A Beaver and the Whales and Dolphins

My REAL Green journey began with the odd encounter 20 years ago with a beaver in the confluence of two streams in the darkness of a wonderful night on a farm I once had.  This place had spiritual qualities.  When you stepped onto this land you stepped back in time.  It had the necessary elements of water and land.  Old growth trees were abundant along the steep valley.  It had animals and plant life untouched by development.  The most impressive element was the confluence of two beautiful streams.  This was very near the mighty Missouri River.

The Missouri River contains powerful spirtual qualities.  Native American once lived on this land.  Their many camps were absorbed into the soil with abundant artifacts.  There bodily remains were there with burial mounds.  These many qualities are important because the spirt world is enhanced by the qualitative presence of metaphysical talismans.  This spot had a spirtual aura.

In this vision, I was told the real web of life is the streams, rivers, and the ocean.  The nearby powerline with all its wonders of electricity was anti-life.  I call it a vision because calling it a delusion is a judgment. These kinds of judgments of the spirit world are metaphysical misapplication. 

It may have been delusional to mentally communicate with a beaver.   This was not actually talking to this unconcerned beaver, it was connecting to his world.  This connection was all the way to the ocean and it was flowing through me like a fire hose.

The beaver told me to tell my brothers and sisters that the whales and dolphins have proclaimed the awakening.  They are earth’s higher intelligence uncorrupted by science.  They are the true disciples of nature and life.  This message came up from the ocean, to the rivers, to the stream I was standing in.  I was never the same after that. 

The whales and dolphins understand as a species because they are different.  They do not possess science but they do have a powerful oral culture.  I heard them speak one time in Hawaii.  Their calls were amazing when I went underwater to listen.  This is what is needed to understand the sacred.

There is more to this spirtual experience.  I had a startling experience earlier in the evening that was an intervention of sorts.  I feel it was a visitation of the sacred through an electrical storm.  What transpired may have been delusional I don’t know and can never know.  I feel it was a metaphysical warp.  I was not struck by lightning but affected by this electrical storm.

This was a visitation for change that had been building up in me.  I saw a planet and civilization at the cross roads of a tipping point.  The society I was living with was oblivious to this.  I would talk to people about how out of balance life was but people had little interest.  I was stuck in a way of life I felt was a train wreck.  The came to a head around my 40th birthday in 2003.

The Harmonic Concordance occurred 2 weeks prior to this visitation on my 40th birthday:

“The Total Lunar Eclipse of November 8/9[i] 2003, was the distinguishing feature in an exceedingly rare astrological chart that was highlighted by a six-planet alignment known astrologically as a “Grand Sextile.”  This picture of harmonically resonating planetary energies is expressed in a pattern which has been esoterically known for millennia as the Seal of Solomon or Star of David.  In short, the symbolism embodied in this pattern speaks of ultimate Balance, Harmony, and Unity.  The spiritual/metaphysical import of this most unique arrangement of planets was the focal point of the worldwide celebrations of what has come to be known, globally, as The Harmonic Concordance.  The descent of Creator Consciousness upon each individual, the Ideal of Unity Consciousness, that we are all ONE, and the creation of a healing and protection for Mother Earth.”  https://harmonicconcordance.org/

OK, if you read the above and said “man this guy is nutter” then you don’t appreciate metaphysical visions.  Spirtual fractals will occasionally break through the facade of reality.  Physical alignments concentrating metaphysical energy in the right place and right time burst through space time barriers.  Normal time stops because actually, time is an illusion of linearity.  Circularity is the nature of metaphysical relationships.  Once connected to the circular you can go forward and backwards in connectivity.  This is not time travel it is connectivity.

This is not about miracles and special powers but instead humility and acceptance.  If special powers are what you are seeking then you will be empty handed.  This is about tapping into the power of life.  Life taps into the power of the cosmos.  By tapping into life, you tap into what drives the cosmos.  Personal power is a detour away from connectivity.  Life works in self-organizing competitive cooperation.  It is symbiosis seeking common orientation towards efforts at negating entropy.

I opened myself up through Native American mystic efforts.  These are shamanistic.  They are primitive and natural.  I did this at a time of an alignment in a spirtual place.  I became a conduit of this power.  This power is of what animates.  It is like a low-level hum.  I stepped through a door and was changed forever.  My vision was man has made a wrong turn.  Nature is tipping man back.  This tipping is the beginning of the awakening and transformation of a return.

I got here through a life of deep eclectic studies.   Some of this was quite fringe and esoteric others traditional.  At this time, I was deeply into the advanced studies of all the components of limits of growth and ecological decline.  This was a science-based journey but without prejudice for the spirtual.  I was also dabbling with shamanism.  I didn’t really know what I was doing because I had no teacher but I read lots of books on shamanism.  I also took some classes.  Importantly, I walked in this spirtual world as best I could oblivious to what was coming.

This is why I speak of balance and proper scale.  This type of spirituality is very local.  This kind of connectivity is by touching the earth through life as intimately as possible.  Transhumanism and delocalization may offer immense powers but these powers result in spirtual destruction.  If you want to tap into the  power I speak of successfully, go natural.  Cities are where science concentrates.  Science is at a different pole of human dualism.

In my case the modernity I was trapped in and struggling to leave burst.  The façade broke down.  I saw life in a different perspective without judgment.  This was my spirtual awakening although I had been through another in high school.  This last one in 2003 consolidated my transformation.  I became dedicated to the mystic way.  I went forth on its behalf. 

I descended and lived a somewhat normal but an altered life.  Over 20 years this alteration coalesced in REAL Green.   This is a vital adaptive mentality of being relative in efforts and realistic with respect to your local of people and place.  This has been a difficult journey mainly because I went against the narrative of human manifest destiny of techno optimism.  REAL Green is pessimistic optimism which sees a return to our proper nature but within consequences of a transformed planet.  This is why REAL Green speaks of realism and being realistic. 

A word of caution on how far to take your spirtual journey.  Shamanism opens you up to metaphysical fractals.   Physical alignments affect time and space orientation.  You will be given choices because self-consciousness is about choices.  These choices relate to the truth without prejudice or personal power.  There is no room for baggage at this portal if you go through the mystic door.  Your mystic choice is a nebulous world of connectivity.  Your ego world is naked and alone in the comforts of a wonderfully guarded ego.  If connectivity is chosen a purgatory of spirtual healing can be attained.  This is why shamans practice the art of spirtual healing.

Be careful what you wish for.  This can be unsafe if not done with proper orientation.  Real shamanism is local and natural.  It is also above rules and laws of human convention.  This is a place where you can lose control of your life.  The sacred is the metaphysical fire of the cosmos.  Proceed with caution if you have not been properly prepped you risk insanity.  Nature is the best means to prepping for this spirtual journey.

I have no scientific explanation for my experience because this is not the domain of science.  Psychologically it can be considered a mental breakdown.  Common sense would say I was under too much stress and broke mentally.  A spirtual experience does not fit the narrative so it is repressed with diagnoses.  An explanation is always needed with science or else there is a vacuum.  Once touched you will be mentally disorientated.  This means psychological maladaptive until your spirtual state settles.

I am not going to pass judgment on what happened to me.  Serendipity resulted but not without much suffering during the transition.  Maybe it was mental illness but I ask how sane is the narrative that is considered sane?   Who is really ill?  In today’s world of noise and meaninglessness a spirtual fever can offer insight into a spiritual cure.  This is why I speak of the importance right here right now of paradoxes and incongruous juxtapositions.  Right is wrong and wrong is right in fundamental ways.

If you want something you won’t find it.  The techniques and the discipline are mostly of reverence and respect.  You open yourself up as a conduit for the sacred.  This does not work if you expect results.  If called upon do not resist if you are ready.  Resistance kills the connection.  The best efforts are local in a naturalism based upon your unique local.  Tap into your people and place.  This is about others too.  A shaman is about family and tribe.  This is the true body of Christ.

The most basic aspect of shamanism is seeing.  A true shaman then tells his family and tribe his visions.  He also leads spiritually by example.  This is done locally.  A shaman is not messianic.  The leadership happens where proper human balance is.  If scale is improper there is no harmony.  Without balance the experience will tend to be dysfunctional.  Nature will support you in this journey.  This is why a natural location with spirtual significance is so critical. 

In earlier times there may have only been one shaman for a tribe.  It is not everyone’s calling but everyone should find their shaman and listen to his vision.  Yes, this is oral just like is always was.  I am not your shaman because I can’t speak to you from a distance.  This digital media is not a proper spirtual conduit.  It does not contain the necessary dimensions of earth, water, and the fire of the spirit.  Your spirtual home is out there somewhere.  Find it and your shaman will appear.

The warm glow of the sacred drew me in.  This was part of an honest search for the truth of things.  This journey was with science but aspects were without the need for science.  This is connectivity at its rawest form.  To do this you have to be willing and able to lose your mental balance because once you go through a spirtual worm hole your old self is no longer.  This getting lost is more the switching off of the ego for a period in a very simple way.  Once out of the worm hole your ego will be transformed.

I stepped through eagerly because this is what shamans do and I contained the disposition of a shaman.  This is part of a shaman’s medicine.  I of course had to come back.  The unfortunate result of my 40-day experience was I was roughly hauled back to their reality.  This was without respect.  For a time, I was angry and disorientated.  I had been spiritually raped by family and friends which is traumatic.  What is more traumatic is losing the connection.  I wandered wounded for a time because of this intervention.

I quit my high paying job and retreated to a different life.  The eventual result was REAL Green.  I am a shaman now but without the need for the fire.  I now concentrate on earth and water.  I am getting old.  My brain has changed.  I now seek to offer the young spirtual guidance.  I hope I can touch a few who will be shamans because this is my duty.  This is why I spoke of a deeply personal event in my life.  I am at your service if you have read this.

6 thoughts on “A Beaver and the Whales and Dolphins”

      1. Thanks for the links. I have the Kogi work you referenced both the book and the CD. I purchased that back in 2009 when it was released. It has been a guiding inspiration for REAL Green. I am now reading your post https://energyshifts.net/a-world-out-of-balance/. I recommend to my other readers to read this. I am going to reflect on this and include it in a new post. You are hitting on all cylinders my friend. Keep up the good work!

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      2. I just saw the Kogi film last year and thought it was really good, but also made me reflect about how far away the average city dweller is from seeing the world like the Kogo do. The other film I posted might have been on TV, so probably well-known in the States, but I saw that last year too – great reflection on how the fist peoples experience the the metaphysical archetypes and also the concept of being wisdom carriers and the importance of transferring wisdom down the generations. (Hope you enjoy my new post! – will be geting into physical energy issue in the next chapter)


  1. Thanks for sharing your personal spiritual awakening experience with us – it resonated with me and reminded me also of the films I posted above. These are real experiences although in a special realm where the boundaries between the physical and material worlds are very thin. Great share!


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