The Journey

I could introduce myself as a spirtual advisor.  I would rather call myself a shaman.  I say this because my message is of a return to an earlier time when our humanity was less delocalized and transhuman.  A time when the machine did not rule our lives.  We have become so mechanized our only response is more mechanization. 

Modern greens want to save the environment that technology is killing with more technology.  They fly to the hotspots and analyze the problem with technology.  They are missing the whole point.  This is about the spirtual not science.  Yes, science is vital and can’t be discarded but the issue is spirtual.  We are not going to fix anything by making more problems.  This is why I call myself a shaman.  Yet, my prescriptions is not a return because there is no return. 

It is rather about a spiritualism of an earlier time and a journey back to something that is really the here and now.  This should not be about then and now.  This should be about life as it is.  We need to get back to that proper balance.  I also want to talk to you as a shaman because shamans never had more than a tribal following meaning they were local and they dealt with family.  This is about a spiritualism that is based on nature and the local.

I understand we are delocalized and global.  We hardly have family anymore.  We communicate with mom and dad by text.  Our food comes from 1000 miles away.  Our power from vast grids.  Our goods by trucks and deliveries to our addresses.  The point is a shift is needed away from that towards the spirtual that can be found in the scale of a shaman

There is something about us that is drawn to the science and the technology that makes us more powerful and comfortable.  This must be something in life itself because we are no more and no less than an expression of life.  We try to reflect that we are exceptional and have a God that is our reflection.  Our reflection of God should be of life not a reflection of ourselves.  As a shaman I say embrace life more and exceptionalism less.

What we have done and what we are doing can only be an expression of life so at the higher levels of abstraction when we leave the judgement that our dualism inevitably leads us to, this place is just life being life.  As a shaman I am telling you be in awe and wonderment of this place where the sacred is.  Leave it be for anything else and look to that which is around you and under your feet.  Science does not stop and this is why we are where we are at now.

I am just saying be natural and for humans to be natural it is about family, tribe and a place to live.  That place to live needs to be local and dematerialized.  This is about a spirtual journey to health of you the individual and your family.  It is about your tribe that is your local community.  You are a citizen of a nation and a global person this is true.  You won’t be able to discard that.  What I am asking you to do is to work on your local persona as you yield to the requirements of being a citizen in a global world.

This greater reality is your environment just as earlier man navigated around brutal ice sheets and inhospitable deserts of earlier times.  We have created a world in decline and this is the world your spiritualism will deal with.  Science got us here so seek to limit your inevitable response with science and technology.  The healing of your soul is with the spirtual.  True comfort and power comes from meaning.

This coming time of decline and collpase will be a time of a spirtual journey.  Most people are not ready for this because life has become so delocalized and transhuman.  Your instinct will be jump in the car and drive someplace.  You may go on amazon and order a book.  Or you will read an odd blog like mine.  This is not it.   Go out and let a storm rain on you.  Feel the cold wind of winter.  This is how you start your journey.  These natural forces will give you humility and it is from here you will find it.

Many have spirituality but it has been corrupted by science.  Many have a spirituality from their religion or personal self-reflection that does not rise to the level necessary for what is ahead.  This view is a reflection on what the age of reason has done to our humanity.  Reason is suffering diminishing return.  Here diminishing returns means the more we come to know the more lost we have become.  Reason itself has been elevated to a sacred status thereby violating a fundamental separation of science from spirituality.

Many people do not even really understand spirituality.  It is not the same as religion although religion is meant to cultivate spirituality.  Many don’t even know why science and spirituality should be separate.  Today spirituality is not trusted and science is.  Yet, it is science that is leading mankind and the earths life system to the brink of collpase.  This destruction is being doubled down upon by believing more science and technology is needed to fix what has been done to ourselves and the planet.

We often hear about the separation of church and state.  We all understand this important fundamental state function.  When these are not separated there is gross interference in both church and state.  Yet, this fundamental separation has failed to address the new impingement of science on spirituality.  Science is now the religion of man’s arrogance.  Many are deeply religious this is true but these people do not realize how corrupted their religions have become because of science.  Science has delocalized religion.  It has destroyed spirtual narratives.  It has turned people transhuman with machines and thereby is distancing them from true spirituality.  The machine is anti-life hence anti-spirtual.

This takeover of civilization is now complete.  The takeover is with transhumanism of science and technology.  There are still strong religious beliefs but this is not enough.  Religion is now also coopted by transhumanism.  This is a stealth encroachment that can’t be resisted because this transhuman progress is unstoppable.  The fundamental nature of transhumanism is affluence.  We have limited ability to resist increased comforts and growth.  Transhumanism allows basic needs to be satisfied but then progresses to the deadly sins of pride, greed, gluttony, and sloth.

Religion is not prepared to deal with this transhumanism of science and knowledge made physical by technology and development.  Yet, religion is replete with examples of these dangers.  Many religions warn of the dangers of affluence.  Is it any wonder in this age of affluence there is so much spirtual poverty?  We have traded meaning for comforts and this has been done with a slow boil.  Now modern man lives in the age of anxiety naked and alone without the real comfort of meaning.

Atheism is not defined as a religion but the reality of most people’s atheism is it is a religion.  It is a religion of science and knowledge and it is a religion that is anti-religion.  It is the elevating of the secular to a spirtual status.   The common basis of atheism these days is a secularization of life with science and technology as the guide to proper living.  Reason and knowledge dictate proper wisdom to define what is right and wrong.  Many atheists see reason as the prime mover in the Universe.

Atheism is a luxury of affluence and affluence is a product of transhumanism of the machine and its accumulation of knowledge.  Atheism is something many in science and academia carry as a badge of scientific honesty.  Yet, it is actually dishonesty.  The dishonesty involves the very basics of the separation of the spirtual from science.  Accumulated knowledge is now baggage that prevents knowing.

The respect for the spirtual is increasingly being discussed by those who study system thought.  There are those who are finding life has a basic spirtual essence that is beyond science.  Many in this field are reviewing history and man’s earlier fundamental reflections on life.  They are calling into question science’s dominant narrative as a dangerous force.

Transhumanism and its religious expression in scientism is now a hidden force behind all aspects of the modern world.  Science is now polarizing as a political force.  Science has now been elevated to the guarantor of proper wisdom guarded by political mechanism of control.  This has made modern life actually anti-life.  Money and resources are now being poured into artificial intelligence and automation.  There is talk of techno-human as a new life form.  Progress is worshipped and considered unstoppable.  Singularity of man and the machine allowing an immortality of consciousness is the next frontier. 

This is blasphemous.  The definition of this being a religious crime is a poor definition that misses the point.  In its pure spirtual form blasphemy is an insult on life itself.  It is anti-life.  It is the mechanization of life for individual advancement at the expense of the whole.  This is what science has become by being elevated to a spirtual godhead.  Most of us understand how religion usurped science in earlier times with bad results.  Few today realize the pendulum has moved to the other extreme with science.

Defense and security apparatuses are driving this blasphemy as the next revolution in human dominance.  A major nation that falls behind on this is considered at risk.  This competition is weaponizing all aspects of life with a technical encroachment.  You can’t just do a little of it.  This is all or nothing because this is how technological dominance operates. 

We are now seeing a mechanization of life by machines.  Knowledge and technology are combining to automate life itself to preform human activity that is increasingly complex with complicated structures of networks and equipment.  The result is dehumanization.  Really it is worse.  It is anti-life activity destroying ecosystems that support life.

Those who are reviewing this transhumanism are now seeing that this is actually disrupting the complexity of life.  This realization has really only happened in the last few decades.   So much has been lost.  Life is so much more complex than machines.  There is an organizational aspect of life that is self-organizing and symbiotic honed by billions of years of evolution. 

If there is competition the competition occurs in the ecosystems common benefit instead of individual benefit.  With humans we are now seeing the evil of the individual usurping the commons for their own benefit thereby destroying the complexity that is the nutrient stream of life.

We are probing the very DNA of life and we are trying to geoengineer planetary systems.  Our waste streams are not nutrient streams so now we have dead zones and forever chemicals.  Eutrophication is destroying natural processes.  We are mining fossil carbon and virgin minerals to such an extent that this period of life on the planet is now being called the Anthropocene.  This is the age of transhumanism and the machine is our idol.

These problems are deeper than the physical manifestations in pollution and destructive development.  This is going to the very core of humanism which represents man’s meaning.  Meaning because of scientism is now increasingly relative.  This relativity has set man adrift and being adrift he is destructive.  We know too much so now we don’t know what to believe.  Many of us are anxious and alone in the confines of the separated ego this power has allowed. 

Spiritualism is looked down upon by science because it is not needed in the scientific process.  In fact, it is considered an irrational hinderance to scientific progress.  Superstition and traditional spirtual people are considered uneducated.  The beautiful oral culture and robust simple science of indigenous peoples is rejected as primitive and brutish.  Yet, dead zones and superfund sites are just considered problems.  Who is more superstitious I ask?

This scientific progress is unstoppable because man has grown to be a global civilization in competitive cooperative political arrangements.  The competitive is driving us to outcompete our neighbors by being more productive and more advanced.  Transhumanism is the driving force of competition.  Those who are actually more advanced with a wisdom that is a balance of science and spirtual are at a disadvantage because this resulting wisdom calls into question this transhuman development. 

Sobriety and humility are not intrinsic elements of raw competition.  I would argue they ultimately prove more powerful but in the process of development the unstoppable force of transhumanism outcompetes humility and sobriety in the short term.  Humility and sobriety are a fundamental element of spirituality.  These vital elements of wisdom are not necessary for the scientific method.  In scientism they are in fact spurned.  Politically scientism relegates these fundamentals to superstition.  This is why when I tell you I am a shaman you find it nutter and alien.

Is it any wonder that people today are so mean and cruel?  Science does not have empathy or compassion.  It is not meant to but when science is elevated to a religion in scientism the results are truly barbaric.  Yes, primitive peoples were also mean and cruel but not with their people.  They may have been vicious with other tribes but internally they were naturally compassionate and inclusive.

What you the individual needs to do is understand this process at proper scale.  So much about our human issues are a result of improper scale creating imbalances.  It is not for us to understand the why of this or pass judgment on this except at the level of the local of people and place.  Here is where man scales properly.   Proper reflection is only possible in the local.  When man finds proper scale, he finds a proper balance of science and spirituality. 

This is why this age more than any other is a spirtual journey.  The spirtual has been so diminished and corrupted that a burst of spiritualism is about to occur.  There is so much latent demand for it at the individual level because our lives have been delocalized by the machine. 

Our very survival is precarious if the machines stop.  If I lose the use of my cellphone and laptop my affairs are in disorder.  Yes, I who am preaching as a shaman about the need for spiritualism.  I am myself trapped in the transhumanism of the machine.  I am overly dependent on science and knowledge too. 

I am a green shaman.  My function is simple.  It is about the individual in the tribe.  I am speaking out about this spirtual problem of the individual.  I have no wisdom for civilization.  I have studied comparative religions, spirituality in its many forms, theology, and philosophy.  Yet, shamanism is different.  It starts with connectivity instead of knowledge. 

Knowledge is eventually an impediment to connectivity.  Science is a distraction to a proper disposition to connect.  In this age of science, a respect for spirituality is a requirement for salvation.  Salvation is nothing more than meaning.  The truth is where meaning leads and this is the place where the sacred is.  The sacred is something to connect to not to know.  If we want to know about it then use spirituality for the wisdom to know when to stop trying to know about it.

A true shaman lets the planet speak through him.  This low-level power that is the greatest power on this planet is to be used for the benefit of life and the planet.  It cannot be used for the individual.  This is why science and knowledge corrupt spirituality and they must be properly placed.  Science takes this power and converts it to its use.  We are by nature scientific and technical because of our brain and hands.  We are by nature spirtual because of our brains and self-reflection.  Salvation is the balance of the two.

I am speaking out because life is asking this of me.  Do you think I feel special because of this?  No, I feel stupid sometimes because I am not that smart and not a writer.  Yet, as a shaman I am instructed to speak so this is what I am doing. 

I am telling you this is the time to find spiritualism because science has taken over life.  I am pointing to a wisdom found at the local level of your significant other and your place.  These are immediate and visceral where core human values are found.  Find spirtual strength to find survival in this age of decline and collpase.  The decline is the vicious mechanization of life destroying our underlying resilience and sustainability.  The collpase is the localized effects of decline where ecosystems are failing but also human systems are failing.  Our families and communities are being destroyed.

This is an unstoppable force at the top.  This is the decline process beyond human intervention.  What I am recommending is you scale properly to find a spiritualism that properly balances your life to address the excessive transhumanism occurring in your life.  You are trapped in a transhuman world but this trap is not a spirtual trap.  Spiritualism is beyond this transhuman force. 

Spiritualism concerns the approach and respect to that which is sacred.  This sacred is an ascending ladder of abstraction which at a certain point can’t be embraced with the tools of science.  At a certain point it can only be approached in awe and reverence.  This is why you must go local in spiritualism for true meaning.  Otherwise, what occurs is the excesses of science.  Science is used to find meaning and the resulting force is civilization.  When you research spiritualism, you lose the sacred.  Once lost you find it.

What is needed by you the individual is a proper wisdom of placing science and the spirtual in balance.  This comes from proper scale.  This scale is local and I would argue is a permaculture function.  Man has to get closer to life itself and away for our expressions of transhumanism which is most realized in the urban.  Cities are where our balance is lost.  Cities are where humans do not have proper scale.  The unfortunate reality is cities now dominate life and it is here where the technocrats are actually doubling down on transhumanism and the worship of science with scientism.

If you can leave the city and go local in permaculture.  Get your hands dirty and grow things.  Try to embrace low carbon capture which is the basics of gathering and harvesting biomass energy.  This biomass energy is the nearest we can get to the sun itself which drives all life on earth.  The proper networks are the waterways not the digital web.  Try to make your waste streams nutrient streams where you can. 

Basically, reflect on and embrace how nature operates.  This is the seedbed of real spiritualism.  This is where modern religions fail.  They have distanced themselves from the basics of life in spirtual contemplation that is now corrupted by modern life.  This is true of all religions because modern life demands this of them.  Religions have no choice if they want to remain viable, they must be subjugated to science.

This may sound too simple becuase it is.  Simplicity is the key.  This is why it is so hard to find a true spiritualism.  It is harder for modern man to find simplicity than to subjugate himself in the destructive complexity of transhumanism.  Humility and sobriety are some of the most difficult of values.  This means distancing yourself from affluence to find proper wisdom.  A mentality of less is required to find humility and acceptance. 

A proper wisdom is the ultimate goal of this new spiritualism I am speaking of.  This wisdom is of what knowledge and technology to have and keep and what to reject.  This wisdom can only be found locally.  It is not a mass movement because at this point the macro of human life is beyond adaptation.  It is wired to self-destruct. 

The local is where this is found.  It is found in the body of Christ so to speak in small communities in natural places.  If it is found in the urban areas it is so degraded it is difficult to cultivate.  Nature is required because life invigorates spirituality with the power of the sacred.  A river has it.  The oceans tides reflect it.

You the individual with your tribe and its community can do this in a type of spirtual isolation where as best you can you call into question transhumanism and the worship of science in scientism.  Return to those aspects of life that are fundamentals.  Reject progress for progress’s sake.  Embrace a return to voluntary simplicity.  This is not the same as living in poverty.  Poverty is forced on people materially.   Poverty is not about lack of proper wisdom.  Spirtual poverty is a lack of wisdom and many if not most affluent people are in spiritual poverty.

Keep in mind I am speaking to a few and you know who you are.  I am not speaking to everyone.  I am not worthy to speak to everyone.  I am speaking to those like me who are affluent.  I am not worthy to speak to the many different ways of life in this big world.  There are 6BIL people struggling because of poverty and colonialization of transhuman affluence.  They need different shamans but the message is the same.

I am speaking to those who are like me in a western affluence.  I am trying to speak with scale and balance in my local of people and place.  Unfortunately, my tribe is the few of you that listen to me on this digital web.  I say unfortunately because this digital web is what is killing us. 

In my actual local of people and place I try to emulate what I am saying about in this blog by example.  In my local, people do not understand what I am talking about but they do find pleasing the results of my life.  They enjoy my homestead and find interesting my monestary but they don’t understand it. 

My REAL Green adaptation is the planet speaking through me as an imperfect vehicle of the proper balance of the spirtual and science.  It is my attempt to balance an unbalanced world.  I do not have answers that can be used like 12 steps.  My answers are rather asking you to understand the imbalances in your life that are inevitable and relatively and realistically adapt.  My experience is this can only be done with dirty hands and a humble heart.

I have high respect for science.  In fact, since I have become so spirtual I respect science even more.  I am in no way anti-science.  What I want to do is place science properly in my local of people and place.  I want to advocate permaculture localism as the best example of how to deal with the decline process of civilization in its final self-destructive phase.   This phase is taking the planet’s complexity down with it.  Science is now necessary and vital for your survival but it will not provide you with the meaning to deal with the brutality of the decline process this science is resulting in. 

This spiritualism that is ready to explode from mankind is really an old one.  It is the basics of life that guided our ancestors.  It is a connectivity that comes from the ground and felt when the cold wind blows.  It is the life force we struggle with and against.  Life has figured out how to deal with entropy so emulate life like man once did.  What mans has now done is become a force of entropy instead of properly adapting to entropy as life has done for billions of years.

The key point of your spirtual journey is a voluntary simplicity that embraces the resulting proper scale.   This results in balance and balance is harmony.  Go local with proper science and the spirtual.  Hone a wisdom that rejects what is not beneficial to your local and promote what is.  This is about above all rejection of unrestricted transhumanism.  It is about rejection of the fake spiritualism of scientism with its secular atheistic beliefs.  Yes, reject atheism which is a luxury of the affluence of transhumanism.

As your shaman I am telling you what the planet is telling me.  I am doing this as an imperfect vehicle of this message as one who is also trapped in transhumanism and struggles with the relativity of meaning from scientism’s secularization of life.  I am telling you to relatively and realistically embrace spiritualism and reject the excesses of science.  This means calling into question the digital and car culture.  When you do this, you will to the best of your abilities accept your trap and adapt accordingly. 

Drive less and get off your digital devices more.  Make an effort to eat properly and eat with respect for life.  Wasting food is a horrible affront to life especially when factory farming is considered.   Often, we feel bad about food waste because it is expensive.  This is the problem.  Life has a price on its head.  The inhumanity we subject life to is the embodiment of the mechanization of life.  This mechanization is the expression of scientism.  Reject this as best you can and the result is a simple but powerful meaning.

Most of all relearn how to treat your local of people and place properly.  Rebuild communities that are in effect nonexistent in many places.  I don’t have much of a local living here on the farm.  I have made multiple attempts to get people to embrace localism.  Everyone is concerned with more affluence and comforts.  Localism is too much work with little return. 

What I say is just a curiosity for most of you.  My intentions are to find a few of you who will build up what will be needed for localism for when that day comes that cities are forced to depopulate.  The local will be all that is available for people to rebuild their lives.  This time is nearing quicker than most realize.  It may not be in your life but I have a sense it will be your kid’s reality.

I am calling on a few of you to become a permaculture farmer in search of other permaculture farms orbiting a permaculture community.  The permaculture community contains the people who create the necessary things that a permaculture farm needs.  Specialization should not be more than this. Specialization should remain tribal and tribal no more than a few hundred.

I am calling on you to build up a monestary of spirtual things to guide this effort.  I am also calling on you to selectively choose the best science and knowledge to enhance this effort with quality things and best practices.  I am calling on you to have reverence for the sacred.  Approach the sacred with special reverence knowing when to stop.  The journey to the spirtual is an ascending level of abstractions humans can get lost in so seek spirtual scale.

There is a certain point where you can only reflect on the spirtual with awe and wonderment.  What you can do though is incorporate the spirtual into your local of people and place to practically and with good common sense live a life dedicated to sobriety and respect for life.  It is life that is our example so it is the natural world where you should get your spirtual strength. 

Once these steps are taken your higher power will be healed.  We all have a higher power from our nature and nurture.  Most of us do not have a healthy one.  It is those who are humble and meek who’s higher power is healthier.  Without permaculture you can’t have a well balance spirtual life.  Your religion will be corrupted by science.  As your shaman I am telling you to embrace nature in permaculture.  It is as simple as that.

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