When you read this keep in mind, I am not claiming to have mastered these things.  I am an imperfect vessel of the truth.  These writings are an urge, enjoyment, and a mental workout.  I do not need your praise.  I am not here to lecture either.  I am merely reflecting on my understanding from nearly 60 years of life.  I hope some of this helps you make sense of things.  Meaning is my primary goal not power.  I do offer an alternative to what is mainstream.  It is meant for a few who have a similar life to mine.  Some of what I speak of is universal.  Everything I speak of is from others that I regurgitate to you.  If it is unique, it is only because I am a product of a unique local of nature and nurture.

Why is polarity important?  It is important because the problem with the world now is human nature.  The symptoms are tech’s destructiveness, energy waste streams, and network dysfunction.  Human nature is a mess in regards to proper species placement in the ecosystem of the planet.  We are now an extinction causing species.  We are a destroyer of a highly habitable and stable epoch for complex ecosystems.  This is commonly referred to as a plague species.  We counter that with we are intelligent and reflect universal intelligence.  This to me points to the evolutionary dead end of intelligence as a specie specialty.  In fact free floating intelligence in an ecosystem leads to the anti-life destructiveness of technology and efficiency.  Wisdom is what is lacking and this is because of scale, balance, and limits.

Stop looking to miracles to mystify.  The miracle of life is enough.  Stop looking for special powers when you are walking upon a power that pervades all.  Stop looking for a God out there far enough away a myth can be created that mystifies.  Respect the sacred which is the truth unknown.  It is sacred for a reason accept this and have humility.  Atheist and fundamentalist alike look to miracles.  Atheist look to tech and knowledge to satisfy a higher power.  Fundamentalist look to a personification of a higher power in our image.  This higher power thinks like us and is omnipotent.

Science says God is unnecessary and this is true from a scientific method point of view.  If you are reducing life to facts, data, and hypothesis you don’t need the spiritual.  The spiritual embraces reality with the feeling and emotions of connectivity.  This is made possible with humility.  Science does not need feelings and humility.  Science needs data, evidence, and a method.  Man’s human nature needs both so they must be good neighbors. 

In this time of so much meaninglessness. Finding the proper balance of science and spirituality is essential for adapting and mitigating the coming decline process.  They both are vital to proper human nature if we are to apply wisdom to actions that have consequences.  Without proper wisdom the destructive process of ever more destructive tech is inevitable.  Spirituality must be tempered also or else we have unrestrained actions inconsistent with planetary system without data and evidence as a guide.

This dichotomy is why we have faith and belief.  They are not entirely different and should not be opposed.  We unconditionally embrace faith from emotions deep in our heart and soul.  We need belief to make sense of things with action and consequence.  This fundamental duality of our nature is detached in both directions in this age of machines and extreme spirituality. 

We believe with a faith or have a faith that believes.  This is a result of our dualistic nature having lost proper wisdom.  Here wisdom is of what tech and knowledge to use and what to reject in regards to what is proper to a life system.  This lack of wisdom is pointing to an impending reset.  This reset is systematic, planetary and evolutionary.  It encompasses all which points to a impending bottleneck. 

The problem today is scale and balance.   Delocalization and the transhumanism of this age of machines has disturbed our nature within nature.  It has resulted in hopium of both science and religion.  Actually, science and religion are merging in a messy meaninglessness.  Excessive science, tech, and knowledge accumulation is causing our self-destruction by contradiction that linear thought leads to.  Life is too nonlinear to fully describe linearly.  Tech just makes this more deceptive. 

Our disturbed human nature is the problem now.  It is civilization that allowed man to power multiply this disturbance.  Civilization is now a metastasizing disturbance.   Populations are beyond proper scale and our consumption destructive.  This arrogance of humanism is now an anti-life waste stream. 

Science, tech, and concentrated knowledge is not healthy now because it distorts the way of things. The vital balance of science and spirituality is now turbulent and manifested in an emptiness.  Emptiness is a manifested waste stream.  Science and spirituality must be properly scaled as neighbors.  This means localism.  As delocalization increases science power projection through economics creating extractive behavior with destructive waste streams. 

When the balance of human nature is skewed to science man draws into himself and becomes invasive and extreme.  This is a destructiveness that disturbs the force of life.  The distortions of spirituality are about lack of respect for a higher power from our power projections of science.  This is about usurping the sacred.  It is about claiming its power.  It is about looking far out of its proper scale when a proper spirituality is near man’s local and close to his family and tribe.  When you erect alters to the gods you have lost it.  When you formalize worship, you are losing it.  Spiritual must be found by being natural in nature. 

A small community is the proper scale.  Ideally in this time of extreme urbanism proper scale is permaculture farms orbiting a permaculture town widely dispersed with natural buffers.   Human waste streams are more manageable in this way.  This is not harmony but it is the right direction.  This may no longer be possible in many places but it is the only way forward. This way forward is backwards which then means embracing a paradox.  Modern life is now regressive not progressive.  Progressive now is rejecting the narrative of meaning of modern life’s progressivness.

If there is new religion to create it would be one embracing a wisdom of balance and scale of science and spirituality.  I am not advocating a new religion only an adaptation to your existing one.  Today these aspects of human nature are both in a turbulence.  Science is now a religion of scientism.  It is now being mechanized with transhumanism with the merger of machines and man.  It is increasing the delocalization of man making him invasive and extreme.  This disturbs the sacred that is that power and truth that pervades life.  Machines are not life and when elevated in importance are anti-life.  Automation and artificial intelligence are not a life essence.  They are only an armor.

The web of life is under attack and this is the problem with spirituality too.  We are looking out into places that are far from where a proper spirituality can be found.  This is arrogance.  This disregard for scale and balance is because we desire its power.  We have humanized the sacred and on doing so have created false idols.  Proper spirituality is based on humility and acceptance not glorification and grandiosity. 

A naturalism of scale is a proper spirituality that grounds with humility.  Accepting this then points to an existential humility lost that needs to be returned to.  Spirituality is now free floating and detached from planetary realities.  A medical term is a free radical.  Immune systems seek out these free radicals and destroy them.  The planet is doing this to us now.

The disruption of science and spirituality’s proper balance is now hard wired in our civilization.  It is when you embrace this reality you can find a transformation.  This transformation is an awakening of the real meaning of life in our age of machines.  A wisdom develops from this transformation. 

When the individual, small group, and at times small community can find strength in this rebalancing of the spiritual and science a proper religion result.  This means transforming your existing religion and rejecting scientism which is anti-life.  The free radical of scientism now touches all so reject this with prejudice through a proper wisdom.

A proper religion is wisdom of scale and balance in nature.  Nature enjoys nature and only nature can overcome.  This is the transmutation of the kind that is simple and natural not the faux one of misdirected alchemy of power over things and immortality.  True alchemy is transformative not a transcendence. 

Transmutation is a phase change and, in this case, it is back to our original naturalism.  This is not so much innocence but instead a natural and functional enlightenment or an expression of a complex ecosystem.  Simple enlightenment that is robust and draws complexity from planetary systems.  We may be trapped in the age of machines but an adaptive balance is possible.

Permaculture localism is salvific.  The redemption is scale and balance with all planetary systems.  This results in what science to use and reject but also the embrace of a proper humility of scale and balance.   Proper human scale to the land where this power and truth is fully connected to is a new persuasion to add to your existing religious meaning.

Those times when man was a seminomadic hunter gather is when we reached our apex of proper human nature.  We used science to gather and harvest.  Science made tools and allowed practical permaculture of ecosystem management.  From this naturalness meaning was cultivated in a narrow but life enhancing way.  The complexity was provided for from the planet.  Adaption to planetary upheavals was more likely.  There has been bottlenecks in the past and we made it through.  It is unclear if we will make it through the next one.

Spirituality was once one of weaving of beings and animate forces with a complete connectivity.  Culture was oral with the passing of meaning on to the next generation from elders who spoke wisdom.  This was living wisdom.  It was not written because a written culture is the beginning of the lost way of codifying the sacred in worship.  It was of respecting planetary systems and cycles naturally not forcibly with engineering or code.  If this was primitive and superstitious it was scaled and balanced in regards to what knowledge is needed and what is destructive.  Survival dictated this.

Today’s turbulence of proper science and spirituality is extreme and invasive.  It is even more superstitious than primitive man because it is empty.   We now know so much that what we know contradicts what we know.  We now have a spirituality that arrogantly worships the affluence and comforts of man not his proper place in life.  Even the traditional religions worship science and tech by embracing this arrogance of humanism.  We pray to a God to have more affluence instead of humility.  We want immortality not connectivity.

Today science is the religion of scientism.  Scientism is sorcery.  It is a modern-day witchcraft.  This results in a spiritualism of arrogance where science and spiritualism combine.  This combination is revolting to life just as opposite poles oppose. 

We arrogantly called our primitive ancestors superstitious yet we desire to know all.  We desire to know the deepest secrets.  We search for a power that will give us the immortality we crave.  Is this not a superstition far more destructive and distorting than the simple ones of these simple but complex peoples? 

These simple people were complex because they drew their complexity from a complex ecosystem.  By being symbiotic with proper scale of people and place proper balance of our instincts of science and spirituality resulted.  This was real sophistication.  A sophistication that embraced a far superior sophistication of the ecosystem they dwelled in.   

A naturalism of proper scale and balance respected nature unconsciously.  Today we are in an extreme reversal of this with civilization with its urban centers of specialization.  Our monocultures and tradecraft create waste streams that the ecosystem can’t properly manage.  The result is rapid succession.  Rapid succession is an extinction event.

Succession is the manifestation of life’s vital need for change to adapt to a changing planet.  Change is the underlying expression of the sacred and here is where we should embrace the truth.  We are an instrument of this truth.  We are in a late stage of this sacred change.   It is now extremely destructive because science has been mechanized and spirituality arrogant. 

The resulting destructive change is taking all systems down in succession.  This is not the great reset the priests and faithful of scientism crave with the singularity of the secret of the universe.  This is not the rapture the faithful who mistakenly believe in leap frogging the consequences of our meaningless.  This is a return to our original scale and balance of pre-civilization.  The planet is forcing us back to this original balance.

We have so degraded an immensely fertile and complex ecosystem of the Holocene we now have the resulting degraded and dirty age of succession called the Anthropocene.  This will further degrade quickly to a time of an age of renewal.  This won’t be in man time.  This will be in a sacred time.  This is where the truth dwells for modern man which is a humility of a rapid succession of his own doing. 

Find a niche of constructive growth that will be freed up in this decent of complexity.  Reject the complicated life of modern man but live it to leave it.  You can’t transcend it but you can transform it.  Simple transformation comes from humility to this destructive process.

This is the awakening.  It is a liberation to be yourself to find meaning in a world of meaninglessness.  What we were told was arrogance.  Arrogance is in our current nature in turbulence.  Tame the turbulence in humility.  Wisdom is the result.  Wisdom is about properly scaled decisions with accepted consequences.  Science provides the data and evidence.  Spirituality provides the humility to stay scaled. The combination of the two provide species balance.  The failures of this is arrogance.  This is the age of arrogance and failure.

The truth can’t be known it can only be approached.  Science grounded in a proper wisdom helps us approach this sacred truth.  Science is our nature resulting in tech.  A proper spiritualism is needed to balance science and restrain our urge to tech.  Spirituality is about knowing the limits to our scientific nature of desiring to know the truth.  The proper combination of the two is part of what the planetary system of life needs to grow complexity.  Evolution needs succession.

We can also say then what is happening is also the process.  Destructive succession is obviously part of it.  The point I am making is for you the individual, family, and tribe is survival which is also part of the plan.  To survive this time of destructive change with so much meaninglessness then embrace the reality of this age of death.  Use its nature to be that force that creates renewal.  Niches of constructive change are part of evolution of destructive succession.  Be the new human type that transitions this bottleneck.  It may not be you who transitions but it might be your seeds properly planted that bear this fruit.

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