war is the continuation of politics with other means.  Carl von Clausewitz

A bad peace is even worse than war.  Tacitus

“Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!”  ― William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

I almost did not post this because I am uncomfortable talking politics and ideology.  It may come back to haunt me too if the authoritarians succeed in a credit scored world.  This is the type of writing they would censor if they could.  It is also a bit of a word salad.  I am not a good writer and this topic requires so much discussion of detail.  Yet, I feel in the past I spoke about the abstract of the decline process.  I am now seeing decline and potentially collpase in plain sight.  I recommend you hear the thunder of the coming storm.

This discussion is not meant to demonize a side.  In my opinion both sides have blood on their hands.  I also don’t want to choose sides with the globalist or the populist in respect that one side will save us.  No political persuasion today has the correct answers of life boats and hospices for the decline of civilization. 

This Ukraine war is a globalist war.   The globalist are perusing an agenda of a one world government at least in the west.  The covid lockdowns and now this Ukraine war are part of this tyrannical objective.  If you understand the economics of globalism then you see how messed up globalism is now because of the actions of the globalist.  This group is reckless and incompetent as is the case in a late-stage civilization when the elite become corrupted and delusional.

The globalist and the populist both will fail because both sides have growth-based solutions.  The globalist policy will lead to a faster and harder fall because they are seeking Marxist centralization with their great reset policies of more technocracy.  Their technocracy is grounded in scientism which is the worship of science and reason.  In a time of decline centralization, complexity, and more technology is the wrong approach.  What is needed is decentralization and more simplicity.  The populist are nationalist and nationalism is more decentralized and less complex.  Globalism is the most complexity man has ever achieved and it is what is destroying man and the planet. 

The populist tend to embrace religion which has a spirtual backing.  The coming age of man after the decline process proceeds to a new civilizational reality will be a more spirtual world.  The spirtual will have to assume a much greater role to give the meaning needed to power through the perpetual crisis we are entering. 

This crisis of civilization is many sided with ecological issues but also energy, food, and water.  Pollution and depletion will converge with these issues to drive an unstoppable force.  Most people see the various problems in isolation but what they don’t see is the convergence.  It is the convergence of all of the above that will magnify the crisis into a new reality for man.  Man has no choice but to seek to do thing differently to survive.  You the individual should start now.  The world in a decade will not be the same.

This process is critical to understand if you want to truly understand the globalist war in the Ukraine.  This is the final effort to complete the new world order of the great reset with the 4th industrial revolution.  This is a delusional effort to save what can’t be saved.  Technocracy is based on control, power, and progress.  It seeks efficiency and conformity.  It does not care about the planet or the people.  It cares about the system and this system is evil.  I am not speaking in religious terms with evil.  I am speaking in terms of anti-life.  The machine is anti-life when taken to this extreme.  Technocracy is a mechanization of life.

The globalist’s goal is to subjugate Russia.  Russia is a impediment to the globalist because they have such a large resource base.  Their population and economy are small in comparison to the US and Europe but their influence and military power makes them an impediment to globalist goal of a one world order.  Russia is the last holdout to their conquest of the western world. 

This discussion is to express that this war is the prelude to the decline process that eventually will be the collpase of civilization as we know it.  Something different is ahead and likely soon.  When I say collapse, this is being applied very broadly.  It may mean a stair step down to something less complex but it could also be worse.  I am not putting a time frame on this either but within a generation I see a world that is unrecognizable.  This is non-negotiable because this force has the momentum of a planet and its life system n declining complexity from human forcing.  The human inertia of knowledge, technology, energy intensity acting against this decline will not overcome this force.

The pain and suffering of the Ukrainian people is a crime and a tragedy.  They are the cannon fodder of the elites on all sides.  Putin is a villain but I would say less than the globalist.  It is globalist that have pushed him into a corner for 2 decades now trying to advance NATO right up to his borders.  Russia knows their intent and they have rejuvenated the Russian military because of this existential threat.  The Russian Military is now highly capable and dangerous to mess with.  This is what the globalist are doing.  Nuclear war is possible of course and this would be total collapse. 

The Globalist have blood on their hands in this dirty war.  Ukraine is being used as a tool to weaken Russia.  They are not interested in diplomacy or else the Minsk agreement would have succeeded.  This has been their plan for years now although I don’t think they thought it would go hot this soon.  This is a hybrid war with information and economics.  This will also weaken globalism which they are now underestimating.  Globalism is what keeps them in power and paradoxically they are destroying globalism to advance it.

This globalist bloodletting will get thicker once the global economy declines with food shortages affecting millions.  This destructive change did not have to happen this soon and this dramatic.  The globalist agenda is fully evident now.  This agenda is no longer a conspiracy topic.  This great reset is proudly being proclaimed by the Davos club.  The great reset as a mainstream policy is a reality now.  This includes the US, Anglosphere and the EU.  Their foot soldiers are science, academia, and the environmental movement.  The US Democratic party and the Republican establishment are part of this.  The populist nationalist in all these countries are the opposition to this one world wester version of the Chinese communist state capitalism.

The hold outs in the US are the red states of American.  They may have saved the world from tyranny.   They have prevented a quick take over by the globalist.  There are some eastern European countries standing in the breach like Hungary.  The populist movement is strong in Europe but the consolidation of power in the EU has suppressed there efforts.  The more federalist structure in the US has allowed the red states to resist this Marxist power grab.  It appears likely because of the incompetence and the recklessness of these globalist elites they have failed.  Unfortunately, the damage done by them to civilization will bring on a harder decline than might have been the case.

This is an agenda they have pushed because build back better needs to destroy the old order.  The renewable energy part of this agenda is a scientific lie.  It is not physically possible to power a technocratic civilization with renewables.  Their science is now a lie because technocracy has elevated science and reason to God like status.  Ultimately, they want to fuse man and machine into a new world order of authoritarian control.  This will usher in the 4th industrial revolution of algorithms, automation, and artificial intelligence.  This is pinnacle of the arrogance of humanism distancing humans from the source of life on this planet.

The 4tth industrial revolution is a lie too mainly because of the physics of energy and the diminishing returns to technology.  These two decline forces are combining to cause widespread economic decline.  Debt, unfunded liabilities, and wealth inequality are combining to create a stagflation environment of rising prices but also declining economic activity.  The globalist in their effort to gain total control are destroying the supply chains of globalism.  They are creating a terminal food and energy crisis because once these systems have been damaged, they will not recover.  They are destroying the rule of law and proper economic price discovery because this is what Marxism does.  The USSR failed for a reason and that was misapplication of resources and the destruction of the basics of human rights.

This war is dollar related with billions in military sales and policies related to the consolidating of western power.  The fake pandemic is another tool of consolidated control.  This made millions for big pharma and offered a powerful coercive tool for the elites and the unelected administrative state.  These two policy goals of the globalist are meant to cement authoritarian control measures.  This is the period where the elites take risks to achieve the ends of power consolidation in a new world order.   This reckless effort is without care and empathy for the people.  The people are statistics that allow cold blooded calculations.  Clean shaven people are practicing butchery.

Putin is like a neighbor with a pit bull, leave it alone.  Let the dog have its space and it won’t bite.  Putin stated on multiple occasions a red line to the existential security of Russia.  The globalist have now pushed their confrontation with Russia right up to its borders so what do you expect Russia to do?  The globalist want a protected war of attrition to bleed Russia.  The Russian economy is the size of Italy and their population under half the US.  The Ukrainian people will be the sacrificial lamb.  The rest of the world will suffer too from food and energy shortages.

The Russian people are a proud people.  They are highly educated and productive.  They have been mistreated for decades both from within with their oligarchs but also by the western attacks on their sovereignty.  Putin stands in the way of the new world order of the globalist.  He is in a sense an ally of the populist against the tyranny of the globalist.  He may be a mafia Don but at this point the globalist have met their match.  Putin gave the noose to the globalist to hang themselves.  Unfortunately, we the common man will suffer too.

The globalist have put Europe in a very bad situation with food and energy.  Europe was already inching towards a crisis with their incredibly incompetent NetZero embrace.  NetZero is a lie and will fail.  I am all for renewables but only as an extender for the coming decline brought on by the net energy decline of fossil fuels.  This war will disrupt the key global bread basket that is Ukraine.  It will upset trade in fossil fuels and fertilizer from Russia who is one of the largest supplies of these key commodities.  It will put the 3rd world in great difficulties because there will now be food shortages by 2023 and they will be unlike anything seen in the last 60 years.  Mass migration to Europe will be the result.

The US involvement in Ukraine for the last decade has been criminal starting with the color revolution instigated by the deep state.   The corruption of the Clintons, Bidens, and many other politicians on both sides of the aisle is fully evident.  The military industrial complex is now making billions from this Russian conflict.  The same politicians pounding the war drums and pushing military aid to prolong this war are raking in millions from the lobbyist.  This corruption is what happens in a late-stage civilization. 

The general public is slow boiled with this especially if you drink the Kool-Aid of the western main stream media who are a propaganda arm of the globalists.  This is a crime against humanity but the globalist could care less because this is a plan to remake the world.  The collateral damage of dead Ukrainians is good politics when spinned properly.  Nothing focuses ordinary citizens like videos of death and destruction.  The misinformation is thick these days because of this hidden agenda.  If you call into question this death and destruction you are labeled a Putin sympathizer.

There is a much deeper risk and that is nuclear war and the hybrid war of cyber-attacks.  People know how bad nuclear war would be but less about how things could grind to a halt with a cyber attack on critical infrastructure.  This is all possible but there is a new crisis building which has been building for years and this is the breakdown of globalism.  Globalism brings you food, energy, and goods.  When it breaks down our lives are going to become much more precarious.  This breakdown will be hastened by the disruptions of this war.  In fact, it is now baked into the cake.

The globalist have been hell bent on regime change in Russia since the USSR dissolved.  Most people don’t know or care about the history of this.  This has been a 2-decade long process of lies and hostile actions.  The truth is in the news of the last 20 years if you dig into it.  Most people don’t so they believe the lies of the globalist that this war is all Putin’s doing.  My words are no longer conspiracy just as my words on the globalist intentions in my previous post indicate they are seeking anti-life policies.  These actions are for an authoritarian system to protect their power and wealth.  They do not care about the planet or the people.  Affluence of the elites can only be maintained at this point with total control.

Their continuous reckless behavior has led the world to the brink of destruction.  This is economic and social.  The great financial crisis of 2009 was their doing.  They allowed rampant financialization to cause a bubble.  They reinflated that bubble once it popped in 2009.   The central banks efforts have enriched the wealthiest of the corporate world and the political establishment giving them a taste of total control.  Now we have a new bubble ready to pop.  This bubble is the last of this civilization.  The globalist sealed the fate of globalism and now a different new world is in the offing.  This is not the world the globalist sought.

Modern monetary policy of the globalist and the left is little more than a wealth transfer gimmick but one that will destroy everyone’s wealth.  Malinvestment of the radical left though their Covid policies and stimuluses have left us with out-of-control inflation.  This is at a time when net energy is in decline and technology is going nonlinear into a self-destructive doom phase where the more that is applied the more problems that result.  The momentum of decline was there regardless but we now have the situation of the rapid onset of this into a tipping point.  If you thought the last two years were bad with covid just wait until 2023.  This will be when the convergence creates a crisis that just a few years would have been unimaginable.

The law of unintended consequences of these purposeful actions of the globalist will have outcomes that create more problems than they solve.  The new world order will be one of less energy and resources than might have been available for life boats.  Financialization was a blow out of malinvestment that could have been used as lifeboats but now policies of war and control will hasten this process of abandonment, dysfunction, and irrational sociopolitical policy.  This will leave the individual angry and helpless.  When you are cold and hungry it is difficult to fight.

Financialization has been a malinvestment yielding a waste stream of misapplied resources going on 30 years now.  Ghost cities in China are a great example but something similar is happening in the west too.  Financialization was the main driving force of globalism.  This is the ill-gotten concentration of money and power without borders.  Financialization is a colonization strategy where peoples are homogenized and exploited for the benefit of global wealth class.  The result is humans everywhere dependent on an unsustainable system.  Humans dumbed-down to the basics of survival.  Humans relegated to serfs dependent on the state and unable to defend themselves.

I do not like to talk politics but this needs to be made clear to understand where the trajectory of civilization is going.  This is global.  No countries can escape this macro force.  This means you the individual too.  I mainly talk to you the individual and strategies for you to adapt and mitigate this.  I do not believe these self-organizing phenomena can be mitigated at the top.  The risk of this is so dispersed throughout the system of human civilization that collapse is a done deal.  Civilization is in its late stage and now in terminal decline.  This has been hastened by the globalist with Covid lockdowns and now the Ukraine war.

I am a degrowther but I am also a realist that sees the honest science of collapse.  The degree and duration of degrowth is the key.  Degree is obvious with the severity of the impact.  Severe pain and suffering is measured in degree.  Duration is important in how long the worst of the degree phase of collpase can be sustained.   Very high levels of degree with a longer duration could cause a breakdown that is cascading with unpredictable outcomes.  Decline was coming anyway but one that could have had less degree and duration.

Degrowth is now the paradigm of this new age.   An epoch is tipping over with the natural world from the stable to the unstable.  A human era of growth is tipping over to decline.  The duration of this process is a critical characteristic of this new human era.  How strong will this destructive change be with duration?  When will there be a floor of stability?  I am now more pessimistic than ever before in my life for what humans face.

This is a slow boil for the individual.  This age of optimism makes people think all that is needed is proper policy to maintain affluence.  Cognitive dissonance is creating a neurotic state we call the age of anxiety.  The globalist are seductively playing on this anxiety by offering their polices of unlimited clean energy and a saftynets of the state as a carrot.  The delusional radical left are drinking in green technocracy and the Marxism of fake social justice policy.  They are in the rapture of the ushering in of a new utopian techno green age.  The radical left is the most reckless and the biggest technocracy supporters.  Science and academia have been radicalized over the past 20 years.  They are now the villains.  Science is now political policy.

The globalist have harness the leftist as their foot soldier.  The result is radical policy at a time when sobriety is needed.  If you are dying of disease then a radical cure will often times just makes the situation worse.  This is now the case with the technocracy being employed by the globalist and their radical foot soldiers on the left.  Keep in mind the populist are little better in regards to saving the unsavable but being more conservative they will likely do less harm with the critical factors of degree and duration.

I am bringing up degrowth in regards to war in this post because the unintended consequences of a policy of confrontation by the globalist with Russia will be a destructive process that will hasten decline.  This hot war is a prelude to the building of the cold war with China.  This Chinese cold war could go hot at any time over Taiwan.  This actually represent a much worse situation and the domino that will quickly unravel globalism with catastrophic results.   A war with China will be hugely disruptive of supply chains where Russia and Ukraine are a disruptor of the vital resources of energy and food.  Combine the two and we are talking grave dangers.

In the 80’s I was a globalist and a supporter of sustainable development but now I am a localist and degrowther.  I am siding with the populist because they embrace the family unit and decentralization.  The change in me occurred because I have come to see the arrogance of humanism of the modern human as the most destructive life force in the history of the planet.  This destruction has come quicker than anything in earlier times.  Yet, a rapid unravelling of globalism could doom civilization.  A slower more sober decline of a terminally illness is called for.  This will allow lifeboats and the palliative care of a hospice.

We are all in a globalized world now locked in an economic embrace of delocalization through transhumanism.  This combination is the transhumanism of machine mobility and digital culture combined with the delocalization of what you need to feed and shelter you.  This delocalization is direct and indirect.  There is no hiding from the direct effects this delocalization has caused because if the trucks stop you will go cold and hungry. 

The indirect effect is the fact that risk has been disperse into every aspect of your life so you don’t really know where to defend against its dangers.    Even if your local is more sustainable your urban neighbors are not.  All cities over 20,000 are unsustainable in the coming decline.  Move out if you can.  The vast mega cities of the world are a ticking timebomb.

This current war with Russia and likely later with China is a civilizational civil war because man is global now.  Civil war is basically a war of ideologies.  The material gain of civil war is of lower concern than ideological victory.  This means civil war can result in near total destruction where invasions to gain resources only attempts to gain material results.  Destructive actions are avoided or else the prize is destroyed.  If the great powers war on themselves now the destruction will be beyond what is anticipated.  Our modern way of life will be damaged so much it is unclear if it can survive.

The globalist and their authoritarian cousin the Chinese Communist party have seen elite capture for years where the Chinese have infiltrated the globalist with wealth.  They gained power over them by the usual means of corruption.  This has also changed the Chinese system into a state capitalism that is a merger of communism with big corporate partners.  In the west we have globalist that are now in an elite merger with the Chinese system of state authoritarianism.  The leaders of the globalist movement admire the control China has over its people.  They may view each other as competitors even adversaries but their world view has been one of merger.

The populist are fighting this secularized subjugation of an authoritarian one party state.  In the west the globalist have not achieved their goals of complete power yet.  In China we see the result of one-party rule and it is dystopian.  Many Chinese may have been lifted out of poverty but a country that was relatively sustainable with rural subsistence farming is now destroying itself and the greater planet in wester style industrialization.  Much of China is so polluted that food and water need massive energy and resources to even be made safe for human consumption.  China is now exporting this destructive industrialization to the rest of the world with the Belt and Road initiative.

The globalist have shown their cards in this bluff with Russia that turned hot.  I would argue they showed their cards with the populist too and this is why there is a populist movement that is ready to blow the current establishment class out of power in several key areas.  This loss of power is if an election is even allowed in the US this November.  A majority of the US is dominated by red states who will not submit to this tyranny.  The globalist might employ a false flag to cancel the coming midterms. A midterm election loss will be devastating to their position of power.  Martial law might be in the cards for the October and November time frame.

The globalist played their cards too early in my opinion.  The danger of Donald Trump to their power was the reason.  The flexing of this Machiavellian power by the globalist in the US was a stolen election.  We now see the lawfare of the deep state battling its own people.  We see the coopting of the media and cultural entities in the common effort of tyranny.  We see corporate culture going woke.  This has emboldened them to push Russia into a war.  Everything about the globalist is warfare based both internally and externally.  This is why I call them war pigs.

The pandemic was an opportunity for bold policy overreach.  It was an excuse to bypass the rule of law written in the constitution and Bill of Rights.  It has been an opportunity to push politicized science of the pandemic where only ideologically approved science is allowed.  Power has been deceptively gained through social policies of cultural Marxism where they are attempting to homogenized the population under the social system of woke allowing standardized control.  Unrestricted immigration will disrupt social cohesion so they can break the family and gain voters.

The goal is a feudal system of the elites and serfs.  The serfs will be dependent on state handouts.  This is why guaranteed basic income is talked about so much.  They are offering free stuff but people do not realize nothing is free.  You will give up your freedom to get this free stuff.  Their moto already advertised by the Davos club is “you will own nothing and be happy” in the new socialism of woke.  Stake holder capitalism will rent you everything and the state will give you income based on social credit scoring.  If you resist your digitally controlled income is at risk.

Many on the university campuses are mesmerized by all this economic socialism and cultural Marxism.  They don’t even really teach anything on many campuses today except ideology.  The modern university is a nanny state with safetyism and fake inclusion.  Where once Marxism was a class war it is now about divisive ethnicity.   This is a cover for the elites to divide and conquer.  They do not care about racism they care about power.  They are coming after the young who are gullible and naïve.

The club of elites is very small.  Currently the intermediate elites are being warred upon.  This means small businesses and cultural groups especially conservative ones.  Straight white men are the target at this moment which is odd because most of the highest of the globalist elites are old white guys.  If these globalists really believed in what they preach they would lead by example but they don’t.  They don’t on the environment or social justice.  They lie because if you hear lies enough often you believe them. 

The family structure that is so important to survival in a post growth world is being destroyed.  Small family businesses are being destroyed with power consolidated within large woke monopolistic corporations.  This is stakeholder capitalism of big government and the unelected and unaccountable administrative state each in support of the other.  Big corporations are doing the deep states bidding in a revolving door of power and patronage.  This is modern day fascism and their claims of protecting democracy and freedom from fascism are just propaganda.  They are driving a fascist authoritarian administrative state along the lines of the Chinese communist party.

They are seeking this power and domination under the guise of policies to save the climate and social justice when the truth is technocracy is killing the planet through the results of technology.  Social justice of sustainable development is just seeking growth through authoritarianism.  Development is growth and the planet is dying from growth.  Cultures are being destroyed in stealth colonization of global industrialization. 

The censorship proposed by the elites should be an indicator of their true goals.  The participation of the elites in climate meetings with their private jets transporting them there should be an indication of their true intent.  They are not concern for the planet.  Their concern is you are made docile and controllable so they can protect their wealth and power.

They claim the end is social justice and climate action but it is really complete control in a technocracy of an authoritarian state.  The best means to gain unfair power is with a message that is a lie.  Lies require more lies to sustain the original lies.  This global situation is a catch 22 situation of no solutions only bad choices so they continue to lie offering utopian solutions.   The lies, cheating and stealing are legitimized by the globalist because of their technocratic goals of an authoritarianism that will ensure they have the power needed to face the troubles ahead but only in regards to their position.  The people will be sacrificed to attain their ends.

The problem now for all of us is this great reset effort is being done near a tipping point.   The great reset is a diminishing return effort that seeks to prolong power and affluence.  Power and affluence are in decline in a system reaching a phase change.  Net energy decline means the lower amounts of energy delivered to a system needing ever great energy inputs will destroy that system.  This includes food that is produced by industrial processes but also water that is made abundant by industrial processes.  The elites should be downsizing in the face of this macro decline but instead they will attempt to double down on the vary effort that got us to this point.

The global population is an order of magnitude too large without these industrialized needs.  These needs have been satisfied for a century now by fossil carbon and virgin resources.  Overpopulation, depletion and pollution are the result.  The honest science is clear on this.  This is now a period of global decline natural and with man’s civilization.  The elites do not want you to know this because they understand how hard it is to control an angry and scared population.

Civilization is approaching late stage and can’t be pushed into more growth anymore without negative consequences.  Politics is now warfare because without growth there is less cooperation and more competition.  Technology is at or near diminishing returns where self-destructive efforts are the result.  Net energy decline and depletion of economic resources are in the stage where it cost more to get these vital needs then they return to civilization in value.  Social structures are no longer cohesive and this is leading to the loss of confidence.  Civilization is now an unravelling Ponzi scheme.

Inflation and illiquidity are the result of this forcing function of the end of growth.  Financialization does not produce resources it instead consumes them in malinvestment.  People produce things and it is small groups and families that are the bedrock of human survival.  Both of these social structures are under attack because they can’t be easily controlled by authoritarians.  Financialization quickly becomes parasitic and destroys the productive capacity of the people.  It is private benefits at the expense of the general public.  This is why the elites are doubling down with centralized control and political financialization.

I want to touch on the idea of Tacitus that a bad peace is even worse than war.  This does not mean war will not destroy us but keep in mind endless growth on a finite planet is sure to do the same.  Even sober well thought out growth is destructive at this point.  If the globalist and the Chinese communist party manage to cement their centralized control and attempt the 4th industrial revolution of artificial intelligence and the automation of machines the result are certain to destroy civilization quicker. 

This will harm the planet even more because technology is so destructive when it goes non-linear into diminishing returns.  A bottleneck much worse than anything else in human history is possible unless this destructive force is stopped.  Technology without checks and balances leads rapidly to self-destruction.  Technocracy is a religion of technology.  The great reset crowd’s prescriptions to save the people and the planet will do neither.  Technology without a wisdom of life is anti-life.

This is globalist overreach is what Tacitus spoke of as a bad peace.  This is the goal of the authoritarians of the world to incrementally destroy the old order and usher in the new.  Unrestrictive asymmetrical war is their political aim with all who stand in their way.  This warfare is by any means to secure authoritarian control of their technocratic world.  The unintended consequences will be a breakdown of globalism and an eventual end of civilization as we know it. 

The destruction of the globalist is what is needed at this time in human history.  So, if this overstep by the globalist does not destroy civilization and they are defeated then the result could be a step down from globalism to a more decentralized world.   This world will be forced into a necessary degrowth.  Many are going to die and suffer regardless but fewer will suffer if the globalist plans are destroyed.  So what I am mentioning this overreach by the globalist may turn out to be a benefit to less degree and duration of decline.  I spent a lot of time criticizing them but their failure may be a benefit.  This is still dangerous and may end in nuclear war or a cascading economic collpase.

It is unclear if our delocalized and overly dependent transhuman world of machines can survive this breakup of the old order of growth.  Yet, if the globalist are defeated and the systematic step down is less severe with shorter duration then civilization may find room to stabilize in decline.  We may see pockets of a new wisdom of decline emerge throughout the world.  Cooperation may result with people who understand a reality of decline means cooperation is needed.  Pain and suffering will focus people’s attention like no propaganda ever could.

This will be a two-fold break.  One will be the systematic breakdown of the system that underlies civilization which is the competitive cooperation of participants in a globalized economic systeme.  In this process of forced decentralization, a dysfunctional growth system and the irrational policy of cultural Marxism will be rationalized by a concrete reality of decline.  The other break is a more localized world of producing food and water.  Will we be able to maintain shelter and produce the products needed to do this?  This is why I preach green prepping with permaculture localism.  This is the individual’s only hope in the first step down to a more natural world.

Success of this is unclear and unknowable at this point but the knowledge and honest science clearly say degrowth is vital at this point of overshoot.  I would argue in this case war is better than a bad peace.  The Pax globalism of the last 20 years has just been building up of the energy of a phase change of overshoot.  This is now at a level that may not be survivable except by destroying it as soon as possible.  I know this is a mixed message of railing at the elites but also saying their failure could be beneficial to a softer landing.  This is a mixed message because no one can know how this will unfold.  This will be a process full of chaos so now is the time for you to prepare regardless.

I hope this medicine of a collpase of globalism will work.  This will mean an end to your affluence as you know it.  We are already at a 40% discount to real affluence because of the dispersal of risk from financialization.  Your wealth is actually discounted tremendously when reality tested.  Digital wealth is not real wealth in a system that is breaking down like ours is today.  Invest in physical assets if you can.

This bifurcation of the current order is going to be dispersed initially.  Areas will fail that are most exposed.  I constantly mention places and activities that should be avoided.  They will likely be the first to fail.  Common sense of a wisdom that understands living with less but more hard work is a good start.  So, if you are living with too many machines and with too much mobility than you are at risk.  If your region has food and water that comes from afar then you are not in a good place. 

Luck will play a part here too because risk has been dispersed through the entire system and across the planet so even places that have the right stuff are at risk.  Some places that are most exposed might be saved because this decline is so unpredictably.  Yet, keep in mind the best policy is a wisdom that seeks the common sense of less.  This process will be dominated by a paradigm of less modern civilization on a planet forced into the ecological change of succession.   This will be a process of retrogression to less complexity both within civilization and with the ecosystem of life.

This process appears to be self-organizing and natural because life is not linear.   As humans we feel exceptional and above natural selection but suffer the same results all species suffer in overshoot.  Political environmentalist today like to think we can save civilization and the planet but this is just hubris.  The arrogance of humanism is the greatest threat to the planet and our human civilization.  We are doubling down on the vary policies that got us to this point. 

War may be the best situation to beak this mechanization of destruction.  This thinking is like when a position is being overrun and the commander calls in an artillery strike on his postion because this is the last hope.  I am thinking that civilization is too far gone to achieve proper change itself so it must be disrupted by consequences sooner than later.  This warfare of the globalist might have the silver lining of delivering this needed change.  This is a big if and I am just trying to look on the brighter side of a destructive process.

This trajectory of decline is not going to be fixed by any human effort.   It is going to run its course.  Human interference will only make the disruption to our own irrational and dysfunctional policies worse.  The system is already broken.  This is why I preach a wisdom of insecurity that embraces the green prepping of permaculture localism.  This is your only hope to find a place of relative and realistic security.  There are no refuges from this epoch change and end of a civilization but there are places better or worse.

Go local with your people and place.  Leave cities if you can.  At least leave those areas that are too affluent for their local survival.  Downsize with dignity.   This is a pathway to meaning that this is where the truth is.  Beat the rush before it really gets bad which unfortunately is just around the corner.  I started this process 20 years ago but got aggressive with it 10 years ago.  It really takes a decade under most circumstances to do this.  Yet there are many locals that have the right stuff if only they would clear away the dead wood.  The primary ingredient is community.  The family unit is the basics of survival as it has always been.

If you have a strong community that is local and simpler then build upon it NOW!.  This is really about spirituality because the political ideological contamination of science expressed in technocracy is now fully at war with the people.  Spirituality is an acceptance of a higher power above our ego.  It is about a higher power above man’s civilization too.  Technocracy is a religion of anti-life so reject it if you want any hope of salvation.  Spirituality is what can break the machination of human arrogance.

These globalist can’t be stopped completely but they will destroy themselves.  They have taken control of the primary levers of power.  Those who will fight them in the civil war of globalism with be part of the destruction of the system because remember this is a clash of ideology.  The planet has been forced for hundreds of years and now is reacting so this is a combination of the forces of decline.  This is phase change.  It actually is worse than phase change it is a chemical reaction with a new result.

The alternative is to enjoy your affluence if you already have it and live in denial.  You can also live understanding the reality of what is coming but enjoying what you have now.  This is tough to do because humans live their lives in the future.  We have a hard time enjoying the moment.  I am not sure what is best for you. 

I am of the type that believes in following where the truth takes me.  The truth is telling me to get closer to nature by realistically and relatively embracing the natural way of things.  I am distancing myself as best I can from the arrogance of humanism in transhumanism of the machine and the delocalization of globalism.  The tyranny of the machine and the lies of centralized power to me are anti-life and should be distanced from.  Other than that duck down in your foxhole for the incoming of pain, suffering, and death.

“War Pigs”  Black Sabbath

Generals gathered in their masses

Just like witches at black masses

Evil minds that plot destruction

Sorcerer of death’s construction

In the fields, the bodies burning

As the war machine keeps turning

Death and hatred to mankind

Poisoning their brainwashed minds

Oh lord, yeah!

Politicians hide themselves away

They only started the war

Why should they go out to fight?

They leave that role to the poor, yeah

Time will tell on their power minds

Making war just for fun

Treating people just like pawns in chess

Wait till their judgement day comes, yeah!

Now in darkness, world stops turning

Ashes where their bodies burning

No more war pigs have the power

Hand of God has struck the hour

Day of judgement, God is calling

On their knees, the war pigs crawling

Begging mercy for their sins

Satan laughing, spreads his wings

Oh lord, yeah!

One thought on “WAR PIGS”

  1. Great Black Sabbath song!

    The common denominator is human arrogance. I fear we are doomed because of this. Cuts across party lines & localities.


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