REAL Green Conservation

I am appalled when I take out the trash.  I imagine this trash as it builds up in landfills.  I see the leachate entering the sacred water table.  I am disgusted with myself.  I drive my vehicles to get stuff at grotesque places that offer me so many enjoyments and capabilities.  So many choices my head spins.  So many possibilities.  I use machines on the farm to manipulate nature because nature is no longer allowed to be itself.  I do these things because I am human in the Anthropocene.  I have no choice.  I am trapped.  Forgive me I am human.

I am under no illusion what I am doing makes a difference in the bigger picture.  Most people I interact with are not concerned with conservation.  They know it is a good thing but they don’t live it like I do.  Even the mainstream green sites I visit the understanding of what real conservation values should be are low.  Conservation in this world today is a token item.  Instead, there are green tech lies and social justice hype of detoured identity politics environmentalism.  Instead of actual conservation we get the warped arrogance that comes with affluence.  This arrogance is “not in my backyard” or the hypocrisy of conservation with preaching conservation but not doing it.  John Kerry is a fine example flying a private jet to a climate function! 

This long discussion is not worth reading for many of you.  This is especially true for those who are trapped in cities working long hours with little time left for much.  I do not want to be self-righteous about conservation.  My reasons for being an obsessive conservationist are for green prepping reasons not identity purposes.  I do not care how I appear to others as much as I care about my local of people and place.   Their health is my paramount concern.  I have a deep environmental spirituality but a realistic and relative one.  If you are not passionate about the earth and its creatures then move on.  If you don’t feel impending doom then move on.  These many pages of conservation reflection are just a waste of time because the bigger picture is lost anyway.  Yes, nothing you can do will alter the bigger picture of a declining world.

On the other hand, if conservation is a deeply felt life ethic, then read what I am posting.  I am not saying this is what you should do.  What I am saying is why you should do something.  I am showing you why for self-preservation and altruistic reasons.  Even if millions do as I do the effort at lower ecological footprints just gets sucked up into the growth impulse of civilization so don’t expect planet wide results.  My effort is not that great compared to someone who has gone completely TRUE Green into off-line life without the grid and store-bought stuff.  A person with no car living away from an urban area.  This type of person is the true conservationist.

Downcycling is a term applied to conservation efforts that actually result in less conservation.  This is similar to the diminishing returns of tech applied to problems that just create bigger problems.  Downcycling is when diminishing returns turn a green effort into a dirtier effort.  This is also psychological with attitudes of righteousness and indignation.  Hypocritical, arrogant and condescending attitudes abound in those who continue to live dirty lives of affluence while criticizing the poor uneducated masses for their smaller footprints that just happen to be more fossil fuel dependent.  The affluent green in his McMansion with solar pannels, a power wall, and two Teslas calls the joe six pack with his pickup a dirty deplorable.  The reality is actually the affluent green has a larger footprint if you breakdown the lifestyle.

This downcycling is self-organizing in the system itself as it tries to improve efficiencies with the net result of more consumption.   Decoupling is a fancy misdirection play by the academic green.  There is no decoupling in today’s world.  Carbon taxes are a joke for corporations to offload their dirty laundry with loopholes a truck could drive through.  The reality of economic savings is they are just reinvested not sequestered in the system as a whole.  Offsetting is often talked about which is just transferring consumption elsewhere.  The elites and woke corporations like Google love offset talk because they utilize hypocrisy in misdirection corporate ESGs.  Many times, new technology offers marginal benefit when you look at full lifecycle cost.  There is the mothballing of an existing technology before its useful life is used up to lower this marginal benefit even more.  Downcycling is rampant in the corporate world.

Society is growth based both overtly and covertly.  This is self-organizing and policy.  This means system rehabilitation is futile.  The greater the real conservation effort the more moral hazard of phony policy and lies.  Net zero is a lie in affluent nations.  Real net zero is not even possible in poverty.  It is only possible with small populations in semi-nomadic hunter gather populations where humans take on a niche in a greater ecosystem.  Even at this level humans are disrupters.  Ecosystems need disruptors to punctuate complex ecosystems with succession.  Succession is necessary for adaptation.  Adaptation of an ecosystem is evolution to the brutal geologic change the planet evolves with.  When disrupters go into overshoot is when the ecological problems become destructive.

My conservation approach is different because my attitude is embracing failure to begin with.  In this case of failure, it is a humanistic failure.  From the point of view of the planet humans are just doing what life does.  If you are an arrogant humanist then you say things like “We need to save the planet”.  The planet does not need saving.  It does what it does and you are only a part of it.  When you arrogantly say that it is from a humanistic point of view where you want to save a human planet.  Really you are saying I want to save civilization with a nice environment to visit in your Tesla.  We want natural beauty which is natural.  We want a cornucopia of a rich ecosystem.  The problems with humans are they want this and they want their own affluence.  Just the act of saying you want to save the planet means you are out of proper scale.

Nothing this civilization can do can avoid its nature and nurture.  It is carbon and affluence trapped with behaviors and the equipment.   It utilizes these in path dependency of built out infrastructure and learned behavior.  I skip over anger, bargaining, and depression right to acceptance.  This way I am embracing honesty first.  Not America first or build back better just failure.  The truth is always found in honesty.  Nobel lies are still lies.  Bargaining is still an attempt to hang on to something that is suffering consequences.  I accept that this system will be made greener by the planet enforcing the physics of planetary efficiency not the policy of growth-based efficiency.  The planet will force smaller footprints through less affluence.  No amount of human effort will change this so modern green policy is a lie.  At least browns are honest about not caring or not believing the science.  Greens just lie about it.

Now, where green policy can shine is locally with people in acceptance of the reality of a failed civilization.  Here people can practice green prepping.  Green prepping is based in localism with relative and realistic applications of green behavior and lifestyles.  Low carbon capture of permaculture is embraced.  Conservation activities of smaller footprints are embraced not because this will save the planet and civilization but because it is more survivable.  Civilization is doomed so quit trying to save something that is doomed. 

This denial is at the highest level and when society embraces this idea it is in a codependency of all in a maladapted narrative.  This is where hospice care comes in.  Anyone who has had a loved one die in hospice will understand this process.  The effort at saving the life turns to making death more dignified and less painful.  This hospice care is needed today to seek dignity for a process that is going to be undignified.  Becoming poorer and being forced into serfdom is not going to be accepted easily.  Keep in mind this is not a feudal lord forcing this it will be the planet.  Feudal lords are going to pop up because the elites will naturally take positions of power but this will be a vastly different world by then.  Extinction is possible too 

Having a lifeboat is the idea behind this survivability.  Green prepping is more survivable and this equates to a win-win locally because despite the destructive nature of civilization in the human forced Anthropocene you in your local can proactively renew and restore.  You can be a microclime of constructive growth within an overall new epoch of destructive decline.  This also means using this a destructive civilization as a tool of restoration and renewal locally.  This is why it is important to understand that REAL Green harnesses the destructive forcing to renew and restore locals and by doing this makes them more resilient and sustainable. 

There is still low hanging fruit that can be drawn on to build up resilience and suitability but time is running out.  This process takes a decade to complete.  The attitudes can change overnight but the building up takes a decade.  Unfortunately, attitudes are the problem and the potentially easiest part of the process but actually paradoxically the toughest part of the equation.  Once attitudes change there is an explosion of activity because meaning is unleashed. 

You will need to be dirty to get green which may sound counterintuitive.  You will need to build up things that are more survivable until a new reality sets in where a greener living is the physical requirement of a finite planet a new society will embrace.  Currently society is based on tech and growth.  Even mainstream greens want this.  Degrowthers only talk about a circular economy in a basic affluence.  Certain greens talk about radical change away from technology but they do not admit to the cost.  Read Derick Jensen and see how radical greens are also deceived.  They are right about the science but wrong that the solutions are anything more than a death to humanity of billions.  Few discuss this like REAL Green that says this is a paradigm shift of planet and civilization.  Decline and collpase is ahead regardless of what is done.  Prepare locally and embrace the wisdom of insecurity. 

Eventually enforced consequences will change society in crisis.  Beat the rush and start changing today.  This planet will dictate a greener world not fake green policy consumed in the noble lie that affluence can be made green.  You can’t green up population growth and increased consumption when limits are bumped up against.  All species are culled when they get to the point humans are at.  The problems with humans is the arrogance of humanism thinks we are different because of our knowledge and tech.  This just makes the process worse.  When you combine sustainable and development talk of the globalist technocrats, you get the worst of both worlds.  Leave this lie.  Go local and build up a permaculture homestead and practice spiritual permaculture of green prepping to beef up survivability.

What you will achieve might be marginally greener depending on how green your local is.  It may achieve a lot of green.  Yet, the point is there are no refuges and there is no green nirvana.  There are just locals engaged in life boat strategies and a hospice of honesty.  Be a green prepper and see a windfall of increased survivability in a time of decline and locally restore and renew a microcosm of a greener world that might actually be a seed bed a new human type can live and grow in once society as we know it has collpase.

REAL Green defined conservation is an adapted version.  Normally conservation is considered: “prevention of wasteful use of resources”.  REAL Green takes this a step forward with a focusing on localism and relative and realistic application of resource reducing efforts.  Conservation efforts are watered down when they get delocalized.  In many cases there is a downcycling.  If you are using more resources to conserve than what is being conserved then you are downcycling.  This is most apparent when transport, energy, or water gets involved.  Many times, this involves delocalization from movement out of the local or importation of goods or services into the local to increase conservation. 

Now, keep in mind REAL Green is realistic and relative in regards to the people and place.  The trap your local is in is the metric.  An important part of REAL Green is integration into your local of the alternative views of REAL Green.  You will often make a bigger REAL Green impact by practicing less conservation.  The reason for this is radical change will be rejected by your local of people and place.  Introduce conservation practices that can be absorbed by your local depending on its delocalization.

Downcycling is a well-known issue with such things as recycling.  The condition affects conservation as well.  In many cases this involves introducing high tech efficiency into your efforts.  For example, buying a new TV when your old one has plenty of useful life left.  The green establishment wants you to buy green things.  Fake green corporations want you to buy to increase their fake green bottom line.  Life cycle cost are key.  Transport and embedded cost of manufacturing often outweigh the mothballing of old less efficient technology with useful life.  If your current TV is old and inefficient and conservation is an important lifestyle for you then use the TV less. That is a minor example but keep this in mind with all you do.  Cars are a fine example of this downcycling of equipment mothballing for efficiency improvements.  It is a scam in many cases to make more profit by corporations and politicians.  Many times, it is how people justify another purchase.

Delocalization efforts are an important consideration.  If you understand the nature of EROI and ROI in regards to energy in nature and energy in human society.  If you understand energy return on energy invested and societies return on investment you will see the difficult choices you will face.  Energy is considered a constant in relation to a cost that is generally stable in ROI.  This energy const is often artificial because it is a market price not a physics cost.   If you understand this then you will see that the humans bottom line often does not correspond with natures.  Transport is one of the biggest factors.  Humans like to ignore transport costs as a variable beyond a narrow gas cost.  The upstream costs of all that goes into making transport available is rarely considered from a human economic point of view. 

This EROI and ROI issue with conservation is manifested with gathering energy locally which I call low carbon capture.  The movement of resources or the regulation of activity is impacted by delocalization.  A case of low carbon capture I engage in is utilizing firewood.  Move firewood very far and you have lost its benefits of net energy.  In regards to conservation if you need to drive 20 mi roundtrip to recycle aluminum then you likely used more energy then you were saving from an EROI point of view.  If you just consider ROI with a basic transport cost of MPG and not the EROI of the activity you may be deceived into thinking you have conserved something.  These are subtle issues but multiplied over a billion people decisions it is significant.  If you want to be green you must consider EROI.

In regards to your efforts to go local and reduce delocalization, in everyone’s case localization will be greener.  Society will always make the pitch that efficiency in centralization and economies of scale can magnify a greener policy.  The globalist technocrats love this line of thinking because it enhances their power.  This narrative does not take into account many factors influencing a REAL Green equation of EROI.  If you can influence all your decisions by the parameter of localization you will be greener.  Localism is decentralization.  If is leaving the grid and going offline mentality.  Remember greener is more prepped.  A green lifestyle of localism and conservation orientations is more resilient and sustainable.  There is always the outlier but in general in most cases this is true.  It is common sense and obvious to those like me that have made a life of this. 

Keep in mind the relative and realistic in this equation.  Which is the nature of your local.  Many locals can only be greened up so much.  Excessive efforts at conservation may reduce your success.  People do not want to be changed too much.  Many times, they actually react negatively.  Introducing conservation strategies may get these people to turn to less green efforts to be greener.  This involves trial and error too.  Sometimes you will not know how positive you are with EROI until you experiment.  R&D is wasteful many times because success is often not accomplished.  ROI is generally more apparent because it is much easier to see profit and loss in regards to alternatives at the level of human economics.  EROI is trickier because you are dealing with energy at the very basic level of planetary physics beyond civilizations concern with profitability. 

Know your local of people and place.  What you will be doing is a juggling of conservation activities that will be part of other activities.  This can be surreal and annoying so you really must care about green.  If you have no interest in green then don’t bother but this means survivability strategies don’t matter either.  You will do what is easy and comfortable.  I am not knocking this.  It is your life and in the bigger picture the trap is set with civilization in decline and failure.  Nothing you can do will change this much.  You will do what cost you the least and gives you the greatest benefits if you don’t care.  Your attitude may well be “I have to die anyway” or “it is what it is”.  This is a typical reaction of laziness, helplessness, and self-centeredness.  These people are the ones the whine the most when their life implodes.    

If you care about green, you will do what benefits your local of people and place.  You will do things that benefit the planet.  You will do things that make your local more survivable.  Yet, you must be realistic and relative because you live in the Anthropocene of human forcing.  Nature is reacting with instability and the results are going to be death by a thousand cuts.  In this world all you can do is balance your actions based upon a proper cost benefit analysis that is often just common sense and apparent.  The amount of time, money, and resources you have available is vital.  Don’t go bankrupt trying to be green but by the same token do not be wasteful when you don’t have to be. 

Let honesty dictate meaning because denial and codependence of a civilization heading for a train wreck is not very smart.  Meaning is the ultimate spiritual assets.  I am presenting a pathway for meaning and truth. Meaning with the reality of the cost and the cost benefit.  Be honest that you are dirty a priori because you are human in the Anthropocene.  Yet, realize you can make a difference for the planet and life in a small little niche where beauty and renewal can flourish.  The beauty of this is more than this renewal it is also the process of being more prepped for a crisis or collpase.  A strong community has a natural abstract human beauty.

Conservation is critical to REAL Green.  It is the basis of green but also prepping for crisis.  Crises will be the fundamental nature of this new age paradigm of a planet and civilization in decline.  Systematically this will involve all those qualities of what science calls chaos theory.  There is abandonment, dysfunction, and the irrational.  Keep in mind there is a special quality to chaos theory and that is a process within the nature chaos.  Sometimes we think of chaos is complete randomness but this is not the case.  Chaos is a turbulent process of an undoing in the process where growth unravels.  It does not have an equation but this does not mean it is pure randomness.  This is a chaotic process but with a physics.

These conditions of decline which are qualities of chaos are plainly on view these days.   Yet, a normal person because of the social narrative of problem solving with knowledge and technology gets lost in the distortions of the lie.  This process is now actually the problem and making decline worse in an accelerated way.  This unravelling is speeding up and compressing.  Civilization will not be able to adapt this narrative.  It is hard wired and trapped in a carbon trap with path dependencies of growth. 

The elites are now compressing the process through a technocratic governance with globalist goal seeking.  They are trying to micro manage this resistance to the decline process.  This is the reason for the compression.  The compression is juicing the system with new problems from a failed policy frame work of problem solving with more knowledge and tech.  This involves corruption and incompetence.  They are both related.  Corruption is the creeping of moral hazards of avoiding consequences.    Incompetence is failed applications of power.  This is always how civilizations fail so whining and moaning about this is also failure.  What has to be done is a management of this process locally.

Growth and increase affluence are a bed rock principal of all cultures.  As a REAL Green you will turn this on its head.  You will manage the destructive results of this new age.   The path dependencies of this failed way of growth with increased affluence can only be managed locally with strategies to use this destructive growth to leave it.   This forced decline on all levels is adapted by the local. 

All levels are in decline except spirituality.  Keep this in mind when the depression sets in because this is a depressing topic.  What you must try to gain in this depressing transformation is an optimism that comes with meaning.  A spiritual affluence of getting closer to the truth.  This really is all that matters for true human nature.  The truth is the greatest quest of a fully human person.  So REAL Green conservation is actually truth seeking in humility.  This does not mean knowledge for knowledge’s sake.  It means the wisdom of insecurity.   

This is an exercise in existential dualism that will be surreal and often painful.  It will be painful because of the choices you will need to make.  Many times, these choices will go contrary to the status quo view of what choices you should make.  This will involve cognitive dissonance but also REAL Green insight.  It is only by declining in place into a localism of people and place that a scaling is achieved to properly navigate all the issues. 

You are not going to transcend this conundrum but you will be able to manage with a wisdom of insecurity.  The wisdom of insecurity I speak of is a knowledge of what knowledge to keep and what to reject.  This rejection principal in humility is key to this new age of decline.  Normally we feel more secure with more things but the wisdom of insecurity turns this upside down.  Less things mean more security at least less status quo things.  Having the ability to say no and embrace less for more spiritual meaning is an art.   This will require science but also education of what science that is needed and what is actually making the problem worse.  Some science must be rejected and purged.

This then will require spiritual strength to face the tough decisions ahead.  This is the hospice aspect of what you are doing.  You will have to be ready to apply palliative care principals to those who do not understand.  This will be difficult because society’s narrative does not include doom and prep.  Doom is a fringe element of the narrative.  Doom is taboo in many circles.  Much of this is because the masses can’t handle the truth so they are given a noble lie. 

The problem today is the elites who are doing this noble lie are lying to themselves and are in denial.  These elites for the most part have no interest in a local of people in place.  Locals are where the serfs are and the serfs need to be managed is their thinking.  They are interested in wealth and power.  That is what they seek to maximize not conservation for the sake of conservation.  Conservation will be on your backs and strictly to increase their power and control.  Do not forget this compression from the elites who are forcing decline onto your backs while they expand their house of cards.  This is an existential Ponzi Scheme. 

Get out of this compression and find a good local to invest in then begin the decade long process of reorientating a local of people and place to the realities of the new paradigm.  You will be an imperfect vessel of truth but it will be on the right track.  You will have a beacon of truth to guide you.  This beacon is the planet itself and its web of life.  This is your immediate higher power of support.  If you follow this way the planet will support you because this is the way.  Orientating to the truth means the activity is supported by harmony with nature. 

You will struggle to find a local that is robust becuase so much delocalization and disruption has occurred with modern civilization.  Modern man is in overshoot of consumption and population so in most case finding places with low populations and consumption is advisable.  Cities are almost always bad but some people are trapped in them for employment, families and their estates.  Ideally going into this decline period, you will want to be near enough to a city to draw parasitically off its ability to supply your local constructive growth potential.  Your vessel is a permaculture homestead.   Your monestary of is your spiritual vessel of permaculture meaning.

P.S. go to the pages side of this blog for some of my conservation activities and behaviors.


Preface – I am working on an addition to the pages section of my blog covering my conservation strategies.  This is a practical tool.  I want to balance my preaching with some practical living advice.  I am not a writer so it can be difficult to follow my thoughts when I preach.  My lifestyle is my real manifestation of REAL Green.  My work on conservation strategies is going to take time because I need to evaluate and put to paper my activities and dispositions.  My post below is long but it ties together many aspects of decline and REAL Green.

Forward – I recommend you read a very important work by a dear friend of mine who is a great writer and researcher.  He is exceptionally versed on energy topics.  He is an expert on the ancient Maya knowledge of cycles.  We both are coming to the conclusion of the importance of spiritual adaptation to this current age of dislocations.  His post “The Light Along the Way” relates to what my comment covers in the sense of a cycle transition.  He explains this Maya’s insights which is helpful to understanding the deeper level of cycles both with the planet and human destiny.  Please read his post “The Lights Along the Way”

If you could attain immortality through technology, would you?

The “terminator” movie is art reflecting a reality of sorts these days.  The actualization of a type of immortality pursuit by the elites but even deeper the system itself is self-actualizing through the mechanization of technology and knowledge.  This merger is turning against life in subtle but dangerous ways and humans are being slow boiled into complacency.  The elites are flush with powerful resources for action because of the digitization of citizenship.  The global system is a powerful organisms created by a network of people and machines as a power multiplier.  Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  This is a worn-out expression but do not be deceived by its casual use.  What we are seeing today is a mechanization of this power impulse of people and machines merging.  This merging of biology and machines is transhumanism.  The worship of this power through science in transhumanism is scientism. 

This merger of man and machine will end in a fantastic end one day in the future.  Mechanization is a vicious process of life destroying activity.  It is a vortex sucking engine.   A growth of more power and capability is never satiated.  The elites have always sought an immortality but today the system itself is developing its own biological/machine programed intelligence into a digital immortality.  This is a systematic merging that is now self-organizing because of mechanization.  It is now beyond human control.  How well would you survive without your machines?  Most of us would starve without all those gadgets that support our daily life.  This dependence is now turning against humans and will likely destroy lives and life.

This merging of biology and machines in a quest for immortality by the elites few know about.  The elites are seeking absolute control through the great reset and woke globalism.  The masses must be subjugated to the purpose of supporting this quest.  This is a camouflaged policy to enslave the masses to the engine of woke globalism.  The irony of woke globalism is that it is a tool of enslavement.  It is a façade so many are identifying with to their eventually detriment.  Woke is actually racist but deeper a tool of division.  This is why you should now be concerned by all the lying and disinformation by the mainstream media.  These lies are more than the noble lies of our so-called betters but instead are the Marxist lies of the quest for absolute control.  Propaganda, spin, misinformation and coopting of mainstream media is the modus operandi of a totalitarian transhuman elite who are the priests of scientism. 

Many believe in the message that science will save us.  Who does not believe science has been a good for mankind?  Science now is corrupt.  It is now a lie.  This lie is the core platform of the uber elites’ global organizations through a technocratic control.  This is a global movement of domination primarily because of the degree of power tech offers the elites and the elite’s reaction to the converging of planetary dangers.  The elites will give their complete trust to tech and the networking of the centralization of power to preserve their wealth and power. 

Many of these elites are themselves deceived because in the end they are slaves too.  Many will likely lose their wealth and power as power concentrates in ever smaller circles.  This is the nature of corrupted power.  Keep in mind this is not some secret revelations.  This is what happens in a late-stage civilizations.  Ours is global and technocratic techno tyranny is the result.  Elites always bring down civilizations.  Technology when uncontrolled will destroys itself just as human power does.  Combine the two and you get what we have today which is more insidious then ever in human history.

To understand this situation, you must understand the nature of uncontrolled technology which is a mechanization of uncontrolled growth.  The elite are actually mechanizing themselves but thinking they will be the ones in control with freewill.  The reality is the systematic nature of technology and control through mechanization will consume them too.  This is eventual destruction because control mechanisms can’t control control mechanisms.  At some point activity get so compressed by efficiency and power a critical breakup occurs much like when a diesel engine runs away into self-destruction.

Mechanization destroys itself if left unchecked.  The quest for the secrets of the universe and ultimate control is an eventual paralysis.  Intelligence and its inevitable automation when allowed to proceed far enough leads to paralysis.  A condition of knowing what comes next will proceed the next step which leads to this paralysis.  This is a metaphysical paralysis.  It is grace that breaks this paralysis.  Grace is truth and truth can’t be controlled.  Grace is naturalness.  This is why tech will fail.   Tech seeks to have the truth not dwell with the truth.  Tech’s uncontrolled nature is to know the deepest meaning and control it for maximization of power.  Grace on the other hand is the naturalness of not letting your right hand now what your left is doing like when a body functions naturally. This is why nature is so powerful and tech vulnerable.

It is this naturalness that sparked life to begin with.  Inanimate animated naturally.  The reason mechanization will destroy itself is its unnatural control impulse.  Naturalness cannot be trusted with mechanization.  Nature enjoys nature and only nature can overcome nature is an old dictum of the Egyptians for good reason.  Geoengineering and genetic engineering will fail because they represent a human arrogance in relation to the naturalness of life.  Humans can’t control this power because they can’t control themselves.

This is important to you the individual now at this time in history.   Mechanization is now the final destructive cycle of civilization.  We went from agriculture to industrial to the digital revolution and finally now artificial intelligence.  All of this involved the mechanization of technology.  The Forcing of this arrogant humanism over human history.  This evolution of technological cycles has now caused a threshold change both with the planet and the abstract of human civilization.  This inevitable mechanization through technology worship has tipped an earth epoch.  Technology is now the terminator. 

You the individual if awakened to this can find constructive growth opportunity of physical restoration and spiritual renewal in those places where tech is not dominant.  In fact, the spiritual renewal is the most important aspect of this new world you will be journeying to if awakened.  This spiritual renewal is the rejection of scientism instead with a faith in nature.  This includes your higher power of your spirituality and or religion.  What this means if you are a Catholic just for example is understanding scientism has coopted the Catholic church.  It is similar with other mainstream traditions.  In fact, all of human is being corrupted by this mechanization through scientism.

Scientism’s mechanization is diametrically opposed to spirituality.   They are pole opposites.  Science and spirituality must remain separate.  This is a key condition of man’s duality.  The ego in its quest to know the truth through deduction in the scientific process separates itself.  Spirituality is man’s quest to connect to the whole of life where meaning and truth is inclusive.  You can’t break down the truth in analysis and be part of it at a point.  Limits kick in.  Science is an effort to know that leads to separation because it breaks apart for inspection.  Spirituality is an effort at connecting with faith and feeling.  Science does not mesh with faith and feeling.

Mechanization is when the scientific process goes malignant.  Wisdom finds a proper places for man’s natural dualistic state of self-consciousness for a proper balance.  The inquisition was spirituality through religion running amok.  Currently the mechanization of technology is entering the death impulse where efforts at problem solving become the problem itself.  This age of technology is ultimately the final age our late-stage civilization.  It is the age of death.

REAL Green is an adaptive individual behavior confronting this existential dysfunction of late-stage civilization.  This is important to clarify.  This dysfunction is destructive and now is shaping the human era of the Anthropocene.  Humans are forcing the planet into abrupt change along all planes and in abstraction with the human metaphysical realm of rationalism.  Rationalism is now corrupted by moral hazard of lies.   Lies are a tool of control.  Sometimes they are called noble but lies are never noble because they breed lies.  Technology is driving the lies because absolute power requires lies. 

At some point lies are required because failure can’t be accepted by arrogant humanism.  Admitting failure is then the death nell of civilization’s narrative of the success of its power.   This is the reason civilization is now based on lies like renewable energy and artificial intelligence as the next revolution.  Civilization is already failed but the narrative is desperate to admit this.  In fact, the narrative is itself deceived.  Few will admit failure mainstream.  In fact, it is forbidden. 

Humility comes from the acceptance that the truth is beyond attainment and control.  Humility destroys technologies power of control by the implementation of restrictions found in proper wisdom.  Wisdom is knowing what knowledge to use and what to reject.  It is about limits and acceptance of consequences for failure.  Technology is about breaking through limits into a world where substitution is always possible once limits are bumped up against.  Uncontrolled Technology is arrogance and pure destructiveness.

Technology is a revolutionary human activity.  It is now religious with the transhumanism of scientism.  Scientism is the worship of knowledge for knowledges sake.  Technology flows from this arrogance.  We want to know the secrets of everything without restrictions or consequences.  Transhumanism is the incorporation of technology into biology so what we now have is a merging of mechanistic features with living biology.  Actually, the car cult culture and the digital lives we live are the preamble and the enabler of this process.  Delocalization is the result.  This is where humans lost scale and broke our proper relationship with nature.  This is by definition a cancer.  Arrogant humanism is malignancy.

The industrial revolution accelerated the dysfunction of humanism.  There is now a raw arrogance of humanism even with greens.  Greens are supposed to be earth friendly but much of the green movement now is committed to covering the earth in renewable energy machines.  We glorify dirty cities as the place where a green nirvana can be realized.  Cities cannot be made green.  Cities are a manifestation of both the arrogance and the dysfunction of humanism.  If you live in one you would be wise to leave them because they have no future.

Back to technology and its revolutionary tendency.  This quote is most telling:

“Intelligence and rationalism are not in themselves revolutionary. But technical thinking is foreign to all social traditions: the machine has no tradition. One of Karl Marx’s seminal sociological discoveries is that technology is the true revolutionary principle, beside which all revolutions based on natural law are antiquated forms of recreation. A society built exclusively on progressive technology would thus be nothing but revolutionary; but it would soon destroy itself and its technology.”

– Carl Schmitt

Take this to hart because this is what is driving our destruction and the only way it will end is when it ends itself.  Technology is now approaching the point where diminishing returns goes nonlinear into an inflection point where problem solving becomes the problem.  Time is speeding up because the cycle is compressing with the uncontrollable urge to ever greater power and efficiency.  We are in or near this point of rupture in multiple areas of civilization and the planetary system.  When the summation of the negative feedbacks from these problem-solving “problems” reaches a breaking point civilization will end.  When civilization ends the mechanization of technology ends. 

This drive of substitution when limits are encountered is a denial of limits.  It is the application of constant disruptive change that frays the fabric of life where stability is required.  The trajectory of this substitution is the lie of humanism and the reason humanism now is considering transhumanism.  Humanism can no longer be trusted.  The Irrational is found in that zone in the dualism of humanism where the ego dwells in all its nakedness.  A balance of spirituality and our scientific impulse in humanism must be found or extremes occur on either side.

The key component to spirituality in this sea of meaninglessness is the basis of a wisdom of insecurity.  Wisdom is about choices and consequences.   Human wisdom is being altered by knowledge and tech for the sake of more knowledge and tech.  A proper wisdom seeks less instead of more.  Affluence has been the result of this surge of technology and knowledge.  This is why the consequences have been ignored.  The pleasure of affluence is so great that sobriety faces an impossible task.  Now we are approaching or at the diminishing returns of these humanistic activities and downscaling is resulting.  Downscaling is the destructive activity of problem solving creating new problems.  

This is now a revolution that is forcing destructive change on humans and the web of life alike.  The result is planetary forcing that is affecting habitability.  Habitability is increasingly being degraded in localized ecosystem failure with overall ecosystem decline.  Nature is resilient but to a point.  When threasholds of a summation of failures builds to a point they will bifurcate the planetary ecosystem.  This forcing is cascading to a point where the abrupt change creates altered states with vital planetary systems.  Human civilization requires stability.  Tech will seek to impose its stability through mechanization and automation but the planet will not be mechanized or automatized.  The planet will make man honor his consequences because this is naturalness in action.

Planetary systems are now reacting with negative feedbacks.   The very stability that allowed human technological growth is in abrupt decline.  The hydrologic, nutrient, geologic, and carbon cycles are all in dangerous extension from threasholds of balance.  Life systems harness all of them to form complex ecosystems so the planets life system itself is now in a process of rapid and abrupt change. These systems are being forced by human activity and population levels with technology supporting these human excesses.

This means a new complex life ecosystem is in the making but first the death of the current one is in process hence the labeling of this age as the age of death.  The stability of the Holocene is tipping over into the destabilized Anthropocene.  These destabilizations happened periodically on planet earth and represent major extinction/evolution periods.  Unfortunately for us mortal humans these periods are over thousands and millions of years when a rebirth occurs.

The adaptation I propose to you is REAL Green living of green prepping to adapt to this age of death.  This includes a permaculture spiritualism which is a mental green prepping.  The wisdom of insecurity is the basis of green prepping.  This wisdom seeks to embrace the awakening to this period of destructive change across all plane’s humans dwell in.  This wisdom of insecurity asks you to embrace the destructive change and allow it to transform you into action.  This is the psychology of optimistic pessimism.  It involves the green prepping of life boat strategies and the hospice of palliative care for both the land and people of your local.  This involves your own personal scaling of human intelligence and the inevitable use of technology.  Scale is all important to this wisdom and the only proper scale for humans is significantly local.  The more local the better should be your orientation.  This includes spirituality.

A local is a place where you can walk to.  It is a place where knowledge is scaled to where you can apply wisdom properly.  Today it is most of all a boundary to delocalization.  A REAL Green adaptation adds to localization strategies a triage and a hybridization.  Part of your REAL Green adaptation is recognizing the Anthropocene’s delocalization for what it is and that is a new earth period with a new ecosystem.  This is a period of high human population connected in a digital and economic web.  Excesses of technology in delocalization is tipping over this age.  As an individual in your local you will live and survive in this delocalized ecosystem.  Your efforts will be localization as a way to find a niche of constructive growth in a complex ecosystem breakdown.  You will live the opposite of what the techno age of scientism is proposing.  You will embrace permaculture spiritualism to enhance your higher power of meaning.

This is quite important and the reason you will live in the surreal if you seek this adaptation.  In fact, if you experience the surreal daily then you are on the right track.  The extent of your delocalization is the clay you work with.  You’re awakening to the destructive nature of the Anthropocene with its tipping over into decline of everything has one variable that is not in decline.  There is growth potential with spirituality.  This is a fundamental change from the age of human growth which was represented by increasing meaninglessness from the uncontrolled pursuit of knowledge.

This spirituality is based on the wisdom of insecurity.  True wisdom is the wisdom of what knowledge to use and what not to use.  This wisdom has been destroyed at the top level of civilization with scientism and transhumanism.   This worship of technology is self-destructive.  Now more than ever a REAL Green adaptation of a local is required to triage out this delocalization.  This is a wisdom that seeks to the best of one’s ability adapt and embrace a more circular lifestyle with voluntary simplicity.  Decline in place and downsize with dignity.  Beat the rush to collpase with a personal manage collpase.   This is done within the driving forces of the Anthropocene of technological advancement of power and efficiency.  Use the Anthropocene power to leave it in a mental judo.

This will require a hybridization but also salvage.  The salvage is of the old ways that have been lost but the knowledge is still available because the modern world has stockpiled knowledge of all kinds and this includes knowledge from earlier times.  The knowledge is there but the lifestyles in many cases are gone.  So, the DNA is there but the nurture of education and applied lifestyles are gone.  The hybridization is the recognition that although technology and knowledge is destroying life a wonderful amount of valuable technology and knowledge is out there that can be applied to restore and enhance the old ways to create a very resilient and stable local.  This stability is relative because all locals are exposed to the destructive decline of the Anthropocene.  There are no refuges only lifeboats.

This transformation starts with acceptance of the arrogance of humanism running amok.  This tips over into a wisdom of insecurity of the understanding that tech will not save us and in fact is killing us.  This situation is going to collapse eventually because this is the nature of the mechanization of technology without control.  Even though you are awakened this will not save you except to save you from the lie.  Truth is where lies are not.  This wisdom of insecurity seeks to limit the mechanization with a proper scaling to a local where restoration and renewal is possible.  When a complex ecosystem breaks down new niches are opened up for growth with species adapted for new biomes.  Be that adapted species.

This may sound complex and obscure but it really draws on the common-sense humans have developed over the millennia of survival in a changing world.  Humans have a survival instinct so draw on this.  Humans have a common sense of things especially when they are not right locally.  Embrace these instincts.  This human and planetary crisis should be obvious if you trust your instincts and common sense.  You will feel insecurity even though civilization want you to think you are safe with safety nets of health care and income.  Society wants you to think problems will be overcome like climate change, pollution, and social ills with more science and technology.  This is why the narrative is a lie.

Embrace a wisdom of insecurity that seeks to find a proper range for scaling.  In this proper range is your people and place.  Here practice a wisdom of insecurity that seeks to reduce the knowledge and technology overload of delocalization.   Focus on the human basics of food, energy, and resources for shelter.  Get back to the basics of low carbon capture.  First find a good local if you have the opportunity.  In all cases cities are bad but cities are where the power and wealth are concentrated so you will likely have a local that is within a range of this concentrated delocalization.  Find a zone far enough away from this danger zone cities represent.

Low carbon capture is the key.  This is finding good water, good soil, and habitable climate.  From here low carbon capture is using local resources to feed, cloth, and build shelters.  Of course, we are in the delocalized Anthropocene so adapting the greatly reduced ability of a local to produce quality low carbon capture is a struggle.   Seek to be like our ancestors but relatively and realistically in this new age of destructive change.   This is where the triage, salvage, and hybridization come in.  This is where monocultures, transport extremes, and digital dislocations are throttled down.  Localism is this throttling. 

More local is greener so you are connecting to nature which is a spiritual windfall.  This is a key spiritual asset where the truth is found by living not in science but instead in permaculture.  You will have to live in both worlds but with a focus on reducing your exposure to the delocalized world of humanism run amok towards of local with a planetary connection.

This becomes a spiritual exercise because you will constantly need to evaluate your local through your wisdom of insecurity with faith.   What to use and what to reject will focus your effort to restore and renew the local you chose to inhabit.  The degree of delocalization is your own personal trap.  I call this a trap because traps are limits.  This is a finite planet.  These limits are with people and they are with place.  People and the society they have in place but also the dirt you live on.  You will have to develop your own unique wisdom of insecurity to deal with this.  This is where the wisdom of insecurity becomes personally focused.  Your soul is the ultimate local.

This breakout is grace destroying the mechanization.   Grace is realized by approaching the sacred in humility.  The sacred is uncontrolled and unknown.   Truth places you in proper scale when approached in humility.  This condition of humility is letting go.   Grace will set you free of the viciousness of mechanization.   It is best you find smaller scales with local ranges because it is here proper meaning can be found. 

Meaning is the spiritual asset that will power you through the existential angst of the lonely isolate ego adrift in an age of meaninglessness.  The naturalism of a properly scaled human is grace.  This will be what breaks your isolated soul out of the meaninglessness of the mechanization of modern life.  It is meaning that will offset your decline in comforts and affluence that is baked into this technological period of decline.

Is It Worth It?

REAL Green is about adaptation.  This adaptation is both physical with tech and metaphysical with psychology and spirituality.  The key to adaptation is a metaphysical orientation as the basis.  This is the psychology of a rejection of the social narrative of growth, affluence, and optimistic humanism replaced with existential pessimism.  This existential angst allows spirituality meaning from acceptance.  This acceptance then allows an application of optimistic meaning.  This is a transformative lifestyle of green prepping.  Importantly this is an add on to your existing higher power.  Atheist and agnostics should entertain this spirituality too.  The realm of Spirituality is that which is beyond your ego.  If you entertain the “why” of it all then you are a candidate.  If you have the feeling of a process and a system to existence then you are delving in the spiritual.

This is not religion this is an add on.  An add is the clothing of your being.  In this case it is your shoes because you will be on a journey.   The physical adaptation with tech and knowledge is easy enough to learn.  It is available from existing sources and in today’s digital age so much knowledge is at your fingertips.  As an add on to your existing self the application of this huge amount of knowledge and tech depends on your education, financial position, and time constraints.  This is your own unique nature and nurture.  Leave the world of what you are told is right and wrong and turn inward to your own meaning in your soul. 

This is a decade long process of a reshaped world.  Small physical adaptation can be achieved by anyone immediately though.  You can get an orange belt with little effort.  To get a black belt takes years.  A GREEN belt is attainment.  Attainment is humility.  This humility is spiritually and psychologically your measure in a connectivity with the planet and its life force.  This must be in a balance with your human world of community and greater world that is society.  You either have it or don’t or should I say you have it and don’t.  If you have it then this is a lifelong adaptation.  You don’t have it because you can never have the truth but only approach it.

Before you embark on this journey you must preform a personal cost benefit analysis both physically in regards to the physical investment but also in regards to your higher power.  This is very important because some of you should not do this adaptation because your local of people and place and the local of your soul.  This is a rigorous process that is disruptive.  This is an expensive process of physical change. 

I feel this adaptation is worth it for all in regards to a minimum of a personal cost benefit analysis.  It is likely worth it to do some minor green prepping.  Prepping is a wise thing to do.  The basics of prepping are easy to find out.  There are many sites that focus on lists of dos and don’ts.  I highly recommend some prepping in this age of decline.  The green part is worth a look at because in this age of emptiness there is immediate connectivity with natural beauty.  Doing some gardening and natural restoration is a rewarding undertaking.  Appreciating nature with acts of kindness instead of negligent destructive behavior is spiritually rewarding.  This adaptation is practicing basic good citizenry of society and the planet.  There are no miracles here because life is miracle enough.  Stop looking for special powers because the power is both minute and complete.

If you want to get serious about this way of life then becomes a REAL Green monk.   The teacher is the life force within the planet and web of life.  If you choose to be a REAL Green monk you must embrace radical change.  The key to REAL Green is the relative and realistic approach of this radical change.  This is where it differs from other spiritual traditions.  The radical of REAL Green is the relative and realistic approach within as an add on to your existing higher power of meaning.  Acceptance of death on all levels is radical.   This is the key because decline is death but death is also the soil for life.

How outward you are with the radical adaptation is dependent on your people and place.  REAL Green is deeply local so get out of your layers of being and go directly to being naked and alone.  No local is the same but many are similar.  You first must know your local and determine what change is possible.  Many have no local.  Many are lost and wander from place to place, person to person, and religion to religion.  Many feel unhappiness where they live and the people that inhabit their lives.  This is a prime indication you need adaptation but keep in mind you are trapped.  This trap is the limit of your adaptation.  Many are dependents without ability to be a leader.  This adaptation is about leadership in your local of people and place.

So first know yourself and your local of people and place.  Once you come to the key prerequisite of REAL Green of acceptance of this change over to the epoch decline then you must know your range.  Your range is your scale.  It is no different than an animal.  Humans are divorced from our place in nature so determining your range includes reintegrating your animal nature.  Get out of the traditional arrogance of humanism of man and nature as separate and start seeing your place in nature.  Your local is where your scale is.  Your range is your local.  Remain in your range so you can properly adapt with constructive growth.  Delocalization is your enemy but also the clay you will have to work with.

If you accept decline as the current dawning of a new epoch and you have done deep reflection on your range and scale then you must determine what is realistic and relative to your adaptation.  Since this is about a local of people and place the adaptation becomes more than you it becomes about them too.  The local of community is critical.  It is the body of Christ so to speak.  It is here your survival is critically linked.  This is why if you want to be a GREEN belt you must find the proper people and the place. 

You can only do your journey by leaving yourself.  At this point is where a value from your cost benefit analysis must be determined.  If you are significantly trapped then stay lite with your outward adaptation.  If your local are not adaptable and you can’t leave your people/place then don’t do it.  If your local of community and the land you inhabit is not adaptable then why risk the effort in time and resources for radical adaption.  You will turn radical if you embrace REAL Green but in wisdom not necessarily in action.  Much of what you participate in will be called into question by this wisdom but you will have to participate.  The age of decline requires this so the wisdom is an adaptive wisdom with surreal manifestations. 

Finally, if your psychology and spirituality are not up to it forget it.  This will be most rigorous with your higher power of meaning.  Your view of yourself and your view of your local of people/place will go through a surreal reflection that many will not be able to handle.  This is a calling into question everything you have been taught and much of the activity you have participated in.  Yet, in this radical psychological change there is the reward of meaning.

A GREEN Belt is going all the way into adaptation.  It is the highest level and also the lowest.  This means you will attain a spirituality that is high but you will embrace decline itself which is low.  So high is low which is a juxtaposition.  Much of your adaptation is surreal because you will face paradoxes and incongruous juxtapositions.  The value in this surreal of meaning is meaning itself.  The search for meaning is surreal because of the human condition of dualism.  If you do not experience surreal then you are not there. 

Meaning is a spiritual asset of the highest level.  It is meaning that comes with an honest approach to the truth within the imperfect vessel of your higher power worship.  So, a GREEN Belt is about the attainment of meaning.  This meaning will manifest itself in action.  You will be awakened and this awakening will transform you.  Keep in mind there is no transcendence except with spiritual experiences.  These spiritual experiences will be quick and powerful like a shock.  Transformation will open you up to this.

You will have vision quests because you will be untethered from a reality forced on you by the social narrative.  You will experience the transcendental for moments as you descend back into the mundane of the drudgery of living to die another day.  The key component of the awakening is the transformation of pessimism to a pessimist optimism.  This is a key to the worth of it.  It is a cracking of an atom so to speak in your soul but this will fall out.  You will not inhabit these places of immense energy for long because it is not meant to be.  This is a journey not the destination.

If you accept decline which is getting out of the denial of death then you will have pessimism.  Your ego will experience existential angst when honestly embracing decline.  There is no sugar-coating decline or death.  It is the ultimate challenge.  It is only facing death in all its forms that a transformation is obtained.  This will be a mystical experience of an inner journey.  This is akin to this beautiful prose:

“in the first degree the higher power enters into the soul and she turns inward. in the second she ascends above herself and is lifted up to the higher power. in the third the soul, lifted up to the higher power, passes over altogether into it.  in the fourth the soul goes forth on the higher power’s behalf and descends bellow”

So, you see this is a journey.  If the destination is what is important then REAL Green is not for you.  You will be faced with the surreal of meaning.  You will spend time and money on things that will not make sense from the point of view of the social narrative of affluence and growth.  You will be in a constant state of an inner journey moving in and out of meaning as fresh challenges are encountered.  Your mind and body making this journey will decay.  At some point if you are lucky enough to get old dementia will set in.  There will be very little left at some point.  All the things you built up will turn to dust.  The worth of this is journeying to death but in vigorous living.

For most people the adaptation of REAL Green is worth a look.  Some small REAL Green actions will be wise.  Green prepping is a good approach to increasing resilience and sustainability.  Discovering your local is another important activity.  Learning the destructiveness of delocalization and turning local is an important component to increased survivability.  Delocalization is both physical and metaphysical so learn your spiritual local too. 

Yet, if you want to embrace the wisdom of insecurity of the last step of a GREEN Belt then I will tell you, for most of you it is not worth it.  Many of you will not have the time, money, or the education to do a permaculture homestead with a monestary of knowledge that is the outward physical expression of the transformation.   This is an outfitting for a journey into the valley of death.  Most will not want to undertake these kinds of rigors.  Most want comforts from the mundane of survival.  If you want comfort then go elsewhere.  This is especially true of inner meaning because you will be asked to let go.  This is what insecurity is.

If you have the right stuff especially if you are young and unattached, I highly recommend this.  In fact, if you are young and unattached, I recommend going TRUE Green of off grid and directly immersed in nature.  It is likley someday you will return to REAL Green because this is where the people are.  It is exceedingly rare to find communities of TRUE Green.  This would be found in the natural world for example a tribe in the amazon or a group who have gone completely off grid in the simplicity of circular living.  This is man’s true nature not where civilization is.  Civilization is the destination and the destination is death.  Then life starts again.   For those of you like me who are now older you will be trapped in people and place.  You will be attached to making a living and paying bills.  This is where you go from TRUE Green to REAL Green. 

Actually, REAL Green is more demanding than TRUE Green.  TRUE Green is immediate spiritual satisfaction albeit with lower physical affluence.  REAL Green is spiritually challenging but generally with more affluence.  Affluence is the key trap of REAL Green and why you must be realistic and relative.  I wish I could go TRUE Green and I have at an earlier time but I did not know what it was at the time.  This happened to me in a spiritual experience.  This TRUE Green lasted for 40 days.  Then my family dragged me back into the real world in a psychosocially violent way.

So, in conclusion to my rambling world salad I would say REAL Green is worth it and this brings you to where you started.  This is deeply local of people, place, and especially your soul.  I cannot tell you if it is worth it.  This would not be my place.  In the big discussion above I was telling you my REAL Green not yours.  Keep this in mind.  I was talking about myself so disregard everything I said above and start your journey.  You have to get up in the morning and make your bed not me.  You will die alone.  I can’t make your bed or die for you.  Good luck on your journey.  4X4

Tao of Degrowth

I am a degrowther and a doomer but this is not what your first reaction indicates.  We are taught to be optimistic and so forth.  People loath pessimist and doomers.  People tire of people who cry wolf constantly.  This is what the doom movement has done for decades now.  There is some truth to this but there is also the reality of the slow boil.  A frog will slowly boil without realizing its fate.  Humans because of our short-termism and immediate gratification tendencies slow boil with periods of change.  Some of this is beneficial because it is the degree of shock and the duration that is the key variable of survivability so adapting slowly allows survivable change.

My doom approach is different.  I am a visionary of sorts in regards to the tipping over of an age.  This is academic and I have been studying this for decades now.  I have been living the response for over a decade.  I have digested the available science not as a specialist but as a generalist with some specialization.  I study all fields in general picking through them in relation to decline.  I specialize in energy and systems for my theoretical approach.  It is my assessment that a multifaceted tipping over is now at or near the peak point.  The tipping over is at or near where diminishing returns to technological efforts go non-liner into problem creation.  I see an extinction event for life systems with localized failure and general decline.  The planetary systems that support life is in abrupt change with climate but also the nutrient, carbon, and hydrologic cycles.  Finally, systematically, civilization is in a phase of degrading.

Decline is dominated by the element of chaos where turbulence increases.  With civilization this is chiefly abandonment, dysfunctional networks, and irrational narratives.  Growth happens generally on average slowly and methodically over many years but decline can happen rapidly.  In fact, often there are stair steps of rapid decline followed by a time when threasholds of stability are reached.  We are near or are in this stair step process now.  The dangerous aspect of this current time is the negative feedbacks from a convergence of multiple negatively influenced systems.  This is holistic.  It is a negative feedback paradigm.  Multiple smaller failures lead to a catastrophic failure.  This is seen when a plane crashes often times.  My surmise is that the current situation of multiple failures converging is still held in check systematically.  This could drag on for years plus the degree of failures and the duration of their effects are still allowing a slow boil adaptation.  Locally, failures will increase but the overall system may remain intact.   They key point you the individual needs to understand is a break to a much lower floor of stability is at hand even though the slow boil continues.  Time is of the essence now because it takes a decade to adapt properly.

My approach to degrowth and doom is different.   The typical judgement passed on doomers as nutter and crying wolf does not apply well to me.  I am well adapted and sober.  My approach is engagement of the slow boil and how to do manage it with optimism.  I am better prepped than most people and my local is relatively strong being rural and agricultural.  There is good water and wood to heat with.  Yet, it is not enough in a cascading failure.  I may or may not survive and that is just fate.  I do have assets to draw on so in this respect I have options that give me time to avoid immediate panic.  My approach is different mainly with behavior.  My doom approach is 80% attitudes and dispositions.  It is based on a realistic and relative response with a proper scaling towards what is more local.  This involves less delocalizing modern habits.  It involves an effort at the low carbon capture of food and energy.  It is not possible to live like our ancestors did but there are many of their ways that can fortify your local.  Strategies for food, water and shelter are critical.

This is primarily about living a wisdom of insecurity that draws on a wisdom of acceptance of macro decline and then orientates daily life towards that reality.  This orientation is only as much as one can.  The status quo narrative is the opposite of the acceptance of decline with growth and increased efficiency from technological improvements and knowledge building.  In effect you live a dual life of one foot in this status quo world of growth and the other in an individual local response to a new age of decline.  You are threading a needle here both physically but also mentally.  The surreal of both worlds takes proper grounding.  The way you find grounding is embracing the land and life.  You do that by being local and organic.  Urban areas and careers in delocalizing trades makes this approach very difficult so if you have any interest in what I speak about, I recommend you leave that world.  If you can’t then at least see through the facade if only enough to avoid the worst of it.

Since there is really no amount of prepping that will save you, there must be a humility of acceptance.  But this is only part of it.  The destination for all of us and all of our creations is death.  Mortality is a given for all.  My approach is about the journey.  The journey is life and it is this approach that allows an optimism within and dooming pessimism.  It is about finding a niche within the destructive period of change that allows constructive growth.  To achieve constructive growth where meaning and hope is found means proper people, place, and attitude.  It then becomes a journey with a life boat and a hospice of palliative care for the decline process.  Pain, suffering and death are the process.  The simple reality of this is getting out of the denial of death both personally and with the social narrative.  This does not mean a transcendence just a transformation to humility with acceptance.  This then translates into a sobriety that focuses on the fundamentals.  The fundamentals are local and with people.  This is tribe and family.  If you are Christian, it is the body of Christ.  Nothing new here just dust of traditions that have been neglected.

This involves a way of life that revolves around a wisdom of insecurity which seeks to triage out baggage of the status quo that is so easy to load up on.  This baggage is more than things it is also lifestyles.  It seeks a hybridization of the old ways with new.  This includes the best products and knowledge to leverage and turbo charge your efforts.   You have to understand localism and low carbon capture of harvesting and gathering of energy locally is a marginal return on efforts.  Your opportunity cost of making money with your time is much greater in the status quo.  The things you accumulate are low power but more robust.  These marginal efforts do not support modern lifestyles so in effect you must use both worlds as needed to maintain an inner and outer status quo.  Some can go off grid so to speak but most are trapped or engaged in this status quo because of family and career. 

Radical changes generally are costly in this situation so it requires a gradual and measured approach.  This is for those who can I want to stress.  For some of you there is no room for maneuver only understanding so I am appealing to those of you who have the right stuff to make this move. It is no fault of many who can’t.  I am humbly your servant in a sense because I have been gifted with this way of life.  It should be realized also many are self-absorbed selfish brats or psychopaths who only seek advancement.  Steer clear of these people who are as bad as choosing a poor local with low survivability.

If you would like meaning and have a feeling all is not quite right then this pessimist optimism of degrowth doom I am prescribing may be for you.  This requires a reorientation that focuses on how you can decline in place and downsize with dignity.  It is about beating the rush while good materials are still available to fortify your local that will in effect become your defensive position.  Since greener is more prepped you are also getting spiritual windfall of restoring and renewing the planet.  This is good for the people in you immediate local in respect to humanism.  It is academically good for you because it involves rationalism and seeks wisdom. 

This effort will ultimately be subject to failure but it is the effort itself that is life and it is this effort where meaning and enjoyment is found.  Things like animals, gardens, wood heat, hay making and local forage are my enjoyments.  This is also a toil.  It takes routine and mundane chores.   Hard uncomfortable work is a given.  Yet, the results are a satisfaction of occasionally reflecting with amazement on how much has been accomplished.  It is a struggle with real results that gives the ultimate value of meaning.  Meaning is getting closer to the truth.

For those of you who follow me I tend to ramble and much of my message is redundant.  Yet, it is a story and it evolves over time in response to my learning curve of experience but also the changing situation of this age tipping over into a new age of decline.  I have more or less achieved my prep portfolio and now I am tweaking to find the important details to make it easier for people like you who show interest.  I am also at peace with the land and the life process that is being forced and destroyed by human activity.  This is the way of an age so quit fighting it.  This peace comes primarily from the humility of acceptance.  Again, I have not transcended pain, suffering, and death.  I am embracing it as best I can in humility and with purpose.  This is with ups and downs.  I still have normal emotions.  It is just I have meaning to fall back on.

I leave you with a comment I made to a web site I follow daily.  I am an environmentalist and a degrowthers.  I live doom but an optimist one.  The challenges invigorate me and I have meaning.  This site is one of the best I have found for quality environmental news.  I sadly see the environmental movement going woke and techno green so I feel it important I mention my approach which finds both approaches as a detour and a hijacking.  Woke is based on an arrogance of humanism.  Woke is an elite capture hijacking for their wealth and power preservation.  The elites could give a damn about woke but it is useful to their ends.   Techno green is just more of the same of status quo growth.  Technology is mechanization that ultimately destroys itself.  Renewables are vital for resilience but not a transition to maintain modern life.  Modern life is ending.  Enjoy it while you can just as you enjoy life as you age until death. 

I do this blog and make comments to this site as my mental work out.  I also run several times a week.  I fast to strengthen my mind body.  So, this writing is not seeking notoriety.   My writing is more keeping my mind stronger.  Very few people follow me and I do not make an effort to have a following.  My purpose is relating my experiences of degrowth doom I call REAL Green.  My art is my permaculture homestead and the monestary of knowledge.  Everything I talk about is for you to use.  This is open source with no copywriting so to speak.  In fact, it is my hope somebody who can write and is smarter than me can take this to a higher level of accessibility.  My book is my permaculture homestead and my spirituality is REAL Green. 

If you read this and could care less that is not important to me.  I do not ask for donations.  I am speaking on behalf of the planet and life.  My writing is from them.  I am just the vessel.  All I have has been given to me and this will be taken in due time.  My homestead and monestary will be an interesting estate sale one day.  In this respect I am a green shaman living on the edge of society speaking spiritual truths.  I am an imperfect vessel and do not claim superiority.  I am just speaking on behalf of that which is superior.  That superiority is the planet and web of life.

If you have made it this far you may be interested in reading my comment on degrowth and the article from resilience dot com.  I leave you now.  Like the old Indian says “the barking dogs go to sleep”

Comment and article:

The systemness of complexity theory clearly show that the current system will not manage degrowth well in fact it will have cascading failures.  This means the degree of degrowth and the duration of the resulting systematic perturbation is a key compass point for degrowth policy application.  Individual degrowth policies will have to implement a means testing study first determining dangerous results.  The problem with this is the short term and long-term variables.  A manageable short term degrowth policy action may play out longer term in catastrophic ways.  This is most notable with food, water and shelter.  Curbing industrial agriculture is a risky venture but one that should be central to degrowth.  The modern food chain is very brittle to change.  This brittleness is in its brittle resilience.  Monocultures and value chains when combined with just-in-time transport supports all areas as a back stop.  There are now no famines in rich countries.  Remove that backstop and there is serious risk of areas of failure and its emergency support.

Is there the will to experiment with such dangerous outcomes?  I see no will in fact it is completely focused on cheaper food through further technological advancements and efficiency improvements.  A degrowth policy for the food system would need a complete redesign with elements from activities from pre-industrial times where food was produced locally with much more human and animal labor and greatly reduced industrial inputs.  This means a decade or more of massive changes with many more people being moved out of urban areas back to the land just to lay the foundation of this dramatic change.  The consequences of this means initially more growth not less.  A system that was in place was abandoned in favor of industrial agriculture.  This will have to be rebuilt ground up and not only physically but socially.  Instead, what would likely happen is what is typical of policy today and that is force change from the top so it forces change at the bottom.  This worked fine in the age of growth but now civilization is tipping over into decline.  Systemness of complexity shows this will result in dangerous abandonment, dysfunction, and irrational response because a new layer of resilience was not created pre-policy.

This point to the main point of this comment that is the nature of degrowth policy and what degrowthers need to focus on.  This article covers policy from the top which should be an academic study in what is not possible instead of offering approaches to policy.  The only degrowth policy will come from the grass roots and only in those places with the right ingredients for resilience to the effects of destructive change imposed by planetary decline.  There are very few places really because so much has been destroyed in growth.  This means proper degrowth policy stops all attempts at top-down approaches for economics and social change.  It instead focuses on tools and policy for locals of people and place to fortify.  This above all is behavioral because it will be meaning and the resulting courage of morale that will power these places with hope through the coming age of crisis.

Proper degrowth policy will go from a behavior-based acceptance of failure of civilization to a proactive local of regeneration and restoration albeit within an overall decline process that will be unavoidable.  Almost all locals are delocalized beyond a safe resilience and sustainability.  Even those very resilient and sustainable are threatened by neighbors who are not with migration and dangerous unraveling industrial processes like NUK and chemical plants.  The key ingredient is meaning in degrowth for reasons of resilience and sustainability within the context of a destructive period of decline.  Wise locations will start now when there are still resources to fortify and time for an indoctrination in the art of decline.  Yes, this is an art because it is about a spiritual response that results in concrete behavior reflective on a new way of living.  The Tao of Degrowth.  It is here that the keystone of a new human type results.  This new human type has one foot in the status quo and one in the new age of destructive change.

Currently all the knowledge and resources are available for sourcing.  There is adequate science for locating these nodes where constructive growth can dwell within an environment of destructive change.  What is missing is a doctrine.  More importantly it is a doctrine to add on to existing meaning for people.  Locals are unique and communities have specific systems of meaning.  Individuals have specific higher power worship.  What is needed is an add on to this because this is about behavior first that comes from a wisdom of degrowth.  Wisdom starts from a knowledge of what knowledge to pursue and what to reject.  In fact, in the age of decline triage and salvage are a key function in a humble wisdom of acceptance.  So, in conclusion a new degrowth academic response must be localized and with behavior and then restoration and renewal can begin.

Taking International Relations into the Degrowth Era

By Jack Ainsworth, originally published by

  • August 25, 2021

As a young movement, many of degrowth’s intellectual confrontations and practical obstacles are yet to come. As a normative concept with a broad scope of practical and analytical applications, we can reasonably expect degrowth to be challenged by various intellectual disciplines as its exposure increases. The challenge from the notoriously stuffy and conservative discipline of international relations is undoubtedly on the horizon; I wish to present some of the key takeaways from my own research from which we may begin to consider a degrowth-informed approach to international relations. Discussing this may provide answers to extremely valid critiques of degrowth and localism, like those of growth-minded globalists, who ask me “surely we are digging our own grave through degrowth, won’t China subsume us as we fall behind?”, or feminists and minority-rights activists asking, “how can we possibly protect the vulnerable without a centralised authority?”.

Traditional theories of international relations and Degrowth

International relations has always struggled to step outside of its traditional intellectual current. The clue rests in the name of the discipline itself; it has, for most of its history, been the scientific study of relationships between national, sovereign states.

The two most popular theories of international relations since its formal introduction into academia in the 20th century have been ‘realism’ and ‘liberalism’. Realism, simply put, sees relations between states as a zero-sum game. With the absence of a world government and a perceived scarcity of resources available for our survival, realism dictates that states attempt to accrue power and dominate over others in order to ensure their own survival. For realists, peace is merely an interlude to war. Their pessimistic view of human nature deems conflict as inevitable, with peace only being sustained temporarily when a so-called ‘balance of power’ produces a fragile restraint on violence. Liberalism, a slightly younger albeit equally influential theory of international relations, suggests that cooperation between states is possible by way of the mutual benefits gained from cooperation. Liberals praise economic interdependence as a peace mechanism, for in a thoroughly interconnected world, the war between economic partners becomes unprofitable. Liberals also put forward the somewhat dubious claim that democracies do not fight each other.

Three key problems emerged out of my research, which sought to approach these two traditionally hegemonic theories of international relations from a degrowth perspective.

Firstly, both approaches to international relations heavily rely on economic growth as a linchpin for their inner workings. For realists, economic growth is essential for the simple reason that wealth = power. Prominent real-liberal theorist Robert Gilpin suggests that “the pursuit of economic growth and the pursuit of power are indistinguishable”, for if we cannot grow our economy, we cannot maintain a competitive military. For liberals, continuous economic growth is essential to maintaining the economic interdependence necessary to keep the world peaceful. The tension here with degrowth thinking is somewhat self-explanatory, in a political economy of degrowth, economic growth as we know it must be abandoned in favour of a reduction of our material footprint and an eventual ‘steady-state economy.

Secondly, realism and liberalism make sweeping, a-historical assumptions about human nature and behaviour, which comes into conflict with degrowth’s general intellectual approach that institutions, social structures, behaviour and the economy itself are all products and constructions borne out of our current historical conditions. For realists, humans are naturally violent and our lust for power is an essential aspect of our species. Such an assumption follows the social-Darwinist model of human behaviour. For liberals, individuals possess a natural harmony of interests, in which it is assumed that the world is on a path towards global cosmopolitanism. Enlightenment values of reason, utilitarianism, liberty, secularism and progress are deemed destined to become the essential, universal aspects of global culture. Both views of human nature are problematic from a degrowth perspective, primarily in light of their universalising tendencies. Degrowth (and political ecology as a whole) values theoretical pluralism, sometimes termed a theoretical ‘pluriverse’, which takes the view that the homogenising Western development model is to blame for climate breakdown. A diverse array of cultural, political and economic models that are particular to certain cultures and biomes is required to reverse this path.

Finally, both traditional theories of international relations are reflecting on the modern nation-state, which for its functioning requires a highly efficient, centralised system to produce the scale of growth and complexity required to remain competitive in military and economic senses. Realism and liberalism both possess highly centralising tendencies, in which power is concentrated in the upper echelons of the state and the boardrooms of multinational corporations, and in which strict hierarchies ensure the optimal division of labour and an efficient production process. Degrowth imaginaries, on the other hand, require a radical decentralisation of economic and political power, through the shortening of supply chains and devolution of political power to foster a more direct democratic approach to politics.

These two theories of international relations are products of their time and historical conditions. The study of international politics has hitherto reflected the characteristics of the Western development model, one of perpetual war in pursuit of new commodity frontiers to fuel our insatiable desire for economic growth, compounded by the unwavering dominance of top-down patriarchal authority, and the historical hijacking of Christianity to thinly veil our chauvinism in a divinely ordained cloak.

Furthermore, international relations remains tightly bound to what Robert Cox calls ‘problem-solving theories’ of international relations, in which scholars observe our system, try to identify patterns, and attempt to predict how we may orient our actions to prevent these problems in the future. This approach sums up why many scholars deem international relations to have largely been a “failed intellectual project”. Therefore, we must re-orient the discipline towards a more active and interventionist approach, typified by the burgeoning ‘critical’ school of international relations. By interventionist, I mean that international relations must cease to be simply an analytical reflection on reality. Rather, we should seek to actively incorporate international relations into political praxis and shape it into a more desirable form with specific, liberatory objectives. Our economic and political architecture are both inventions, created by humans for certain objectives and the international political system is no exception to this rule. It is not like many would have you believe, subject to eternal laws or constrained by assumptions about human nature.

Unless the future takes a bizarre turn, and humanity is united in one country under the flag of ‘DegrowthTopia’, in which the only ‘enemy’ that remains is the extra-terrestrial, the puzzle of how we relate and interact with those beyond our borders and communities will remain. It would be ridiculous and dare I say negligent to assume that violence will simply disappear in a political economy of degrowth and that our nuclear arsenals will go up in a puff of smoke as soon as we begin to degrow. We must be theoretically and practically prepared to have these conversations about how best to protect ourselves and others in a decentralised future, for degrowth thinking has mostly avoided the topic until now.

International Relations and Degrowth: two proposals

I wish to offer two tentative proposals for considering a degrowth-informed approach to international relations. From a theoretical perspective, an appreciation of complexity is a sensible starting point. Complexity theory has its roots in systems theorising, put simply, it suggests that due to the unpredictability of all of the systems that construct our reality, one-size-fits-all approaches to controlling these systems are misguided. Dr Elizabeth Sawin notes that we continue to act as if the world is infinite, simple, and disconnected, thus making it easily controllable. The opposite is in fact true. The world is finite and connected in webs of mutual causality, most of the effects of which we cannot feasibly predict in the long term. The takeaway from this for thinking about international relations is simple: we must abandon dogmatic and totalising approaches to international relations and instead seek to understand, on a case-by-case basis, problems specific to certain contexts. Specific problems require specific solutions that are informed by local knowledge, contextual understanding, and an air of caution for the potential unforeseen future effects of our actions.

In a more practical sense, a convivial approach to the possession of the tools of violence may better help us consider defence and security in a political economy of degrowth. Arms adorn our military parade, reflecting the power of the beholder, our nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles represent what is supposedly required to defend ourselves from outside threats. When considering what defence will look like in a political economy of degrowth, two things must be considered: what tools do the political entities of a degrowth society require to protect themselves, and if they require less sophisticated tools than the ones that we currently possess, what should we do with the tools that we no longer need?

I suggest that in a decentralised society, in which power is transferred to the municipal level, certain defence mechanisms may be necessary in order to ensure the security of those living in each community. Arms, if their use continues into a degrowth paradigm, may be owned in common, as they are in Rojava, in which collective participation in policing and defence exists, with those defending their community being wholly answerable to each other and their community, rather than a higher authority. The defence of a municipality would theoretically require relatively modest tools, leaving the question of what to do with our weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) up for debate. The possibility of democratic ownership of nuclear weapons seems far-fetched even for the most fervent direct democrat. The mere existence of WMDs is a product of the centralisation of power, leading me to assume that a degrowth future would be hard to wed to a nuclearized world.

Continuing to introduce degrowth into various intellectual traditions is essential for its progression as a normative political economy theory. The ideas raised in this article are discussed in greater detail in my own research dissertation, which I hope will be one of many forays into a greater dialogue between international relations and degrowth.


“I got out all my pretty covers, baskets, books, etc., and tried to make it look home-like and comfortable, but this was hard to do. The little house looked so unattractive that we facetiously decided to call it Hardscrabble.”

– Julia Dent Grant

“hard-scrabble (adjective)involving hard work and struggle.”

The picture is Grant’s cabin and his attempt at 19th century homestead farming.

When you read this some of you may think I am whining.  So many people are suffering and locked in deprivation.  I respect and understand this.  This is not my intention.  My intention is to relate how hard it is to follow an alternative life that seeks to be more secure in localism.  This is about my internal struggle of meaning.  I am actually firmly middle class and happy with my affluence.  I am much better off then the 6BIL poor of the world struggling daily with food, water, and shelter.  The point of view I am making here is the battle with the status quo that is destroying human nature, the web of life, and forcing abrupt change in a stable planetary phase.  I am trying to use my affluence to reconnect to an early time of relative harmony.  I am not upset with my affluence in fact I am well off.  Now, keep in mind I could be rich but chose to be a degrowth doomer.  The result is a happy middle-class life with meaning.

When I talk to you about REAL Green, I make it the point to emphasize this is significantly behavioral as opposed to tech driven.  It is about behavior to manage knowledge and tech.  Yet, a behavior adaptation also relates to the management of feeling, attitudes, and common sense.  REAL Green is a difficult mental activity of juggling two worlds.  Man is gripped with a search for meaning.  Our daily lives in our local of people and place is more real than the outer world media blasts into our safe space daily but this is clouded and must be renewed.  The key point to this behavior is a wisdom of insecurity in response to an age tipping over into decline.  Your sense of self must be sorted out when you call into question the lies.

The social narrative will never change until the Baghdad moment when tanks are in the city center.  This is the nature of it so don’t get angry and frustrated.  Make an effort to distance yourself from the many lies of the status quo or suffer the consequences.  The consequences are a meaninglessness that occurs when all those beacons of meaning in the status quo fail.  They are failing now dramatically.  Instead begin your journey into this new age of decline.  Be prepared for a struggle.  The struggle will be as much internal as external.  The struggle is the path to meaning.  Here truth to power occurs.  The spiritual asset of meaning will offset the coming decline in affluence of comforts and things.

This internal reconciliation is the reconciliation of the absurdities of this decline trap.  It significantly involves reconciliation of the dissonance of the absurdities of required dualistic solutions.  On the one hand you will be drawn to succeed in the status quo of growth by playing the growth game.  These path dependencies incudes all those seductive dopamine activities of consumerism and leisure.  You feel safe and secure so you indulge in material and physical satisfactions.  On the other hand, there is the sobering task of increasing sustainability and resilience of existential survival in the real world.  These activities are efforts and struggles against a narrative telling you safety and pleasure are assured if you play its game.

Permaculture localism does not pencil out economically.  If you believe in permaculture localism you will be embracing increased poverty.  You will have to invest in things and do activities that do not create a return that will cover the opportunity cost of the investment.  What I mean is you will invest in things that could otherwise bring greater profit.  Green activity is not profitable in the sense of ROI (return on investment) but it is very profitable in the sense of EROI (energy return on energy invested.  EROI is simply the energy a fox expends to catch a rabbit.  ROI is money invested to achieve a profitable return.  This is mostly abstract and often does not relate to the real world of survival. 

The modern green solutions out there of net zero and decoupling from the destructiveness of affluence are lies.  TRUE Green is embracing a lower affluence quantitatively not theoretically.  Affluence is the reason man is at the brink.  Affluence includes population not just consumption.  A poor location with too many people is still an affluence of sorts.  Most importantly it is the nature of life to avoid discomforts in favor of comforts.  Where this instinct of life becomes delusional is with humans and their oversized frontal cortex where we construct and abstract world.  This place of abstraction n our mind must have the checks and balances of wisdom.  This place of abstraction allows for creativity but also destructiveness.  This has to be controlled in the sense of remaining scaled to the real reality not the reality of the status quo.

The other issue is green and brown.  TRUE Green mean you will do things that make room for the health of the planet and the web of life in a greatly reduced footprint.  The status quo will force you to make brown decisions or FAKE Green decisions.  These revolve around delocalization and more importantly the car culture.  Just because you are in a city and walk and bike ride does not get you off the hook.  Cities are completely brown because they cannot sustain themselves.  They extract and import so if you live there as a green, you are provided for with brown extractions. 

This green and brown tension is very important even for those of you who do not care about green issues.  This is because what is green is more prepped.  Localism and permaculture will make you more survivable so even if it does not pencil out with the status quo it is highly beneficial in relation to the tipping point of decline we are now facing.  So, choosing comforts and profit in the status quo will mean you are significantly exposed to a cascading failure or even a slow boil of decline.  Having stable food, water, and shelter has no price, it is pure existential value.

I speak to you about hard-scrabble because it goes to the heart of what I am doing.  Ulysses S Grant coined the word for me.  I am a voracious reader of history because your history is a defining attribute of your local.  Look back at least 120 years and determine what worked in your local because that is likely where we are heading.  Grant left the military in the 1850’s.  He took his wife from a wealthy background and started his own farm near his father-in-law’s large affluent farm.  Grant made a home and farm in what I would call 19th century permaculture. 

Their farm was called “hard-scrabble” because even in the 19th century these efforts when compared to the luxury of the then budding industrial revolution was a struggle.  The explosion of growth was the budding of a new age so Grant left after only a few years.  At this time in history brown became the tipping point.  Industrialization of tech and knowledge was at this time the new paradigm but now this arrogance of humanism is in reversal.  This is why hard-scabble is the name of the game.

I come from a wealthy family.  I could have chosen comfort instead of hard-scrabble.  I chose a struggle instead but one of meaning for me.  Keep in mind I am humbly grateful for my opportunity.  Many do not have the time, money, and or experience to do what I am doing.  Many who are doing this in different aspects have far fewer resources and opportunities.  There are those who are doing permaculture localism that blows me away in achievements.  Yet, this is not about others as much as about me.  It is about my nature and nurture being applied to my local of people and place.  This is about my struggle to be greener and live in the absurdity of a dualism of green and brown.  It is about the inconsistencies of permaculture localism and the status quo of profit and comforts.

I struggle with the absurdities constantly even more than the comforts.  Keep in mind I am REAL Green which means relative and realistic.  This is what I call “Moss” which is the color you get when you mix green and brown.  I have plenty of comforts.  My life is filled with vigor from doing what I find meaning in.  Where my struggle develop is with the inconsistencies of living in both worlds honestly.  Investments made and activities undertaken that do not pencil out are disconcerting.  Seeing my labor applied unprofitably when a huge opportunity cost of greater returns is apparent. 

Investments made in infrastructure that does not compare to the status quo version.  Wood heat system, solar, and insulation strategies are much more expensive and lower return than just doing it the easy status quo way of throwing power at it or building bigger and cheaper.  Short term advancement ignoring longer term value.  For example, my recent appraisal on my REAL Green homestead for a refi mortgage spells out the status quo.  A normal person would see a nice home, barns, solar, wood boiler, and 23 acres.  I have 80 acres but for a good appraisal I divided it up as 57 acres and 23 and a home.  My alternative energy systems and Amish barn added little to no value but a big swimming pool would have.  To me that reflects the absurdity of the status quo.

I struggle with the daily grind of low carbon capture with a grazing system of animals that barely covers cost.  I harvest hay with low horsepower equipment and lots of manual labor.  I have a garden, orchard, and grapes that do not bring a return.  I do redundant unpleasant labor I can’t find anyone to do.  If I wanted to get a higher return, I have to greatly industrialize the effort with high stocking rates, fossil fuels, and chemicals.  That is not green and permaculture but it brings more comforts and greater profitability.  Yet, in a green point of view it is delocalizing and does not offer resilience to shocks.  It is not sustainable when complexity declines but the hard part is waiting until complexity declines.  I might be dead by then.

What I try to do is mix what works within my struggle to be local and permaculture.  This is similar to my efforts at localization.  My local is so delocalized there is little interest in my REAL Green.  In fact, I don’t advertise REAL Green because people would see me as a nutter.  I am already looked upon as odd.  I am looked upon as a gentleman farmer because you know people need a classification.  I am considered a gentleman farmer because they know I don’t have to do this. 

People do not have time and they have their own interests be that church or hobbies to invest in a system of localism.  We are more local here than any city but still increasingly delocalized by affluence.  The Ozark region was just a few decades ago very poor in relation to the big cities.  Today the Ozarks has caught up in a relative affluence.  Most people are now locked into the delocalization of the status quo and when they have time off the want comfort and enjoyment not a hard-scabble.  So, I feel absurd approaching people for localism strategies that involves less comforts and affluence. 

I struggle with the effort especially as I age and my mind and body are in decline.  The struggle is keeping me younger in a way but at the price of pain.  My body always hurts and my disposition is often cranky.  Not cranky at others but with myself.  Many of my mistakes are my own doing.  Many of those things that breakdown are items that have useful lives I am pushing to their limits.  I am one man taking care of 400 acres.  This is my 80 and the 320 of the family farm bordering mine.  I have 4 barns, a guest cabin, and a house.  I have 5 wells and associated water systems.  I have a small garden, grapes, and orchard.  I have a rewilding effort to manage and cattle, goats, and dogs in my grazing system.  I have a wife and kids to spend time with.  I have a wealthy family constantly making me feel guilty because I avoid their high impact life by trying to stay local.  I have a family farm of 320 acres I have to be careful to not upset the family status quo.

The struggle is with consumerism and my need to outfit this effort and try to remain green.  This is a tough trade off because I need to outfit my life boat for the coming decline but how I do it is critical.  Many products that are brown are essential for the journey into this new age of decline but many are not.  The dissonance of choices is always an issue.  Being prepped means being stocked and when you have things they must be stored and managed.  So, you then have more efforts that are another struggle of how do you maintain your warehouse of resilience and sustainability? 

How do you avoid downcycling with logistics?   This is where you are spending too much time and money with prepping supplies needed for resilience and sustainability.  Keep in mind because of this dualistic world a green prepper is trapped in, this means the inconsistencies of sustainability in the status quo and a green prepping.  Green prepping seeks sustainability in the age of decline.  Sustinability in the status quo is financial wealth and class attainment. 

This is another juggle game like my appraisal indicated with status quo value of my homestead and REAL Green value in a green prepping sense.  I talk about using the status quo to leave it but this is a tricky business.  Too much either way is distorting and unproductive.  You must have key instincts of both worlds and this is a moving target.  Just look at how many greens are delusional with economics and how many browns have no sense of resilience and sustainability in regards to he reality of decline.  In a nut shell you live this surreal world of incongruities.

So, this paradox of existentialism is a mixed dualism that must be balanced by a reality you have marginal control over.  You will be burning the candle at both ends trying to be profitable and trying to be resilient and sustainable.  Somewhere in between you will have your permaculture homestead and monestary of knowledge.  It is this surreal of the mind and the incongruities of green value and status quo profitability that will constantly gnaw on you.  The physical pain that comes with hard manual labor but also the mental pain of juggling alternative life styles is draining.  Do I take the easy way out or follow my green instincts?  Remember non-greens what I said by what is green is more survivable so green instincts means more survivable yet, to a point.  Bankruptcy is likley if you disregard profitability. 

There must also be the acceptance of failure even with good wisdom.  I am light years ahead of most with my prepping but this may only offer me a few weeks or months of security.  It could be worse and I am destroyed immediately in a collapsing situation.  Collpase is very consuming and the chaos means rational responses have limits because of fate.  If your local of people and place is not prepped you are greatly at risk.  My local is good but not great.  If you are in a mega city, I would be extremely worried.  I would almost tell you just live in denial and enjoy life.  Forget about worrying about safety because you are very exposed.

I sometimes feel like where do I start?  I have so many things to do and not enough time, money, and help.  So, what I often do is just something.  I work every day I can baring weather, health, and family responsibilities.  The weather prevents me from working sometimes especially here in the Ozarks with its many seasons.  I am approach 60 so my body is beginning the breakdown process you notice at the end of the day and when you wake up.  My body is creaky when I get up and hurts when I go to bed.  I am already a cancer survivor.  I went through that during covid BTW.  I have two 14 year old boys to take care of and attempt to train.  Instead they love video games but I can’t force REAL Green on them.  I have a wife to be a loving husband to. 

Some days it is just like riding the wave of a chaos in my mind of prioritization and firefighting.  I do what I can do and hope my instinct of prioritization is optimal.  Some days everything is breaking.  My problem is partially I am a perfectionist and a bit obsessive.  I am obsessive about efficiency so when I do things sloppy, I am very hard on myself.  I get cranky with my family for food and energy waste when the reality is they are not an obsessive green like me.  They are normal and I am abnormal so I just suck it up.

Yet, at the end of the day I look how far I have come and sit in amazement sometimes.  I am now a specialist at REAL Green.  I feel this is a vital way of life for the future for many of you.  I am an artist of natural beauty and a practitioner of a REAL Green permaculture localism.  In the past 10 years since my effort coalesced and formed into REAL Green I have done so much.  This is a journey of discovery and meaning.  It has been with lots of luck but also lots of skill. 

I credit much of this to mother nature and our planet supporting me.  What I mean by this is I have embraced the wave of destiny.  I am following its way and not taking this special power for my own advancement.  Where I fail is with my arrogance and sloth but I am in acceptance I am an imperfect vessel.  I am in acceptance that most around me are not green.  I accept that civilization is either FAKE Green of pure brown because of its carbon trap and path dependencies.  This civilization gave me the nature and nurture that became REAL Green so I have to give thanks to it despite its dirty nature and absurd behavior.

I leave you with a word of encouragement.  I would not trade this life for anything.  I know it is a journey to death for me, my creations, and the civilization that birthed me but this journey is of life with meaning.  It is meaning that matters.  It is meaning the springs from truth.  Truth to power is what drives REAL Green.  If you embrace this life, it will bring rewards but keep in mind at great costs too. 

I have to be honest that many do not have the right stuff to do what I am doing and I humbly offer my acceptance to this reality.  This is why I am a servant not a master.  So many are trapped and unable to find meaning they deserve empathy and compassion.  There are also evil ones who I will fight as needed.  Yes, I am a soldier too, ready to fight when confronted with danger.  I also recognize I am one injury or accident away from being back in that world of helpless and delusional.  There is no security or refuge from this reality there is only the wisdom of insecurity where you embrace the acceptance of death.


This picture represents REAL Green in a sense.  I took this on a trip to the Osage Nation to buy a goat.  I came across this wind farm with an old oil stripper well.  You see the old and the new upon a beautiful southern plain’s prairie.  REAL Green acknowledges the carbon trap of civilization in path dependencies of affluence.  It seeks restoration of scale to the land but accepts the trap of technology and affluence.  A pathway of this journey is the hybridization of technology with permaculture localism.  The keystone principal is behavioral.  This is acceptance of decline and the humility of being trapped in both limits and its unsustainability.

This hybridization represents the best response to the trap.  Decline involves abandonment, dysfunction, and irrational.  Yet, decline of an ecosystem also involves adaptation and niche nesting.  Here a different reality exists.  The overall ecosystem is decaying but within this decay is adapted growth.  Species assume new rolls in microclimes of habitability.  This involves migration but also adaptation.  In our case this involves individuals embracing permaculture localism but within the context of a decaying delocalization of globalism.

REAL Green involves a dualism of being.  This is living delocalized in localization.  This incongruous juxtaposition is a paradox.  This self-contradictory proposition proves to be true for the age of contradictions.  REAL Green seeks to combine and mix new and old carbon capture with a focus on low carbon capture of localism.  These are all those ways of gathering and harvesting energy in the form of power and calories.  Today we take energy for granted by flipping a switch, pumping gas, or buying food in a grocery store.  It is not possible in most cases to avoid this but you can adapt it.  Adapt back in time to the old forms of carbon capture that were low power and local.  These carbon capture strategies are low ROI but high EROI meaning they offer high sustainability in the local but do not pencil out in the status quo modern of high returns.  Lower affluence is the result but higher survivability.  What is green is more prepped and vice versa.

REAL Green combines the two through realism and relative applicability.  The realism concern traps and limits.  The relative applicability involves the nature of how delocalized your local is of people and place.  Notice this applies to both the land and your significant others.  This hybridization yields a moss color that is a mix of green and brown.  The Anthropocene as an age of human growth but now is destructive growth from human forcing.  We are now in the age of death.  In this age of decline you have no choice but to be part brown.  Try living with less modern affluence yet by adding green strategies to yield better survivability.  This is profoundly spiritual with technical responses.  Green when in the context of the local yields an organic meaning.  The land will fill you up with its harsh but harmonious reality.  This is why it is so important to find the right place to build your REAL Green homestead and permaculture monestary.

What I am talking about applies to all in general but most importantly to REAL Green knights who have the right stuff.  This takes time and money but also people and place.  This requires education both with studies but also experience.  This first and foremost takes the humility of acceptance through the acquiescence of the planet and web of life.  It is here you will be chosen or not.  If you are choosing to lead you then are the servant.  This leadership is free choice but you cannot find it.  It finds you. 

This leadership in service emulates an ecosystem in the succession of decline.  A few species will populate new niches.  The decline and death of this complex ecosystem is both of evolution and extinction.  In the case of the human ecosystem, it is the end of civilization as we know it.  This is time based so it may take years but the trend is set.  The momentum is nonnegotiable.  If you have the right stuff then you will be that species who experiences constructive growth within destructive change.  You will evolve into a new human type.  This human type has been forged in the crucible of a destructive end of an age of human forcing.  It will be the wisdom found in the insecurity of this existential reality that will allow you to choose the right path and open the correct doors.

This is something the planet will bestow on you.  You will be an expression of the web of life.   Because of this you will have a special power.  This is not your power.  If you claim it, you will lose it.  You are only its vessel.  This is the reason for humility.  It is in humility of acceptance of the decline of all that the one area of growth is found.  This is spirituality.  This is now the spirituality of a new age and it is ironically the spirit of an older age.  This is the age of insecurity which was always the state of being for humanity.  Modern humans have been deluded into thinking technology and affluence has eliminated insecurity.  Instead, we now have insecurity without meaning which is darkness.  REAL Green seeks the light of meaning in honesty and acceptance.  It seeks to relatively and realistically blend these realities to navigate through the valley of death ahead.  Make no mistake this age is the age of death.  Ignore this at your own peril.

This call for an embracing of the best of spiritualities.  One can get much of the mechanics from comparative religions.  This also includes the religion of tech and affluence which is now scientism.  Respect knowledge and things as a reflection of life.  Man acts like these are his but the reality it is life not man that has created tech and knowledge.  Not all scientism if bad.  It is the elevation of scientism to the primary religion that is the problem. 

Science and spiritualism must remain separate because of human dualism.  When each accepts its proper roll and place a turbo charging effect occurs.  Science supports spiritualism and vice versa.  The result is wisdom of what knowledge to keep and what to ignore.  Man cannot have it all yet that is what happens with the ego when it seeks immortality.  The ego seeks to know all.  It is this false hope that destroys spirituality that must include acceptance of mortality in an existential humility.  This acceptance is grace.

The basis of this wisdom will guide the individual and his local with what things and lifestyles to live and what to triage out.  The triage is needed because this is an age of too much when less is what is called for.  This way of life is an expression of permaculture localism that seeks to be more circular and steady state with the nature of things.  This means leaving the delocalization of excessive human dualism as much as is possible within the trap of being human in a dualism of being.  This Anthropocene trap is grounded in the carbon trap with the path tendencies of networks and the social narrative of meaning.  To reject this situation is to reject human reality.  If you want to be green you must accept brown in this age of human forcing.  The resulting color is moss.  Green is more prepped and wiser but brown is the reality of the age.

In this age of decline of everything the spirituality of the meaning is found.  So, decline yields growth only with spirituality.  Meaning is the asset that will offset the decline of affluence and comforts but also the condition of meaninglessness.  It is what will power you through to live to die another day.  This is a journey to a destination.  The destination is pessimism because death is painful yet, the journey is life and constructive growth on the way to death.  Here is where you find your optimism.

Green Economics

I am going to ramble a bit.  Part of this is because I am not a writer, I live what I talk about.  If you could be here, I would show you but instead in my imperfect ability of prose I will try to describe to you REAL Green economics. 

I am going to talk about REAL power that is rather difficult to know.  This is the case despite it being all around you and the simplest of realities.  Dostoevsky said: “In the realist, faith is not born from miracles, but miracles from faith.”  The point here is if you are looking for this power I speak of as something that will give you power then you will be disappointed.  If you think this truth is the truth that will liberate you then you will be deceived.  The reason for this is you will toil and suffer to find this truth and the best you will get is only marginally closer to it.  This power is the greatest of powers that is the least discernable and of the lowest effect. 

You are wasting your time reading this if there is something dramatic you desire.  The dramatic comes from the smallness of it.  You will find it as you lose it.  All of a sudden it will hit you as you wipe the sweat from your brow.  It is the giving up of the search that is the revelation of the destination.  The destination is the journey.  The journey is the optimism and the destination is where pessimism dwells.

If you want to find power look low and dispersed.  Remember it is said of Jesu saying “the meek shall inherit the earth”.  In Taoism power is like water acts in nature. “Water does not resist, yet it conquers all; it is tasteless — suggesting the invisibility of the Tao — yet life-giving.  It moves through all that lives and in movement remains clear and pure. It is supple, flexible, and humble; it does not compete.”  It is also said of Taoism that to know it is not the Tao. 

I don’t want to get too absorbed with these human wisdoms other than to relate this to the dualism of REAL Green.  Status quo power is a trap not a power in relation to what really powers life.  In REAL Green you will learn how to manage and adapt to this status quo trap of human power to find the REAL power.  You will use man’s power to leave it.  REAL Green power is both spiritual and economic and it is nested in nature.  Only nature can overcome nature.

In REAL Green you will pursue spiritual permaculture.  Some of you may even become REAL Green Shamans.  This is really is all about behavioral because behavior is where deception is.  You will be tasked with lowering the deception.  It is the connectivity with the planet and web of life.  The planetary pulse of power in nature will inhabit your soul and support you.  Flowing with its current you will naturally find proper orientation.  This will lead you to meaning and in meaning there is truth.  This spiritual asset will offset the pain and suffering of loss ahead for mankind. 

I have said this numerous times.  REAL Green is not a religion or a new age spirituality.  It is a add-on to your existing higher power, faith, and or religion.  The reason I say this is because of the extreme nature of localism to REAL Green.  The ultimate localism is that place deep down that in you and only you.  That place where you are naked and alone.  That place where fear and love are and all there is.  This is the powers in your soul you call “me”.  I cannot know or explain your nature and nurture.  To do this would be a gross overreach of my humble abilities.  It would be a gross violation of my own wisdom.  This is your vessel not mine.

I wanted to briefly touch on this spiritual power to make the connection to economic power.  These powers are interrelated and both point to the same meaning.  The reality is there is no difference except when humanism creates arrogance.  In humanism man deconstruct to understand instead of just living on instinct.  Today man deconstruction is destruction because it has gone to the peak of arrogance in transhumanism.

The difference arises from human behavior that is the dualism of being.  We have our ego of self that is self-conscious and seeks to live and survive.  This is naturally selfish in this regard.  If you did not take care of yourself, you would violate your own nature.  Needs are natural and one must not feel guilt over them or you can never know more than needs.  All life strives to live and thrive.  Where the extreme distortions arise is with human networks that ultimately is civilization.  Here the power that comes from the leverage of specializations and economies of scale destroys that which we wish to preserve.  Beauty is destroyed by breaking it down to understand it.  It is destroyed by holding it as your own.

The other aspect is the other orientation of the ego seeking connection with the whole.  That which gives life and that which is our creator.  Here we find a higher power.  There is no separation just as time is timeless.  Time does not start or end except when we humans become self-conscious of time.  Then it becomes a measurement.  This similar relationship exists with economics and spirituality.  REAL Green economics is spirituality and spirituality the reason for economics.  The keystone element is the nature of green economics and spiritual meaning.  Man’s biggest obstacle is his mind but it is also his greatest asset.  It allows him to find a reason to toil.

Humans put a measurement to economics when the reality is nature is circular.  Even human activity is circular in nature.  Humans are incredibly concerned these days with planetary destruction and for good reason.  I am in no way trying to belittle this.  It truly is a crisis of our civilization.  To say this crisis is natural which it is, then is a difficult concept to understand.  This crisis is the arrogance of humanism at work.  When we externalize this crisis as our doing, we have just discounted nature primacy in our arrogance.  The power I speak of is the acceptance of this process and our part in it as natural.  The reason this is important to REAL Green is letting go in acceptance and going forth on a journey.  The outfitting of your life boat will be extractive and not green but it is part of the green way.  When you understand REAL Green then you see there is no difference.  The guilt begins to evaporates as an obstacle but it will never go away.

Humans have an elaborate system of language for our arrogances’.  It really is just a cleaver game.  The reality is the clever are deceived.  Going deeper this game is a Ponzi Scheme.  Civilizations don’t practice real economics.  Civilizations game economics.  Anything extractive that follow linear growth patterns are not making a real return.  In the short term this may be true but longer term it is not.  This is why all civilizations end.  It is usually the elites who are concerned with wealth and power preservation that destroy civilizations.  They are game masters.  Green economics is the basis of life and its interdependence.   The truly circular is with waste streams that are nutrient streams.  This is the REAL Power.  This is the true nature of life on this planet.  Yet, evolution comes when this rigid system is disturbed.  Man as the destroyer will eventually allow life a new definition.  In this acceptance of our destructiveness there is solace for the sins we beat ourselves up over.

The reason I mention this is the surreal nature of true economics that REAL Green professes to.  This is a spiritual economics.  It is planetary and seeks out planetary power.  It is spiritual with a behavior of permaculture localism.  It is also engaged with the status quo in a parasitic fashion.  This blood sucking of the powers found in the status quo is the activity of using the status quo to leave it.  The planet is now in the Anthropocene and this for humans means the pyramid of power is dominated by human activity.  You have no choice but to tap into this or you will be consumer by it and become its waste stream. 

When I talk about REAL Green economics, I want to emphasize respect for something that is like a shark for a scuba diver.  You never take the status quo for granted except at your own peril.  A scuba diver always keep an eye out for them.  If they come for a fish you have speared you give it up.  Here what I am implying is yield to greater forces or also like is said by Jesus, “Give back to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.”  In this respect the status quo of making money and paying taxes must be acknowledged.  You are not going to transcend this.  The best you can do is adapt and accept this world and through this be transformed. 

The transformation is seeing this status quo world for what it is and not getting too lost in it.  Remember it is a trap and one you are in too.  This world is not where real meaning dwells.  REAL Meaning is within the way of the planet and the web of life that is our mother.  For you to truly realize you higher power you will have to respect this or else you will be lost in your mind.  You will be adrift and not attached.  Here destructiveness is at its greatest.

I know this is a rambling but it is critical to have an understanding of this if you are going to find meaning in the low carbon capture of REAL Green economics.  Only a few will accept this calling.  Only a few have the right stuff or else there would be a human utopia.  In the same respect the spirituality found in permaculture is of acceptance and humility.  This economics and spiritualism are of the type that will make a normal person feel weak and naked.  This is it!  If you feel special and powerful then you are deceiving yourself.  You are trapped in the trap trying to eat your tail.  True meaning is found in the lowest of places.

This type of economics is all about localism and low power.  Voluntary simplicity in a poverty of things but riches of meaning is what it is about.  Yet, a rich man is able to find it also but it is much more difficult a journey.  This is why REAL Green says respect the relative of your local and embrace realistic action. 

This type of economics is based in permaculture and or the support of permaculture.  A carpenter may not be a permaculture farmer but he can build a barn that is part of permaculture.  A doctor can keep the permaculture farmer healthy.  This is the community of permaculture that support permaculture.  The ideal permaculture that man had in the past is gone.  Now we strive to build mega cities and consider them our finest achievements when the reality is they are our greatest trap.  I you are in a city I advise you to get out. 

Currently man is as far from REAL meaning as we will get.  Man is now turning back to his true power because of how lost he has become in his search for the all-powerful.  The reason this is vital for your survival is you will need to reconnect to the old ways but in acceptance of the trap of the consequences of our great detour of affluence.  The Anthropocene is the age of affluence that is the age of death because affluence is death.  You will use affluence to reconnect to our original nature.  This is the surreal world of the in-between of the trap and salvation. 

REAL Green economics excludes economics that are concerned with profits as the ultimate economic meaning but uses profits.  Profits are the abstract of economic growth.  Capitalism, socialism, and Marxism are one and the same.  State capitalism found in China is the most destructive.  REAL Growth is orientated to the circular in nature with waste streams that are nutrient streams. 

This tension of human dualism of man’s way and nature’s can be expressed by the use of two scientific terms.  One is ROI and the other is EROI.  Return on investment (ROI) is something that does not concern itself with its energy return on energy investment (EROI) in relation to the environment.  So, you may have a positive ROI but a negative EROI.  ROI is how you survive in man’s world.  EROI is how you survive in nature.  It is the combining of the two where REAL Green is found.

You will seek out a ROI that is more EROI.  The point here is you will have to make a profit in the status quo world or your life will be taken from you by foreclosure.  Yet, nature will foreclose on you if you do not embrace the natural way of things.  What is greener is a greater EROI.  Here low carbon capture in localism is paramount.  Do not confuse the high EROI of fossil fuels.  They are a one-shot deal of stored energy that once used are for all practical purposes gone.  Man is at the net energy cliff now so beware of you fossil fuel drenched world.  Don’t deceive yourself with renewables either.  They are fossil fuel derived.

What is greener is more prepped.  Prepping is what man always did because he lived on the edge of famines and war.  It was those who properly found places to make their home that had better chances at survival.  They also left bad places when confronted by the reality of unsustainability.  This includes within ourselves with our spirituality.  If your spirituality is not adding up leave it in the same respect.  It is not good enough to find a place.  There must also be a behavior.

I am not going to go deep into low carbon capture in localism.  This knowledge is readily available for you now.  We need only review human history.  The net has a wealth of it if you search.  Books are everywhere on it.  I say available for now becuase man is in the neighborhood of collapse.  When or if collpase comes much knowledge of the past that has been saved will be gone.  It may not be our collpase but it may be those who come afterwards.  If you don’t care about those who come after then enjoy the game of modern affluence.  Instead, if you care about yourself, your land, and those who will come later then you will build a permaculture and you will accumulate artifacts of wisdom.  This is physical and mental.  This then is the permaculture homestead and monestary of ideas of the spirituality of permaculture.

It is here in the midst of a slow boiling apocalypse you will find a niche of constructive growth.  Within this age of destruction, we call the Anthropocene you will find a micro-clime for proper growth that is greener.  This niche in destructive change is where resilience and sustainability will be closer.  You will not be safe but safer.  Your wisdom with be a wisdom of insecurity.  You will appreciate toil and suffering because this is the way to the comfort of meaning.  The truth will set you free but not how you think.  You will give up on finding the truth and once at that point you will go forth in truth getting closer to it.

The economics of REAL Green is low carbon capture adapted to the trap of affluence that is the arrogance of this modern age.  Your spiritualism is the humility of rejecting the arrogance of humanism that seeks the primacy of knowledge and power over nature.  You will reject this but you will also harness it.  It is the purgatory of this in-between place where everything will take on a surreal that you will dwell in.  It will take wisdom to thread this needle.  You will live to die another day.  You will not find eternal life.  The eternal life is the journey.  It is all around you like the sea you are floating on.  The destination is death.  All will end stop fighting this and get on with your journey.  This is where life is born.

Spiritual Permaculture

I enjoy comparative religions, philosophy, and Native American culture.  I am an avid reader of current events.  I am fluent with geography and well versed on cultures.  I combine the best of these in my world view along with science.  I enjoy these things.  I appreciate them.  I am not here to judge or discredit.  Most of these various human mind inventions will stand own their own merit or not.  I am an adventurer of the spirit.  I have made a journey in my youth and now I am on a journey. 

I am oriented to system thought.  A key component of this is the separation of spirt and science.  They require different approaches.  When these disciplines encroach on the other, they pollute.  This is not to say they do not go together it is just they are like left and right arm that can be used together to lift meaning.  I live what I talk so my religion, art, and science appreciation is manifested through the land.  Here scientific knowledge, technology, and efficiency is applied or not.  Sometimes it is less that is better so I focus on a wisdom to filter my scale.  Spiritual permaculture is the combination of the mental of ideas with the land I live on and restore. 

I appreciate those who are thinkers and researchers but I feel they lack a key ingredient and that is the authenticity found in the reality of doing what you research.  I have a very strong appreciation of environmental science naturally because my spiritual permaculture is about living in an ecosystem of 400 acres that is within the greater region of the Ozarks.  Spiritual permaculture is the combination of eco sciences with eco spiritualism.  This does not exclude religion but instead adapts it with the planetary and web of life.  My biggest problem with religion is its separation from the land.  The idea of the other that is divorced from the land and out there instead of right here.  It is permaculture that brings one back to the reality of living on a planet with other life.

REAL Green is about realistic and relative green prepping.  It is significantly behavioral.  This behavior is firmly nested in acceptance of a decline process everything is in now.  The spiritual is excluded from this decline.  In fact, it is the spiritual where growth is now manifested.  This is what crisis does.  It focuses man’s spirit.  The result is a humility for a greater force in life.   This means if you submit to this reality of a succession of life and abrupt change of the planet your spirituality must adapt.  This is an add-on to your existing higher power found in your belief system or your religion.  The reason I say this is you have your nature and you have been nurtured.  You are trapped in a culture and family.  REAL Green is not about being a new religion for you.  It is about an addition to your uniqueness.  It is an ap so to speak so you can open up the appreciation of planetary change and the succession of life.   The complex is moving to the less complex from human forcing and this will impact you deeply so adapt accordingly.  In other wards get out of denial.

REAL Green is about green but green with an attitude.  Green is the correct path currently in a world of human forcing.  What is green is simpler.  What is green is more prepped.  In a world of abrupt change with a web of life in succession being green in localism with low carbon capture has its advantages in regards to security.  You will be more secure relatively by being green.  It is also a pathway to meaning for the “why??” of the pain and suffering ahead. 

The key behavioral component is the wisdom of insecurity.  You are in a humility of acceptance of decline and the destructive change this represents.  The key attributes of this will be abandonment, dysfunction, and the irrational.  These are traits of chaos.  All systems are faced with chaos.  Entropic decay is ever present in all of nature.  The wisdom of insecurity seeks to adapt to this with the inertia of the behavior of acceptance.  This inertia is a strength to face the constant disruption ahead.

This REAL Green spiritual permaculture seeks to find niches of constructive growth within a world of destructive change.  You will have the planet behind you because your orientation will be to its process of destructive change in relation to the complexity of life humans has evolved in.  The Holocene epoch that brought human civilization is now tipped by human forcing into the new epoch of the Anthropocene of human induced destructive change.  This requires new skills and thinking.  The key is an acceptance of decline.  This is similar to the acceptance of aging and the physical and mental decline that is ongoing until we die.  This is about getting out of the denial of death on all levels because destructive change is about a dying.

The spiritual permaculture of green prepping through REAL Green is about a journey into a storm of change with an outfitted lifeboat and a mentality of palliative care.  In crisis there is action and crisis focuses attention.  I often point to the stages of grief as a template for this process.  This is strictly abstract as a compass.  Get out of anger, bargaining, and the depression of failure.  Once in acceptance you will appreciate living to die another day.  You can weather the storm better.  There is no transcendence but there is transformation.  The difference is accepting your limitations that is your own personal trap.  This is mostly about behavior because it is behavior that is the human’s biggest problem.  This is the reason humanity is at an impasse.  Our oversized brain gets us into problems.  It is increasingly our evolutionary defect but it can be the greatest of gifts when the spirt of life is appreciated.  This is in a sense life self-reflecting and humans are the vessel.

As the vessel life self-reflects in, this means in a spiritual sense our human self-consciousness is a temple.  As a temple it deserves respect.  It is through humility from acceptance that self-respect is possible or there is self-loathing and anger to others.  Our ego is where we lose our connection to life in our own wants and ambitions.  It is when we are honest and accepting of both these aspects of our humanity that they work like two arms to do the heavy lifting of meaning.  This is where spiritual permaculture finds its power.  It is allowing life to function through you but with a unique personality.  This orientation has support from the planet.   This is where the web of life will bestow power on you.   That is if you connect.  Too much of the ego or otherness will cause dysfunction.  Dysfunction is natural.  Expect a wave like pattern to your dysfunction.  The dysfunction is part of the process of evolution and devolution.  It is here man mirrors nature in its process.  Humans learn and adapt and the result is failure and success.

Use spiritual permaculture to embrace the power flowing through the planet and its web of life.  This will support you and help manage your destructive ego which is caught in a trap of fantasy and reality.  Our behavior is the problem but also the solution.  It will be both and it is their interaction through humility and acceptance that can then be applied in the physical of our local of people and place.  A proper scale is required so this is why REAL Green calls for localism and low carbon capture but realistically and relatively to your trap. 

Your trap is your limitations of nature and nurture.  These must be this respect for you place in things or you will follow delusional tendencies.  You will want to avoid opening doors but also want to open the correct doors for constructive growth.  Here is where the planet can assist you.  Take your higher power and allow the planet to turbo charge it.  This means if you are a Christian green up your community of Christ.  This fits all other religions because every other religion lives upon this planet and requires energy from the web of life.  What once was in the Holocene is now adapted by the decline of the human forced Anthropocene so adapt your spirituality to this.   Just because the Anthropocene is human forced does not mean unnatural.  That is delusion of our mind.  Applying REAL Green as a compass to enhance your spirituality.

 Be authentic with proper orientation.  In this noisy world of too many opportunities from a delocalized world of on demand satisfaction orientate to the local to find meaning.  Orientate to the low carbon capture of energy.  Energy is taken for granted today when we flick a light switch or buy our food in a grocery store.  Make an effort to feed yourself something from a garden at a minimum.  Stay physically healthy so you can do the heavy lifting of low carbon capture.  Low carbon capture is in the cards for modern man as civilization breaks down.  You will increasingly be faced with adversity with less products and greater discomfort.  This is what is meant by succession of complexity.  Human networks are going to break down which means you will increasingly be on your own.  If you scale properly locally in voluntary simplicity you will be better prepared.  Local is greener.  Greener is more prepped.  First find a place to plant your seeds that is healthy.  Once your spiritual garden is found decline in place.  Downsize in dignity.  This is a personal journey to the local that is unique to you but also common to all because it is planet common to all.


I want to talk to you about one of my biggest sources of guilt.  When I tell you in REAL Green about getting out of guilt this is realistic and relative.  You can never leave the guilt of the condition of dualism and what is ideal and what is reality.  This is the nature of the ego and the other.  REAL Green seeks to moderate this guilt which is destructive when unrestrained.  REAL Green is science based, spiritually oriented, and local.  These characteristics are applied to problem solving through attitudes.  In today’s world of REAL limits in a status quo of a perceived no limits you will navigate a dirty road of waste and sloth.  Human civilization is in serious overshoot.  It is the morale of REAL Green that comes from the spiritual meaning of less that will power you through the mental and physical challenges ahead.

Use science, spirituality, and your local of people and place to determine how to build a permaculture of place.  Local goes as deep as the ego so be true to self.  Your ego is unique so respect this when you buildout a permaculture place.  Build means purchasing so you will be consuming which is consumerism.  Take consumerism as green as you can in localism.  It is wisdom found in REAL Green that can manage and adapt something as destructive and dangerous as consumerism to the web of life you have reverence for. 

I approach consumerism with the spiritual permaculture of REAL Green.  I am in acceptance and humility of decline.  I am green prepping which means practicing localism, low carbon capture, and individual conservation strategies to enhance my survivability but also restore my local in a green way.  Green is more prepped so I am combining in a symbiotic way a green lifestyle with a prep lifestyle.  This means being well stocked with the right stuff but also living a life of less.  It is this conflicting condition that a REAL Green wisdom seeks to mitigate.  Together green and prepped mean more resilience and sustainability in relation to the reality of people and place.  Yet, too much prep is not green and too much green may leave you not survivable.  This is a balance only you can determine.  REAL Green is deeply local so know they self.

Consumerism is killing the planet just like its sister the car culture.  In fact, they are really symbiotic.  You don’t have consumerism without a car culture and vice versa.  When you engage in consumerism and the car culture you are destroying the planet so choose wisely.  Consumerism is delocalization.  The barter and gift economy in localism is an ideal alternative so add them were you can.  Yet, in REAL Green you must live the dualism of using the delocalizing status quo to leave it.  Survival means being successful in the status quo.  Spiritual success in regards to green and prepping means leaving the status quo.  The art of the dualism of REAL Green is using the status quo to leave it.  You are in a sense a parasite of the status quo to enhance and restore your local.  A REAL Green will buy as needed and budget what is needed to enhance his permaculture homestead, and spiritual monestary.  This will be governed by acceptance and humility of decline and collpase.  This civilization will produce these things regardless of what you do.  This civilization is ending as they always do so this planet destroying culture will end on its own accord. 

Many greens are delusional and living the life of a build back better in a green new deal so there will be copious green goods to choose from.  Renewables are case in point.  A simple solar and or wind power system is highly recommended.  In REAL Green these are actually not green in a TRUE Green sense.  Buy things that enhance your local.  Keep a lean ship so be careful not to have too many things or you are just corrupting space.  What I mean by this is lowering the value of your place.  A place with junk and needless items will just handicap you in your mission to green prep.  Too many things are an impediment to being prepped.   Too many things inevitably happen so an attitude of triage is needed as much as building up.  The triage is rooting out of your permaculture place things that are dragging down your prep and are dirty.  Get rid of things that are dirty and destroying your green spiritual commitment.  TRUE Green seeks to decouple from carbon intensive activity through dematerialization.  You will experience a tension in the in-between world of REAL Green with being green and being prepped.  TRUE Green which is a more extreme green of leaving materialism altogether.

Wisdom will have to guide you and, in this case, it is the wisdom of less.  This is not don’t buy it is buy what is needed in relation to what you can buy.  A well-functioning permaculture homestead will need lots of goods and it will have to sell, trade, or give lots of things to others.  Buy things that have longevity and dual use.  Buy supplies and hardware for maintenance.  Buy things that can be given a second life.  Practice salvage with an eye to old world value.  This means taking old things and putting them back to use.  In fact, practice a hybrid life of old and new.  The old ways were simple, low carbon and local.  Tools are essential.  Have a shop if you can.  Have a few barns if you can.  Barns are warehouses for essentials.  The problems with barns are they generally are not climate and pest controlled.  Many things don’t survive these conditions so be careful when storing things in barns.  The worst thing is sitting things out in the elements.

Your monestary will contain icons and the written word that are the basis of your permaculture spirituality.  A library of books but also a computer with large storage allows you to save your REAL Green wisdom.  There will be art and there will be fun things.  There will be a section for history of your local of people and place but also of you and your journey.  If you are REAL Green then you have a story to tell.  Your monestary is the sanctuary where your REAL Green spiritual permaculture is manifested.  Here all those ideas combine to serve as a compass for those who follow.  Keep in mind since so few are REAL Green many of our monastic items will end up being an interesting estate sale when you die.  Yet, it is possible that a few things will influence and guide someone.  Maybe something you have done with your life’s work will be useful to those who come afterwards.  Some of you will have all the right stuff and be the birther of the new human coming with the collpase of this civilization.

The key to REAL Green consumerism is attitude of what is relative and realistic to your local of people and place.  Your spiritual orientation governed by your higher power plus your nature and nurture will guide you.  This is the best it gets in REAL Green with consumerism.  This is attitude driven consumerism that understands the dirty and destructive nature of modern consumerism.  You are honest about the killing machine of globalized consumerism so you will limit it as much as you can.  If you practice this blood letting you will do it with respect and reverence.  When Native Americans took the life of an animal, they gave thanks to the Great Spirit.  REAL Green is something similar.  Give thanks and appreciate the value of what you buy and have humility for the destructiveness.  There is nothing worse than extreme guilt from partaking in consumerism which results in disgust for what you just bought.  The reason being the waste is magnified by your psychological downcycling.  Consumer dissonance is such a waste but all will experience some of this because it is very hard to optimize green purchases in todays cluttered world.  So many pleasures are peddled.  So many unneeded items are required.  Your local of people and place will be littered with junk.  Just get used to it and accept it.  Wade through the cesspool of modern life.

Below are some thoughts on the type of consumerism you will encounter.  Use my REAL Green as a guide for yours.  Remember REAL Green is about unique locals of people and place.  It is also about unique spiritual and psychological locals of your ego and soul.  This means my REAL Green is not your REAL Green but there is a common thread to this and that is green prepping in localism.  It is about spiritual permaculture of your higher power.  This is about an age of decline on all level physical and metaphysical and how you navigate this on your personal REAL Green journey.


Have a deep pantry and frozen foods.  Have backup, if possible, like a generator and or solar to keep freezers running.  Be sure to rotate items because of shelf life.  I buy many items that are higher value.  I make attempts to avoid the processed foods with high sugar and high fat.  The net effect is an averaging out of what is healthy and what is not healthy.  Food should be local and should be the basics whenever possible but this is hard to do because of delocalization and modern preferences.  There are so many comfort foods that are just in effect food drugs that reduce health.  So much food is waste in the green sense. 

Walking through a modern grocery store for me is a surreal experience when you look at the world as I do.  There are so many needless products.  The energy intensive nature of our stores is mind blowing.  The fact that we have all this and at such a low price should be a clear indicator of just how far humans have gone into overshoot both spiritually and physically.  I buy lots of food that is not local.  I buy lots of food from Amazon because I cannot even get them at the local grocery.  I also buy locally.  A component of my diet is yogurt and butter.  My kids drink milk.  I buy this from a local Mennonite dairy.  We have a garden we eat out of and my wife goes to the farmer’s market.  So, in my REAL Green there is some local balance but not enough and this is a source of guilt for me.

We have very little food waste.  Our food left overs either go to the dogs or the chickens.  In the old times people had a few pigs.  I would have them too but I have enough to do with what I have.  My wife knows I have issues with food waste so she makes and effort to avoid it.  She is Italian (real Italian) so she tends to make sure there is too much food than not enough.  She like presentation and taste.  So, I have to balance this with my obsession with food conservation. 

I give thanks for the food I have.  It is amazing to me I can have the choices I have.  I am also always aware of how these choice might end because remember I am a doomer.  I live decline.  Food choice will be one of the first casualties of a decline shock when it comes and I feel it will come.  Practice fasting and eating simple as preparations for the future of less.  I think about what I will eat when the shock comes.  I wonder how my body will react mainly because I eat a lot of super foods that will not be available.  I fast twice a week where I do not eat anything for 36 hours.  This is training for when food is scarce but it also is a way of limiting food and allowing my body time to clean itself of the poisons we inevitably put in our system.


If you are green prepping then water is very high on your list.  You will need purification devices.  You will need storage tanks.  You will need gathering devices.  A cistern is very wise thing depending on your situation.  Water strategies in a permaculture place are for plants, animals, and humans.  This is an expansive topic which I do not have time to go into detail.  Water should be at the very top of importance.


Clothing is a big consumable and a place where REAL Green is important.  I buy technical clothing.  I have many boots, shoes, and flip flops.  I have lots of work shirts and pants.  I buy quality and choose to have less.  I am not concerned about looks as much as application.  I spend most of my day outside so it is critical to dress properly to maintain my work effort.  I have the minimum of dress up clothing mainly for funerals.  I was one of the first when I was in corporate life to go work casual.  I am a bit like Johnny Cash and the man in black instead I am the man in green.  When I do go out and need to clean up, I wear simple things that reflect REAL Green.  In the summer a simple quality tee-shirt and shorts for example.  I never follow consumer fads

If my clothes are not dirty, they do not get washed.  If some of my work cloths get damaged, I have my wife sew them up.  Many work shirts have stains on them even after washing but I still wear them.  In REAL Green decline is the number one variable of change.  In this spirit is my belief that one day my cloths choices will be greatly minimized.  If I have multiple clothing items and foot wear.   This will supplies into a future of less so I do not get rid of cloths that are still functioning.  I often buy on-line because I do not like driving to a brick-and-mortar store.  If I do get rid of cloths, I take them to a place to help the poor.


Tools are something I never have enough of.  I am alone in a way on 400 acres and it is very hard to find help both professional and labor.  This means I have to do what I can.  One thing I do with the complicated systems related to plumbing, electricity, and mechanical is diagnostics.  I dig into the problem and determine what is wrong.  I then schedule people.  You may not get a professional for weeks so it is very tricky to schedule because sometimes they all come the same day and then you are rushed and make mistakes.  Tools allow me to do this diagnostic.  It is often the case I can fix the problem and save lots of money that pays for the tools.  I also collect tools for barter economy that may develop from the decline process.

Supplies and hardware are very important because if you are well stocked then you won’t need to go to town.  Being well stocked is tricky because sometimes you will buy things that won’t be used so this can be a waste of money and dirty from a green point of view.  Keep things organized so you can find them.  Cycle out things that are not used because they become clutter.  For prepping you will need to stock up on all those things to get you through a crisis.  Your crisis inventory should be divided up by short term and longer term items.  Shorter term would be wear-items and maintenance items.  Longer term are those things that may not be around one day that will be needed.


Guns and ammo are good to stock up on for security but also hunting.  This is not something many greens want to buy but if you are a green prepper in certain locations you will need them.


Things for storage and organization are very important because if you are invested in homestead and monestary then you will have lots of things.  This is the reality of green prepping.  You are going to be confronted by storing and organizing all the things I described.  If you are like me as an individual this is daunting because of all the other things I do.  Storage and organizing is of the highest importance because the value and maintenance of these items requires accessibility when needed.  Accessibility is readiness in a crisis.  Improperly stored and maintained items yields spoilage, breakdowns, and degrading of quality.  The result is a waste of things.  This is not green and a waste of carbon.  This ends up being just another of the struggles of being REAL Green because of the trade-offs of values and value.


Machines and devices that will have use in a post declined world are important because remember REAL Green is about decline and failure of civilization.  It is about a planet in abrupt change.  It is about the web of life in decline.  All these things point to adversity and struggles.  The proper machines and devices will help mitigate these difficulties.  One has to be careful what things are retained because of the nature of storage and maintenance.  In REAL Green you will be limited with time, money, and help so choose wisely.  Sometimes it is smarter to have less even if you have time, money, and the help.  The amount of work needed maintaining and the education to operate these things must be balanced with all the other things you will have to do in your permaculture place.  I buy many things that are antiques.  I find enduring value in many of these things.  This includes new things that are the modern production of old things used in earlier times.  I also find value in things that are solid and robust and do not need much maintenance.  Those things pre plastic and electroin always had good longevity.  These would be pre-70s.  I try to avoid complex things like electronic and motors but these things are easy to invest in because of the status quo.


Your monestary of ideas, history, and sources of wisdom is a very important part of the permaculture of spirituality.  When I am dead, I want to leave things to the young who come after me.  I realize my stuff may end of just an interesting estate sale but hopefully some wisdom will stick.  This is about wisdom and meaning.  These are paramount because the struggle with the affluence of things and comforts is only going to get worse.


Medical stuff is important.  This includes skills and literature.  Medical stuff suffers the same storage, maintenance, and training the above items.  In fact, it is really hard to keep up will all these things and training.  The issue is when needed they could be life saving so you must have something.


It is important in REAL Green to avoid unneeded hygiene items.  I have a beard so I don’t need to shave wasting water and energy intensive hot water.  I shower when needed.  Luckily, I don’t smell readily like some, no fault to them.  I work on the farm so I am typically dirty and sweaty but this does not mean a daily shower and cloths do not need to be washed daily.  I go as long as I can before a shower.   

I clean cloths as little as possible.  Washing cloths is a huge waste of energy and water plus it wears cloths out quicker.  I wish my wife would line dry items but she doesn’t.  I have this set up for her.  This is an example of realistic and relative of REAL Green.  I can’t force these things on my wife.  Another prep item along with line during set up is a manual wash tub.  If a crisis comes we can wash like the old times. 

Avoid buying cosmetics and personal hygiene product.  Many of them are unneeded and very dirty in regards to green.  Focus on the important things like teeth.  Make sure you have sunscreen.  These things matter where being pretty not so much in regards to survival.  I realize the young have a different opinion because they are finding mates but once you get over this time in your life focus on the basics in a green way.


(see this blog’s pages for pics of my solar)

In my last post I spoke to you about TRUE Green.  This is a person who has dematerialized, and reduced or eliminated travel and modern networking.  This person has gone local into permaculture.  The permaculture is both physical and spiritual.  One is never TRUE Green just closer to this ecological truth.  I contrast that to FAKE Green which most greens are.  A FAKE Green is a person who embraces so called green technology and feels righteously green.  The primary problem with FAKE Greens is affluence.  Affluence always gets in the way.  The one exception is spiritual affluence.  There are no limits to this in a figurative sense.  REAL Green is a FAKE Green in acceptance and humility.  The acceptance is of the carbon trap and the path dependencies of his nature and nurture.  It is of his limitations of his local of people and place.  A REAL Green aspires to and holds in high regards the TRUE Green. 

I mention this when I explain my energy and power systems because they are not TRUE Green.  Solar is dirty.  Stop believing the FAKE Greens when they tell you stories about Net Zero 2030 or whatever fantasy date they hype.  Yet, for REAL Green a modest solar system is highly recommended.  It is a system greener than the alternative of all grid.  My system is local because it is stand alone.  It contributes to my resilience and sustainability in a crisis so it is green prepped.  Remember REAL Green is about reconciliation of these inconsistencies and inconvenient positions.

My solar is not anything special in a techno sense.  What is different is I choose to be less technical and more manual.  I keep it small and it is also hybrid.  I use solar and grid power.  My solar power is for green prepping.  The grid is for those energy needs that are beyond my solar’s capability.  It is also there because multiple times a year the sun does not produce enough energy to run what is needed.  If I were going to be off the grid, I would need to double my solar system.  This would also require propane for cooking although I could use wood.  The problem you will run into when REAL Green is your local of people and place.  My wife would not want to cook on a woodstove.  She likes electricity.  I have both propane and electricity but the propane is a backup for cooking and fires my grill.  I also have charcoal cookers.  The point here is my solar is targeted.  It is realistic for my trap of people and place.

I have all my circuits that can be run by solar tied into transfer switches.  This is standard electrical equipment used by people with generators.  This allows a switching from solar to grid.  I can use both the grid and solar at the same time.  The alternative is grid only, solar only, or grid tied system.  My hybrid system allows me to take care of some of my energy needs and still have all the capability of the grid.  I have $25,000 tied up in this system so I must make a return to pay down that investment.  I got some tax benefits from this but this was really insignificant.  I work my system to pay for itself and I have the system for green prepping.  I also have a very capable generator/welder that can connect to my grid service by a throw switch.  If power goes down, I can flip the throw switch and disconnect grid power.  This must be done becuase any system has to be separated from the grid or dangerous interactions can occur.  I can then charge my battery up with the generator if the solar conditions do not allow an adequate charge.

The results of this system on my electric bill are not as great as one would expect spending $25,000.  On a good solar day I can produce 10KWH to 16KWH.  My usage is as high as 100KWH when solar is not being used and I am using electric for heat.  Space heating is a very high draw item.  When I have my wood boiler going, I am using far less power.  My wood boiler still uses power but a small amount.  It has two pumps and a fan.  This uses 2 amp when running with fan and pumps.  This cuts my usage in half.  My solar system can easily power this system even when solar is low.  This makes for great green prepping.  If I had a failure of the grid and solar then I still have a wood stove in the house that does not need electric.


Solar is not Green!  Solar is not cheap!  Solar is not economic!  Wow, that sounds bad but REAL Green this and see how this changes.  Solar is not green but it is greener than a new muscle car.  It is greener than a swimming pool.  I could go on and on.  Energy is central to your existence.  In today’s flip a switch living that is cheap you might not care about any of the above.  I am a green prepper.  The basics of this is what is more secure is greener.  This does not mean safe nor does it mean TRUE Green.  It means safer and greener.  This is REAL Green in a nutshell.

Solar is not cheap or economic.  I spent a lot of money.  Part of my increased costs was due to I did a custom system.  I am located in a nonrenewable orientated region.  My installation choices were minimal.  The equipment is technical and complicated so not cheap.  You may hear FAKE Greens cheerlead how panel prices are declining and so forth but panels are not the only part of the system.  If you just grid tie then you have an inexpensive way to have solar.  This is mainly panels and an inverter tied to the grid.  If the grid goes down you have no power.  My system cost me around $25,000.  It has taken lots of my time in research and procurement.  I would not recommend this to people if they are only looking for a bang for the buck.  Grid tied systems are better.  If you go off grid due to location then yes it has value.  In my case it does not pencil out with only cost and economics factors considered.

Currently my utility KWH cost is $.084827.  Keep in mind there is a cost for your service itself which is $1.24 per day.  My solar system at its best produces 16KWH a day.  DO THE MATH!! That means at 8 cents times 16.  That means I am gathering $1.28 a day of solar irradiation on my best day.  Then do my service cost per day.  I give my system an average 15-year life then my service cost is $4.50.  So, you see, I am making on my best days $1.28 but my system costs $4.50.  The numbers do not add up.

Where my system shines are with green prepping strategies.  It allows me to have lights and power for refrigeration in a grid down situation both essential.  I can also run my A/C with this system so if there was grid down in a brutal heat wave, I could have cool air at least in part of my house or shop.  I have a mini split system that works well with solar.  This system can cool one room or many.  It can heat or cool.  It is an inverter technology so it does not require a large compressor that is beyond smaller solar capabilities like mine.  I can easily run my wood boiler in winter for heat.  I am considering a water heater that works similar to my mini split system that is very efficient and insulated so I can also heat water with my solar.  My solar will not run a standard water heater.  Too much draw.  Currently my wood boiler heats my water but only in the winter.  Lights are critical.  I easily have lighting.  This system will shine if we have a jump in electric costs.  It shines with grid down.  It shines in a relative way in regards to green.  Solar is not TRUE Green but it has many green prepping applications.

Cost Summary

inverter, charger, panels, pole mount, accessories$10,061.98
Lithium phosphate battery$7,630.00
concrete, wire, conduit$1,082.00
transfer switches$604.00