Preface – I am working on an addition to the pages section of my blog covering my conservation strategies.  This is a practical tool.  I want to balance my preaching with some practical living advice.  I am not a writer so it can be difficult to follow my thoughts when I preach.  My lifestyle is my real manifestation of REAL Green.  My work on conservation strategies is going to take time because I need to evaluate and put to paper my activities and dispositions.  My post below is long but it ties together many aspects of decline and REAL Green.

Forward – I recommend you read a very important work by a dear friend of mine who is a great writer and researcher.  He is exceptionally versed on energy topics.  He is an expert on the ancient Maya knowledge of cycles.  We both are coming to the conclusion of the importance of spiritual adaptation to this current age of dislocations.  His post “The Light Along the Way” relates to what my comment covers in the sense of a cycle transition.  He explains this Maya’s insights which is helpful to understanding the deeper level of cycles both with the planet and human destiny.  Please read his post “The Lights Along the Way”    http://energyshifts.net/the-lights-along-the-way/

If you could attain immortality through technology, would you?

The “terminator” movie is art reflecting a reality of sorts these days.  The actualization of a type of immortality pursuit by the elites but even deeper the system itself is self-actualizing through the mechanization of technology and knowledge.  This merger is turning against life in subtle but dangerous ways and humans are being slow boiled into complacency.  The elites are flush with powerful resources for action because of the digitization of citizenship.  The global system is a powerful organisms created by a network of people and machines as a power multiplier.  Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  This is a worn-out expression but do not be deceived by its casual use.  What we are seeing today is a mechanization of this power impulse of people and machines merging.  This merging of biology and machines is transhumanism.  The worship of this power through science in transhumanism is scientism. 

This merger of man and machine will end in a fantastic end one day in the future.  Mechanization is a vicious process of life destroying activity.  It is a vortex sucking engine.   A growth of more power and capability is never satiated.  The elites have always sought an immortality but today the system itself is developing its own biological/machine programed intelligence into a digital immortality.  This is a systematic merging that is now self-organizing because of mechanization.  It is now beyond human control.  How well would you survive without your machines?  Most of us would starve without all those gadgets that support our daily life.  This dependence is now turning against humans and will likely destroy lives and life.

This merging of biology and machines in a quest for immortality by the elites few know about.  The elites are seeking absolute control through the great reset and woke globalism.  The masses must be subjugated to the purpose of supporting this quest.  This is a camouflaged policy to enslave the masses to the engine of woke globalism.  The irony of woke globalism is that it is a tool of enslavement.  It is a façade so many are identifying with to their eventually detriment.  Woke is actually racist but deeper a tool of division.  This is why you should now be concerned by all the lying and disinformation by the mainstream media.  These lies are more than the noble lies of our so-called betters but instead are the Marxist lies of the quest for absolute control.  Propaganda, spin, misinformation and coopting of mainstream media is the modus operandi of a totalitarian transhuman elite who are the priests of scientism. 

Many believe in the message that science will save us.  Who does not believe science has been a good for mankind?  Science now is corrupt.  It is now a lie.  This lie is the core platform of the uber elites’ global organizations through a technocratic control.  This is a global movement of domination primarily because of the degree of power tech offers the elites and the elite’s reaction to the converging of planetary dangers.  The elites will give their complete trust to tech and the networking of the centralization of power to preserve their wealth and power. 

Many of these elites are themselves deceived because in the end they are slaves too.  Many will likely lose their wealth and power as power concentrates in ever smaller circles.  This is the nature of corrupted power.  Keep in mind this is not some secret revelations.  This is what happens in a late-stage civilizations.  Ours is global and technocratic techno tyranny is the result.  Elites always bring down civilizations.  Technology when uncontrolled will destroys itself just as human power does.  Combine the two and you get what we have today which is more insidious then ever in human history.

To understand this situation, you must understand the nature of uncontrolled technology which is a mechanization of uncontrolled growth.  The elite are actually mechanizing themselves but thinking they will be the ones in control with freewill.  The reality is the systematic nature of technology and control through mechanization will consume them too.  This is eventual destruction because control mechanisms can’t control control mechanisms.  At some point activity get so compressed by efficiency and power a critical breakup occurs much like when a diesel engine runs away into self-destruction.

Mechanization destroys itself if left unchecked.  The quest for the secrets of the universe and ultimate control is an eventual paralysis.  Intelligence and its inevitable automation when allowed to proceed far enough leads to paralysis.  A condition of knowing what comes next will proceed the next step which leads to this paralysis.  This is a metaphysical paralysis.  It is grace that breaks this paralysis.  Grace is truth and truth can’t be controlled.  Grace is naturalness.  This is why tech will fail.   Tech seeks to have the truth not dwell with the truth.  Tech’s uncontrolled nature is to know the deepest meaning and control it for maximization of power.  Grace on the other hand is the naturalness of not letting your right hand now what your left is doing like when a body functions naturally. This is why nature is so powerful and tech vulnerable.

It is this naturalness that sparked life to begin with.  Inanimate animated naturally.  The reason mechanization will destroy itself is its unnatural control impulse.  Naturalness cannot be trusted with mechanization.  Nature enjoys nature and only nature can overcome nature is an old dictum of the Egyptians for good reason.  Geoengineering and genetic engineering will fail because they represent a human arrogance in relation to the naturalness of life.  Humans can’t control this power because they can’t control themselves.

This is important to you the individual now at this time in history.   Mechanization is now the final destructive cycle of civilization.  We went from agriculture to industrial to the digital revolution and finally now artificial intelligence.  All of this involved the mechanization of technology.  The Forcing of this arrogant humanism over human history.  This evolution of technological cycles has now caused a threshold change both with the planet and the abstract of human civilization.  This inevitable mechanization through technology worship has tipped an earth epoch.  Technology is now the terminator. 

You the individual if awakened to this can find constructive growth opportunity of physical restoration and spiritual renewal in those places where tech is not dominant.  In fact, the spiritual renewal is the most important aspect of this new world you will be journeying to if awakened.  This spiritual renewal is the rejection of scientism instead with a faith in nature.  This includes your higher power of your spirituality and or religion.  What this means if you are a Catholic just for example is understanding scientism has coopted the Catholic church.  It is similar with other mainstream traditions.  In fact, all of human is being corrupted by this mechanization through scientism.

Scientism’s mechanization is diametrically opposed to spirituality.   They are pole opposites.  Science and spirituality must remain separate.  This is a key condition of man’s duality.  The ego in its quest to know the truth through deduction in the scientific process separates itself.  Spirituality is man’s quest to connect to the whole of life where meaning and truth is inclusive.  You can’t break down the truth in analysis and be part of it at a point.  Limits kick in.  Science is an effort to know that leads to separation because it breaks apart for inspection.  Spirituality is an effort at connecting with faith and feeling.  Science does not mesh with faith and feeling.

Mechanization is when the scientific process goes malignant.  Wisdom finds a proper places for man’s natural dualistic state of self-consciousness for a proper balance.  The inquisition was spirituality through religion running amok.  Currently the mechanization of technology is entering the death impulse where efforts at problem solving become the problem itself.  This age of technology is ultimately the final age our late-stage civilization.  It is the age of death.

REAL Green is an adaptive individual behavior confronting this existential dysfunction of late-stage civilization.  This is important to clarify.  This dysfunction is destructive and now is shaping the human era of the Anthropocene.  Humans are forcing the planet into abrupt change along all planes and in abstraction with the human metaphysical realm of rationalism.  Rationalism is now corrupted by moral hazard of lies.   Lies are a tool of control.  Sometimes they are called noble but lies are never noble because they breed lies.  Technology is driving the lies because absolute power requires lies. 

At some point lies are required because failure can’t be accepted by arrogant humanism.  Admitting failure is then the death nell of civilization’s narrative of the success of its power.   This is the reason civilization is now based on lies like renewable energy and artificial intelligence as the next revolution.  Civilization is already failed but the narrative is desperate to admit this.  In fact, the narrative is itself deceived.  Few will admit failure mainstream.  In fact, it is forbidden. 

Humility comes from the acceptance that the truth is beyond attainment and control.  Humility destroys technologies power of control by the implementation of restrictions found in proper wisdom.  Wisdom is knowing what knowledge to use and what to reject.  It is about limits and acceptance of consequences for failure.  Technology is about breaking through limits into a world where substitution is always possible once limits are bumped up against.  Uncontrolled Technology is arrogance and pure destructiveness.

Technology is a revolutionary human activity.  It is now religious with the transhumanism of scientism.  Scientism is the worship of knowledge for knowledges sake.  Technology flows from this arrogance.  We want to know the secrets of everything without restrictions or consequences.  Transhumanism is the incorporation of technology into biology so what we now have is a merging of mechanistic features with living biology.  Actually, the car cult culture and the digital lives we live are the preamble and the enabler of this process.  Delocalization is the result.  This is where humans lost scale and broke our proper relationship with nature.  This is by definition a cancer.  Arrogant humanism is malignancy.

The industrial revolution accelerated the dysfunction of humanism.  There is now a raw arrogance of humanism even with greens.  Greens are supposed to be earth friendly but much of the green movement now is committed to covering the earth in renewable energy machines.  We glorify dirty cities as the place where a green nirvana can be realized.  Cities cannot be made green.  Cities are a manifestation of both the arrogance and the dysfunction of humanism.  If you live in one you would be wise to leave them because they have no future.

Back to technology and its revolutionary tendency.  This quote is most telling:

“Intelligence and rationalism are not in themselves revolutionary. But technical thinking is foreign to all social traditions: the machine has no tradition. One of Karl Marx’s seminal sociological discoveries is that technology is the true revolutionary principle, beside which all revolutions based on natural law are antiquated forms of recreation. A society built exclusively on progressive technology would thus be nothing but revolutionary; but it would soon destroy itself and its technology.”

– Carl Schmitt

Take this to hart because this is what is driving our destruction and the only way it will end is when it ends itself.  Technology is now approaching the point where diminishing returns goes nonlinear into an inflection point where problem solving becomes the problem.  Time is speeding up because the cycle is compressing with the uncontrollable urge to ever greater power and efficiency.  We are in or near this point of rupture in multiple areas of civilization and the planetary system.  When the summation of the negative feedbacks from these problem-solving “problems” reaches a breaking point civilization will end.  When civilization ends the mechanization of technology ends. 

This drive of substitution when limits are encountered is a denial of limits.  It is the application of constant disruptive change that frays the fabric of life where stability is required.  The trajectory of this substitution is the lie of humanism and the reason humanism now is considering transhumanism.  Humanism can no longer be trusted.  The Irrational is found in that zone in the dualism of humanism where the ego dwells in all its nakedness.  A balance of spirituality and our scientific impulse in humanism must be found or extremes occur on either side.

The key component to spirituality in this sea of meaninglessness is the basis of a wisdom of insecurity.  Wisdom is about choices and consequences.   Human wisdom is being altered by knowledge and tech for the sake of more knowledge and tech.  A proper wisdom seeks less instead of more.  Affluence has been the result of this surge of technology and knowledge.  This is why the consequences have been ignored.  The pleasure of affluence is so great that sobriety faces an impossible task.  Now we are approaching or at the diminishing returns of these humanistic activities and downscaling is resulting.  Downscaling is the destructive activity of problem solving creating new problems.  

This is now a revolution that is forcing destructive change on humans and the web of life alike.  The result is planetary forcing that is affecting habitability.  Habitability is increasingly being degraded in localized ecosystem failure with overall ecosystem decline.  Nature is resilient but to a point.  When threasholds of a summation of failures builds to a point they will bifurcate the planetary ecosystem.  This forcing is cascading to a point where the abrupt change creates altered states with vital planetary systems.  Human civilization requires stability.  Tech will seek to impose its stability through mechanization and automation but the planet will not be mechanized or automatized.  The planet will make man honor his consequences because this is naturalness in action.

Planetary systems are now reacting with negative feedbacks.   The very stability that allowed human technological growth is in abrupt decline.  The hydrologic, nutrient, geologic, and carbon cycles are all in dangerous extension from threasholds of balance.  Life systems harness all of them to form complex ecosystems so the planets life system itself is now in a process of rapid and abrupt change. These systems are being forced by human activity and population levels with technology supporting these human excesses.

This means a new complex life ecosystem is in the making but first the death of the current one is in process hence the labeling of this age as the age of death.  The stability of the Holocene is tipping over into the destabilized Anthropocene.  These destabilizations happened periodically on planet earth and represent major extinction/evolution periods.  Unfortunately for us mortal humans these periods are over thousands and millions of years when a rebirth occurs.

The adaptation I propose to you is REAL Green living of green prepping to adapt to this age of death.  This includes a permaculture spiritualism which is a mental green prepping.  The wisdom of insecurity is the basis of green prepping.  This wisdom seeks to embrace the awakening to this period of destructive change across all plane’s humans dwell in.  This wisdom of insecurity asks you to embrace the destructive change and allow it to transform you into action.  This is the psychology of optimistic pessimism.  It involves the green prepping of life boat strategies and the hospice of palliative care for both the land and people of your local.  This involves your own personal scaling of human intelligence and the inevitable use of technology.  Scale is all important to this wisdom and the only proper scale for humans is significantly local.  The more local the better should be your orientation.  This includes spirituality.

A local is a place where you can walk to.  It is a place where knowledge is scaled to where you can apply wisdom properly.  Today it is most of all a boundary to delocalization.  A REAL Green adaptation adds to localization strategies a triage and a hybridization.  Part of your REAL Green adaptation is recognizing the Anthropocene’s delocalization for what it is and that is a new earth period with a new ecosystem.  This is a period of high human population connected in a digital and economic web.  Excesses of technology in delocalization is tipping over this age.  As an individual in your local you will live and survive in this delocalized ecosystem.  Your efforts will be localization as a way to find a niche of constructive growth in a complex ecosystem breakdown.  You will live the opposite of what the techno age of scientism is proposing.  You will embrace permaculture spiritualism to enhance your higher power of meaning.

This is quite important and the reason you will live in the surreal if you seek this adaptation.  In fact, if you experience the surreal daily then you are on the right track.  The extent of your delocalization is the clay you work with.  You’re awakening to the destructive nature of the Anthropocene with its tipping over into decline of everything has one variable that is not in decline.  There is growth potential with spirituality.  This is a fundamental change from the age of human growth which was represented by increasing meaninglessness from the uncontrolled pursuit of knowledge.

This spirituality is based on the wisdom of insecurity.  True wisdom is the wisdom of what knowledge to use and what not to use.  This wisdom has been destroyed at the top level of civilization with scientism and transhumanism.   This worship of technology is self-destructive.  Now more than ever a REAL Green adaptation of a local is required to triage out this delocalization.  This is a wisdom that seeks to the best of one’s ability adapt and embrace a more circular lifestyle with voluntary simplicity.  Decline in place and downsize with dignity.  Beat the rush to collpase with a personal manage collpase.   This is done within the driving forces of the Anthropocene of technological advancement of power and efficiency.  Use the Anthropocene power to leave it in a mental judo.

This will require a hybridization but also salvage.  The salvage is of the old ways that have been lost but the knowledge is still available because the modern world has stockpiled knowledge of all kinds and this includes knowledge from earlier times.  The knowledge is there but the lifestyles in many cases are gone.  So, the DNA is there but the nurture of education and applied lifestyles are gone.  The hybridization is the recognition that although technology and knowledge is destroying life a wonderful amount of valuable technology and knowledge is out there that can be applied to restore and enhance the old ways to create a very resilient and stable local.  This stability is relative because all locals are exposed to the destructive decline of the Anthropocene.  There are no refuges only lifeboats.

This transformation starts with acceptance of the arrogance of humanism running amok.  This tips over into a wisdom of insecurity of the understanding that tech will not save us and in fact is killing us.  This situation is going to collapse eventually because this is the nature of the mechanization of technology without control.  Even though you are awakened this will not save you except to save you from the lie.  Truth is where lies are not.  This wisdom of insecurity seeks to limit the mechanization with a proper scaling to a local where restoration and renewal is possible.  When a complex ecosystem breaks down new niches are opened up for growth with species adapted for new biomes.  Be that adapted species.

This may sound complex and obscure but it really draws on the common-sense humans have developed over the millennia of survival in a changing world.  Humans have a survival instinct so draw on this.  Humans have a common sense of things especially when they are not right locally.  Embrace these instincts.  This human and planetary crisis should be obvious if you trust your instincts and common sense.  You will feel insecurity even though civilization want you to think you are safe with safety nets of health care and income.  Society wants you to think problems will be overcome like climate change, pollution, and social ills with more science and technology.  This is why the narrative is a lie.

Embrace a wisdom of insecurity that seeks to find a proper range for scaling.  In this proper range is your people and place.  Here practice a wisdom of insecurity that seeks to reduce the knowledge and technology overload of delocalization.   Focus on the human basics of food, energy, and resources for shelter.  Get back to the basics of low carbon capture.  First find a good local if you have the opportunity.  In all cases cities are bad but cities are where the power and wealth are concentrated so you will likely have a local that is within a range of this concentrated delocalization.  Find a zone far enough away from this danger zone cities represent.

Low carbon capture is the key.  This is finding good water, good soil, and habitable climate.  From here low carbon capture is using local resources to feed, cloth, and build shelters.  Of course, we are in the delocalized Anthropocene so adapting the greatly reduced ability of a local to produce quality low carbon capture is a struggle.   Seek to be like our ancestors but relatively and realistically in this new age of destructive change.   This is where the triage, salvage, and hybridization come in.  This is where monocultures, transport extremes, and digital dislocations are throttled down.  Localism is this throttling. 

More local is greener so you are connecting to nature which is a spiritual windfall.  This is a key spiritual asset where the truth is found by living not in science but instead in permaculture.  You will have to live in both worlds but with a focus on reducing your exposure to the delocalized world of humanism run amok towards of local with a planetary connection.

This becomes a spiritual exercise because you will constantly need to evaluate your local through your wisdom of insecurity with faith.   What to use and what to reject will focus your effort to restore and renew the local you chose to inhabit.  The degree of delocalization is your own personal trap.  I call this a trap because traps are limits.  This is a finite planet.  These limits are with people and they are with place.  People and the society they have in place but also the dirt you live on.  You will have to develop your own unique wisdom of insecurity to deal with this.  This is where the wisdom of insecurity becomes personally focused.  Your soul is the ultimate local.

This breakout is grace destroying the mechanization.   Grace is realized by approaching the sacred in humility.  The sacred is uncontrolled and unknown.   Truth places you in proper scale when approached in humility.  This condition of humility is letting go.   Grace will set you free of the viciousness of mechanization.   It is best you find smaller scales with local ranges because it is here proper meaning can be found. 

Meaning is the spiritual asset that will power you through the existential angst of the lonely isolate ego adrift in an age of meaninglessness.  The naturalism of a properly scaled human is grace.  This will be what breaks your isolated soul out of the meaninglessness of the mechanization of modern life.  It is meaning that will offset your decline in comforts and affluence that is baked into this technological period of decline.

2 thoughts on “Terminator”

  1. Thank you for the mention and the link to my post. This is an excellent analysis of our blind adoption of technology and the road it’s taking is down. Around 2010/2011 I started to read between the lines of where everything was heading and concluded to myself that the only way to escape it would b meauese to opt out of it as far as that would be possible. I subsequently deleted my social media accounts (except for this platform, which at that time was quite rudementary) and vowed never to buy a Smartphone – which to date I have not done. The deletion of social media resulted in instant isolation for a time and made me realise how much of our modern interactions are based on remoted, indirect interactions as opposed to direct interactions. This has worsened over the years and I have notice how real-world relationships and interactions have been negatively impacted – a lot of people shun direct contact now. In a way we live in a psuedo-society, not a real one: a virtual reality indeed. However, this merging of human and machine trend that’s now being mainstreamed goes way beyond even the virtual screen-based reality people have adopted – how far this will go is unknown, but it can’t bode well for the further organic development of those who willingly also adopt this new trend, beyond the point of no return. The Hopi clan has a prophecy that relates to this fork in the road for humanity where we have to make a choice as to which road we want to take – I will be writing about that sometime before the end of the year. My view is that we should return to lifestyle that’s hybrid agricultural and ‘analogue’ (unplugged as much as possible), recycle-based (no planned obscolescence – if it breaks you fix it and when you stop using it you pass it down to family or friend – like in the ‘olden days’ a few decades ago) and face-to-face/direct contact community driven (although all the C19 measures to undermine that a lot – with masks, etc). Thanks for this very thought-provoking post. All the current pressures should kindle a need in many people to go back to real normality, so there may yet come light from all the darkness through cause and effect if it prompts an exodus from city life.

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    1. PS: I very much agree with your conclusions and this especially: “This may sound complex and obscure but it really draws on the common-sense humans have developed over the millennia of survival in a changing world. Humans have a survival instinct so draw on this. Humans have a common sense of things especially when they are not right locally. Embrace these instincts.”

      At some stage these instincts will (have to) kick in – and it will, but not for all, so there will be a kind of natural sorting happening in terms of who can adapt (survive) and who can’t.

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