It is a metaphysical paradox that real human strength comes from simplicity, humility, and less power.  In the physical world human power is complexity, force multiplication, and prosperity.  This points to the divided mind of modern man who is excessively physical with science and tech.  Through our technology and knowledge accumulation we can specialize and force multiple.  Arrogance develops from the divided mind.  Arrogance separates and the first casualty is human balance with his ecosystem.  Today affluence is worshiped as a human end instead of symbiotic existence.  The result is disharmony.  The accumulation of disharmony has resulted in a holistic decline that will reshape mankind.

Our biggest danger now is too much humanism.  It is too much affluence that wrecks our ecosystems where the real complexity is.  The arrogance from a separation from the divided mind is driving a rapid succession of natural complexity.  Human complexity is now suffering.  Systematically this means a threshold break is ahead.  This is seen clearly by honest science.  When proper spirituality is also applied in a balanced mind the true condition is seen.  This is then recognized as the cyclic turning of an age.

Judo is translated from Japanese as the “gentle way”.  This judo I speak about is a green judo.  This uses the excesses of this unbalanced world to find individual and local balance.  The most important skill in this green judo is spirituality that has been regulated to a secondary status by this age of science, technology, and knowledge accumulation.  Knowledge is now concentrated.  Tech is now extremely powerful.  Science is seeking the deepest secrets of the universe.  Yet, never has man been so lost with so much noise.  Is it any wonder that a civilization of neurosis is the result?

My writings are focused on you the individual but the individual and civilization can’t be separated cleanly.  A further focus is on the divided mind of the individual but also the imbalance of civilization with the spirtual and science.  The I and the other of the individual and civilization must be healed.  It is my opinion only the individual can be healed now.  Civilization is determined to end in a cyclic turning. 

This deterministic cyclic nature of civilization must be embraced in a mental judo of sorts for the individual to be healed.  This Judo I speak of is not the unbalancing of an opponent to achieve control but instead the harnessing of your opponent’s imbalance to produce your balance.  Green judo is the harnessing of civilization’s self-destruction to find constructive growth.

The green part is the understanding what is green is more prepped.  What is green is more spirtual.  Go green in permaculture both spiritual and physical.  This is a basic naturalism of a balanced man.  My spirtual naturalism is a green shaman.  Yours may be a variety of permaculture skills.  This is about a green specialization nested in general green skills of survival.  Embrace the way of the planet and it will support you with a power greater than any other because this is your mother. 

I am not telling you to reject your current religion or spirituality only to adapt it.  Modern spiritualities, religions, and higher power worship have all been corrupted by the human arrogance of science, tech, and concentrated knowledge.  Adapt your current particular persuasion with a green humility to your mother, the planet.  What this means is permaculture.  Cities are cesspools of arrogance.  Leave cities is your first prescription.  Most can’t so my writings are only for a few.  I do not claim to have answers for those trapped in urban places other than be aware of this trap and orientate as best you can against its worst results.

This green is not the modern leftist liberal version either.  This is probably the most infected with human arrogance although there are many very important basics of the modern green that should not be thrown out with the bath water.  The modern leftist liberal green is woke.  This is the infection of the power principal of cultural Marxist.  Their priests are the affluent academics seeking to protect and advance their power and priveldge.  

Woke is a lie to hijack power.  Cultural Marxism is immoral because it seeks the ends of power by any means.  What has resulted is scientism.  The is politicization of science.  It is a tool of coercion and cancel and now many of our brightest minds are completely infected with this.  They want you to believe techno things like panels and turbines are green.  EVs and hydro power plants are green.  Now environmentalism is warped by ideology.

In the case of the modern Great Reset crowd this green is wrapped up in their fascist lying, cheating, and stealing to breakdown the old order and build back a new one.  This new order will be a technocratic and administrate neo-feudalism.  Stakeholder elites of the political, corporate and administrative world will be the leadership not those elected by the populous.  This hijacking is within a world in net energy decline and planetary abrupt change of its stable systems.  This means their policies of a 4th industrial revolution of automation, artificial intelligence, and centralized administration are doomed to failure.  Green is a tool for these elites not a way of life.  The last climate conference illustrated this with all the private jets that delivered the elites to this high energy function.

These elites are positioning themselves to manage decline at your expense.  They consider themselves your better because they have lied their way into priveldge.  The reality is they are an inbred wealthy elite breeding human arrogance into a system where sociopaths attain leadership.  This is about money and power not people and planet.  They will grab deck chairs with their power and priveldge.  You will be relegated to serfdom.  This also means sheepleness. 

Understanding how power always corrupts is a basic of proper wisdom.   This late stage of civilization is dysfunctional and irrational by its nature.  Understanding this will prepare you for one mistake after another in a world already a mess from a destructive industrialization.  This is a bleak future.  You can’t stop them but life will.  This is where spirituality comes in.  Your spirituality will identify with the planet as the sole power.  Again, your individual higher power is yours alone.  I am asking you only to adapt it with a green spirituality.  If that destroys your spirituality keep in mind you have to lose it to find it so this is actually a requirement of awakened spirituality.

The green I talk about is permaculture localism that uses this judo mentality to adapt to this cyclic period of a tipping over.  This tipping over is into a multilevel physical and metaphysical decline.  This is planetary with nowhere to hide.  If you embrace ecology, you will know the process does offer niches of growth.  Your judo will use civilization’s decline to find your small place of growth much like the little mammals outcompeted the dinosaurs.  The cyclic nature of this means civilization is determined to follow decline.  This is especially true now that human forcing has resulted in a planet in decline. 

Net energy from fossil sources is in steady and increasingly rapid decline.  This means technology will follow.  Substitution, decoupling, and efficiency are close to a nonlinear convergence into diminishing returns.  This point is when solution strategies become the problem.  The latest rage which is AI is completely dependent on high potency primary energy which can’t be maintained at the levels needed to grow this technology.  This is the ultimate hubris that is anti-life.  This is environmental evil.

The systematic nature of globalism is in decline meaning the value chains that generate the economies of scale and capital and labor specialization will decline.  Without a growing globalism the Great Reset crowd’s 4th industrial revolution becomes the opposite.  Their revolution becomes instead the tipping over and decline of modernism.  Civilization has embraced a fossil carbon and path dependency of technological progress.  This is now the worship of technology with the singularity transhumanism.  The technocratic elites know forces of decline are everywhere and this is why they have turned to state capitalism. 

State capitalism control along the lines of the Chinese CCP is being turned to protect their interests.  This is about authoritarian control with centralization into urbanism.  It is here where humans can be controlled the best by the elites.  They will do this by increasingly turning to machines instead of human nature.  They don’t trust human nature.  They trust machines because machines can be programmed. Human programming is never assured.  They do not respect nature either.  This means they do not trust nature but claim to be green with their phony ESG polices.

This is critical for you to understand because machines and systems through control networks seek to cage you into urban areas where you will become their serfs.  You will own nothing and be forced to be happy.  This is not a spiritualism of proper human growth yielding a closer relationship with the natural world so their green prescriptions and social justice hype is the opposite.  This is slavery and natural destruction.

Technocratic green and social justice is anti-life machine driven human factory farming.  This is similar to what we do with animals in factory farms but instead of meat they are harvesting power and money.  They are stripping you of human dignity to enhance their power and wealth.  This extreme of technological reach is the epitome of human arrogance.  It is improper human scale.   This human arrogance is a power the elites always embrace when their position is threatened.  Before technology it was slavery and serfdom.  It was religious repression.  It was the building of self-worship at the expense of environmental constraints.  Now it is techno and modern with hyper power.  This means the tempo is much more rapid.

Their green initiatives and social justice prescriptions of CRT are the opposite of what they claim.  Gullible greens embrace this because the globalists are telling them what they want to hear.  They claim their policies of technocratic and centralized administration will save the planet with ESG and woke.  The modern green liberals are embracing this ideology with abandonment.  This politically correct policies are incorrect.  Green is instead brown. 

Civilization has become evil.  This is not evil in the Christian sense just similar.  Christian evil is personified this evil I speak of is anti-life.  This is anti-life mechanization of transhumanism and delocalization.  This is the worship of science.  This science worship is not of objective science but of the political science of power.  This is the end game of our civilization.  Civilizations always find an end game because they are cyclic.  You must see this to use your judo.  

Net energy decline along with tech growth hitting the late stage of diminishing returns when it goes nonlinear is now our pathway.  This is path dependency with a carbon trap of progress.  Civilization has tipped over into a negative feedback loop of destructive change.  This is resulting in the classic turbulence of abandonment, dysfunction, and the irrational.  Abandonment is the physical of this decline.  Dysfunction and irrational are the metaphysical.  Our civilization is at or near this pinnacle point depending on what level the focus is of.  This means growth is actually destructive.  Meaning is noise.

This is multilevel with many forces.  It is also ascending levels of abstraction which points to the metaphysical.  The deeper systematic nature of our human system is now tipping over into decline.  Trying to control or manage this as the technocratic administrative statist are attempting will hasten its decline by applying the same strategies that got us to this point but with a throttling.  All civilization grow then decline so when in decline we should be embracing decline principals.  Historically elites never relinquish power except for a few truly enlightened ones.  This rising and falling is inevitable so embrace it and find an individual niche.

This is a reflection of the planet’s turning over of an epoch of stability that allowed civilization to grow and prosper in an average long term growth period within a dynamic cyclic process.  We have tipped over along with the planet.  The life system is in decline with localized failures.  Climate is in abrupt change with foreseen and unforeseen results.  The hydrologic, nutrient, and carbon systems have been forced by human activity.  Negative feedbacks from individual systems are converging into one.  This is undeniable with honest science.  Man can’t decouple from this nor dematerialize out of this process and remain affluent.  This force of decline is the real power that must be addressed and embraced by you the individual.

If you understand this then you will want practical strategies to negotiate this turning.  These practical strategies are important but more important is the spiritualism.  Spiritualism is full of so many taboos today because of our worship of science.  This makes proper spiritualism particularly difficult.  Spiritualism is the primary skill in this turning because acceptance and humility are the necessary dispositions of the spirtual.  Science does not care about acceptance and humility.  The abstracts of courage that comes from the spirtual does not have a scientific quality. 

To accept and then find humility in this great turning gives you the wisdom to embrace practical physical qualities.  It is spirtual wisdom that is key and this wisdom is only attained by proper orientation to the way of a planet in decline.  Most religions are corrupted by human arrogance of affluence.  So, understand that your religion needs to be adapted.  Your spirituality must be adapted with principals of decline to prosper.  Prosperous spiritualism is meaning.  Your challenge is to find a way to harness destructive affluence you are trapped in.  This corruption of affluence is on all levels. 

Atheism is the worst of religions because it is anti-spiritualism and disregards the metaphysical as a human fantasy.  Atheist consider spiritualism superstitious.  Atheism may be defined as disbelief in God and religion.   In practice it is the worship of science.  Its higher power is intelligence with technology and concentrated knowledge.  This is pure arrogance of humanism.  The projection of intelligent design upon the universe is worshipped.  Atheist worship science and humanism as their higher power.  This has produced extreme secularism and the specializations of humanism which has so distanced us from each other and nature.  Atheism is dead but not for the reason you would suspect. 

They say there are no atheist in foxholes.  I would say atheism is a luxury of affluence and their world is now in decline.  It will be increasingly difficult for these atheists to find a higher power in humanism with declining affluence.  Their understanding of universal intelligent design based upon human intelligence requires expensive education.  Decline will alter education because of the need for survival.  Atheism is the elevating of the human ego to a Godhead which is the ultimate blasphemy.  This is not blasphemy in a Christian sense but instead against life itself with anti-life doctrines of technology with transhumanism and delocalization.

Green judo is the harnessing of civilization’s tipping over.  Its techniques are based on ecology of ecosystems.  Ecosystems go through succession.  There is a building or a shedding of complexity.  This allows periods of change for organisms and species.  This is the basis of evolution which includes devolution. 

In our particular period it is a tipping over into a succession of destructive change.  This is our doing because human forcing as destroyed natural complexity.  Humans are now doubling down on this destructive forcing even when they try to reduce it.  This is where you apply your spirtual moves to use this imbalance to balance.  The key way to do this is first to recognize this process.  If you embrace human manifest destiny of technological progress then you are anti-life.  If you see this progress has tipped over into a regression then you are instead embracing the force of life during this great turning.  This requires new thinking.  This judo is how you embrace this period to find an eddy of constructive growth.

The key point of green judo is for the individual to be drawn towards constructive growth within an environment of overall destructive change.  Traditional growth is now destructive change and is instead anti-growth.   This is what will need to be harnessed.  This is the raw material you have to work with.  You will have to be brown to get green but the key here is the journey to green.  True green is permaculture localism.  As the process progresses, we humans will likely evolve back closer to semi-nomadic hunters, gatherers, and light agricultural farmers on a destabilized planet.  This may be generations hence but the process is beginning now.  You can embrace this process now.

Green judo recognizes the supremacy of modernism.  This is our ecosystem just as pre-neolithic man navigated the difficult period of the ice age.  His life was dictated by ice.  Yours is dictated by destructive carbon harvesting.  Our ecosystem is of the human forcing that has resulted in the new epoch of Anthropocene.  This is a peak prosperity for the human race at the expense of planetary systems. 

When I say expense keep in mind succession is a necessary process.  There are no liabilities with this.  This is nature’s way.  It is how this planet works so the arrogance of humanism that reflects on the good or bad of succession is misplaced.  Arrogance is from a divided mind that finds good or bad in things.   If this is an attribute of nature it is because we are fully part of nature.  Nature just follows its nature.  Only nature can overcome nature.  This means our nature is natural even when it embraces anti-life activity.

Green judo is a spirtual and a physical adaption of the awaken individual.  The spiritual is based on the metaphysics of the sacred.  The cyclic nature of the planet and beyond is sacred.  I am not speaking of the solar system or universe mainly because I feel this should be beyond the scale of humans.  Scale is a spirtual humility.  Proper wisdom seeks proper human scale both for physical and spirtual needs.  Spirtual wisdom must be appropriate to our life form but today it is not.  Our physical nature with tech and science has encroached on proper spirituality.  This can be seen with our knowledge accumulation and tech advances.  These techno aspects have infected religion and spirituality.  Higher powers are now affluence based instead of acceptance based.  This basis is arrogance instead of humility.   The rich and powerful rule instead of the meek.

The spirtual basis of green judo is the acceptance and humility to the sacred.  This sacred when properly scaled is to the planet.  The planet is what gives us life yet we treat it with disrespect.  If your spirituality is separated from this it is because it has been hijacked by the civilizing of meaning.  Most modern spiritualities have scale issues.  Religions seek to poses the sacred for human power. 

The dominant religion today is scientism which treats the planet as its raw material for techno growth.   This is so out of balance it now seeks to spread off the planet in manifest destiny of human progress.  It is this anti-life with the mechanization of transhumanism and delocalization that is the self-destruction of hubris.  Accept this final destructive phase of human forcing of a period of wonderful natural complexity.  This phase was is a goldilocks condition which allow life to flourish.   This allowed human civilization but now human civilization is destroying it.

Acceptance is the attainment of master in green judo.  This is acceptance of an overall degrowth.  This is physical with succession.  A cyclic turning on ascending levels of abstraction is the metaphysical.  This skill is a different one from science although to attain this skill there must be honesty with science.  The skill’s foundation is the embracing of the turning caused from human forcing.  The physical element is the skill of adapting and mitigating the turning of a late-stage civilization.  The sacred is turning into a period of increasing meaning from a time when meaning was shed for increased knowledge.  Knowledge degraded meaning because it took man from his proper scale.

This spirtual nature of green judo goes hand and hand with its physical skills.  Our divided minds want and try to separate them which is the nature of our dualistic being.  Self-consciousness separates the me from the other.  A mind less divided will more naturally link the two.  Green judo seeks to lower the tension of the divided mind. 

Fear is killing us today.  This is not a healthy fear it is a fear of the deeply isolated ego that does not scale to its life-giving mother.  Proper fear is what animals have to survive.  Instead of fearing fear and always looking over your shoulder, green judo promotes the wisdom of insecurity.  It is here a more natural response is taken.  Mortality must be lived or it becomes a demon.  Live mortality and this allows freedom that promotes survival.  It is our nature to survive so be natural with your survival.  This fearing fear is unnatural and the product of a divided mind.  Scientism is the culprit.

When our physical and spirtual nature is properly balance with scale a proper innate wisdom is bubbles up.  Proper wisdom is knowing the appropriate knowledge and tech to keep and what to reject.  There are no set criteria here because of succession.  You the individual are now in a time of rapid destructive change of an epoch tipping over and a civilization in late stage.  Your criteria in this case will be skewed towards the unhealthy and killing aspects of late-stage civilization. 

This is your ecosystem so with green judo you harness this destructive change to find constructive growth that is closer to permaculture community.  All species do this adapting if they can manage it.  They find microclimes of safety.  They migrate to places that offer better adaptability related to their unique species attributes.  Do this as a human in your ecosystem of late-stage civilization.

How you do this physically is to find appropriate tech and knowledge that is properly scaled.  Green is the proper way.  Permaculture localism is the most advanced form of green judo.  Ideally small permaculture farms orbit permaculture towns.  The farms will have specialization but also general skills of home economics and low carbon capture that provides energy and nutrition.  This is bonded together with spirtual permaculture which is reverence for the planet. 

This is the modern frontier much like the earlier settlers encountered in the new world.  This is the cyclic return of a new frontier but instead of taming the wilderness you are taming civilization.  They settled a wild frontier but now this is reversing.  You will be settling a modern frontier making it wilder.  This is a key point to green judo and this is the reversing of the arrogance of humanism.  This is an abstract for most of us because of the difficulty of most of the worlds urban population to localize out of delocalized and transhuman urban settings.

This physical aspect to green judo means first using triage to remove the deadwood of meaningless modernism.  This then seeks the salvage of the old ways with the new in a hybridization.  Remember your ecosystem is modern globalism that has covered the earth.  There is no hiding from this except for a few chosen ones.  These chosen ones will likely be the seed stock for a new human type following the fall.  You the ordinary individual in your unique local can be this new human type but more likely you can be the incubator for it. 

This means you will seek to construct a permaculture homestead with a monestary of knowledge and tech for this new human type to carry on with.  Remember this is cyclic and a process so many generations hence this will have been adapted to.  Repeated evolution and devolution to a new postmodern type is ahead.  But in the here and now of the great tipping it is about the wisdom of what tech to keep and what to dispense with for your survival.  A judo master takes this a step further assembling the life boat for those who come after.

Many of you will not have what it takes to do this but all of us can get closer to the sacred.  Meaning is the deepest need of a properly functioning human.  Many humans are in an immature state.  Many are not fully human in this sense but this fully human is deceptive because what is truly human is the village, tribe, and family. 

It is here where humans at different stages and enlightenment find meaning in community.  This is the body of Christ so to speak and where the kingdom of heaven is.  This is an abstraction that points to our species survival.  It is our most basic nature.  Modern life is destroying this community.  Technocrats seek to destroy this so you can be more easily controlled.  Family, gender, and spirituality are the first casualty of Marxism.

This means those who are less than fully human become fully human in community, tribe, and family.  This is a key point for the green judo master.  It means if you have what it takes then your leadership will be as a servant for the community, tribe, and family.  Further you will be a servant to your ecosystem doing positive change instead of exploitive change.  This deeply important aspect to green judo is acceptance and humility with other orientation.  This allows the embrace of the sacred which is only manifested in the planetary process and within human community.  This heals the divided mind.

Life is spinning out of control for humans because of our transhumanism and delocalization through the worship of tech and knowledge in scientism.  Our religions are infected with this.  Our spirituality is being degraded with delocalization and transhuman mechanization.  This occurs because scientism is now the dominant spirituality which is really anti-spirtual.  The academics and scientist of scientism can’t trust spirituality.  Their worship seeks instead a repression of spirituality. 

Spirituality is considered superstitious because science has no need for it.  Science breaks down to know.  Frogs are dissected and atrial into elements.  The result has been forever compounds and the disruption of the building blocks of life.  Spirituality is the embracing of the other. 

If I mention I practice a form of shamanism your immediate intellectual impulse is I am a nutter and a kook.  This imbalance in the divided mind must be normalized or else the results with be very destructive.  Scientism is anti-life so this undercurrent is destroying the community that is manifested in family and tribe.  Marxist and social justice warriors are the brownshirts of the power impulse of scientism with fascist and statist activity.

This imbalance is used to find balance by yielding to greater forces.  What this means is embrace this distortion of human behavior with acceptance and humility.  It is an inevitable process so get out of denial and bargaining by yielding.  This will allow you to scale properly.  Scale allows balance and from balance comes meaning.  Balance allows you to take what you have where you are and make it marginally better.

You are trapped in this unbalanced world.  This trap is the determinism that acquiesces your free will.  Your ecosystem will dictate your growth and or degrowth.  Know your trap and you will find the means to practice constructive growth.  Constructive growth is survival.  This is both spirtual and physical.

Green judo allows you to live to die another day with less of the tensions that are destructive.  Instead, you find strength and skills to adapt and mitigate.  Here mortality must be embraced and recognized but not as an inhibiting force of fearing fear.  It is merely an acknowledged destination for all.  The journey is the key.  It is this journey that balances the pessimism of mortality.  The journey is where you can constructively grow to die another day.  It is the optimistic pessimism that gives you the courage to life.  This gives you meaning to press on with a life that is at times brutal and brief and at other times monotonous and boring.  If you normalize the balance of spirit with science you open up life for positive growth.

When your spirtual and your science equalize you have found proper scale in an ever-changing world.  This means you will be adapting and changing just as life does.  This means you are just being natural.  You can do nothing else.  It is in your mind where this process gets duplicit.  This duplicity can be healed in an awakening to succession.  The mystic way is the ultimate achievement of the judo master because it means walking into the valley of darkness because this is the way to light.

Civilization’s web is of copper and steel.  It crisscrosses the globe.  This is an unnatural radiation of anti-life forces.  Instead of this as your beacon reach out and benefit from the real web of life which is the streams and rivers that reach out to the ocean that gives life the basics.  Water is a simple substance that erodes down and transports our greatest constructions.  This is a proper destructive force.  Life on this planet of water is where we scale with water as our inspiration. 

Life is given life by an agent of erosion.  The erosion shapes us and the deposition is where we find places to grow and prosper.  You may not be able to leave the steal and copper web but you can transform it.  Seek to adapt your life away from this unnatural result of man’s uninhibited growth and instead build up a homestead and monestary for a future generation who will once again live with water, soil, and sun.

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