Living Resilience

This is the final installment of the collapse chronicles.  See the pages side of this blog for details on prepping 101.  This will be heavily weighted to what you can do as a prepper.  I am a green prepper so my strategies are applying a hybrid effort of permaculture and conservation to prepping.  Most prepper are not green.  They are mostly people who plan and prepare for the violent end of civilization.  There is increasingly a widespread group who would like a minimum of preparedness with a month or two of food, guns, and bug out equipment.  My approach is hybrid because it is my opinion the effort needs to be part of a way of life.  Prepping alone will not save you long in my opinion.  Even green prepping is doomed in an all-down situation but the key difference is a lifestyle that is full of life while life is still functioning.  There is meaning in preparing and running a homestead and working farm.

I have elaborated fully in many previous posts what REAL Green is so if you desire more information on that you need to refer back to these many writings.  It is an elaborate way of life that requires time, money, and education.  It is hybrid using the current system to leave it.  It is spiritual because there is a hospice aspect of acceptance of decline and failure.  This post is more about outfitting your life boat with proper supplies.  The green prepping part is your permaculture homestead that is a working farm.  If you want to go the extra mile as a prepper you must add green to it in my opinion.  There is no substitute for this.  In fact, if you want to take green prepping a step further you will want a community of permaculture farms orbiting a permaculture town all located in a habitable location surrounded by natural areas.  These open spaces serve as sinks of food, water, and hiding.

What I am going to give you is a nuts and bolts of a preparedness plan.  This is not my plan it is a generalized plan.  I do all the categories but I do not do all categories to their maximum.  You will find when you become a green prepper you will be constrained by time, labor, and resources.  You will have to prioritize what is important.  This is where I differ significantly from the standard prepper.  I spend much more time on permaculture and less on security and the hording of supplies.  I try to distance myself from fossil fuels and industrial products if possible.  This makes me less of a fortress and more of a living organism.

This prep plan is distilled down.  You can buy books on this.  You can buy books on particulars.  For example, there are those who have bunkers.  A whole book can be devoted to building a bunker shelter.  I am going to get to the very basics of what I feel a permaculture homestead would want to consider.  These considerations will need further fine tuning depending on your local of people and place.  Your individual plan would be shaped significantly by what climate you are in.  If you are urban, suburban, or rural all has a major impact.  I am focusing on the rural in the Missouri Ozarks.

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