeply local so get out of your layers of being and go directly to being naked and alone.  No local is the same but many are similar.  You first must know your local and determine what change is possible.  Many have no local.  Many are lost and wander from place to place, person to person, and religion to religion.  Many feel unhappiness where they live and the people that inhabit their lives.  This is a prime indication you need adaptation but keep in mind you are trapped.  This trap is the limit of your adaptation.  Many are dependents without ability to be a leader.  This adaptation is about leadership in your local of people and place.

So first know yourself and your local of people and place.  Once you come to the key prerequisite of REAL Green of acceptance of this change over to the epoch decline then you must know your range.  Your range is your scale.  It is no different than an animal.  Humans are divorced from our place in nature so determining your range includes reintegrating your animal nature.  Get out of the traditional arrogance of humanism of man and nature as separate and start seeing your place in nature.  Your local is where your scale is.  Your range is your local.  Remain in your range so you can properly adapt with constructive growth.  Delocalization is your enemy but also the clay you will have to work with.

If you accept decline as the current dawning of a new epoch and you have done deep reflection on your range and scale then you must determine what is realistic and relative to your adaptation.  Since this is about a local of people and place the adaptation becomes more than you it becomes about them too.  The local of community is critical.  It is the body of Christ so to speak.  It is here your survival is critically linked.  This is why if you want to be a GREEN belt you must find the proper people and the place. 

You can only do your journey by leaving yourself.  At this point is where a value from your cost benefit analysis must be determined.  If you are significantly trapped then stay lite with your outward adaptation.  If your local are not adaptable and you can’t leave your people/place then don’t do it.  If your local of community and the land you inhabit is not adaptable then why risk the effort in time and resources for radical adaption.  You will turn radical if you embrace REAL Green but in wisdom not necessarily in action.  Much of what you participate in will be called into question by this wisdom but you will have to participate.  The age of decline requires this so the wisdom is an adaptive wisdom with surreal manifestations. 

Finally, if your psychology and spirituality are not up to it forget it.  This will be most rigorous with your higher power of meaning.  Your view of yourself and your view of your local of people/place will go through a surreal reflection that many will not be able to handle.  This is a calling into question everything you have been taught and much of the activity you have participated in.  Yet, in this radical psychological change there is the reward of meaning.

A GREEN Belt is going all the way into adaptation.  It is the highest level and also the lowest.  This means you will attain a spirituality that is high but you will embrace decline itself which is low.  So high is low which is a juxtaposition.  Much of your adaptation is surreal because you will face paradoxes and incongruous juxtapositions.  The value in this surreal of meaning is meaning itself.  The search for meaning is surreal because of the human condition of dualism.  If you do not experience surreal then you are not there. 

Meaning is a spiritual asset of the highest level.  It is meaning that comes with an honest approach to the truth within the imperfect vessel of your higher power worship.  So, a GREEN Belt is about the attainment of meaning.  This meaning will manifest itself in action.  You will be awakened and this awakening will transform you.  Keep in mind there is no transcendence except with spiritual experiences.  These spiritual experiences will be quick and powerful like a shock.  Transformation will open you up to this.

You will have vision quests because you will be untethered from a reality forced on you by the social narrative.  You will experience the transcendental for moments as you descend back into the mundane of the drudgery of living to die another day.  The key component of the awakening is the transformation of pessimism to a pessimist optimism.  This is a key to the worth of it.  It is a cracking of an atom so to speak in your soul but this will fall out.  You will not inhabit these places of immense energy for long because it is not meant to be.  This is a journey not the destination.

If you accept decline which is getting out of the denial of death then you will have pessimism.  Your ego will experience existential angst when honestly embracing decline.  There is no sugar-coating decline or death.  It is the ultimate challenge.  It is only facing death in all its forms that a transformation is obtained.  This will be a mystical experience of an inner journey.  This is akin to this beautiful prose:

“in the first degree the higher power enters into the soul and she turns inward. in the second she ascends above herself and is lifted up to the higher power. in the third the soul, lifted up to the higher power, passes over altogether into it.  in the fourth the soul goes forth on the higher power’s behalf and descends bellow”

So, you see this is a journey.  If the destination is what is important then REAL Green is not for you.  You will be faced with the surreal of meaning.  You will spend time and money on things that will not make sense from the point of view of the social narrative of affluence and growth.  You will be in a constant state of an inner journey moving in and out of meaning as fresh challenges are encountered.  Your mind and body making this journey will decay.  At some point if you are lucky enough to get old dementia will set in.  There will be very little left at some point.  All the things you built up will turn to dust.  The worth of this is journeying to death but in vigorous living.

For most people the adaptation of REAL Green is worth a look.  Some small REAL Green actions will be wise.  Green prepping is a good approach to increasing resilience and sustainability.  Discovering your local is another important activity.  Learning the destructiveness of delocalization and turning local is an important component to increased survivability.  Delocalization is both physical and metaphysical so learn your spiritual local too. 

Yet, if you want to embrace the wisdom of insecurity of the last step of a GREEN Belt then I will tell you, for most of you it is not worth it.  Many of you will not have the time, money, or the education to do a permaculture homestead with a monestary of knowledge that is the outward physical expression of the transformation.   This is an outfitting for a journey into the valley of death.  Most will not want to undertake these kinds of rigors.  Most want comforts from the mundane of survival.  If you want comfort then go elsewhere.  This is especially true of inner meaning because you will be asked to let go.  This is what insecurity is.

If you have the right stuff especially if you are young and unattached, I highly recommend this.  In fact, if you are young and unattached, I recommend going TRUE Green of off grid and directly immersed in nature.  It is likley someday you will return to REAL Green because this is where the people are.  It is exceedingly rare to find communities of TRUE Green.  This would be found in the natural world for example a tribe in the amazon or a group who have gone completely off grid in the simplicity of circular living.  This is man’s true nature not where civilization is.  Civilization is the destination and the destination is death.  Then life starts again.   For those of you like me who are now older you will be trapped in people and place.  You will be attached to making a living and paying bills.  This is where you go from TRUE Green to REAL Green. 

Actually, REAL Green is more demanding than TRUE Green.  TRUE Green is immediate spiritual satisfaction albeit with lower physical affluence.  REAL Green is spiritually challenging but generally with more affluence.  Affluence is the key trap of REAL Green and why you must be realistic and relative.  I wish I could go TRUE Green and I have at an earlier time but I did not know what it was at the time.  This happened to me in a spiritual experience.  This TRUE Green lasted for 40 days.  Then my family dragged me back into the real world in a psychosocially violent way.

So, in conclusion to my rambling world salad I would say REAL Green is worth it and this brings you to where you started.  This is deeply local of people, place, and especially your soul.  I cannot tell you if it is worth it.  This would not be my place.  In the big discussion above I was telling you my REAL Green not yours.  Keep this in mind.  I was talking about myself so disregard everything I said above and start your journey.  You have to get up in the morning and make your bed not me.  You will die alone.  I can’t make your bed or die for you.  Good luck on your journey.  4X4

2 thoughts on “Is It Worth It?”

  1. Ironic you would choose this topic! Just came in from 4 days out on 40 acres of Paul’s surrounded by literally hundreds of thousands of national forest. No cell service, electricity, living in a 10’ x 10’ dwelling he built by hauling materials in on an ATV. Total immersion into nothing but the natural world-no cell phone or distractions. I consider this a spiritual retreat. We are hunting bear.

    Seeing a moose has been on my bucket list. Had a bull moose walk past the shack 10’ away one of our mornings. Outstanding! Now to find a rack this winter! 😉

    Withdrawal from social media & reducing/eliminating time on my phone has been key to my spiritual growth. Too much mental clutter clogs the pipeline of spiritual interaction for me. Hard path considering how vital this tool is now to our lives.

    I feel privileged to be able to sequester myself in the natural world & recognize that many can not afford this lifestyle, as you point out in your writings. Had I not “done the time”, would not be retired. Hard for the young to resist what society tells us we should do “to succeed.” But one can hear Nature if only they have the time & lifestyle to be open to her teachings. Insightful write up! 🙏🏽


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