“The caterpillar begins by asking Alice the simple question “who are you?” When Alice finds that she cannot properly articulate who she is, no doubt a side effect of constant exposure to the chaos and nonsense of Wonderland, the caterpillar recognizes that Alice’s time in the “strange” land has taken a serious toll on her sense of self.”

I would like for you to read the latest from Energyshift.net “A-World-Out-Of-Balance”.  JJ is a Mayan scholar who translates the Mayan world view in an approachable form for the normal people like me.  JJ puts our current dramatic time in history in Mayan context.  This is needed because this is an age characterized by a spirtual drift of meaninglessness.  We know so much these days with so little meaning.  The result is we are now lost in a strange land like Alice in Wonderland. 

Humans lack meaning today because we have lost proper wisdom.  Wisdom is different than knowing.  Wisdom is about knowing what to know.  Proper management of knowledge is more important than quantity of knowledge.  Here quality takes precedent over quantity.  Today knowing is about knowing everything possible then accumulating this as a center of power and control.  You the individual should instead seek a wisdom that limits this insatiable quest to know the deepest secrets of life.

The difference between these two approaches to knowledge is the contrasting attitudes of arrogance and humility.  We lack control over ourselves and the result is bad behavior as a species.  We have lost an existential balance because arrogance is destabilizing.  Science and technology lead to arrogance when wisdom is not applied.  Without humility our knowledge is now destructive to ourselves and the planets life system.

Wisdom is about choices.   Making a choice is a sacrifice.  There is an opportunity cost with a choice.  These days choices are optional and relative in regards to what to know or not.  Everywhere instead of hard choices there is a can kicking exercise of avoiding choices.  The arrogance that knowledge and technology will solve our multitude of problems has now trapped us.  We are at the point now where choices will be forced on us as a species now.

More than ever wisdom is vital for you the individual, family, and tribe.  The tribe is your extended family and friends.  Local community is the confederation of several tribes.  It is only the local community that can properly navigate decline properly longer term. 

There are few properly functioning local communities these days because of transhumanism and delocalization.  This simple reality is not being faced.  The redevelopment of proper community must first start from the individual, family, and tribe.  It is here a retrenchment is vital.  If these relationship structures strengthen a proper community results.  Wisdom and community are central to the life boat and hospice mentality needed today for a robust adaptation to a world tipping into decline.

There is little restraint these days to stop our pursuit of affluence through science and technology.  The power of affluence to transcend local constraints means tough choices are bypassed.  Most restraints are cost related not wisdom related.  The impulse to and the corruption from affluence is preventing proper knowledge management.  The world is out of balance with competitive cooperation resulting in a subordination of wisdom to affluence.  This globally mobile affluence results in a power corruption.

The competitive is driving science and technology in an unstoppable march towards transhumanism.  Tyrannical control for power is resulting.  Scientism and state capitalism are replacing representative democracies with centralized technocracies.  When Scientism and state capitalism combine a mechanization of life results in a technocratic concentration of power.  Nature is relegated to a commodity.  People become cogs in the machine.  The elites micro manage life to their benefit.

We now have an exaggerated sense of our collective self.  This is straining our relationships with fellow humans and planetary life.  A proper humility is the only cure for this.  This is not likely because spirituality is subservient to science these days.  Science and technocracy rules with a manifest destiny to advance humanism into the transhumanism of the machine.  Scientism is a religion of affluence.  Wisdom is the step child in this unconstrained juggernaut of arrogance of knowledge and power.

One should reflect on Mayan cosmology for meaning in this time of meaninglessness.  The Mayan perspective is useful because the cyclic merges meaning and non-meaning.   The cyclic illustrates that meaning and non-meaning revolve around the other.  This is similar to chaos in Chaos Theory.  Chaos is systematic randomness.  Notice the incongruous juxtaposition?  There is a system to randomness.  This offer clues to finding meaning for us the individual in a time of meaninglessness. This is the rhythm of life.  Life’s ebb and flow is cyclic.

Absolute order is paralysis and complete randomness is disorder.  When they assume their place together then there is a rhythm.  This abstraction is where sacred dwells.  The universe is this expression and the system of life mirrors this refection in its nature.  This is a metaphysical fractal.  Entropy and negative entropy dance together.  Humans reflect this with our self-consciousness. 

The Maya reflects this dance in their elaborate worldview of ancient science and myth.  One must use physics and metaphysics to understand this.  This is a holistic effort of both myth and science properly positioned reflecting metaphyscal and physical fractals.  “Matthew 6:10 may your Kingdom come; may your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Both assume their pole with basic wisdom as the gate keeper.

Today myths are considered superstitious.  Myths are treated as unscientific so dismissed as a key source of meaning.   What is odd is Scientism is actually a myth system.  This reality is obscured with scientific subterfuge with multiple elaborate cognitive biases to protect the rot of a narrative of irrational absurdities.   Lies must support lies so the result is a creep of moral hazard which is at its root the avoidance of hard existential choices.  Humans have lied their way into a bottleneck.  For those not lying the bottleneck is unfolding before our eyes.

The Maya world view through calendars and their relationships is important to you now.  You can see meaning in meaninglessness.  This cyclical world view is far advanced to our science today in regards to the key aspect of life that is wisdom.  Scaling myth and science properly is wisdom.  Maya scaled myth and science properly. 

Science looks to breakdown into parts meaning in a linear meaning.  Meaning is created and built upon seeking a climax.  The Maya saw meaning unfolding.  Meaning can’t be properly known unless one uses physical and metaphysical tools properly scaled.  Self-consciousness has the ability to use both.  When proper wisdom is employed a modulation between the two is embraced.

This unfolding is in a process of meaning and not meaning.  This sacred system is deterministic so in this sense the outcome is already.   This is the isness of being of the Toa.  Self-consciousness gets lost in this process only to be found.   Connectivity is the pathway to meaning but also the cliff the ego must step off.  Free will is how this system behaves but within its nature of determinism.

I can talk like this because I am a green shaman.  Shamanism is oral and intimate so I do not need to reference and backup what I say.  I am speaking not as a scholar but as your spirtual advisor.  For a shaman his work is spirtual not scientific.  Yet, science must be respected too it is just a shaman job is to relate spirtual messages. 

I am not claiming authority with either.  I am only relating my experience through the ancient calling of shamanism.  I am not going to talk with you like a scholar but I will urge you to listen to people like JJ.  Scholars who are properly scaled in their pursuit are vital to spirtual meaning.  These worlds coexist as one so they require expertise with both to have proper wisdom.  Respect science because human survival requires it.

I am a generalist that seeks spirtual meaning from connecting to nature.  I enjoy science and history.   They are a passion of mine.  My qualifications for shamanism is my ability to have spirtual vision.  I can feel what others can’t and see because of this.  True shamans are not messianic.  They are not prophets like civilization has produced.  They hark back to a more primitive time.  They are tribal and speak for and to the family.  My message is not going to change the world it is meant for very few.

I see at this point in time permaculture localism is the cure for meaninglessness.  It is only through wisdom and its intimate approach to the land that man can navigate back to a proper balance.  Scientism is the antithesis to this balance that comes from humility.  Scientism is now the tipping point of arrogance.  This is tipping point is the subordination of wisdom to scientism.  It is this destabilizing force taking ourselves and planetary systems into a bifurcation of succession.

In the big world of the Mayan calendar this is accounted for.  I am speaking as tribal member.  Here is where the potential for action is in a natural response.  This naturalness I speak of is green shamanism.  Be yourself in permaculture localism and nature will cure you.  The big world of the Maya affects you but in the microclime of your local there is places for constructive growth that are like eddies in the current.  Respecting both worlds allows each their place.  If you find this place a harmony results.

You should seek meaning but be prepared to lose it.  You should get lost to find yourself.  This sounds so simplistic that it is beyond reach for most.  This age of meaninglessness is unfolding into meaning.  Following the Mayan cyclic view helps one position in this unfolding of meaning.  It is much like living seasonally on the farm.  The current season is of destructive change.   In your small microclime local you can find constructive growth.  We are entering a winter dearth.   Now is the time to adapt locally.  Ecological niches behave like this so reflect their fractal nature.  Become a fractal reflection.

The season ahead is a spirtual season emerging from a time of scientific arrogance.  Science and affluence caused us to get lost.  We are lost in ourselves and now life is jolting us back.  The Maya viewed this as the way of the unfolding.  Our age is at the equinox of meaning.  Night is becoming day.  This acceptance of the sacred nature of the cyclic offers salvation.  This is a grace that cures the ills of our wandering ego.

As a shaman I am concern about your local spirituality.  These bigger dramas are something I find enjoyment in.  I have reverence for these dramas because when I naturally seek the meaning, I inevitably find I am lost.  I can’t understand all this.  There is too much to comprehend.  When I get lost, I find myself.  We are lost but meaning will unfold because it is cyclic.  Calm yourself in this.  This is the basic of faith but a faith grounded in honesty and humility.  Scientism is an arrogance that prevents proper humility yet this is a natural process that is part of the myth.

Spirtual meaning is a metaphysical reality.  You can use science with metaphysics but you can’t find metaphysical meaning through science.  Metaphysical meaning is through connectivity.  To connect you must first get lost.  Humans are now collectively lost because science is in diminishing returns.  Science actually serves to disperse meaning because proper meaning needs the restraint of wisdom.  This age is tipping over because of this nonlinear convergence.

Scientism is a revolutionary system that has no boundaries.  Power and control are its unconscious goal.  This becomes a mechanization through transhumanism and delocalization because these human forces are raw power.  This leverage is destructive beyond a simple application.  Scale is lost and the result is existential imbalances.  This unconscious quest for power is ultimately the quest for immortality.  This kind of immortality seeking is blasphemous to the sacred.

The only way you can approach these sacred truths is in reverence.  Reverence is from connection and this is why I have no references and backup.  Respect is a feeling and as an emotion there are no equations.  It can’t be explained by breaking it down scientifically.   If I sound repetitive then listen to a Tibetan Monk chant or recite the holy Rosary with others.  This is a connection to the rhythm of life that is cathartic.

As a shaman in my local I am practicing permaculture localism.  This is a spirtual permaculture because it is about connectivity to the land and people.  It is about mother earth but also the body of Christ.  This is the dawning of a spirtual age because science has brought us to the cliff of meaninglessness.  The reason the Mayan should be consulted through their sacred texts is they give a story of why there is meaning in this state of being lost.  We will soon find ourselves because this is the way of the unfolding. 

Permaculture localism is your lifeboat and your hospice is spirtual permaculture.  Permaculture is a lifeboat navigating this sea of destructive change.  You will be navigating through a dying age with simple green prepping efforts that mirror the metaphysical fractals in nature.  Spirtual Permaculture is the palliative care of feeling naturalism that offer the meaning to assist you on your journey in this time of death. 

Nature is the only way to properly connect.  This is critical to understand because in this age of scientism urban growth is being called for.   For the awakened the message is this age of cities must disperse.  This is why cities and centers of knowledge are now the forces of darkness.  Our smartest people are the most deceived.  In artificial intelligence the deception is complete.  This message is now being doubled down upon in a technocratic belief system.  This hidden narrative has assumed blasphemous proportions and will be swept away in the coming bottleneck.

The faithful of scientism have deadly serious passions that are anti-life.  People are excessively passionate about self-worth, envy, and resentment these days.   This is an indication we are in the vicinity of the return to a proper orientation to the sacred.  Affluence is the illness that has brought us to this tipping point.

All religions are corrupted with this because this is the nature of this cyclic age.  It can be no other way.  All religions have their eddies of wisdom.  This means find a microclime for your higher power in permaculture localism and green prepping.  There is no hope for scientism because science should never have assumed a spirtual expression.  Scientism is the mechanization of life through the machine.  This results in anti-life attitudes.  Scientism will destroy itself because of this.

The ego is now so preoccupied with science and knowing it is now getting lost like Alice in her Wonderland.  She is dreaming really and she will wake up.  This is grace.  Grace is what occurs in connectivity.  The wonderfully protected ego is finally exhausted with itself and in the experience a natural reconnection results.  The ego tricks itself unconsciously because this is the nature of the cyclic and the linear. 

This is a birthing.  This is a tipping point.  This is an unfolding and in this time in our collective history decades are unfolding in months.  Time is speeding up like the final year of life of a terminal illness.  This is how you know we are in the vicinity of an emergence of a sacred expression.  You can better prepare for this locally and in permaculture.  Science is a hinderance now to proper connectivity.  Affluence and arrogance are the siren song of despair.

What I said above is a word salad because I am attempting to describe something sacred.  It does not come out in words properly.  It sounds childish to speak like this.  This is the point though because we all enjoy a child’s description of something.  We are children of the sacred.  True adults are children who in humility accept the sacred way.  When in proper balance there is a natural innocence of proper place.  Knowledge destroys innocence.  If innocence is not respected with proper wisdom, then all the knowledge in the world is worthless.

I don’t know why humans are destroying the earth.  Sure, I know scientifically why this is happening.  I can use philosophy, theology, and reason to judge this process.  I can say humans are depraved and nature good.  Yet, when I do this, I am only getting more lost.  The Mayan calendars offer meaning to this condition of being lost through a greater worldview that acknowledges it.  Use Mayan meaning for reflection but be careful about misusing it.  This world view is a physics and a metaphysics from an ancient time.  Imbalances occur if the Mayan approach is not scaled properly.

Today in this age tipping over right is wrong and wrong is right.  This is like a pole shift.   This unfolding means seek proper orientation by swimming out into the current.  If you swim against the current you will drown.  Meaning Is not something you can hold on to or fight.   You can only connect to it in its flowing nature.   Meaning will slip through your hands like water and if you accept this it supports you. 

The Scientism gospel of transhumanism and delocalization are destroying life.  Life primary impulse is to battle entropy.  Scientism is now a force of entropy.  You can see this clearly with how its applications are creating new and increasing problems.  Fixing problems create new ones.  This should be observed with reverence just as a Shakespearian comedy is a tragedy.  When the wonderfully guarded ego lightens up, we can laugh at ourselves.  This may include tears but also the calm of meaning. 

You are a microclime of life.  You will need to approach this with physical and metaphysical tools.  This is the age of science where metaphysical tools have been neglected and dismissed.  Science does not need spirituality to do its work.  Science is so serious now it has opened up a void.  It is natural for the spirtual to fill the void.  Spirtual tools are different tools.  If you use scientific tools spiritually then you get scientism.  You end up with nonsense and this is what is all around us today.

In energy shift’s “World-Out-Of-Balance” JJ shows you the Maya reflection on this story.  I did not do this post to breakdown and critique JJ’s work.  That is not my expertise.  I felt something in his words and this I am telling you as a green shaman.  Read his work.  It is vital for you in this age of decline.

The Mayan insights were far more advanced than our scientific studies today in regard to the sacred.  This is because they had a proper physical and metaphysical balance.  Science is used to study the Maya and this is where JJ excels but to really understand Mayan wisdom a metaphysical approach is required too.  JJ also proposes this but rightfully declines to explain its mystery.  JJ has gone to this world physically and metaphysically.  This makes him both a shaman and a scholar.  Trust his wisdom.

Spirtual wisdom will be applied to scientism at some point.  Mayan stories tell us so.  As a green shaman I am telling you to go local in permaculture because nature already has this figured out.  Be natural like the birds.  Sing your own local song just as a bird does in its range.  Simply put, this age will be the age of family and tribe in their properly scaled villages.  The current age of states, citizens, and globalism is fading away.  Go forth in the innocence of a child and live as your nature already knows.   The deep metaphysical fractals of spirtual meaning are now unfolding.

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