Transcendence and Transformation

Man is driven to know the secrets.  These secrets are of the metaphysics of the divine and the power of being connected to the truth.  This drive is also true with our physical world with the desire to have unlimited energy that is cheap and clean.  This is our world of science.  Our world of science has drifted into the metaphysical with the quest for immortality.  This is best described as the singularity of transhumanism where the merger of man and machine will be able to take your soul and place its self-consciousness in a machine setting allowing the immortality of your intelligence. 

This intelligence of yours is considered your ego and or soul.  This singularity is an extreme of science but to a lesser extent we have delocalized our human nature with the transhumanism of our tech.  This is an unbalanced condition very similar to when religion hijacked science and followed anti-science dogma.  Science was rejected because it did not conform to the narrative.  Today science is rejecting narratives that do not support its transhuman narrative.  Science is rejecting the metaphysical when it does not conform making the mechanization of life through tech and knowledge accumulation particularly dangerous. 

The soul is the interconnectedness of the physical and metaphysical.  It is alive in this interplay.  Even if you are dead there is something more that can only be described as the sacred.  The sacred is untouchable so death is a mystery.  Science rejects this because there is no science for it.  Today religion usurps this with immortality dogmas.  Further religion has been hijacked by science because science is the basis of being modern.  Science is in a quest for immortality.  This immortality quest is the singularity of transhumanism.   This is the mechanization of arrogance.  Instead of a singularity with the sacred there is the anti-life singularity with machines. 

This discussion is about the turbulence of destructive change resulting from man’s imbalances on both his speres of dualism.  Both the metaphysical and the physical are in a turbulent change where meaning is lost.  Connectivity is lost.  Science has been let out of the Jeannie bottle and can’t be contained.  It is killing us but is also necessary to save us.  This incongruous juxtaposition is now the operative force of civilization’s self-destruction.  To the degree you can scale yourself properly within this destructive period of human nature this scaling will assist your adaptation and mitigation strategies.

There is the question of determinism and free will with all this.  Are we really free to make choices or is it only a sophisticated program that is determined by our place in it all?  I would say we are determined and this is why we have free will.  Free will is determined by the cyclic nature of life.  It is the cyclic nature of life that results in a determinism.  Without a universe of free will there would be no determinism because there would be no movement.  All would be crushed into the ridged compression of singularity at the moment before the big bang.  If there is only free will there never would have been a big bang.  There would have been no need.  It is only by being lost we find and only finding we get lost.  The secret of life is simple and natural because of complexity and complicated structures.

That may have been just a word salad but it is a stab at the interplay of aspects of dualism that are present in our lives that if balanced will allow a more natural and harmonious reaction to a very dangerous time ahead.  Science is not going to save us.  Our spirituality is lost too.  If we can properly nest the two closer to where they belong in our little world then a natural response results.  The planet will support you by the power of connection.  Action will result that has optimism in a world of pessimism.

This post is deeper than many of you would care to deal with.  This is not because you can’t understand the significance but because it deals with darkness and seriousness in a scary time when uplifting is needed.  You may find it difficult to read because I am discussing topics that are not mainstream.  These topics are esoteric.  Yet, the key to these specialized esoteric topics is simplicity.  This incongruous juxtaposition points to a reality most can’t attain because it is too simple.  This is why the meek will inherit the earth.

The point I want to get across to you is the pain and suffering ahead is here.  If you want to be at the top of your game adapting to this new reality it is important to understand the interplay of physics and metaphysics.  If you try to adapt to this new reality with only one side of this equation you will be hindered.  The reason being is what is ahead is a spirtual fight with physical realities of decline.  You will need science to navigate this dangerous world ahead but science is the problem.  Science needs to be reexamined at the individual level.  At the top it has mechanized itself into a final destructive phase so you must embrace this awareness.

I ask you to visit this linked site to understand the decline in energy affluence in a time of peak affluence.  This site observes an intersection of dysfunctional and irrational narratives of plenty with the harsh reality of declining physical affluence.  This will be a very harsh awakening for many that have let themselves believe the lies and the incompetence of the leadership of the world.  They led us down the primrose path and you will be forced quickly to adapt.  They led us with incompetence and recklessness in the arrogance of affluence.  They themselves are ignorant of these realities but consider themselves elite.  They think this is a management issue when instead it is an existential issue of living a lie and paying the consequences.  The elite always bring civilization down with arrogance.  Ours is by far the worst and will fail the quickest.

This site next site has been very significant to my REAL Green.  I did not realize I was connecting with an ancient understanding of the cyclic nature of life.  This is a metaphysical reality.  The understanding of this reality can’t be approach like the physical reality of science with physics.  This is about connectivity and connectivity can’t use science and the linear of knowledge.  This is non-linear and beyond understanding and this is why it is called sacred.  It is also called the truth.  Science has to be part of this but as a vehicular way to approach. 

This is an age-old dichotomy and the product is civilization and the reason civilizations always fail.  Before we lost our innocence in the arrogance of civilization this dichotomy was healthy it allowed great survival strategies for our species.  Tools and fire are two great examples.  Civilization has brought division to life with the arrogance of specialization.  It is incumbent on you the individual to heal this rift to face a dark world ahead.  Go to this site to better understand the metaphysical of cyclic realities.

4×4 is transformation and transcendence which is now required for your survival.  I am just a simple man raising goats and cattle on hardscrabble land.  I am getting old and feeble.  My mind is slipping.  I forget things and when I get up in the morning I hurt.  I rejoice in getting up and try to power through the pain.  It is this basic activity of living that gives me optimism to the pessimism.   When I connect the pain dissipates enough and I power through.  I consider optimistic pessimism the paradox of life.  If you want to find real optimism you must embrace pessimism.  Life is an incongruous juxtaposition for humans because of the polarity of our dualism.

I am calling this post 4×4 because you require front and rear drive to navigate the off road of this new life.  A new life that is actually the old one.  Super highways represent our fantasy world.  Our 2 wheel performance sports cars of fantasy are not going to work in the off road of life.  Actually, having the 4 legs of a horse is the true 4×4 to embrace because this is the marriage of man with nature.  The Comanches of the southern plains are a fine example.  You will have to be all-terrain in this world tipping over. 

To understand this fully you have to dig into human nature itself.  You have to entertain the secrets of life with humility and acceptance.  This will give you the wisdom of insecurity to live to die another day which is the most profound incongruous juxtaposition.  Death is the ultimate reality of life.  Like the moment of birth, undeniable.  You must find joy in this journey of pain and suffering.  At some point you need to quit asking why and just live naturally.  This naturalness is something unnatural these days and the reason for so much neurosis.

You are an energy system because that is fundamentally what life is.  Humans don’t think of ourselves this way.  We think of ourselves as exceptional and a reflection of a divine.  Atheist may not believe in a God but most believe in intelligence as something that orders the universe.  Math and physics are the higher power for them.  People of faith believe in a divine power ordering our lives which is a reflection of what is human with self-consciousness.  This is problematic for humans as animals on a finite planet of systems.  It is this desire for exceptionalism from nature that instead leaves us naked.  Any man of faith must lose his faith to find it.  Atheism is just a luxury of affluence.

Fundamentally we are dualistic because of self-consciousness.  We have spirtual needs of connecting with the question of why?  The isolated ego seeks answers because this need for why influences our needs that allow us to live.  It is very difficult to live on a finite planet in competition with other life and with a planetary system in constant change.  This is made harder for humans because of why and the harsh reality of being aware of mortality.

This dualism shows up in our science and technology side of gathering and processing energy.  Since the advent of civilization this basic of a life form of gathering and processing energy has found a niche where we can engage in other activities that satisfy our needs to know why.  For the primitive man the why was found in nature.  He lived by weaving meaning with beings and animate forces in his local.  He was scaled and balanced but primitive.  This is why simplicity needs to be embraced.  No longer does human activity revolve only around hunting, gathering, and semi-nomadic agriculture.  We now have knowledge and technology to build things and accumulate knowledge systems.  This has happened in a very short time and humans have not completely adapted.  This lack of adaptation is destroying ourselves and planetary complexity.

This human evolution has now hit the limits of growth but also much less talked about limits to change.  This is a trap that points to collpase.  This collpase is inevitable and I would say necessary.  Just as there is no free will without determinism there is no growth without collpase.  Collpase tends to be rapid with growth tending to be built up over time by building upon building.  The collpase process can be especially harsh if it is ignored becuase it can become a house of cards.  If collpase is embraced it can be less harsh with a pruning of deadwood.  Grapes and fruit trees that are properly pruned give much fruit.

This collpase paradigm with clear environmental patterns should be addressed by society but there is this key element of the trap that is the limit of change.   In our modern case is primarily the trap of carbon that allows us to engage in activities of civilization.  Civilization is path dependent with its learning and activity with carbon.  This can’t be broken except by collpase.  Before fossil fuels there was the carbon of biomass that was also limited.  Civilizations were trapped here too by cutting all the trees down and degrading the soil. 

It is the degree and duration that is the critical element of collpase not the if there will be collpase.  It will happen because this is the way.   A deeper study of the cyclic of metaphysics hints to this.  It is better to embrace this truth than the hope of if it will or won’t happen.  Pretending it won’t happen is just the building of a house of cards.  Embracing the inevitability of collpase allows efforts to manage the degree and duration of degrowth.  Degree and duration together is the primary gauge for life or death in destructive change.  This is true of all life on this every changing finite planet.

Abandonment, dysfunction, and the irrational are human elements of the collpase process otherwise called degrowth.  This is an unwinding of complexity by forces of chaos.  There is a whole scientific area of study of chaos that is very remarkable.  There is order in chaos.  This is turbulence and there is no formula for turbulence but turbulence has its own form of order.  It is anti-order order.  In nature there is just succession.  To the degree there is dysfunctional and irrational in nature is only through human reflection which is from our dualism with the ego and the other.  The planet and life are not dysfunctional and there is no irrational in nature other than in the human mind in an abstraction.  Nature does succession of growth or degrowth depending on the interaction of systems.  If we label this dysfunction and irrational, it is just our dualism and linear thinking.

This points to the need for humans to reflect on collpase as inevitable.   This points to the need to add metaphysics to physics and vice versa.  These days they have been separated because of specialization of civilization.  If we are a reflection of the divine then this reflection reflects succession.  If we reflect succession then we reflect growth and degrowth of complexity with complicated but also simple systems.  This includes eddies fighting change or pushing change.  It involves currents that is change itself that is nonnegotiable.  Contemplation with elaborate fantasies to control this will not change this. 

At some point modern man must find a way to embrace this as a component through their higher power.  This is a planetary pattern for life that is nonnegotiable.  Humans are aware of this to a point.  What limits awareness it is our desire for manifest destiny of the arrogance of humanism.  The reflection of this divine way is clouded because of the loss of innocence with specialization.  Knowledge is specialization.  Instead, we look to other planets as if this will keep our linear seeking specialized destiny alive.  We look to technology fixing things that are constantly breaking down because of the very powerful force of entropy.  We theorize energy sources can be substituted.  Safe and plentiful energy is touted as the future by our delusional greens.  We even think we can work through mortality with singularity of our souls merging in transhumanism with machines.

I do not believe this condition of human nature can be reconciled at the level of civilization.  Civilization is a linear system of knowledge and constructions that dwell in a non-linear world of the succession of change.  This then points to a requirement of you the individual.  This requirement is acceptance of human arrogance.   The living with a civilization that is path dependent and carbon trap.  Trapped in denial by its very definition. 

My reference to arrogance here is not good or bad.  If you judge it good or bad you are just being arrogant.  It is just the inevitable condition of the dualism of self-consciousness.  Life reflects once it attains individual complexity.  This individual complexity can only happen during times of overall complexity.  Civilization would not have developed except with the stable epoch we have been in.  Civilization then destroyed the stability that gave it life.  Embrace this and you get a natural transcendence.

Complexity is deceptive because we can look at what we now think is a peak of complexity but which is actually degraded complexity.  The domination of the planet by one species is less complex than the symbiotic complexity of a diversity.  This can be seen very easily with common sense to those who are honest.  The planet is now less complex overall with a complex human world. 

What good is all this technology and knowledge when it is actually anti-complexity?  If we do not see the reality of what civilization actually does then it is impossible to embrace the true complexity of our species in symbiotic growth with other species.  All of this of course acquiesces to the solar system and likely forces beyond.  Even here we disrespect complexity by imposing a human face to physics as if our intelligence is a mirror of the intelligent design of the universe.  That can’t be known.

You the individual need to see through this human arrogance.  This will transform you but not allow transcendence over it.  There is no transcendence except within.  The transcendence comes from not being able to transcend.  It is that special place where the two intersect that is the spark of life.  The transformation is from outside and the transcendence is within.  They work together and they are always subject to change.  This cyclical marriage of a moving dualism is inevitable on a changing planet when a species becomes self-conscious and then loses that consciousness.  Embrace it and it will support you as the way.  It is the compass to find your direction. 

If you have no compass on a dark night or cloudy day you are lost.  If you are lost your life is haphazard.  If you have a compass, you can follow the direction.  Following the direction will not save you but it allows you the opportunity to live more harmonious.  You have no choice but to find surplus energy or you will die.  This is true of the fox or man.  Having a sense of direction is a necessary support mechanism just as the fox has keen eyes, ears, and sense of smell.  Know your humanity which means knowing your dualism.

So, it is the internal transcendence and external transformation that is critical.  It is not attainable but it is a way to follow.  Attainable here is referred to a having.  You can’t possess this ultimate power but instead embrace it.  This is why a shaman will lose his power if he uses it for personal gain.  You were a child and then became an adult.  You then journey back to the child like stage when becoming old.  Our social structures are no different but unable to accept this.  They just have a different expression with growth and degrowth.

Our civilization is late stage.  Our current civilization is in childlike phase of being old.  It is pretending to be an adult.  Adulthood was when we were premodern.  Our childlike nature has been in operation since then.  Our human forcing has changed the planet to less complexity.  This succession is then what you must set your compass to.   Find transformation with internal transcendence in this common-sense honesty of 4×4.  The transformation in this late-stage civilization is degrowth.  The transcendence is humility and acceptance.  The transformation is a lifeboat on a sea of destructive change that finds niches of constructive growth.  Internally the transcendence is your hospice care of spirtual adaptation.  It is here you embrace acceptance of the planet’s way and find humility in the arrogance of humanism.

Now more than ever at this point in our linear world of history the truly vital element of life is within.  It is not some scientific discovery that will save humanity.  This is because of the extent of delocalization from our vital ecosystem civilization has taken us.  It is because humans have embraced fully the worship of transhumanism of machines that life is being destroyed.  This transhumanism is now anti-life. 

I am tapping words out on an anti-life system.  This little laptop is connected to a vast network of powerlines and power plants that are supported by strip mining and landfills.  If you do not see this then you are lost in delusions.  It does not matter I may be telling you life giving knowledge.  Every tap is a tap of death in the greater scheme.  This is anti-life but if you understand the cyclic nature of life then you stop judging this action because my free will is determined.  Man’s civilization is anti-life now and this will end in a rebirth.

Transcending in this case is not physical it is metaphysical.  It is taking the limits of the physical human condition and embracing its place in the life system.  In this scared place there is no good or bad.  Good or bad is then merge in the isness of it all.  This isness is then naturalness. 

It is this naturalness that is the true transmutation of the alchemist.  It is not the deceptive quest for immortality that is lost once it is searched for.  It is not changing base metals into gold.  This is the trick humans play on themselves in self-consciousness.  The true transmutation is becoming natural.  This means being a child then an adult then a child again.  This is true of civilization which means the inevitability of collpase. 

This is the way.  There is a scared element here that can only be embraced.  Civilization then represents just another expression of life.  This is the cyclic expression of transcendence and transformation in succession.  A succession that is at times growth and other times degrowth.  We are in the degrowth phase now.  Embrace this and it will support you.  Reject it and you will drown in desperation.

Find your compass then you can adapt and mitigate to a civilization that lost its compass.  It lost its compass because that is the way.  Do not judge this or you will not find your compass.  Finding your compass is embracing the way of the planet right under your feet.  It is listening to the language of the birds and watching the geese and monarchs effortlessly find their direction of migration. 

The finding of the compass and the losing of it is the way of succession as much for civilization as the individual.  It is the humility of this that is the key for the individual.  This is why the meek will inherit the earth.  This is where civilization is at a disadvantage because civilization is by definition arrogance.  It is physical growth attempting transcendence which is not possible on a finite planet.

Even talking about this reality is not it.  I am an imperfect vessel.  I am not very smart.  My linear thinking is attempting to explain the nonlinear of life and systems.  This is my own arrogance.  Yet, I am not doing this in a serious way.  I am just sitting around the campfire talking to you under a wonderful starry night.  The air is brisk but not brutal.  We are friends and care about each other.  The fire warms our friendship.  We know the morning will bring hard work and we know one day we will die.  Yet, in the here and now this is a beautiful night we are enjoying together.  It is this community that is the key and it is here there is salvation.  Enjoy and have reverence instead of the deadly serious passions we get caught in to have and hold.

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