NOTE: My original draft was 11 pages which is too much.  I made an effort to cut that in half and what resulted was 11 pages.  I am not a writer so I recommend picking through this word salad for tasty morsels.  I am too busy running a farm to properly write.  It is my hope some of you will take my message as your own and deliver it properly.  My message is open source.  You are free to take it as your own.  I disclaim any ownership since all my knowledge came from elsewhere.  I am just a sponge being wringed. 

My focus is on green prepping for a world in decline.  Not many do this in combination.  We have greens and we have preppers but few I know combine these efforts.  If decline is embraced it is with a narrative decline can be fixed.  It is taboo at the leadership level of society to discuss the end of civilization as we know it.  Imagine a political candidate running on a collapse platform. 

Green prepping operates with a backwardation of the narrative.  Decline can’t be fixed and efforts to fix it make it worse.  This is especially true of technocratic solutions like NetZero.  In fact, this narrative turns out to be a lie used by the elites to grab power and transfer wealth to their constituents.  This is why the Davos crowd is the biggest drivers of this NetZero.  It is a powerful power grab just as the pandemic and woke have achieved so many gains to their power base. 

If you do not see this then you are blind.  These elites who fly private jets to environmental meetings don’t care about green or they would lead by example.  They want more globalism and more mega monopolistic corporations with a few powerful stakeholders to force change on to your backs not theirs.  There is a lot to what I just said and not enough room in this already long post to discuss.  Just keep in mind decline is being accelerated by the technocratic elite and mainstream greens are buying it hook line and sinker.

No major institution embraces a decline process.  Many acknowledge climate change and limits to growth issues but it is within the framing that technology and knowledge will power us through.  Groups that push political agendas claim they will save the world if and only if they can be in charge.  Preppers generally focus on a human conflict leading to collpase.  They don’t see this holistically as a systematic process but more a human leadership issue with conflict.  It is more about society’s fabric collapsing and the need for guns and bunkers to fight the rover bands of marauders.

Greens see a NetZero future that does not add up with physics, economics, and the required sacrifices of people.  Man has progressively grown for generations such that it is ingrained in our thought process.  It goes against ingrained attitudes to call into question techno optimism.  Talking about pessimism as the starting point is considered fringe.  Mainstream greens are techno optimist.  EVs, solar, and wind combined with smart grids and storage strategies is a massive development effort.  Calling this green is complete lie.

Greens reject my message because it does not fit the narrative of smart cities and clean energy.  The only energy that is clean is the simple living of permaculture localism.  This is biomass, human and animal labor, plus appropriate tech applied sparingly.  This is more poverty and less comforts.  Globalism was an extreme activity that is anti-life as a system.  It combines the worst of anti-life trends as well as the worst of humanism.  It has been and ecological and human disaster.  It has fostered human corruption in the extreme.  Davos is the pinnacle of this.

Preppers are further delusional because they think a fortified postion will save them.  They stockpile things and have bunkers.  They are obsessed with guns and the bunker mentality.  This will not save them.  Prepping is important but without the green aspects of permaculture and a community emersed in localism a prepper will make it a few months.  He will emerge into a new world without proper skills or community.  He will not have the proper spirituality unless he is green.  A world made by simple and no tech is green.

I am under no illusion green peppers will fail too but the key difference is if a place is spared destruction, it will be green preppers that survive.  The other wonderful aspect of green prepping is the lifestyle while the world still functions.  Once a green prepping mentality is embraced a world of spirtual growth occurs.  Honesty becomes front and center to the way of life.  Life’s fundamental nature is embraced instead of the arrogance of humanism. 

If you use fossil fuels and modern tech as a green prepper it is because you have no choice.  Your green prepping wisdom will seek to triage out what is not required.  Excess baggage of unneeded tech will be removed as best one can manage.  This frees up spirtual growth.  The spirtual growth makes the effort rewarding because there is no higher human value than meaning, the truth, and connection to that which is sacred.

This decline is a systematic decay of civilization.  There is nothing optimistic about this.  If you want optimism, then you can’t embrace systematic decline.  A reorientation of this underlying narrative of decline instead of growth is the most difficult aspect of REAL Green and the most important.  REAL Green is about optimistic pessimism.  Pessimism is required to get to optimism.  The optimism is not with physical affluence it is spirtual affluence.  This requires different thinking and living.

REAL Green is a backwardation.  This embrace of a backwardation is mindful of the trap of modern life.  Systematic decline will force a return to historic human ways of living and cooperating.  This is unavoidable because it is a systematic force.  This force is of the planet and life itself responding as big self-organizing systems do.  It is a systematic response to forcing.  You the individual if you want to be green and a prepper will have no choice but to transition to voluntary simplicity with modern tools and resources.  It is not cheap to build an effective lifeboat.  This makes it out of touch for many sadly. 

This is another backwardation because it takes brown to get to green.  REAL Green calls for permaculture localism.  This is a life of harvesting and gathering of energy primarily with biomass and human and animal labor.  Initially in the decline modern tech will be used because there is no other choice. 

The economics and the conventions of living require this brown reality to build something green.  Small-scale unsophisticated renewables are vital in this respect.  Efficient internal combustion equipment also used in a greener way is a must in this tipping point of decline.  Animal and human labor is just not an option for many.

The reality of renewables, contrary to what modern greens think, is they are a tool of transition to all biomass and human/animal labor.  This is likely generations away in a decline process but sudden collpase is real and can’t be ignored.  Most will have no choice but to participate in the car culture and consumerism to green prep.  You can’t build a homestead without modern tools. 

The old tools are gone.  The green prepping, I do is considered a hobby farm and my monestary a collection of things like books, art, and tools.  The reality that this is a life boat and hospice is not realized becuase most people do not embrace this kind of green or prepping.  Most do not embrace a decline process leading to the end of civilization as we know it.

The other backwardation is with what is green.  It is not green to embrace fossil fuels.  A modern green considers fossil fuels evil.  All kinds of movements are in place to fight them.  The Davos crowd want them gone too except for their use.  A green prepper understands that sadly all forms of energy should be embraced during the descent.  Remember this is a lifeboat, hospice mentality and way of life.

This does not sound very green until you realize degrowth takes growth unless you want to entertain a dirty and messy collapse.  Some form of collapse is coming regardless of how society adapts to a forced degrowth.  The degree and duration of the descent is critical on how far down it is to a stable floor. 

Currently green techno optimism is pushing the delusions of NetZero affluence.  This will not work and if pushed to its extreme will cause a cascading collpase.  Just look at Europe today how its economic fabric is unraveling.  Keep in mind renewables are vital but not NetZero.  Renewables applied in the framework of appropriate tech is an excellent green strategy.  Refer to my post on appropriate tech for details.

These green delusions will result in a rapid decline with populations unprepared especially because they are being told these changes will be more affluent not less.  This is especially true with the extremist woke greens and why they are such good pawns of the Davos Crowd.  What is further destabilizing is industrial systems are not ready for it.  This could result in supply chain breakdowns cascading through a complex system with unexpected and uncontrollable results.  If the grid goes down or significantly destabilizes, breakdown of vital systems is assured.  Green prepping says this will happen eventually but the degree and duration are the key driver of what kind of collpase unfolds.

Renewables can’t power a modern society.  Further the manufacture and operation of an EV car culture, wind turbines, and solar are dirty.  We should embrace some of this on the descent down.  Selling a world of clean energy and a bright future is a lie that will prevent proper adaptation.  The sad truth is the elites are either not educated on energy or lying about it to gain power.  They often look at it like an economist that preaches substitution.  Some new tech or material will be found to keep the lights on. 

Further the elites are corrupt and incompetent by human nature of power corrupts.  They will continue to use fossil fuels while limiting the people their fair share.  Unfortunately, a lied to populous can’t handle the truth because they have not been educated on the how and why.  The coming collpase of modern society is inevitable and systematic. 

We can make it worse or mitigate it better but there is no fixing this.  It is now self-organizing with tipping points already tipped.  Converging and reinforcing processes beyond human control are now at work.  No amount of tech or knowledge will stop this process.  In fact, tech and knowledge are in the way of proper changes.

The Davos club of elites are exceptionally corrupt, reckless and incompetent.  This is what happens when the scientific method becomes political and religious in scientism.  A Technocratic administrative club of stakeholders is merging in authoritarian control.  What makes this so dangerous is technocratic policy is delusional policy.  It is anti-life with more tech, transhumanism of the machine, and a doubling down on an anti-life economic globalism. 

This globalism is not free market it is a fascist stakeholder kind with a merger of government and business.  The people will be relegated to serfdom in their technocratic machine.  If the elites could embrace an honest life boat and hospice mentality and lead by example then a less destructive decline could take place.  Instead, the worst of all worlds will transpire with a populous lied to.  The people will be cheated out of their dignity.  When honesty does break through, as it always does, the anger will be intense.

What is worse is there will be a doubling down on globalism with more of the same that is destroying the world but now institutionalized in a religion of technocracy.  Technocracy is the scripture of scientism where the religion of science also becomes political.  This resulting political and economic system will be little different than the medieval church was with its extremes of injustice.  The potential for damage will be so much greater because science will be fully let go to do as much as it can in the merger of man and machine in an evil mechanization of life.

REAL Green seeks degrowth for the individual.  Society is on an unstoppable trajectory towards self-destruction in spirtual meaningless of transhumanism and delocalization.  You the individual can seek pessimistic optimism locally.  You will do this with modern tools and fossil energy with the understanding these initially are your tools to go permaculture and local.  This is where you will find a degree of security but most of all you will find meaning in the wisdom of insecurity.  You will fully accept decline and adapt accordingly. 

You will still have to have employment and pay bills.  The difference is the resulting meaning from the backwardation of mainstream meaning.  The status quo is efforts at growing affluence.  You on the other hand are embracing the decline of affluence.  This status quo effort is the red queen dilemma of every increasing effort at something unattainable.  Your effort will be like swimming with the current instead of against it resulting in increased spirtual gain.

The adaptation towards spirituality and away from affluence is a difficult undertaking because on the one hand you live the status quo of life as we know it and on the other you prepare to leave this world.  Timing makes this difficult.  We all know of how motivated zealots are about the end of the world until the end does not come. 

You don’t know when and how this world will decline with particulars, yet you see the surreal of decline everywhere.  Be like a student of Taoism who learns not to always be tensed up from his master smacking him on the back.  Eventually this collpase process becomes very natural without the anxiety of death.  This is a permaculture spirituality which is a naturalism of decline.

I call this adapted lifestyle the dualism of REAL Green.  It results in a routine surreal feeling that if not properly grounded in meaning can lead to anxiety.  This is because at times you feel you are on the wrong path.  In this age tipping over wrong is right.  Keep in mind this is not the universals of right and wrong this is about narrative. 

This requires a deep spirituality to maintain.  This is why the power of nature found in permaculture and the increased simplicity of localism is a requirement.  Nature will support you.  You will feel this support like a child feels its parents’ strength.  Only nature can overcome entropy not the arrogance of humanism that is anti-life.  Emulate nature and you will tapa into its power.

This requires a deep spiritual adaptation.  This adaptation is not a new spirituality but a changing of your existing one.  It is adapting your spirituality to a paradigm shift of decline.  It is a shift in spirituality that acknowledges this paradigm and accepts the consequences.  The consequences are stark and require alternative living.  The degree of adaptation is limited so this makes for further difficulties both spirtual and physical.

There is no going back to the way it was even 100 years ago at least in the short term.  100 years ago, people in many places could feed and warm themselves locally.  This is not true anymore in most cases.  In the longer term a stair step down of affluence will be forced on us regardless of ability.  A result will be a systematic shift to a new way of life where a stable floor is found.  This will be painful and messy.  If you do not have meaning for why it is happening then you will suffer more.  This is the hospice mentality of humility and acceptance that is central to green prepping.

The resilience and the sustainability of the resources base needed for this new living is the destination of your backwardation.  The paradigm shift of decline is hidden in the tipping point.  You are on a fence one foot in our normal world one in the coming world of decline.  Your backwardation sees this surreal situation and orientates away from battling an unavoidable entropic decay towards finding places of constructive growth.  Ecosystems that beak down open up a small amount of growth opportunities for adaptable species.  Backwardation allows you to find this innate ecological adaptability.

This is not the modern green’s world of a metaverse and solar pannels.  It is not the brown world of fossil fuels and economic growth.  Those are both systematically ending soon.  Technology has hit diminishing returns and the resulting problems are now multiplying.  The accumulation of knowledge in powerful concentrations is now noise destroying meaning.  Backwardation means using technology, modern energy, and concentrated knowledge in a different way.  Use it to leave it.

REAL Green is about the adjustment process in the beginning of the tipping process.  This tipping point is where systematic confluences of multiple types of decline reach a phase change.  This may or may not be a rapture of quick and violent change.  It may be a slow death of a terminal illness.  This process will likely be both and it will occur locally and globally in different forms.  It will be a mosaic of destructive change.  You can find a local with less pain and suffering if you have the right mentality.  You can fortify a local to be better prepared with this mentality.

This process will be unpredictable and chaotic with abandonment, dysfunction, and irrational.  These are the primary attributes of Chaos theory.  In chaos theory there is still a system to chaos.  This is what you must tap into.  Simplicity is the chief tool for adaptation.  Human simplicity can be leveraged with the modern to turbo charge it but governed by the wisdom of insecurity which seeks humility and acceptance of the higher power of the process. 

This wisdom is keystone.  It is almost always about using less but it is not about a complete end of modernism but instead a process of undoing the worst of modernism.  This wisdom seeks what works best in the descent process.  It will be guided more or less as circumstances allow.  This is a life boat with limits.  It is a hospice with time constraints. 

In the beginning the life boat might be full of things.  The hospice with time to make choices.  As time goes on this will adapt to the process of decline with less of both.  This mentality of less will be fortified with wisdom giving courage.  It will be more resilient and sustainable because it embraces nature.  Collapse is accepted just as once in the hospice death is the guiding principle of palliative care.

My dad recently died of cancer so I participated in hospice care for him at his home.  He died at home with family.  It was a very tough undertaking but surprisingly compassionate with dignity.  In the end of life process your dignity is lost but this can be understood and managed.  The hospice plan was well organized.  His disease progression was understood and it was amazing how the hospice nurses could predict generally the stages of death he would go through.  This is what needs to be applied to the death of life as we know it writ large.  Yet, with a narrative like we have today it is a death wrapped up in the codependency of lies and enabling that will result in an undignified death.

Localism and biomass harvesting are the primary aspects of this simplicity.  Yet, since in the beginning of this tipping point paradigm right here right now, you are trapped in modern life.   You will have no choice but to use high tech to get to appropriate tech based on decline.   An age tipped over into lower complexity and fewer concentrated resources can only mean a world closer to biomass and simpler.

This destination is with increased spirituality by reclaiming the part of human nature that must be spirtual.  Spirituality will be reclaimed from the mechanization of scientism with the help of nature.  Meaning and connection to the spark of life in nature invigorates you with strength.  Increased spirituality of meaning powers you instead of more capable tech. 

Less affluence is more affluence.  The only way to overcome a trap is to stop fighting it.  An awakening to the trap leads to a spirtual transformation.  This is the hospice mentality required of REAL Green.  It takes a backwardation to be awakened.  The result is the wisdom of insecurity that creates a lifeboat and the palliative care of a hospice.

Small disruptive conditions will have big results because of the nature of decline.  Growth is different with slow incremental changes.  The Pareto 80/20 adage is in operation with decline.  The Liebig’s law of the minimum is part of this in regard to where failures pop up.  It is not about total resources as much as the scarcest resource.  Scarcity will be the new force driving this tipping over process.  This includes economic failure because most resources are only reserves without economics.  Food and water are now industrial processes.

In an economic system of just in time and dispersed supply chains a small shortage can quickly break down a complex system.  Complexity is now a weakness because so many complicated processes contain multiple parts that are not sustainable without growing growth.  Complicated processes are now dispersed throughout a complex system.  Risks that we have tried so hard to reduce, now permeated all aspects of life.  Delocalization means you get your sustenance from afar from people you do not know.

Meaning requires the focusing on the simple of metaphysical connection not the complexity of science.  Science can no longer be trusted to guide us in this regard.  This does not mean science and tech are no longer required.  The Anthropocene is the age of science so there is no transcending science during the tipping point into the decline process.  There is only the transformation of science to its proper place.  A new wisdom of what science and tech to use and what to dispense with is required.  Most often this means less science in a time of too much science.

Scientism must be rejected.  This is the religion of the technocratic globalist who are driving civilization currently both in the west and in Asia with the Chinese CCP.  A proper balance of spirituality and science must be established.  Science is now anti-life, and it is institutionalized.   Politics and religion are merged in Scientism.  Church and state are now combined, and our modern life completely corrupted with anti-life policy of increasing transhumanism and delocalization.

I am not a normal green because although I am an environmentalist and find some modern tech like solar useful, I do not buy into techno optimism.  I do not buy into the hard-core degrowth greens either who call on ending all development.  While I long for planetary life to be free of anti-life human activity this is a dangerous undertaking in the short term.  You just don’t have a NUK plant and walk away from it.  They require multiple generations of care to decommission.  A new spirituality can’t ignore this.

A nature loving man still must deal with the consequences of the pandoras box of industrialization that was opened by the arrogance of humanism.  We have a responsibility to avoid criticality with dangerous materials and processes.  This is a planetary responsibility that some have only recently come to realize.  Those corrupted by tech and the noise of too much knowledge don’t understand this because they are sure tech and knowledge will continue progressive growth.

It may be too late to avoid destructive change but let’s not make it worse.  So, the only way forward is a retreat in force much like the Germans perfected on the eastern front in WW2.  They lost the war but won most of the battles when in a strategic withdrawal.  The Russians used people and resource in a war of attrition so even if a battle was lost tactically the strategic strategy was a winner.  Backwardation is a retreat in force.

Renewables are a fossil fuel enhancer and will die along with fossil fuels.  Fossil fuels will be over because of depletion and economic decline.  Economic decline will cause higher depletion by making reserves into uneconomic resources.   Tech and vast stores of knowledge will die along with fossil fuels because the grid will destabilize.  This is a message neither green or browns want to hear.  Nobody wants to contemplate what this means so we continue to invest in techno-optimism instead of simplicity.

The people I call on to be green preppers will have a powerful influence once the Mega cities of the world depopulate.  The physics of decline are clear on this process if you are honest about science instead of programed to progressive growth.  Forget outpost on Mars.  We are going to be lucky to have towns of 20,000 survive and they will be few and far between.  This might be a generation away but that is an instant in planetary time.  In fact, civilization is already dead just like a man on death row.

REAL Green spiritualism tries to be part of the metaphysical fractal that taps into the self-similar nature of life itself.  This is the opposite of Scientism that seeks a progressive journey of man towards a singularity of the merger of man with his technology and vast storing of knowledge.  This singularity is based upon the arrogance of humanism that treats life as clay to be molded instead of life’s common focus on battling entropy in cooperative self-organization. 

Life is not a production process.  It’s very basics of DNA and self-similar expressions can’t be tinkered with without being removed as a toxin by life.  This is a key element why I embrace green shamanism.  The mechanization of life through tech and concentrated knowledge is anti-life.  Green shamanism accepts this trap but seeks connection to the metaphysical fractal of life’s very nature.

The great learning of the past few hundred years, that came at such a great cost to man and the planet, are many and numerous.  Things like proper health care and understanding of what is good and bad with the environment.  We can’t take it all with us.  This will be a lifeboat, so space is limited.  We can distill out the best to become part of our new narrative of a new civilization post collapse.

This is a hospice too because many will not make it.  This is tragic in the modern point of view because we want to save everyone, and we want all to have a chance at old age.  So much effort is given to the old in their last year of life.  In earlier times people died younger.  Many young did not survive to begin with.  Those who did survive were much tougher.  The old that live to be old were great examples of what works.  We are going back to this time.  It does not matter if this seems harsh and cruel.  This is what life dictates.

The growth-based basics that man has pursued since industrialization began must be adapted and turned back.  We must also call into question all modern thinking of the last 13,000 years since man embraced civilization.  The reason for this is the stability of the Holocene allowed civilization in the first place.  Stability is ending so the Anthropocene will be a very short age.  The merging into a new age of the tipping point is dawning.  Agriculture is ending as we know it requiring smaller populations that will likley be, generations hence, more seminomadic with much more oral cultures.

This process might last a few generations meaning whole ways of life could transpire in this process of decline.  The trend will be to something simpler in narrower bands of habitability on an earth that was forced into less complexity by just one species.  This is not about becoming this or that on schedule.  It is about an adaption process some of which will work and some which won’t in a backwardation of progress.

Life will deal with humans as organisms do by ridding themselves of toxins.  Life does not operate on human times frames.  Modern humans are now toxic to life.  We are an anti-life pathogen.  This fever is on the time frame of nature.  Don’t be fooled by our Hollywood Mad Max versions.  A big part of decline will be the boring drift into poverty.  This will be pocketed with destructive phases changes.  Imagine trench warfare with a few terrifying major battles.  This will be a grind of will.  You can position better for this process both the boring and the terrifying.

My message is optimistic pessimism which is an incongruous juxtaposition.   Paradoxes are more than ever in operation during the phase change of the tipping point.  These paradoxes are of the human psyche because humans are now backwards to life.   The death of this will bring forth new life.  This is the universal message of optimistic pessimism.  One can’t exist without the other.  In this regard then if death is not embraced life is not possible.  Get out of the denial of death.

I feel the force of life has a self-similar character at all levels.  This is through the breadth of life from the single cell to Gaia.  The basic instinct of survival of life is a battle with entropy.  Life is a force that lives, develops and cooperates with other life forms in self-organizing efforts to counter entropy in common self-similar expression.  Life resists this entropic trend towards disorder and randomness together not alone.  Humans can’t go it alone as we are now doing.

There is a metaphysical aspect to this.  Just as fractals have a common expression in the physical world so does life express a metaphysical fractal of spirt.  Consciousness is fractal with networking from the cellular level to planetary level.  This is often called the force of life.  This means humans contain this force in our expression both physical and metaphysical. Why life is destroying itself through our humanity is a mystery.

REAL Green seeks the current of life.  The current at this point in time is a whole earth succession to less complexity.  This succession is through human forcing in a very short time.  The planet has rarely seen this kind of forcing occurring so rapidly.  In this very short amount of time of human history, humans are the primary force of destructive change with complete planetary coverage.  This all will end because the metaphysical fractal of life’s core impulse says so.

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    1. Johnathan thanks for your support. My life’s work is with the land so that is where I focus my energy. Maybe one of my kids can do this for me. I have a daughter I will talk to about it. Thanks again!


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