I am a green shaman.  This story is my cave painting.  I have been to places and having gone there I have been instructed to go back and tell others.  What I tell you is not perfect because I am an imperfect vessel but I will tell you what I have seen the best I can.  This place was very strange and other worldly and has persisted over my life.  So, it is my entire life with a few moments of the bright light of the truth along with moments of complete failure.  It is the visiting of both these worlds that is required.  Keep in mind this may be completely delusional on my part because humans that enter this world will be delusional.  In fact, being delusional is a requirement.  This is not the delusional of what we call sanity and adjusted.  It is the insanity the sane want to repress because this world is so dangerous to their sanity and adjustment.  This is why religion is created and why man now worships science.

If I appear to be crying wolf about doom, I am but my intentions are different.  My goal is to adapt your reality filter not scare you.  Doom is scary and not something people seek out.  In fact, in most cases, it is taboo like many sexual fetishes.  I do not want to judge you or push you to extreme change.  The reality is most of us are trapped and have limited options.  A few can do dramatic change that is restorative but for most because of nature and nurture are trapped in a world that can’t be changed much.  The people that can change can renew places and inspire people.  This is why my message is so important and why you should take doom a step further if you are one of the new human types.  You will pick up the pieces of a destroyed world.

None of this will matter at the macro level.  Decline is a force now.  It is the current of change.  It is what people like to refer to as progress but now progress is regression.  What once was constructive change is now destructive.  Growth is now degrowth.  This degrowth is not the positive kind with proactive discipline of entering uncharted waters.  Positive degrowth is triage of deadwood not taking on of baggage.  It is about bailing water out not taking on water.  This is not the blind embrace of growth because of path dependencies that growth is all we know and the only way to react.  In this case what is called growth is really the degrowth of failed growth.  This growth is lied about and made to appear to be real growth.  This is what human civilization now is.   Civilization is a wonderfully complex and complicated house of cards built on a foundation that is a planet in abrupt change caused by the weight of this human construction 

So, the human narrative is a lie.  This is not a noble lie although the elites are lying to us about what they are doing with noble lies.  This lie is not the Marxist and or Machiavellian lies of political warfare of these elites who are pitting groups against groups to divided and conquer.  This is at work today too.  This is an existential lie of human wisdom that is approaching collapse.  This is a systematic lie that is pushing the envelope of stasis of a planet.  This lie is that humans can grow physically and with knowledge.  It is the lie we have a manifest destiny that we are made in the image of the divine and that this will ensure success.  Science is just as much part of this religious lie becuase science has now become scientism.  The universe is looked upon as embedded with intelligent design with math and physics.  We are discovering the very secrets of the universe we think and worshiping our success with false icons.

There has been talk by the elite of science and academia that God is dead.  Now I say atheism is dead too.  The reason I say this is atheism calls on its faithful in academia to embraced scientism.  They have replaced the God of traditional religion with a god that is the universe of intelligent design in their image.  This is the golden calf of Scientism.  This is a lie just as much as traditional religion is a lie.  Spirit and science must remain at different poles.  Science serves a different human function.  It is ego driven.  The spiritual is when the ego ceases to be the ego in surrender.  When the ego is completely gone is when you have entered the spiritual.  In science man is inquiring and breaking apart into packets of knowledge of all.  In the spiritual there is a connection into what is beyond and above human agency where humanity is left behind. 

This spiritual connectivity is complete humility in mysticism.  Science is about power and control.  The spiritual is above this in the loss of control into complete humility of connectivity with an unknown higher power.  Embracing this higher power is nothingness.  When you mix them there is an existential lie both with religion and science.  This is the human narrative today of dualism with both religion and science.  It has always been the human condition but in times of primitive man it was properly scaled.  There is no longer scale so what we have today is complete failure of control so we are on the cusp of an explosion of spirituality.  This is the necessary lie of being human but on occasion it must be destroyed completely in total humility.  We are now collectively at that point and this is the reason for my doom.

The reason I bring up this lie of traditional religion and scientism is both have been coopted with the corruption of today’s carbon trap and path dependencies of growth.  This is transhuman now with machines.  The most basic is the car culture.  You can live in a walkable community and still are in the car culture.  Population overshoot of all is a function of the car culture of moving human economics that is now global.  Even the poorest who labor and toil in their subsistence without much outside support are subject to it.  No one can hide from the self-destruction of this car culture. 

This transhumanism is now accelerating with the world wide web of the digital that is an ascending level of this car culture of delocalization.  In fact, this stage is the final destructive stage.  This is delocalizing man even further and quicker.  We no longer connect to the land and life around us with our digital delocalization.  They are now calling for the metaverse.  The metaverse is complete and final mechanization of life.  Even environmentalist are looking to science and technology to help nature with large and small geoengineering strategies. 

The reality is we are destroying nature.  It is this false divinity that is the issue because man is no longer scaled properly.  Proper scale is a seminomadic hunter gatherer with the basic science of primitive agriculture, foraging, and shelter.  This culture is a spoken culture that is alive with animation of the spirit world which is much closer to reality than the mechanization of the spiritual in transhumanism.  The spoken human culture of the primitive is superstitious but in a balanced way.  The most superstitious man is modern man in the delocalization of transhumanism of tech and knowledge power.

This discussion above has to be understood to understand the intricacies of decline.  This is needed to understand this decline has been a process from the very time when humans began to gather into small civilizations and then embraced agriculture.  Modern science began with agriculture and proper science will return to permaculture.  The narrative is this.   When humans began their enlightenment it was locked in dualism.   This process proceeded it also degraded until now it has gone to an extreme planet changing process with an arrogance of humanism that is an extreme of dualism.

It has progressed over thousands of years and is now at the point of tipping over.  On a finite planet there are limits.  This includes knowledge and tech.  We are there and somewhere in the vicinity of the tipping over into a new time of decline.  This means a new reality that man has not ever developed in is now at work.  The various dark ages and depressions mirror this but are not it because they all occurred in a steady average growth over these thousands of years.  They were blips in this process.  This is a systematic current of destructive change.  Where as the growth has lasted thousands of years the decline phase will be measured in decades or quicker.  It is this defining aspect that needs to be embraced to properly adapt.  We are talking rapid and complete change not steady average growth.

I call this “Soom”.  This is soon combined with doom.  Doom is not a new concept nor is the soon of collpase.  I would define it as the process of tipping over into decline that will accelerate at a nonlinear rate that knowledge and tech go into as they go from solving problems to being the problem.  It will infect all subsets but at different rates.  All places upon this planet are part of this tipping over because this is a consequence of the human forcing of growth globally.  It is within the human ecosystem of civilization but also geologic change.  It is the planetary systems being forced into abrupt change by human activity.  This is similar to cyanobacteria that initiated the theory of a snowball earth.  Life is also a planetary process and now humanity is the equivalent to cyanobacteria.  This is an amazing view of things because it is a full circle of the complexity of life.

All those planetary cycles that support life are now in phase change.  The carbon, nitrogen, and hydrologic are tipping with negative convergences feeding feedbacks beyond human control.  It is terrestrial, oceanic, and atmospheric.  It is within the human sphere with activity and meaning.  It is this current that is a river of destructive change.  The planet changes without destructive or constructive change.  It just does what planets do.  The destructive and constructive is in regards to the succession of the life system. 

Here there is the constructive of increasing complexity or the destructive of the undoing of complexity.  It is here where there is evolution or devolution and the combination of both in the turbulence of change.  This is where extinction is also.  Eventually all will be absorbed into a red giant star so the story goes.  In today’s scientism we will be elsewhere in the universe so the story goes.  Traveling in time through wormholes with quantum computing so the story goes.  My cave painting says otherwise and this is my humble story of a delusional green shaman.

You have to see this all-encompassing nature of decline to truly adapt.  This is a process but compared to the run up to the point of thousands of years of growth this will be a rapid decline.  In the world of the mortal humans this may not touch many.  Some of us in our 50s and older may not experience this.  For what it is worth I predict anyone under 30 will have to embrace decline as the new reality.  This is a blind prediction though because there is no way to equate decline.  It now has a life of its own.  In fact it is art and that is why what I am telling you now is a story not science.   

Keep in mind reality now is the tipping point.  It is that place where turbulence will phase change.  It is not a reality of growth or decline it is the turbulence of both in phase change.  Just like turbulence does not have an equation this period does not have the predictive element humans crave.  In fact, this turbulence is allowing humans to mistakenly consider growth growth when the reality is much of this growth is decline.

Since you the individual in your local of people and place are in a phase change.  You have no choice but to embrace both.  This is why I talk of the dualism of REAL Green.  You will be required to embrace both worlds.  Reality is going to tell you decline but the human narrative is growth.  The human narrative is a religion of growth because this is what scientism is.  Science and technology are the only truly revolutionary human force because they are unstoppable in the human drive of progress.  It seeks to know all.  Technology is the physical manifestation of this drive of affluence of efficiency into destructive change.  This human forcing has now adapted the planet and the web of life.  This forcing is self-destruction that is built into the human predicament of dualism. 

It is here the phase change is occurring and it is here where you do REAL Green adaptation.  REAL Green calls on you to live in both worlds.  It creates a new world for humans.  This is the world of degrowth doom.  It combines these two worlds in constructive growth of finding niches in a planet and human civilization in phase change.  You embrace human and planetary change to adapt locally which is the only place left to constructively change.  You will be adapting these two human realities or worlds together in a hybridization.  There will be triage and there will be salvage.  You will know you are there if you see the surreal world of paradoxes, incongruous juxtapositions, and irony.

This adaptation must be local with people and place.  In fact, it is the community of Christ that is so relevant here.  I do not mean to be religious here but only to shed life on what is arguably the most powerful message Jesus left us.  This means small scale.  It is this small scale which humans developed to become the modern human and are no losing in the delocalization of transhumanism.  Is it any wonder scientism is trying to destroy the family?  This is why.  You must begin the journey back to this human type that will become a new human type that will be postmodern after the coming bottleneck. 

It is unclear when this will happen and keep in mind humans may go extinct.  This is the nature of turbulence, remember.  There are no equations for this.  It is instead art and the subject of cave paintings.  We are in phase change now so there is no equation for this future.  Quit obsessing over the destination that is eventual death for all.  Mortality is the great equalizer and true honesty.  Nothing man has created will remain.  When that day comes is vital but also irrelevant to sombody doing REAL Green adaptation.  REAL Green adaptation takes the humility of this ultimate failure and gives it meaning in the journey through this time of turbulence.  It is about being pessimistic about all that is wrong with the modern human narrative and turning that into optimism of the journey of localized growth in meaning.

The truth is the ultimate quest of all humans.  Of course, this varies in intensity but all humans seek to embrace the truth as the proper course of action for actions.  It is the truth of this phase change and what is required that is the new meaning.  This embrace of the truth is what will give you optimism and it is this optimism that will transform your human agency.  You will not transcend this world of destructive change you will just transform it with a meaning that reflects reality.  You will do positive degrowth locally but only as best you can.  You will be declining in place in localism and permaculture.  You will be doing this relative and realistically according to your trap that is the trap of your greater community.  This greater community is like a ladder of increasing complexity and delocalization into globalism and the world wide web of human connections no one can escape. 

It is here where the real surreal living comes in because this will be the fight between localization and delocalization.  It is the fight of affluence between what is physical and what is spiritual.  Growth is with localism and spiritualism.  In fact, the only true growth ahead is spiritual with the meaning of this phase change.  It is this spiritual meaning that will direct small groups to the constructive growth of niches that form as eddies in the current of destructive change.  Yet, this trap will define and limit how much change a local of people and place can change.  This is the critical element of the hybridization.  You will have to try to live more local in a world of increasing delocalization.  You will have to embrace less affluence to find more.  The reason for these juxtapositions is you will have to trade physical affluence for increased spiritual affluence but you will have to do this in a measured way or you will lose both and be destitute and disenfranchised.

This is a critical element of this adaptation process.  It is here where REAL Green becomes an art that requires vision.  This vision is surreal.  It is littered with incongruous juxtapositions and paradoxes.  It means embracing the trap and most of all it is about embracing the humility of the wisdom of insecurity. This wisdom of insecurity is about finding security in insecurity.  This is the paradox of life.  The more you hold on to security the less you will have.  The wisdom of insecurity embraces the turbulence of this phase change.  It does this with meaning.  If you embrace the truth the truth will support you.  If the planet is in phase change, then embracing this truth is the equivalent of the planet supporting you.  This means understanding everything you hold near and dear is at risk including the meaning of your life.  In the wisdom of insecurity, you will be finding wisdom in decline.  This wisdom will guide you through the coming human bottleneck that no one will escape.  There is a great waterfall ahead and you now see the mist given off by this existential phase change.

This wisdom of insecurity will not save you.  There is no refuge there is no place to hide from this phase change but there is the freedom of a spiritual awakening that is a burst of positive energy to restore and renew human connectivity.  In this time in human history this connectivity is to the land in localism.  It can only be found in permaculture.  Keep in mind this permaculture is more than just farming the land.  It is permaculture strategies that require human networking found in small towns that permaculture farms orbit.  

This permaculture is about going local in a delocalized world with people and place.  This means a diverse group but a simple group.  Gone must be all those hyper specializations of modern man who can’t live without delocalization.  In this world all these people must be engaged in the complexity of the simplicity of permaculture.  True complexity is found only in nature.  Only Nature can overcome Nature.  The simplicity must be with the human network of knowledge and tech.  These permaculturist must have one or two specializations and be versed in all the basics of permaculture.  Permaculture is not delocalization.  Permaculture is the true affluence not delocalization.

This is about family and tribe.  It does not rise to urban.  Cities will be depopulated.  These are the places where the greatest turbulence will occur.  REAL Green prescriptions work here in the surreal of seeing the decline process but if you see the decline process then you will leave the cities because there will be no constructive growth in these places.  You will be like those hallowed souls of Chaco Canyon who deserted their development because they saw what it had become.  The difference with Chaco Canyon and today is there is no place to go to.  The world is now totally globalized in delocalization.  This is why you will have to adapt realistically and relatively but it must be towards that which is not what we have today.  Today man is urban and transhuman.  You will want to leave this on a journey of optimism.

This means you will have to flow with the current that is the current of truth with that which is now the current of lies.  This takes a special mentality.  This mentality is so simple that it will be the hardest thing you do because it is about calling into question everything and choosing one of two doors that will have consequences.  If you choose the status quo, you are choosing the world of lies.  If you chose the door of truth and meaning of phase change this will also have consequences.  No choice is not an option because that is a default choice for the status quo.  You will fall back into the current human narrative of the status quo because you are trapped.  Actually, in REAL Green you will go in and out of these doors because remaining in the bright light of the truth is only momentary.  It is the impact of seeing this light but returning to the lies where the support is.  This is why I say the planet and the stars will support you in this transformation.


REAL Green is like being a convicted criminal that has done his time and now is at the gate looking out at the scary world of normality.  In the REAL Green it is seeing the world of our ancestors as the normal world and the modern world is the prison that is being left.  This is even more convoluted because this prison is the mental ward for the insane.  REAL Green is an embrace of maladaptation to adapt.  You will live a life that is not normal and, in some ways, you will be considered a nutter.  You will live this world to leave it.

This nutter label is in a good way.  REAL Green is not violent or mean.  It is humbly other-orientated and reverent for the planet.  The insanity of the modern world needs a pathway for a few with the right stuff to save humanity from the transhumanism of delocalization.  If you choose this path, you will be considered odd and not quite right.  That is if you reveal yourself.  You can be successful living in both worlds but it creates a strange surreal world of incongruous juxtapositions, paradoxes, and irony.  You will walk around modern life stunned by absurdity.

It is about a return but this return is like a convict that comes out of a secure world of a prison to a tough world of freedom.  The convict has lived much of his adult life in the secure world of the prison.   He has adapted to this.  His time is done and now he is going back to an unfamiliar world.  Many times, convicts revert to old behavior.  Some even go back to the security of prison life unable to adapt.  REAL Greens are trapped in this convict’s world.  The prison is of carbon traps, path dependencies, and delocalization.  You will first be taken to a REAL Green halfway house.  It is here you will begin the process of adapting to a world tipping over into decline and decay.  This will be a tough world of discomforts but also meaning.

I am a devote green who lives the meaning that comes from pursuing a proper footprint on a planet I adore.  Every day I must do things that don’t add up with my green equation of adoration.  I drive, buy on amazon, and use too much energy.  I like comforts and want happiness for my family.  I don’t want others to suffer.  I am like an angle with the iron wings of hypocrisy.  Everything I do I see the carbon and delocalization.  I have many books on what is properly human on a finite planet.  This makes me see modern life in a surreal way when I travel the highway to a town to buy groceries.  This carbon trail and delocalization of vital needs of being humans is fascinating but also alarming.  It can end so abruptly.  I am affluent as a middle-class person but as a green I am in poverty.

I am realistic and relative about this existential predicament of the duality of living two different worlds.  I am the type of person who does not feel I can force my way of life on others.  I believe in freedom so I must respect others in the same way.  I feel caught in the middle of the extremist greens preaching Marxism and the science denying browns.  The Marxist greens want control by any means.  Browns feel justified by God to subjugate the planet.  In the middle of this I cry when I see what has been lost as I drive down the dirty highways of progress.

At the top with the elite supremist pursuing the Great Reset I see a con job that is hijacking the green movement.  They could care less about green.  Green is a good tool of control they will employ along with woke.  These devisive issues help their efforts to preserve wealth and power.  Extremist greens drink these lies up like Jim Jones Kool-Aid.  With the browns I see science denial and bible thumping.  The planet is theirs to be exploited for increased happiness because God told them this.  I see psychopaths at the top in industry and politics because this is the way to succeed in a delocalized world of affluence seeking.  They got to the top by lying, cheating, and stealing and feel their wealth and power is justified.  This is a brave new world of Marxism with the Machiavellian pursuit of power in battle with the populist.  Both are delusional but I have to admit I side with the populist who believe in freedom.  I do this grudgingly because I am first and foremost and environmentalist and populist dirty browns.

I feel like the convict leaving prison and starting a new life because I left the corporate world 18 years ago.  It took me 8 years of wandering that brought me to a permaculture homestead.  Back then I was a peak oil prepper.  As I did my prepping, I saw the importance of green.  I have always been a spiritual green.  I have a large library.   I have many books on the Osage tribe that lived sustainably in my local.  I know what TRUE Green is because the Osage lived it but I also know that world is gone. 

It is now an overpopulated earth carbon trapped and delocalized in globalism.  There is nowhere to hide.  Prepping as a lone wolf is ridiculous in the sense of finding a refuge.  If you do not have a sustainable and resilient local community then you don’t have but a few months of security in a collapse.  A decade of effort can be taken in a few hours by superior forces.  If you remain safe from bandits your prepped portfolio will eventually run out.  Resupply will depend on how far the drop is for your local.  So green prepping is about learning to live more as our ancestors did but within the trap of modern life.  The green part comes from the realization that what is more prepped is greener.

What I did start to realize after the recent 8 years is how important permaculture is to the process of prepping.  A permaculture homestead is as green as most of us can get.  TRUE Green is a semi-nomadic hunter gatherer living seasonally.  His waste streams are nutrient streams.  He is properly an apex predator.  He may be superstitious but less so than modern man with all his knowledge and gadgets that deceive him into thinking he is special and above nature.  This is extreme superstition claiming enlightenment.  

What is even better than a permaculture homestead is a community of permaculture homesteads with a small town in the center producing basics.  This is how it once was for the frontiersman here in my local 200 years ago.  This is what we must return to.  REAL Green is on the frontier which is between worlds.  So, this is a journey of returning to a previous life that is so far gone it is a new way of life.  Your first stop is the half-way house of REAL Green by embracing failure in ascetic humility.

What is green is more prepped is why you should be green not what modern greens preach which is FAKE Green.  This means living a surreal life of the halfway house.  This is living local, low carbon, and ascetic in a world of delocalization, carbon, and on demand affluence.  It is local because it is only here humans properly scale.  Delocalization is material affluence.  Affluence is a process of scale being lost.  It is dehumanizing mechanization of decreasing humanity.  Our modern world is full of too many opportunities.  This is the prison you are leaving.  It is only by being local that a true human scale is obtained. 

Keep in mind this does not necessarily mean increased security.  That depends on the local.  If a famine strikes or a medical emergency happens you may die.  Yet, it is the local where meaning is realized in a sea of meaninglessness.  When humans scale properly there is meaning.  Meaning can only be fully found in the local.  Think local and live global is a farce just as think global live local is.  REAL Green tries to thread the needle of this trap.  Everything else is an insanity of maladaptation.  Is it any wonder people need so many drugs today! 

The reason this world is so meaningless is too many things and too much knowledge.  This out of scale condition is really too much baggage and too much noise.  Green prepping is using this world to leave it as much as you can.   This is a hybrid world so a mental skill of agility must be learned.  It is a world of salvage and triage.  This is the basis of REAL Green wisdom.  Much will have to be rejected and much salvaged because of the dual worlds you are navigating.   This is the nature of a hybrid material and metaphysical world you will find yourself in.  This makes it surreal like the convict feels when he stands at the gates between worlds.

Low carbon is essential to green prepping.  Low carbon means staying as close to the local as possible for energy sources and energy use.  Food is the most basics low carbon capture.  A garden and animals are a requirement for REAL Green.   The support network of a small towns supporting permaculture localism is REAL Green.  Anything larger is not green.  Really permaculture involves homesteads and small towns.  In my case I need heating so it is also firewood.  It means rewilding because a good permaculture homestead has a forage and hunting potential.  It means knowing your water with strategies of collection and purification.  Food, water, and energy are all interrelated and the very basics of human life.  Food and water require energy.  Energy requires you being satisfied with food and water so you have the energy to collect energy.  This is the circularity of REAL Green.

Your permaculture homestead will have to focus on being more circular in a linear world.  Delocalization breaks the circle.  Ideally your permaculture homestead will have to depend on a local of other permaculture homesteads and a small town of craftsmen and lite professionals.  Doctors, teachers, and administrators are a must but in a REAL Green small town setting.  The reason being you will have to be a jack of many trades but a specialist in a few.  A proper permaculture homestead can’t make it on its own.  Localized community is a keystone requirement. 

I lack community and other permaculture homesteads around me but I am still better than urban areas.  Local farmers around the Ozarks where I live still retain some of the old ways.  Talking to another permaculture homestead digitally is fine but it is not the real thing.  The digital and the car culture are still delocalizing but this is all I have.  I hope better success for you and I write these words for some who may realize what I speak of.  My permaculture homestead is considered a hobby farm because it is not profitable in the world of the status quo.  You can’t properly live middle class and be a TRUER Green permaculture homestead.  Mine is lacking the keystone local variable of other homesteads connected by small towns.  I try to live local in a world of delocalization.  I am a convict.  I am in a halfway house.

Green prepping is about asceticism.  You will have to be a devote conservationist.  You will have to embrace austerity if you expect to be prepped.  This means learning a routine of pain and drudgery.  I fast twice a week to feel the pain of hunger.  This fasting manifests both physical and mental sacrifice.  I often feel like “is this worth it” when I reflect on REAL Green?  I often wonder why I make big efforts at small returns.  Modern life is about small effort bringing big returns. 

Low carbon capture is a marginal living.  It is a life of poverty because staying local will not provide a modern life of affluence.  All the talk these days about localism is really just a hobby life.  Real localism is a poverty of sorts.  Ascetic living is embracing daily routines of boring redundant work.  It means daily chores that are low return.  It means little time for leisure.  Your leisure must be the satisfaction of being ascetic in an affluent world.  Green prepping is about conservation because being prepped is about a low footprint.  Affluence is obtained but this is a spiritual affluence.

Voluntary simplicity is the key to green prepping.  It is a poverty of wants and needs in ascetism.  It is about living a mental condition of cognitive dissonance of being trapped in the surreal of two worlds like the convict at the gates of prison looking out at the parking lot.  No loved ones there just the sheriff that will transport you to the halfway house.  The probation officer will call you and tell you how to behave.  In the case of REAL Green the probation officer is the reality of insecurity.  Life will be your probation officer contacting you with failure.  Failure must become your friend. 

This is the lonely world you will live in being REAL Green because very few will be living a REAL Green life of green prepping.   You will be that convict with no loved ones to pick you up.  You will be alone.  It is so easy to return to that previous life of being a carbon criminal living the thrill of a delocalized life.   Indulging in affluence like a glutton.  This is how civilization lives and has lived for generations and now you are seeking to leave this as best you can.

If you believe in a world in decline that is heading for the cliff you will instinctively be a prepper.  In this respect you will do what you can to prepare.  If you do this long enough you will see that it is only TRUE Green living that is properly prepped.  The TRUE Green world is gone.  TRUE Green is also about famine and emergencies so there really is no refuge being a self-conscious animal.  In a localized world this might mean no safety net and or emergency services.  What REAL Green attempts is living in both worlds as best one can.  This seems simple enough but it is really very difficult. 

REAL Green makes a transformation once failure is embraced.  This transformation is about acceptance that modern life is dying and a failure.  The narrative of growth and prosperity is a lie.  It is the humility of being a convict at the prison gate contemplating a return to an alien normal life of true localism that is a key.  The reason this is key is the meaning of it.  The truth is the highest attainment of humanism.  Most can’t handle the truth or are not able to face the truth.  A child is protected because of this.  Many adults live delusional lives because the truth is too scary.  The wisdom of insecurity says there is more security in living insecure.  Modern life teaches you to be optimistic when pessimism is called for.  REAL Green blends them in pessimistic optimism because it is the optimistic journey that is embraced not the destination.  The destination is death.

The Key aspect to REAL Green comes with the pain and suffering of this surreal world of living between worlds at the prison gate.  It is meaning that comes from the humility of acceptance of failure.  It is seeing the lie of modern life but also seeing the trap of it.  Just because you see the truth does not mean you can transcend your existential situation of being part of the lie.  So REAL Green is about personal acceptance in humility.  It is about accepting consequences and doing your time.  It is also the insecurity of leaving the prison of prosperity.

It is at this point you go forth on a journey of renewal and restoration.  You also go forth in a world of a carbon convict living in the world of the thrills of affluence.  The key to REAL Green is letting the demons’ become angles if only angles with iron wings.  It is this acceptance that will liberate you if only for brief moments.  As you get old if you are lucky, as your body and mind decays, it is brief moments of meaning that are so special and worth living for.

Does it matter?  In my opinion it doesn’t.  That is the ultimate acceptance of the human condition.  When you die your ego dies.  There is no looking down from above in a heaven.  Heaven is here on earth.  You can make it a hell if you like.  Life is so short you are already dead.  In a blink of your eyes you will be on your death bed.  Or in a brief moment a car wreck will be a flash of light and then you are gone.  Yet, there is something more and it is meaning that comes with a connectivity of letting go in the wisdom of insecurity that opens your journey up to special moments.  The truth is special in the sea of meaningless human dwell in.   

Our lonely state of self-consciousness where we must relive our mortality daily is maddening.  It is human instinct to find meaning and meaning is a reflection of the truth.  In nature this whole issue is moot because other species are in a natural state of grace.  An oak tree is just an oak tree.  It does not try to be a lion.  It is this grace that humans crave.  It is the REAL Green naturalness of living where the wisdom of insecurity is embraced that true happiness becomes nearer.

Beyond Humanism

Living beyond humanism is a handicap.  If you are able to look around and see life more as it is, you will handicap yourself in the ways of man.  Living this is a tough calling making it surreal.  This is probably the reason shamans lived on the edge of the community.  It is here they could reflect beyond humanism and maintain a degree of sanity.  The ways of the world contradict so much of what a higher reality represents.

This is likely why there is religion and the reason there are nutter new age spiritualist.  It is finding the middle ground that is necessary.  The control and usurping of spirituality by religion destroy spirituality but also tames it.  The freedom of pursuing unhindered spirituality is exhilarating but also maddening.  This is the tensions of the dualism of being.  We have our minds that live in two worlds of the metaphysical and the physical.  One we must take care of food, water, shelter.  In the metaphysical there is the search for meaning.  How much meaning should we pursue?  This of course has become complex and complicated with modern life where the two get blended and confused.

I have to revisit the basis of REAL Green because I live in the two worlds.  REAL Green is chiefly a spiritual approach.  This spirituality is needed so one goes further into reality than is normal to see the deeper human condition.  In the case of the modern human this is the reality of a world of decline.  This decline is actually being in the vicinity of decline.  It is a tipping over point of everything on this planet into decline.  The planet is now shifting an epoch and human forcing is the reason.  Man is nearing a shift of being a new type of man.  It will be this tipping over that reshapes this new human type.  The dawning of this new human type is unclear but the transition is near.

Spirituality is the new growth aspect for humans.  In the past it was affluence of comforts and knowledge.  These combined to form the new man of science and technology.  We are now transhuman with our machines and knowledge resources.  Significant amounts of our humanity has been lost in this technological growth.  Much of the rich natural diversity and complexity of our planet has been lost because of this development.  This is now a condition of diminishing returns.  This will drive human evolutionary change rapidly.  REAL Green seeks to orientate to this change

This evolutionary change is decline based.  It is centered on the physical world.  The spiritual damage has been done.  The growth of technological man came at the expense of spiritual man.  Now the process is turning over to spiritual growth and less technology.  Our comforts and knowledge resources have hit limits.  Not only have they hit limits they are set to degrade rapidly mainly because complexity of the type humans have created degrades rapidly when growth is taken away.  Abandonment, dysfunction, and the irrational destroy integrity of human institutions rapidly.  So, this tipping over is a paradigm of destructive change for human civilization.  This is the reason why REAL Green is a degrowth doom and the reason it pursues green prepping.

Spirituality is the one area of human life that can expand.  Meaning will be a new growth opportunity.  This is expansion is with wisdom.  This new wisdom will be of what knowledge and comforts to embrace and what to reject in this new age of decline.  Currently man is still fully embracing more comforts and knowledge.  The tension of this tipping over is at this very moment is a building up of metaphysical seismic energy.  Man is pushing hard against limits.  He continues opening doors which in the past solved problems and increased affluence but now is quickly compressing problems into predicaments.

REAL Green seeks to live in both worlds.  Very few can leave this world that is on a collision.  There is very few places for transcendence.  Few can leave into the wilderness of spirituality except for insanity.  You must live in this world of growth even though in your gut you know much of what we are doing is mad.  Yet to leave this world is also mad for most people.  It will actually destroy families and communities.  This is probably why there are established religions.  Even though they are destructive of meaning because of the moral hazards of human life they do hold civic responsibilities together.  In this way REAL Green does not advocate taking this spirituality as a new religion.

REAL Green is an add on that seeks to throttle modern life.  Important spiritual aspects if embraced yield a different physical path of the basics of living.  The key aspect of this spirituality is just to add on to your existing spirituality acceptance and return.  The acceptance is the wisdom that human agency is failing.  This failing will be anti-meaning.  The narratives that are used to give us meaning are tipping over into failure.  REAL Green is about a hybrid of living in this world of false narratives with an acceptance.

REAL Green takes this a step forward by using the wisdom of green prepping to return to an earlier humanism.  This humanism was of a time when there was less knowledge and comforts but more meaning.  This meaning may be looked upon as superstitious because of the huge amount of knowledge we have at our finger tips today.  Yet, it can be argued we are even more superstitious today with our flagrant disregard for limits.  Limits are the closest we can get to reality.  Limits are definition.  Humans today are lost without meaning because there is too much knowledge and opportunities that allow life to be delocalized.  Delocalization is a type of entropy.

This return is about going back in time but more in the sense of a rhyme than repeat.  The world of our ancestors is gone but the wisdom is not gone.  Proper wisdom is timeless and it is an art.  Art is a reflection of beauty.  It is finding that road that threads this needle that is the key to REAL Green spirituality.  You will have to live a difficult surreal mentality of knowing you will be living a life that is destructive.  You will also live in a new world that is the old world.  A world back in time to when man lived simpler less destructive lives.  This means a difficult disposition of rejecting many aspects of modern human life.  Knowing what to embrace and reject is a very hard won ability.  This is green prepping wisdom.  It is a toughest of wisdom because it is one of rejection.

At no time in man’s recent history except for extreme royalty of the past have humans had so much opportunity and choices.  I can be across the world tomorrow with the right connections.  I can build a small city in a year.  I can amass a fortune winning a lottery.  Saying no to these extremes is a tough mental postion.  What is also tough is knowing you have to embrace these opportunities.  It is a two edge sword. 

You will have to seek success and profit or you will be consumed by those who do.  This is the Anthropocene which is a human world with new predators.  In many ways this new world is more dangerous than the old one.  You may have longer life spans but many have lost meaning so what is the value?  We may not have tigers that eat us but we have new kinds of predators.  I would say more insidious and vicious predators both man and machine.  Increasingly man and machine are being merged into transhuman predators.

REAL Green is speaking to the rich in the west.   There are 6 billion poor but keep in mind many of these poor are being lifted out of poverty and will face similar issues the 1 billion face with the dangers and opportunities of affluence.  I am a rich westerner that calls on the poor to be very carful how much wealth you pursue if the opportunity arises.  REAL Green is essentially an add on spirituality for the rich of the world but the poor should reflect on the wisdom reflex of green prepping too but at a different starting point.  Many of the poor 6 billion still have a connection to the land the rich have lost.  Many of these poor are much more localized.  They have better family relationship because of this.  Of course, many do not and many are oppressed, disenfranchised and suffering.  I am not speaking to these people because I am not worthy.

REAL Green is about being an add on to your spirituality.  It is about green prepping.  The green is that which is a lower planetary foot print.  This is essentially permaculture localism.  That which is permaculture localism is more prepped.  REAL Green is green prepping because REAL Green embraces decline as the new paradigm of the dawning of an age of decline.  This is not meant to be a new age spirituality nor a nutter prepper way of life.  This is a humble spirituality of acceptance that will power you through the destructive changes immediately ahead.

Since this is a spirituality with many dangers, REAL Green calls on humility and simplicity as the time proven ways to adapt and mitigate destructive change.  This spirituality goes forth once you have gone through the spiritual transformation of REAL Green to adapted living.  You will live differently but within the life you are living now.  The key aspect of REAL Green is acceptance of decline but also the acceptance of the limits to the transformation of embracing decline. 

Very few will have the right stuff to make a significant transformation.  This is because we are all trapped in the carbon path dependencies of modern life.  Here carbon is energy and technology.  The path dependencies are the civilization that has developed and now requires carbon and technology.  There is a limit to how much simplicity one can embrace and not lose stability.  Keep in mind this involves others.  This involves people who are not capable of the spirituality of REAL Green.  In some ways there is an innocence that must be lost in REAL Green.  You must respect the innocence of those significant others who just don’t have this ability.  This will make you a leader.  Many are not capable of leadership.  Know your abilities of leadership before you embrace REAL Green in the advanced stages.

This journey is other orientated as well as planetary.  This is a heroic journey.  It is unique to you because it is your life and that life has unique nature and nurture.  This journey is specifically local and rejects delocalization and homogenization.  In this respect your local is unique with its own special limits and what changes can be made.  Use REAL Green as a tool of return to an earlier time of simplicity and meaning but use it within the limits modern life places on you.  This means you will still have to budget your time, money, and happiness.  There will be many choices to make and many of these will be added to the already large amounts of choices modern life puts on your backs.

REAL Green is essentially saying embrace a wisdom of green prepping relative and realistically to your uniqueness.  Local uniqueness allows authenticity and from authenticity comes truth.  This is so simple it can become overly complicated especially in our modern world of too much of everything except meaning.  Many complications will occur when you attempt this dissonance generating mentality.  If you are feeling dissonance you are over the target.  This is because pain is part of the process especially mental pain.  It is tough to say no when so much is possible.

This is going to create a lack of harmony at times.  They key to limiting these difficulties is localism and simplicity.  Use a wisdom that embraces these qualities in your decision making process.  You are going to fail and you will fall into traps but you will learn from this.  This is inevitable when life systems collide.  REAL Green is one life system based on decline and the modern world is centered on growth.  In the modern world failure is taboo.  Doomers are consider nutter and relegated to the fringe of the social narrative.  Yet, degrowth doom is the new meaning.  Try to harmonize this without destroying either life system.

Where REAL Green succeeds is growth in decline.  You will have to grow because you are living in the modern world of the Anthropocene but your growth will be one that is within a niche created by the declining modern life.  This decline is likely going to be rapid at some point.  Your growth will be a growth of return that is essentially a retreat in force.  It is a hybrid that will combine the new and the old better.  This will leverage your decline with more adaptation.  You will have to be significantly focused on triage.  You will have lots of deadwood to clear out.  This is where optimism occurs in the overall pessimism of decline.  You will become an optimistic pessimist.

It is apparent as a REAL Green you will be living a life of incongruous juxtapositions.  This will be a life full of paradoxes.  You will constantly be faced with the surreal of irony.  You will need to keep a strong sense of humor and a durability of character.  The reason this is more likely for you in REAL Green is you are embracing localism and simplicity.  While REAL Green is for everyone to a degree its advanced stages are only for a few.  It is not something to be taken lightly.   It is a rigorous life of voluntary simplicity within complexity.  Know your limits before you entertain this life system.

If you live in a city leave it.  If you can’t then be aware your permaculture homestead and monestary of knowledge will be at increased risk.  If you can move to the edges of a city this is better.   Just like shamans did in the time of our ancestors when they would live on the fringe of their community.  They went there because it was easier to find meaning.  It is meaning that is the key element of spirituality.  REAL Green is a spirituality that brings a physical transformation.  So, in this case you must first find a permaculture of the spirit before you find your permaculture homestead. 

Cities are delocalizing and a place where the wisdom of saying no is hindered.  Find a place where you can connect to the planet in permaculture.  Find a place where you can find community or at a minimum raise a family away from the worst of decline ahead.  This is about returning to the land.  This is what is real human nature at its best.  Our current human nature has now hit limits and cannot be maintained.  This is the tipping point you will be negotiating.  REAL Green is not a refuge.  There are no refuges except in the spirit world but this is not so much a refuge as an acceptance of a higher power.  It is the humility of the ego embracing ascending levels of mortality and in doing so connects to the truth to find life.

Green, You Should Care

This is a long discussion that is only for a few.  Most of you will not understand the subtlety.  Radical progressive greens will react in anger that I dare call into question their lies.  The main point is green is now the primary destructive force through globalism.  I acknowledge brown as a destructive force but instead of a green mitigation there is a green manipulation that is a hijacking by the technocratic elite.  Call me a conspiracy theorist but all one needs to do is look around how this program is shaping up to see these lies.  If you don’t care about green, you should.  If you are green then you need to self-search honestly if you are really green or just a radicalized tool of change of a corrupt establishment.  This discussion is not meant to compare green to brown.  It is about green because green is the path to meaning and truth.  Brown is not.  Yet, green is now the lie brown is not.

PART 1 Politics and infrastructure

Green might not interest you but it should.  The globalists elite supremist are pushing a radical plan to reshape our civilization.  This is a con that is based on fear and tech lies.  Many are desperate for solutions and are believing their lies.  Dishonest science is being employed using all kinds of deceptions.  There is the presenting of theoretical science claiming soon to be applied breakthroughs that will solve carbon emissions.  Claiming science in development will deliver solutions is not honest science it is marketing.  The destructiveness of this NetZero science when built out is not discussed.  The tradeoffs and consequences are hidden from view because the elites feel the masses can’t handle the truth.  It is more like the masses would object if they realized what the elites are doing.  A happy clean picture of a dirty and painful future is presented as a propaganda exercise to get everyone onboard.

These globalist elites are pushing a cultural Marxism of woke that is now being applied to environmentalism.  This has nothing to do with environmentalism and everything to do with authoritarianism.  They want to use the same tactics employed with woke in the political and employment space to force through a program of radical energy change.  This is being driven not only by the political elite but also their corporate allies.  The central banks are getting involved with this pushing national ESG directives.  This will destroy the environmental movement as we know with untold damage to its legitimacy once it fails as the science clearly says it will.

The globalist economics are just as deceptive.  The cost of these programs is immense.  The longer-term costs are not even presented.  Currently we are seeing stagflation from lower growth but higher inflation.  This is a supply problem with post pandemic lockdown mistakes.  There are now mandate shocks developing with labor unrest.  Continued monetization of debt by the federal reserve is stoking demand.  The Democrats are pushing through huge fiscal stimulus that will greatly juice demand at the same time supply is falling.  This fiscal stimulus is significantly green new deal directives.  Globalist want inflation because debt is now beyond what can be managed.  Inflation erodes this debt but is a hidden tax on your backs.

These longer-term costs are a greatly reduced affluence for 95% with 5% being the club who will administer this economy.  This 5% will remain whole and in charge.  The global economic system is already very vulnerable to disruption because of its hyper efficient supply chains.  The pandemic aftermath is proving how dangerous disruptions are to a system that is hyper efficient.  The disruptions of transforming the global energy systems will shatter productivity further.  Places that have never faced brownouts and food shortages will face these unexpectedly.  Confidence will be shattered and unrest will do further damage.  The net result will be less renewable integration into those areas where it can provide a vital strengthening to the existing system.  If you are green, you will be shocked by the unintended consequences of all of this.  If you don’t care about green, you will once you lose your affluence. 

Fossil fuel’s net energy is in decline already which is a primary influence on economic decline.  The economic system is in systematic decline with a host of ills ranging from dysfunctions from corruption and poor planning.  Good old fashion corruption occurring for 2 decades has rotted the core of our social compact.  The social situation is desperate for stability and instead increased instability is thrusting systems and networks into dysfunction.  This alone should make further destructive change dangerous because there is a limit to the degree of change and the duration of the destructive results to stability. 

A better approach is avoiding increasing instability going into a period of instability.  This means the narrative must change from lying to people there are solutions to telling people there are ways to reduce painful change society can’t fix.  This means admitting failure and asking populations to sacrifice for the common good.  This means rejecting the globalist platform of increased centralization with authoritarian control.  In a time of decline increased control will lead to irrational policy.  Results will be further problems not solutions. 

Honest science sees the lies they are proposing.  These radical changes will destroy stability by being the last straw on the camel’s back.  Decline is now systematic and across the board but it will be accelerated by dysfunctional socio-political policy of the Marxist and fascist globalist.  This is under the guise of social justice and green new deal but really is authoritarianism of state capitalism based upon the Chinese example.  The 1% of the 1% will benefit the rest especially the bottom 50% will see serfdom.  Welfare state will supply some help but in a deceptive nanny state way.  The losses will be greater than the welfare given.  The losses of freedom that don’t have a price will be dramatic.  This is all in the name of the pretend common good of social justice and NetZero.

The con is a build back better lie of a green new deal.  There is nothing green about this.  This is a power grab and a wealth transfer exercise paraded as a way to save the planet.  This lie is being pushed by the globalist elites through their technocratic architects.  More technology and more complicated systems that will be NetZero and solve the issue of saving the planet and providing sustainable development for all is the last lie of modernism.  This con is based on the idea of a top-down approach with authoritarian control.  This is claimed is needed to solve the ills we face.  This approach relies on technology and is an urban based system of social engineering.  The result will be a two-tier society of serfs and feudal lords.  Actually, many will be slaves and expendable. 

If you are a degrowth doomer as I am then you see clearly suffering is ahead.  It is unclear how destructive change will unfold because this is the nature of systematic decline.  Decline happens in haphazard ways and is often swift but also slow and relentless.  It is actually both with various systems components breaking with others holding but constantly facing increasing pressure.  As one after another of system components break down the paces gathers. 

Today we are well into this decline but it has been a slow boil and as such people have been immune to concern.  The pace has accelerated so expect some rapid shocks ahead.  The program of the elite supremist with their Marxist state capitalism of monopolistic corporations and authoritarian government is set to impellent more radical change.  I feel this will be the last straw breaking the backs of the fragile global system that has put all of us at risk from decades of delocalization.  The delocalization means if supplies are not brought into your local you will see shortages and brown outs.  No local is self-sustainable anymore but many are worse than others.  The wealthier your local the worse will be your shortages.    

A better approach is with dignity and meaning instead of the elite supremist approach of lies and discontent.  Marxist thrive on discontent because it allows two things.  One is divide and conquer the various factions.  The other is destroy the fabric of a system they want to shape in their image.  The want to destroy and build back better.  Any means is considered legitimate.  Lying, cheating, and stealing is fine.  Civil war is fine if needed.  This is what is at hand and people don’t see it.  The proper approach is with honesty and the dignity of meaning.  Their approach is slavery to their wealth and power preservation that allows them to trickle down welfare to a suffering population that mistakenly believes these people care about them.  These elites will talk of social justice as they act as tyrants.

The physics and the economics do not add up.  The failures are already apparent to those who know better.  I am not against renewables.  I have them myself.  What I am against is the approach being taken that is using NetZero as an excuse to take away sovereignty.  The plan is radical, destructive, and disenfranchises.  Grass roots efforts with some renewables is a far better approach.  The honest science of renewables indicates they have a more modest application in our future.  If you destroy the economy in a push to radically change civilization less renewables will be produced.  A dirtier world will result instead.

The reality of a dirtier and dangerous world is at hand.  NetZero is a lie and a con job to position a small percentage of the population in good seats for the ride down.  The problems of the world are not going to be fixed by any policies.  They involve nonnegotiable limits to growth and diminishing returns of technology.  They involve waste streams and already locked in feedback loops for consequences.  More of the same approach of using technology to solve problems will just accelerate the problems.  The better approach is adaptation and mitigation with less destructive use of growth and technology.  The impulse to using growth and technology can’t be stopped but it can be reduced.  This is the basis of degrowth doom.  Wisdom over science and technology.  Humanism over machine domination. 

Degrowth doom is a fringe nutter approach but paradoxically the proper approach.  I am calling on honest individuals to see through this con job and to be honest about the reality of decline.  You need to understand degrowth doom will not be allowed a voice.   You the individual can embrace it and begin the process of adaption to mitigate the destructive change ahead by making wise choices with the last of the surplus resources still available.  It is time to fortify your local.  The globalist will do their damage and the populist who fight back.  Science denial will allow for massive dysfunction and irrational policy.

Renewables need to be added where they satisfy the following important results.  Utility scale systems should inhabit sweet spots where they integrate well with existing systems without overwhelming grid systems with intermittentcy.  This is especially true where brownfields already exist from previous development.  Don’t destroy existing pristine ecosystems.  These resources have immense value currently because of all that has already been destroyed.  Land use changes are a significant aspect to human forcing of the planet.  Do not increase this further will dubious projects.

Renewables should focus on beefing up emergency services with local applications of renewables and battery backup.  This is where EV’s have an important application.  Individuals should have small systems for lighting and refrigeration as a way to prep for an unstable future.  Emergency services including food system support is vital.  People will be very desperate if food systems are not secure.  This means distribution systems need protection.  Policies of local food production combined with renewables need to be advanced.

Permaculture communities that can live with intermitency should be invested in with renewable systems taking pressure off the existing grid.   These permaculture communities can serve as battery backup.  This means permaculture communities that are adapted to intermitency because of conservation and off grid strategies can shift surplus power to the grid as needed to support parts of the economy that can’t be interrupted.  Permaculture communities are also key to local food systems.  This is a far less expensive investment with the side benefit of resilience and sustainability because investments are being made in rural areas that supply food and ecosystem support functions. 

This permaculture response is part of my pitch to depopulate cities before it is too late.  Significant amount of people need to be moved back to the land to take pressure off cities already overpopulated but also to strengthen food systems with local production.  This can be paid for at a fraction of the cost of this green new deal lie.

Vast industrial renewable systems are hugely expensive and will eventually end up stranded assets as grid integrity breaks down.  Large amounts of wealth will evaporate overnight with these investments.  The knock-on effect will travel through the system further degrading other system that have been centralized with unstable technology.  A decentralized system is needed to break this dominoes effect.  This does not mean these decentralized systems will not fail.  What it means is they will slow failure with individual inertia of their sustainability and resilience.  This end game of civilization needs a retreat in force not a grand campaign of lies claiming victory.  Scientism is man’s greatest lie!

If you made it this far then you see the lie of green.  You see how this lie will be forced on you.  You will also see decline is in the cards for you either way.  Yet, the decline could be reduced and the results less painful.  We are all together at this point of inflection.  There are no refuges.  Follow the Globalist elite supremist green new deals and lies of social justice socialism or resist it in with decentralized approaches of retreat in force in localism.  Local responses are properly based on unique local strengths.  Yes, ecosocialist, capitalism is a failure but less a failure than what you propose.  You will hasten decline and make suffering worse.  Your social justice will be slavery and your fancy words tools of suppression.

PART 2 Spiritual

The above is the physical and practical argument for an alternative approach to applying renewables to a global civilization in decline.  The following discussion is on the spiritual component of green.  This will be of interest to some of you.  Green prepping of REAL Green is about permaculture localism.  This is something individuals and small groups can embrace but the most important factor is behavior, attitudes, and meaning.  The above arguments I made will fall on deaf ears.  It appears society is already locked into bad decisions that will make life far more difficult.  You the individual can accept this top failure and make personal arrangements at the grassroots.   First you need a spirituality of why or else you will not have the morale to make the sacrifices.  Sacrifices are coming.  Proactive sacrifice will be more effective and less painful.  This is my approach.

Green is a secondary color. Secondary colors are those that can be produced from mixing two of the primary colors together.  It is blue of water and yellow of the sun that makes the green of life.  This is photosynthesis.  A spiritual photosynthesis is call for with modern man.  A proper green is called for.  The biggest lie these days is with Greens.  Browns are honest about their postion.  It is the modern Green who claims to be green but is no better than the browns.  Modern greens are calling for radical change with growth and technology based on a green lie. 

This is a hijacking by the elite supremist with their technocratic prescriptions of control and development that is concerned with wealth and power preservation not green.  If they cared about green they would lead by example.  If it made economic sense, it would already be realized.  Instead, economic decline is everywhere.  You were already going to face deprivations from a planet at limits of growth.  Now the elites will take even more away though lies and misrepresentations.  Outright stealing is occurring.

It is vitally important you understand Green now from multiple angles.  The most important Green is the planet.  Green is not going to save the planet.  The planet will save itself.  In fact, the planet was never in need of saving.  What is happening is what the planet and life does.  If you do not understand this than you are an arrogant humanist.  This arrogance is from a rationalization that humans have control of their destiny and can control the planet’s destiny.  This is a species self-deception.  It is this species self-deception that is the problem now.  A new spiritualism is called for but first a deeper look at this lie is required.  Definitions of the many shades of green should be reviewed.

TRUE Green is man as he should be.  It is not what arrogant humanist want to hear.  They think they can have the modern and green but this is the greatest lie of mankind.  There are many that come under this TRUE Green definition from across the world.  My best historical example would be the Osage Indians of the 17th and 18th century.  These people were the dominant tribe in my area of the Missouri Ozarks.  I have a large section of my library dedicated to the Osage.  I mention them because I have done the research on them.

These people had a spoken culture that was a semi-nomadism of seasonal movement.  This type of culture optimized ecosystem seasonality and intermitency of climate, plants and fauna.  These people were well adapted to their ecosystem.  They may have been superstitious but this served a purpose of connecting the human condition of dualism back to the planet.  It was a way of scaling the arrogance of human self-consciousness with the realities of animal survival.  Those of you who look down upon superstition fail to see Scientism as superstition.  Modern superstitions are far more destructive and dangerous than those of the past that were called primitives.

These people had an organic science of food, water, and shelter.  Tools were specialized with great care adapted slowly over generations and this technological development was limited.  This is a key variable and one our current civilization is incapable of.  These people did not have the luxury of too much luxury.  Yet, my readings show their leisure time was in many ways greater and more rewarding than ours.  The simplicity of their lives allowed this.  Incidence of mental illness was minimal.  They utilized agriculture at the optimum times.  They gathered and hunted properly because the ecosystem dictated what was optimal.  They adapted the ecosystem with fire properly.  The waste stream was minimal and dispersed.

Their culture was adaptive and as the white contact occurred, they were confronted with their biggest adaptation.  This adaptation should be a blueprint for modern man inevitable decline.  The native cultures that were absorbed into our modern world can now shed understanding on how we need to leave modern life for survival in an altered world of decline.  If one discounts their shorter life spans, they had lives much more fulfilled with meaning and purpose.  This is what you the modern must consider about declining in dignity.  This is the key you should consider.  These people were lied to and their sovereignty taken.  This is now happening to you so take warning from their past.

The reason this epitomizes green, concerns balance and scale.  This was humanism as it should be.  It is an apex species in an ecosystem as it should be.  Their culture deteriorated with the influence of Europeans but critical parts remained unbroken.  Their core identities survived and it is this adaption to destructive change that should be an example for modern man.  Keep your dignity and decline honestly. Embraces decline because this is reality.  Resist it is like swimming against a strong current.  You may drown.

The next shade of Green is the early European settler who lived among these Native Americans.  These were a hearty group.  They adapted well in regards to the next shade of Green with small towns and homesteads.  They are a shade darker towards brown but still a TRUE Green shade.   This color I call moss.  This green is what I refer to as “Return” humanism.  This is the spirituality of permaculture.  It is the economics of the frontier human.  It is likely the first proper step down in the collpase of complexity you the individual should embrace.  You are going to be called on to be a frontiersman.

I have many books on the frontier man and his life ways in my area of the Mo Ozarks.  If man could have remained here locked in time in this state a relatively stable green could have survived.  The problem with man is a combination of his dualism combined with technology and energy.  Man’s dualism allows incremental creep of technology and energy that eventually becomes cancerous.  This cancer should not be judged as good or bad.  To judge either way is arrogant humanism.  This is what life does.  Species will always overshoot and this process is why evolution occurs.  Extinction is often the result and if you are honest, you will accept our extinction is possible especially if continued poor choices are embraced.

Frontier man had a more circular permaculture with the support of surrounding small towns.  Animal labor, primitive agriculture, and foraging all were present.  Waste streams still remained mostly nutrient streams except where populations grew too large.  This is why small towns are preferable to cities.  Be real and honest and see how the urbanist technocrats are a force of destruction.  Reject them as the devils they are pushing control and mechanization.  Greater affluence is achieved when human populations force multiply but it is also here the potential for destruction increases.  Balance is where tradeoffs and consequences must be addressed.  In your case as an individual leave the big city because of this.  They cannot be reformed or adapted they are out of scale.  Here the worst of decline will hit first.

It is at this point a wisdom of insecurity is required.  This wisdom is of what knowledge to embrace and what to reject.  This is not something that can be written about fully although there are rules to follow.  It is an art and a moving target.  Life and the planet are in flux so proper wisdom must also flux.  This wisdom is called insecure because you will have to embrace less security to find more.  This is paradoxical and surreal.  The meaning of this is the fear of fear is what prevents proper action.  Fear is to be respected but not hidden from.  Proper action will have to incorporate a healthy respect of fear but not paralysis.

A “return” is what REAL Green is.  This is a journey of lifestyles but also the cultivation of meaning.  This is the moss color of REAL Green.  Chartreuse is the color of yellow and green the techno optimist follows.  Planetary forces are breaking down the hyper efficient chartreuse.  In the case of moss, it is the brown of earthly and simplicity mixed with green that is life.  Yes, this includes the dirty of brown used to describe fossil fuels because fossil fuels will be needed to downsize.  There was too much energy in the modernism of chartreuse.  Energy is affluence.   The result are now a religion of technology and a worship of affluence.  Yellow is the sun but in the case of the sun this energy is dispersed and life giving.  In regards to the religion of technology of modern man the yellow is transhumanism of the mechanization of life with high energy. 

It is the strategies of concentration of this dispersed energy that is the key to a proper Green.  Frontier man had the basics of technology with metal, wood, and the utilization of animal labor.  There was the force multiplier of human networking of the small town.  It is here where education and the storing of knowledge was concentrated.  It is here where a monestary mentality is needed because of the need for an ascetic effort and the spiritual growth to offset the natural needs and wants of affluence.  Affluence must be restricted and this restriction must be internal and this is why a spiritualism is key.  It is only in spiritualism a proper restriction can be found.  This is because meaning must be behind restrictions not authoritarian dictates. 

Energy and technology provide affluence and it is here where scale is lost.  It is here where diminishing returns occurs rapidly.  This concept of diminishing returns is the transformation of the problem solving of energy and technology into the central problem.  It is the core issue of humanism and its destructive duality in today’s world.  This means spirituality must limit science because science is now a religion.  Spirituality must limit all religions but especially scientism.  Religion is the inevitable effort at controlling what is the truth.   Spirituality is the connectedness to meaning.  When extremes of control or lack of control occur destructive activity results.  This is inevitable because of man’s duality and the reason civilizations always fail.  You can step out of the extremes partially to better position.

The naturalism of being is grace.  Grace is the key element to Moss in REAL Green.  Be more as an oak or a bird in your embrace of life than a machine.  The return aspect of REAL Green is the journey.  The destination is death.  We are now in the age of death.   The difference with the REAL Green journey is it is an optimistic pessimism.  It is here the embracing of green prepping yields a spiritual meaning.  This spiritual meaning is the optimism of spiritual permaculture.  Permaculture enriches the local environment and there is an organic natural meaning that is the key aspect of this spirituality.  From meaning comes truth.  Truth leads to power but in this case, it is the planets power not the individual.

This spirituality is an add on and this concept is vital to understand.  You the individual and or a small community should not try to reinvent your existing spirituality but instead adapt it to this new reality.  The reason this is important is new age spiritualist are always failures.  It is the existing time proven versions that can be a glue for adaptation.  For example, the Catholic parish with a school is the epitome of effective community.  The whole perish is dedicated to the development of the next generation.  It is family oriented.  In this way it is a tribe and tribes are where effective government is and always have been.  Add to this strength the return element of REAL Green and you have a powerful force of adaptive change.  Groups are force multipliers.  Groups with morale are where true strength is.

What REAL Greens are leaving is the excesses of self-deception of the ego.  Man has opened doors that can no longer be closed.  This is the result of the arrogance of humanism.  The key point here is not that man made this choice so much as life made the choice.  At a higher level it is life itself in its dance that went there.  This line of thinking is for forgiveness but not pardon.  The forgiveness is self-forgiveness that accepts humans are part of something not separate.  There is no pardon because consequences are real.

There is a world within worlds.  REAL Green is taking you out of the abstract of the bigger world and planting you in your local of people and place where constructive change is possible.  This local is where you make your bed and gather your food.  It is hard to self-deceive at this level because the basics of daily needs to be satisfied is the primary focus.  It is here where constructive change is possible when a proper perspective is employed.  The top is gone stop following this failed narrative and instead use it to leave it.

The REAL Green man is leaving the techno green and returning towards an earlier TRUE Green.  It is the urban FAKE Green of power and wealth that is failing.  It is the green of globalism that is a tower of babble.  This is a Ponzi of exploitation and extraction of ever-increasing affluence.  On a finite planet the rules of limits end this pyramid scheme.  Technology is the true revolutionary human “ism”.  The mechanization of technology does not stop until it has destroyed itself.  The control impulse of ordering nature to an egotistical result knows no boundaries so hence it is a destructive force when elevated to a religion.  This is what man has become.  Science has been elevated to religion in scientism.  Transhumanism of man and machine is the result.

Science is the other pole to spirituality.   It reflects man’s dualism.   Science is the ego at work.  The other is where his natural spiritualism seeks to reconnect the lonely isolated ego.  Science with its technology and its energies have now been elevated to the religion of scientism.  Science is now anti-science coopting spirituality by censoring anything that rejects scientism.  The compression of time and energy with tools of technology has sped up the pace of life.  The breaking point is near.  Scientism can’t allow science to be called into question.  This is blasphemy and must be crushed hence the authoritarianism and impulse to more technology.

REAL Green is calling on an existential honesty of living with the consequences of doors opened that cannot be shut.  This is an adaptation to the trap we have created.  REAL Green is calling on a return to simplicity of the ways of the frontier man.  REAL Green is calling on greens to leave their FAKE Green world of chartreuse.  This act is so simple it becomes very difficult.  It requires a leap of faith because of common sense.  Common sense can’t be trusted today by the priests of scientism but you must trust it.  It is your instincts that have come from generations before you that know in your gut what the truth is.

This is not to say leave technology by rejecting it completely.  It is too late for that.  This is the age of technology commonly called the Anthropocene.  The call is to embrace a spirituality of natural grace.  It is a calling to reject the religion of technology that is now scientism which is resulting in transhumanism of the merging of machines and men.  It is the mechanization of the tools of the age of death in destructive change killing the planet.  Transhumanism is often described as AI, digital implants, and genetic manipulation.  It is this but it is much more.  It is the car culture and it is the digital communications systems we have lost ourselves in.

The modern Green is urban and technological.  He is also self-deceived and co-dependent.  Cities can’t be made green and technology is not green.  The modern Green is wrong on both these fronts in his massive green new deals.  More urbanism supported by more technology and control is not a solution.  This green is a lie.  This lie is now beyond the noble lies of influence for those who can’t handle the truth.  Children can’t handle the truth.  These lies are now really a lie of irreverence to life itself.  Scientism is anti-life.  This is when the noble lies become Marxist and Machiavellian.  This is when this process goes to the extreme of the ego seeking wealth and power preservation at the expense of life itself.

This is where the modern Green is.  This is what the Green New Deal is with its lie of NetZero and green prosperity.  The modern Green is a lie and his woke and techno programs are pure destructiveness.  This is inevitable and hence a good or evil label is a waste of time.  The more important response in REAL Green is acceptance and from this act of acceptance humility is embraced.  Humility is voluntary simplicity.  It is meek and meager.  It is through this transformation that the power of life itself is returned to.  Life will support you when you take this leap of faith because this is the way.

This is a required awakening that may or may not be encountered but it is those who experience this powerful spiritual experience that will be transformed.  This is about honesty and naturalness.  It is about localism of a proper permaculture that includes a spiritual permaculture that enriches.  Science is gone to the extreme of religion with technology and any energy source available no matter how dangerous.  Woke is the political application of Marxist and Machiavellian lies to wealth and power preservation.  Woke Green is a lie.  Techno Green is a lie.  The only TRUE Green is a semi-nomadic hunter gatherer.  You as a REAL Green with thread this needle and take the middle course.

This is the age of death.  This is the Anthropocene.  REAL Green is the path of return.  The return is to the frontier culture.  Here the frontier is the border between modern and old.  It is a hybrid world of technology and the natural.  It is not TRUE Green and it is not FAKE Green.  It is something in-between and the best that can be done in a trap.  This is a carbon trap and a trap of path dependencies of a technological nurture for hundreds of years.  REAL Green seeks to turn back the clock where it is still possible because it is from our past technics of survival must be revisited.


I have included pictures of my firewood system on the pages side of this blog

Briefly, this post will not apply to many of you.  It is worth a look if you are interested in a REAL Green homestead and permaculture.  Firewood heating and forest management is a permaculture activity.  My effort is REAL Green.  This means I utilize both natural and mechanical means.  I combine the old with the new.  I use fossil fuels because it is realistic and relative to what I am capable of doing.  I keep it local to reduce the carbon footprint and enhance resilience and sustainability.  This is not TRUE Green.  To get to TRUE Green would mean no modern machines and instead human and animal labor.  This is an important post in regards to REAL Green prepping and permaculture.  Going REAL Green means embracing local biomass to lower your footprint and enhance your resilience and sustainability.  It is also an aspect of spiritual permaculture by connecting to the land.  This is the basics of a REAL Green homesteading in a higher latitude where heating is necessary.

My wife is from a small mountain village in Northern Italy.  This post’s pic is from her village.  Her region is a cow and wood culture that of course, modernized.  Yet, the people remain true to their roots.  They are a wealthy hard-working people that find a spiritual satisfaction from maintaining the old ways.  You see cultural beauty in this place.  Cows grazing in mountain meadows in the summer.  Fresh made cheese in small batches made as close to the old ways as is possible.  There is also a culture of firewood.  There are wood lots in the mountain heights you can buy and manage.  It is tightly controlled and no development is allowed.  Here there are wonderful hiking trails.  This is a great place to live but the work is hard and the weather harsh.  I mention this because this is what is needed with a new “old-world” permaculture of low carbon capture centered in localism.  Firewood is not a biomass that fits all locals but many do have good firewood potential for space heating.

Keep in mind if everyone would go back to heating with wood there would be a return to an environment like can be seen in old photos of the 19th century.  A panorama of barren land.  We have our forests partially back from this period of mass industrialization and exploitation of nature.  Here in my Missouri Ozarks the place was cut over by 1900.  The people then turned to the soil and raised row crops that ruined the soil.  This place was an ecological mess by 1930.  These days it is mostly a cow and wood natural resource region with small towns.  The pastures have come back with the result of soil building back.  Forests are back nicely too.  Fossil fuels allowed this. 

What I am advocating is not going back to the 19th century of extraction en masse this is not possible.   I am giving a warning that the modern way of life is unsustainable and at some point, in the stairstep down, an extractive period is again possible.  This post is for those who want to beat the rush of decline and go local now.  If you are going local and seek resilience and sustainability then biomass is required.  In my region it is animals, hay and firewood.  It is also gardening, orchards, and grapes.

If you think you are saving money doing firewood over other fuels you may be mistaken.  There is a lot that goes into firewood.  Lots of differences with stove efficiencies and their lifetime production.  Does your area have good firewood type wood and sources?  Firewood in my area averages $400 delivered not stacked.  This is likely not seasoned.  I can go to a lumber mill and get scrap wood for free.  Nothing is free!  You still must drive there and have some way to move the wood.  You must then split then stack it.  It is likely the wood must be seasoned so it will need storage and management. 

Many people do not buy in quantity.  They will buy wood when they get close to running out.  This means reliability will be a factor.  The price can vary depending on supply.  Wood is not like gas or electric with a steady supply.  Biomass can be in short supply so this in itself has a cost of being without.  Always have backup to wood.  Always have backup to any energy source but especially wood.

The equation of EROI “energy return on energy invested” and ROI “rate of return” have meaning if you are a green.  I cut wood sustainably on my land.  I cut dead or dying trees.  I also manage the forest by cutting out trees that will never grow into good trees.  This is the taking out of understory trees that will not turn out well.  New trees are important but too many of them will slow growth.  Find good ones and give them room to grow.  Reduce competition to promote a strong forest.  I also leave dense areas because that is another habitat type for animals for them to hide in.  Letting the whole forest be dense means a narrow habitat mix.  Mix up your habitats in what I call a mosaic of habitats.  Animals like diversity of the land they live on. 

ROI would not consider this in its equation.  ROI would only want the lowest cost with highest return to your pocketbook.  EROI does not consider habitat well either.  Animals are not a factor unless you consider the energy return of food taken from the land from a better forest.  So EROI is expansive and ROI narrow.   A further inclusion of ecosystem health is what makes REAL Green a green spirituality.  Firewood is part of that spirituality.

REAL Green involves spiritual permaculture.  This would be the spiritual effect of engaging in low carbon capture locally and the resulting meaning.  Low carbon capture is mainly local biomass.  Industrial methods are generally high carbon.  Even renewables have a high energy and carbon content in its lifecycle with manufacture, transport, and removal.  The wind and sun are not free despite the green “noble” lies that they are.  The mining of minerals and the environmental destruction of the brownfields they create all have a hidden environmental cost not talked about.  Low carbon capture locally is more sustainable and resilient. 

REAL Green solar and wind are advocated for the homestead but in a relative and realistic way.  A simple small system is advocated but this is along with local low carbon capture of biomass.  A lack of resilience can be dangerous in a crisis without support from outside your local.  Sustainability depends on how independent your permaculture farm is.   Generally staying local and keeping things simple is a sustainability feature.  Localized low carbon capture is as good as it gets.

Firewood is spiritual.  The spiritual is a “goodwill” asset.  In business goodwill refers to the “established reputation of a company as a quantifiable asset and calculated as part of its total value when it is taken over or sold”.  I like to refer to the spiritual as “Goodwill”.  That intangible nature of firewood would involve comradery of family making firewood together.  The feel and smell of fire wood on a cold night.  The feeling of security and accomplishment of seeing your firewood stored up.  The benefits of your forest improvements to wildlife.  Firewood is an ancient fuel and, in this respect, when you burn it, you are realizing an ancient art.

Firewood can have a high opportunity cost.  In economics opportunity cost is “the cost of an opportunity forgone”.  This is most often the case why people do not do firewood.  They do not have the time.  Their labor is much more valuable elsewhere.  Their threasholds for hard physical labor is low.  Some people ae too old to do firewood although I personally think firewood keeps you young with physical activity on the fresh air.  Status quo delocalized lives make firewood hard. 

There is more to firewood than making it.  You must stoke your stove.  It must be fed and cleaned out.  My indoor fireplace stove requires a 4 hour burn time once it has been brought to a quality fire then it needs its contents stirred and wood added.  The key is allowing good oxygen penetration when stirring.  Starting and bringing the fire up to an efficient burn takes time.  Proper fire starting strategies are important.  I collect the shavings from the wood when I split.  This is my kindling.  My outdoor stove always has a coal bed so it does not need to be started. 

The indoor stove is not run all the time because it will get the house too warm.  I mainly use it to keep my wife’s great room and kitchen cozy.  When it really gets cold the outdoor whole house heat does have cool spots.  One of these is my wife’s area.  The indoor stove is like a booster for those artic air masses that descend on Missouri periodically in the winter.  My outdoor stove is good for 8 hours.  The problem with my outdoor stove which is a wood boiler is being gone on a trip.  This stove must be protected from cooling down too much.  Water freezes so this requires an effort to ensure the wood boiler is safe.  You will have to have grid or gas backup if you want to go on a trip.

The costs and benefits of firewood vary greatly between individuals.  It works for me because I am REAL Green.  Spiritual goodwill has a high value for me.  Green prepping is central to REAL Green.  I discount the opportunity cost of my labor elsewhere with the intangibles of localism.  Firewood promotes localism when properly done with minimal outside influence so having firewood delivered is less valuable from a REAL Green perspective.  I could be working the weekends making good money doing land restoration for others.  I choose to stay local. 

I choose the spiritual of permaculture.  I have green compassion for those who do not have the time.  Green compassion is the humility of realizing many people do not have the opportunities I have to be green.  In this way it would be arrogance on my part to point a green finger at these people.  It is so easy and cheap to just flip a switch on grid heat of gas and electric.  Many people have other interests and obligations.  Firewood beyond just a weekend enjoyment is a lifestyle.  If you are a green prepper and live in a good firewood region like me then firewood is a basic that should be embraced.  If you live in the city not so much.

Prepping is an important consideration.  If you are a homeowner in a region where it freezes, I would have the potential for heating with firewood.  One needs only recall that Texas was hit with brown outs in a deep freeze.  Many people were put at grave risk.  Many had property losses when pipes froze.  Firewood became an essential in this situation instead of an enjoyment. 

As a REAL Green I consider the world on all planes in decline.  As a REAL Green I consider more brown outs coming with an unstable grid.  Europe is in the news now because it is rushing into NetZero at the expense of fossil fuel backup.  Obviously, renewables lack a resilience to power a continent.  Seasonal storage is all but nonexistent.  The problem is an inability of modern economies to learn to live with intermittentcy.  I see more resources in short supply.  If the trucks that feed the economy gets reduced by economic problems you will have increased instability that will spill out into the grid reducing reliability.  You may not get your propane delivery.  A tree down on your electric lines may not get fixed in the timely fashion we expect today.  Firewood is a key component to a prepping.

Equipment is a big issue.  I will give you a summary of my cost at the end of this post.  I have gone to a higher end of equipment cost because I buy quality.  This may or may not payout for me when amortized solely with ROI.  I had people install my equipment so there was a cost there.  Some people can do this themselves and save lots of money.  Wood stoves can be made also which saves lots of money.  Safety is an issue with homemade stoves.  I had a masonry chimney so I put in an insulated stainless liner and these are expensive.  This increases cost but also increases safety and efficiency.  Efficiency is increased because of the increased vent of the fire where heated air and gas is not cooled by a cool chimney.  A vent gets oxygen to the fire so it burns more efficient.  A blower makes a difference.  My indoor fireplace insert takes in cool air and circulates it near the hot stove into the room.  An open fireplace does not heat a house well because so much heated air escapes.  It does provide radiant heat and, in some cases, this is better than nothing in an emergency but lots of firewood is consumed quickly.

I have two wood stoves.  I have an outside wood stove that is a wood boiler.  The wood boiler heats 100gal insulated water tank.  This is a whole house heat source with a forced air circuit and a radiant heat circuit.  This stove also heats water with a heat exchanger.  This stove is very safe.  One drawback it needs electricity to operate.  I get around this resilience lowing situation because I have a solar system to run this stove.  2 amps on average are needed which my solar covers this with ease.  There is also the issue of a pump going out.  I keep spares to address this problem.  There is still the issue of pipes leaking.  This stove is more technical than my indoor stove.  My indoor stove will last a lifetime and no matter what my power situation it will still work.  This stove is raw heat maker.  This is part of the reason I have two stoves.  

The other drawback with my wood boiler is when I want to leave for more than a day this stove will be outside and subject to cooling down.  There are strategies for this but it is a further inconvenience when you want to travel.  If the weather is at or above freezing then nothing is needed to do.  The stove is well insulated.  If a bitter cold outbreak comes and you are gone you could lose your stove if the water freezes and ruins the water tank, pumps, and or lines.  This is an extreme event but damage is a possibility. 

What I have to do is fire up the electric heat in the house and shop/barn.  I put a small heater in the firebox and one in the back of the wood boiler where the pumps and lines are.  The water circulates into the house and the warm house keeps the stove water warm.  So, this is a reverse heating process.  As you can see if you travel much in the coldest times of the year this is a further inconvenience. 

I have modified my wood boiler for summer water heating by utilizing thermal water heating evacuated tubes.  These tubes heat the wood boiler’s water tank.  This hot water circulates into the house and heats water through the heat exchanger.  The stove already has all guts to heat water so my adaptation is a cool way to continue to heat water into the summer when it is not economic to burn wood to heat water.

This outside wood boiler has two heating methods.  One is forced air where a blower forces air through a radiator moving hot air into the house.  The other is radiators spread around the house that radiate heat all the time.  I really like this way because it is a stable lasting heat.  Air heat is noisy and dissipates quicker but it is immediate if you are warming things up.  A radiant heat actually gets the material in the house warm so the house has a warm feel. 

My wood boiler heats my shop with infloor heat.  The shop is next to the house.  There are two main line running to two buildings.   The shop square footage is similar to the house.  This infloor heat has an insulated 6” concrete slab to warm up with pex lines running through it.  There is a special baffleing system that does this because of the amount of water needed to heat a 30×36 concrete floor.  Once this concrete is warmed this serves as a thermal heat sink.  It will stay warm for a long period even without being heated.  Once heated is requires much less heating to stay warm.  My Amish Monitor barn that is a shop/barn has R30 insulation and R10 in floors so it is easier to heat and cool than the house.

If you are going to do your own wood you will need equipment and time.  You will need chainsaws and a splitter.  You will need something to haul the wood in.  You will need time to cut down the wood, spilt it, transport it, and stack it.  You need a way to store it out of the rain.  Yet, you also what it in the weather in the summer to season so this requires plenty of sun and ventilation. 

I have a system that I have made up with 4 shipping pallets screwed together.  This hold around half a cord.  I can then move it with my skidsteer.  In the summer when I split wood I can stack it in this rack and then move it to a sunny spot with good ventilation to season it.  I then can move it to the lien-two overhangs in the shop where it will be out of the weather for the winter. 

This is important for my type stove.  My outdoor stove is a wood gasifier so it needs properly seasoned wood that is not wet from rain.  There are some stove that burn wood by cooking it.  These are much less efficient but do allow green wood to be burning.  The burn from the bottom up with forced air moving up.  My stove pulls the heated gases down into a burn chamber to burn the gasses.  So, in my stove there is the afterburn of the smoke but also the heat of the fire itself. 

Wood preparation and management is a significant time factor is important if time is not something you have.  You must consider your opportunity cost which is what you would get from your labor elsewhere.  Firewood is tedious and it is routine.  This is just making the firewood, you must also feed the firewood daily into the stove.  You are not going to save much or any money especially if the opportunity cost of your labor is high.  You will have a security of sorts which is resilience.  If you have the right setup this is a way to achieve a component to overall sustainability.

If I wanted to heat with wood the TRUE Green way I would need to do firewood differently.  I would only use axes and a cross cut saw.  I would have a mule team to transport the wood.  I would not have a wood boiler.  I would have stoves in each living area.  As you can see this would not work for me and all I do.  It would not work for me at my age and the fact I take care of 400 acres, animals, buildings, and equipment mostly alone. 

What I do is green prepping with REAL Green which is the realistic application of the new and old in a realistic and relative application according to what you can do.  I want to be TRUE Green but this is not in the cards for me.  I know how to go TRUE Green and could if the situation arises I can make changes but I will need young men to help me and new equipment.  The addition of the mules alone would be a major change.

REAL Green is relative and realistic which means I blend in the new ways with the old so I can live in both worlds.  This means I utilize mechanical equipment that run on fossil fuels applied to old word biomass capture.  I try to reduce these mechanical imputes and when one keeps this activity local to your land it increases the EROI value.  The problem is that it also lowers the ROI.  Equipment is expensive and must be maintained.  My equipment to make firewood is used in other activities on the farm so this blended use lowers the cost. 

I do have hand saws and axes.  I could have a team of mules and do the same thing but in my case, this is not cost effective.  I admire people who do firewood and farming this way but from a REAL Green point of view this is a specialty some can engage in.  It is more a hobby in this day and age.  REAL Green is a hybrid that seeks to live in both worlds attempting to leave the modern unsustainable and less resilient world.  Combining the two makes for a better solution.  The world is now being altered by a planetary force of decline.  This will force humans back to the 19th century living and eventually to earlier times.  Adapt best you can to the old ways but do not neglect your responsibilities to the new world or it will consume you in its insidious appetite for energy and resources.

The Fire

I am going to talk to you as a green shaman.  Picture in your mind’s eye an old Native American elder sitting by a fire telling a story.  When you read this post, you need to read it naturally not scientifically.  Humans are dualistic with the ego impulse to science and data.  There is also the connectivity to that which is other.  Here human spirituality operates at a metaphysical level.  Science is of no good here although this does not mean science is to be discounted and or dismissed.  This would be the same error as when science is elevated to the spiritual as a pseudo religion.  To properly sit and listen to the elder one must be natural with both aspects of humanity.  This is grace and it is grace that breaks humans out of the mechanistic action with prior intent and without conscious control.  Grace is naturalness and it is how oak trees and birds live.  It is only here nature is nature.  It is only nature that can overcome nature in the natural.

This may all sound odd and may be contrary to your higher power persuasion.  If this is the case you are already down the wrong track of the mechanization I speak of.  I take this further by telling you reading this experience is not the same as being with me at the fire as it crackles.  This fire that is warming us on a dark cool night.  The stars overhead glisten.  Coyotes howling occasional in the background.  Here is where naturalness occurs.  It is not found on your computer screen.  Taking this further the talk I am having with you is using language which is not it either.  What is really the “it” is you and I around the fire on the cool night embracing in conversation as humans have done from our very beginning.  Writing is no substitute for the true spirituality of the fire and friendship.  Connection is made in authenticity not its reflection.  It is from here that we can embrace the stars overhead.

These are my opening remarks to something I would like you to read.  I would like for you to try to read this as if we were talking about it around the campfire on a wonderful night.  The reason is you must not take it too seriously.  You should not try to get something out of this.  Instead, you need to just enjoy it like you are enjoying the warmth of the fire.  It is then you will get it.  You see we are just on a journey.  We are not at the destination.  In fact, life is so short we are already dead.  The spiritual is something to enjoy and feel.  When it becomes something to have and hold it is lost.  Find your fire and your friend.  Enjoy your nature.  There will be plenty of time to study and learn when the morning sun comes up.  You will have a full day ahead and it will be a day you remember the previous night of the fire and your friend.

I am presenting to you a wonderful post from a dear friend of mine.  I have never met him in person.  I am in the Missouri Ozarks.  He is across the world and in the other hemisphere.  I could point down and with a bit of an angle and he is where I would break through the earth.  We could not be further removed from each other yet our occasional remote conversations are like a friend around the fire.  My friend’s gift is explaining aspects of human spirituality in a natural way as if he were sitting across from you around the fire.  I ask you to read his latest post “Raising Consciousness Through Truth” to take a journey through the insight of the Maya” if you like. 

Do this in enjoyment.  Feel your place in the cycles of time.  He has a gift of placing you in this other world.  Avoid using this to navigate.  Navigation is to come naturally without study.  If study is desired then do it with enjoyment.  You will find in this spirit world the power you seek will not be found.  The power is already there.  Being smart is not it either.  The clever will be deceived.  This is just for the night and the warm fire. 

Navigating the Greatest Shift: 2022 to 2032 (1) – Raising Consciousness Through Truth

Note: This series follows on from the Darkness Before Dawn series

We will be witnesses to the confrontation of the Negative and Positive forces, the eternal fight among polarity, the fight between the Eternal Fire and the Eternal Ice, as the Great Masters have named it, rough and magical times, prophetic times, as the Master, Don Pascual, would have said – Carlos Barrios

A Confluence of Energies:

As we can see from the chapters in the Darkness Before Dawn series, there’s a confluence of energies taking place with many cycles and transitions shifting and overlapping. This is causing a shadow-play of dark and light, as had been predicted by Maya and Vedic elders. Energetically, it can be summarized as follows:

In the current 20-year energy pyramid of the Maya Short Count Cycle, we are passing through a peak-polarisation period from 2020 to 2025. We will be in the eye of the storm in the years 2022 and 2023 which will probably extend into 2024 (see Part 1).

The prophecy for Katun 2 Ahau is unfolding in real-time and is exacerbated by the effects of the ongoing Covid-19 measures. The feast to famine shift-point will be in the middle of this katun, at the end of 2022 (see Part2).

We are currently in a 20-year time period that returns every 256 years (the Maya Katuns Cycle/Short Count calendar) during which, major ideological, religious and spiritual crises arise that have historically led to revolutions and civil wars (see Part 2).

We have descended into the metaphysical underworld as defined by Mayan mythology, within the context of the Dark Rift transit (see Part 3). Between 2027 and 2032, we will traverse the centre point of the Dark Rift. Different rules apply in the underworld; we are constantly being tested by the dark forces within it (more details will be provided in this series).

Human consciousness is in a general slump (and a slumber) and, therefore, a low, due to the World Soul transition in the Precession of the Equinoxes Cycle (Parts 3, 4 & 5). Lower consciousness results in greater upheaval, because when consciousness descends it reverts to a less structured, and, therefore, less differentiated (i.e. less developed) state.

In the Maya Venus Cycle, the same energy returns every 104 years. The years 1914 to 1918 are aligned with the years 2018 to 2022, placing us energetically in a similar (but not exactly the same) time-period as the First World War (see Part 5).

The Spanish flu happened in 1918, which is 104 years ago (when counting back from 2022). That indicates a pattern in the Maya Venus Cycle (see Part 5). Since March of 2020, the world has experienced a pandemic-scenario called Covid-19. To date, the two pandemics have been very different, which is in line with the tendency of cycles to return, but to not repeat exactly in the same way.

The new Light of Truth has starting to filter into the world because of the Vedic Subsubyuga shift that started in 2020. At the same time, dense and dark energies have been accumulating rapidly to suppress it (a phenomenon to be expected, according to Maya and Vedic sources). By 2032, the Light of Truth will have grown strong enough to illuminate much of the deepest darkness of the Dark Rift transit (see Part 5).

In 2032, we will shift into the most spiritual katun – Katun 13 Ahau that will last until 2052 (there are thirteen 19.7 year katuns in the 256 year Maya Short Count/Katuns cycle and Katun 13 Ahau is the last katun in the cycle. A new 256 year cycle starts in 2052).

In the Vedic Subsubyuga Cycle, we entered the Satya Sububyuga in 2020. In terms of consciousness, it means a shift from high materialism to lower materialism, and from low spirituality to higher spirituality (see Part 5). On a practical level, withdrawal symptoms could result in resource hoarding and competition over left-over resources and that could lead to wars.

The world has entered a fossil fuel energy decline [1] (please see the Resources Page for video presentations) and that’s likely to have significant repercussions in the years to come. This long-predicted scenario is in line with the 2022 feast to famine shift-point in the prophecy of Katun 2 Ahau (see Part 2).

Contemplating the above, naturally raises the question of how to navigate it all and as we continue through this chapter, we will see that by always having truth as our guide, we will have the wind in our sails.

Staying Conscious

Staying conscious during a time of decaying consciousness is of the essence, because the consciousness of the World Soul will, after its descent into the underworld, awake into a higher state and to a different, more refined, energy frequency compared to when it ‘went under’ into its hibernation slumber. Tuning into that higher energy vibration in advance could be the only way for individual souls to awaken fully from their slumber, along with the reawakening of the World Soul (see Part 5).

We already know that a more truth-and-heart-based consciousness – which is less materialistic and more spiritual – could be expected during the next 80 years. However, higher consciousness is not always simply downloaded, as is the belief in some spiritual circles. If that were the case, a state of enlightenment would be easily accessible to all, dark ages wouldn’t really pose challenges, and shifts in consciousness would happen naturally.

Although metaphysical energies that affect human consciousness do rise and fall cyclically, an effort is required on the part of humans to be in line with them. The same applies for generally raising one’s consciousness through personal development; it demands individual effort, whether or not one factors in any of the energy cycles. Factoring those in, though, provides for more specific orientation and direction within metaphysical frameworks that are defined by very accurate, ancient energy systems.

If ever there was a time-period when spiritual development would pay out future dividends, that would be now, because, in the years to come, the spirituality-adept will increasingly be called upon for guidance through the darkest of times. Their ability to guide others would be complementary to the fact that they would be able to guide themselves, which will put them at an advantage as darkness descends.

The main problem posed by a gradual decline in consciousness in the population at large – when a very long energy cycle winds down (see Part 5) – is that people would generally be unaware of that happening. Individual consciousness, therefore, tends to decline along with the general consciousness in the population. In other words, a regression in personal consciousness can happen by simply not paying attention to the general state of consciousness in society, or in the world.

Once individual consciousness has dimmed significantly, then recovering it first and afterwards also raising it even further, during a time of low consciousness in general, might be easier said than done. To avoid staying behind in the underworld (see Part 3), it’s recommended that personal consciousness is maintained at all times and also raised in line with the new consciousness that’s starting to come online (see Part 5).

Truth is the Light of Consciousness

The easiest, simplest and most accessible approach to remaining conscious, is to align oneself with truth, because truth is the light of consciousness. Searching for truth in each situation is an effective method for navigating the unconsciousness that’s currently enveloping the world. The revelatory light of truth can provide for better clarity and more insights into some of the darker realities of the present time and could improve one’s ability to foresee the probable realities of the near future.

Dealing with truth by facing it, is an antidote to denial. Courageously facing reality through the path of truth, is the way of the hero in The Hero’s Journey (see Part 3). Ongoing challenges posed by the forces of the underworld can thereby be navigated better. Since truth is one of the most important elements of the new incoming consciousness, being orientated towards it, means being naturally aligned to it. Being naturally aligned to truth in advance means actively bringing the New World into being.

Dealing With Extreme Duality

Knowing that extreme duality is a temporary phenomenon that’s metaphysically amplified (See Part 1) and that it has purpose within the framework of the energy shifts, can provide for deeper insights into why so many current events are so out of the ordinary, or seem so unreal, or even surreal. An open mind and a willingness to consider deeply esoteric (and even religious) concepts are recommended as this discussion develops further.

Although opposing energies will always be embedded in the nature of duality, those energies become highly amplified – and also greatly exaggerated – during the Greatest Shift. Due to such extraordinary amplification, most people end up being drawn into the social and societal upheavals of the transition, leaving few people sufficiently centred to counter-balance such polarisation.

Genuinely balanced people find that extreme polarisation is rather frustrating because, despite their efforts, they generally don’t manage to offset it very well. However, knowing that everything that’s currently happening is by metaphysical design, can provide for a more pragmatic assessment of the situation, and thereby, a more pragmatic approach to it.

In recent years, the potent, ever-growing friction caused by the ongoing polarisation, has caused the left and right poles to move so far away from each other by now, that virtually everyone has landed in opposing camps on a variety of important subjects.

Notable examples have been the polarisation between the left and the right in the political spectrum in relation to presidential election campaigns, as well as various issues surrounding identity politics. Since the Covid-19 crisis started in 2020, that subject has become the most polarizing of all and that’s likely to increase even further as peak-polarisation will be active for 3 or 4 more years.

The above are practical examples of how the conditions have been forming for the ideological, political and spiritual differences between human groups to become so amplified that those differences could potentially boil over into serious internal conflicts within nations – as a result of a split that’s taking place in many societies. According to the Maya prophecy for 2012 to 2032, that’s exactly what should be expected to happen during this time-period (please see Part 2).

Realistically speaking and in terms of group consciousness, the likelihood of opposing camps reconciling under such polarized conditions is rather low. That said, transcending such exceptional levels of polarity on a personal level is indeed very possible, and that’s exactly the challenge that’s presented to individuals during the Greatest Shift (please see the Incubator Earth series for further details).

Identifying the Sides

On a societal level, it can be observed that mindsets mainly oriented to collective thought and group consensus can be found on one side of the divide, whereas mindsets that are orientated to independent and critical thought – with the autonomous individual in mind – is representative of the other side.

People in the collective-consciousness camp tend to favour their affairs being taken care of by central governments or states, whereas people in the personal autonomy camp tend to favour as little state intervention – or control – as possible. These two opposing mindsets have always existed, but they are now much more in opposition to each other than would be the case under normal circumstances, because of the polarized spirit of the age.

Another observation that can be made, is that there’s a strong tendency for one of the two sides to want to impose its will on the other side. That side has a very low tolerance for exceptions to the rule in their demands for mass conformity and mass compliance; and metaphysically speaking, that’s happening due to a combination of extreme polarisation and a return to radical collective thinking.

On the pro-autonomy side, it’s in the very nature of individuals to resist insistent calls for universal collective uniformity and conformism. These people instinctively steer clear from thoughtless compliance. For them, the individual is more important than the collective, meaning individuals should think for themselves and make their own decisions (after weighing things up thoroughly). In other words, people shouldn’t just go along with everything that society does and should be able to opt-out when they’re not comfortable with the direction that things are going.

The pro-autonomy side is, therefore, naturally and instinctively motivated to insist on the importance of personal independence, individual rights and self-direction, along with self-responsibility. For them, those are the basic principles required to maintain and preserve individual freedoms and autonomy. This group’s way of thinking is also strengthened by the amplified polarisation of the age.

Energetic Cause and Effect

There’s a clear energetic cause-and-effect principle at work within the world and that has to do with the recurring metaphysical shadow-dance between dark and light energies. Everything has a purpose and can be a catalyst for motivating, or triggering, its opposite.

For example, it’s the suppression of freedoms that give rise to wanting more freedom. Not having free access to the truth (anymore) can prompt a strong motivation to seek it out. Finding it difficult to find the truth can lead to valuing it more than before, with the final result being that the truth is demanded, defended and protected more. For instance, should there be a lack of access to truth regarding medical issues, having access to the truth surrounding such matters would become a basic necessity for one’s safety and peace of mind.

Having to make a great effort to find the truth will in itself eventually be the catalyst for a great spiritual awakening – internally first, and then externally. That would be because once that which is contrary to truth and which opposes truth had been experienced thoroughly (and perhaps also severely), the higher importance of truth would become self-evident once more.

It’s Darkest Just Before Dawn

If it’s darkest just before dawn, then it would follow that a time-period would arrive when the opposite of truth – which is the opposite of light – would dominate, rule and subjugate for a period of time. That would manifest as blatant lies instead of clear truths, bottomless corruption rather than ethical transparency, and the return of destructive and already discredited ideologies, but now wrapped in a flowery new language.

How Darkness Descends

When metaphysical energy drops very low, the light within consciousness is dimmed. That has an impact on how concepts such as truth, transparency, honesty, conscience and compassion are experienced and viewed. Simply put, such concepts would be cared about less and there would be less motivation to enable or enact them. Therefore, they would be considered less important by people who have not maintained their higher consciousness. If that becomes the general mindset, a lower state of being within societies would be the result.

Most people who are conscious would attest to the reality that getting to the bottom of things in recent years has become exceedingly elusive. It has almost been as if truth has completely vanished, and that (by implication) almost everything now seems to be based on lies. Underlying that though is that darkness can only infiltrate human consciousness to such an extent – and displace the light within it – when the majority of people have limited spiritual fortifications, structures or boundaries in place.

In other words, besides the Greatest Shift that’s causing darkness to descend, a long-term spiritual decline within nations has created a vacuum, and that’s made it possible for darkness to infiltrate consciousness so much. To be more specific, over the years, an adoption of post-modernism has led to a steady decline in values associated with inner structures that had their origins in traditional ethics, morals and norms. In practice, neither classical liberal values nor old conservative values have been preserved very well, and religion has to a large extent fallen by the wayside, or has been abandoned.

The Great Divide

A divide has been forming in recent years between the children of darkness and the children of light, or said differently, between the practitioners of untruths and dishonesty and those who are in support of truth and honesty. When we look at how prominently and consistently the duality between truth versus its opposites features in all important debates, disagreements and controversies in the world, it’s clear that it lies at the very core of the Greatest Shift.

We also know that to be true when consulting the energy cycles. The Vedic Subsubyuga shift of 2020 is taking us into an age where truth will be much more energised than before and as a response, darkness has been mobilising to constrain and restrict the incoming light, as expected by Vedic Masters (mentioned in Part 5).

We can, therefore, conclude that The Great Divide is a metaphysical phenomenon and is by design because it’s part and parcel of what usually happens during the Great Shift (as the quote by Maya elder Carlos Barrios tells us at the start of this essay).

The Nature of the Underworld

The nature of being within the metaphysical realm of the underworld (see Part 3) is that people who are not very conscious could be susceptible to being at the behest of the dark forces within the underworld. Remaining conscious means that one is aware that distinguishing between light and dark (i.e., between truth and its opposites) and that making conscious decisions and choices according to those distinctions, is of the utmost importance. Such an approach guards against unintentionally and carelessly falling into the service of darkness through one’s indifference to what is true and what is not.

The Purpose of the Great Divide

The Great Divide has a great purpose. The situations and circumstances created by the highly polarized energies are testing everyone. Through the results of the testing, a sorting process is taking place. A clear division is forming between those who are aligned to darkness (whether they are conscious of the fact or not) and those who are aligned to the light. Personal choices and decisions when conflicting circumstances arise, require distinctions being made between what’s wrong and what’s right, what’s good and what’s bad (in particular situations), and what’s true and what’s not.

Not making decisions, become decisions in themselves. It is, therefore, of the essence to understand that the situations and circumstances that are currently generated by the opposing, conflicting dark and light energies, are very powerful and very purposeful and will continue to be so throughout the Greatest Shift.

The truth is, not everyone is sufficiently motivated to choose truth, so the divide that’s been forming has been between those who would rather remain in the comfort and familiarity of darkness, as opposed to those who have the courage to step out into the light. As stated before, in the physical world that’s manifesting as a division between people who stand for truth, and people who are in opposition to it.

The aforementioned ongoing sorting processes distinguish between those who truly want to go through to a new truth-based age and those who don’t want to. Individuals who prefer to stay behind are doing so by not currently making the right choices or decisions to align themselves with the side of light, and that places them on the side of darkness.

Wrong Side of the Divide

Many people might unwittingly find themselves on the wrong side of the divide, because they have misread developments, or they simply went with the flow of things by joining certain sides or ideological groupings driven by darker motives than what was apparent on the surface of things.

However, the shifting real-world circumstances during the Greatest Shift, are continuously demanding decisions and choices, and individuals can shift their approach to being conscious about such choices and decisions, through discernment, rather than just blindly following the herd.

That said, in some cases, people may have gone so far down the Dark Road, that it may be difficult for them to come back, or they may already have painted themselves into a corner (so to say).

Conscious Decisions Required

Even if a conscious decision was not made to support darkness, a person could unknowingly be on its side, hence the need for conscious decisions through personal will that overrides unconsciousness, carelessness and indifference. Those who are consciously self-directing are able to serve the energy of the light actively. The circumstances during this shift are such that people are constantly confronted with moral or ethical decisions – decisions that require discernment each time. People who ignore moral or ethical considerations simply fall on the dark side.

The Agents of Evolution

There’s purpose in everything that happens in the universe – if we choose to see it. Those who have a yearning for truth, will seek it out. A yearning for truth means a yearning for evolution, as opposed to indifference, which results in devolution.

Due to duality, the agents of devolution have a powerful role during the Greatest Shift; through their destructive ways, they are bringing the old world to an end. The agents of evolution have a powerful role too; through their Light, they are bringing the new world into being. The question every individual should ask themselves is, “What will be my role during the rest of the Greatest Shift?”.

The Path of Light

We are at a crossroads for humanity in many respects and every individual should choose wisely which road to take. It’s not something difficult to do; to choose the Path of Light, which is the Path of Truth. Any person can make that simple decision. They can support truth as much as possible, where and when possible, even if the truth is not always self-evident. Supporting truth is especially important for upholding inner and outer structures to mitigate the worst effects of the ongoing decay, turmoil and upheaval in the world. By seeking out the truth, truth is energetically drawn to the person who seeks it out.

To be continued in Part 2 …

By J.J. Montagnier

J.J. Montagnier is an independent researcher and writer. He has been studying and writing about Maya calendar-related subjects since 2014. He travelled to Central America in 2015 to familiarise himself better with Maya culture and history.

Note: The views and opinions are those of the writer. Creative license has been applied to make some concepts more accessible.



Copyright ©. All Rights Reserved.


I am a normal guy.  If you meet me you would have no idea I am the one writing on this strange blog.  I have no special charisma like people look for today.  I am not a person to lead a great movement and do not want to be.  It is important to me that you know I am not your better.  I am very much an egalitarian with compassion for the less fortunate.  I passionately love this planet and its life system.  I am now your servant in the sense of giving you my story.  My hope is this will assist you in your journey.  I especially say this to the young because your future will be one of crisis.  This is it.

The last great turning of modern man is at hand.  This human existential changeover is happening now just trust honest science to see this.  Don’t trust mainstream science that is completely corrupted and is now the problem.  This is man’s turning of his short time as a species with civilization.  The time frame is less important than the transition itself which points to a process.  Strong events will occur but the process is key. 

The transition is now in progress.  This is the key point because time is running out for adaptation.  Beat the rush.  I am warning you as a friend.  There are those among you who are more advanced than I am with knowledge.  Many of you better communicators.  I am dyslectic so communications are a struggle.  I hope some of you take my message and spread it.  The planet and small communities will be better places if you do.  

I have no specializations as a scientist or engineer.   I have spent the last 21 years in focused study on the multifaceted topics of REAL Green.  I am a generalist and combined with REAL Green vision I see things others don’t.  Few people look at the world like I do because my vision is abstract.  It is depressing in an age of fake optimism.  If you start seeing surreal everywhere you are on the right track.  If you see paradoxes and incongruous juxtapositions then you are getting closer. 

Failure and decline are not uplifting unless you approach it like I recommend in acceptance.  I feel being hyper specialized in engineering or science is an impediment in regards to understanding of decline and failure.  The reason is you must have an understanding of many fields and be spiritual.  REAL Green recommends a specialty but this cannot be to the point where a multifaceted understanding is reduced.  In REAL Green practically you should have a specialized skill but also be a jake of many trades.  This is the same with knowledge and understanding.  There is a balance of science and spirituality that must be attained.  This is the dualism of REAL Green and through this process a wisdom of insecurity is created.  Wisdom is the gatekeeper.  There must be choices and consequences.  Sobriety and humility are a must.

Spirituality is key and this does not mean religion.  Atheism is likely an impediment because atheist tend not to trust spirituality.  You can be spiritual and not worship a deity.  I understand why people are atheist.  They are honest about how bad religion has been.  Science says God is dead.  Many atheists are scientist.  If you are religious, you can’t be a science deniar and adapt with REAL Green.  Science is the problem but also a solution.  It dominates the world we live in so science must be adapted or more directly limited.  Science can’t be denied.  You must understand science and know how to adapt it.

Few people have any interest in degrowth doom.  Degrowth doom is the result of honest acceptance and this leads to humility and being meeker.  Meek seeks less power and with this more dignity is attained.  You will get closer to honest meaning by being meek. 

Many consider me a nutter just because I am a degrowth doomer.  In my local most do not know I am a degrowth doomer.  I don’t talk about it unless it is brought up.  I am just a gentleman farmer in my local.  People see me as a bit odd.  Eccentric is the best term to describe me in my local.  Online is where many of you read what I say and think this guy is not right.  This is a badge of honor in a maladapted world.  It means I am closer to the truth.

I am a green prepper.  Preppers are not mainstream.  Keep in mind being a green prepper is different.  Green is more prepped.  When I say I am a GREEN shaman they have even more nutter thoughts.  I am running a permaculture farm and practicing permaculture spiritualism.  This is how you connect to the planet.  There is a power in this.  This is my REAL message and it is a simple message and a local one.  Time is short and a REAL Green adaptation takes a decade.  This is why I am reaching out now to a few with the right stuff.

A shaman speaks about spirituality for his tribe.  Science destroyed the shaman’s place.  Science is now destroying science.  This is because those who practice science have no shamans.  What I mean is they have unbalanced the necessary relationship with spirituality and science.  Spirituality is something that must be given to you by grace.  Grace is defined as being natural.  Science has destroyed naturalness that was vital to early humanism.  It is now time to properly place science and spirituality in a new framework and this framework must be in recognition of the failure of science. 

The failures of religions are well documented but scientists are loath about self-criticism.  Science is the problem now or better put science without a proper wisdom.  This wisdom is of what knowledge to use and what door of knowledge to leave shut.  It is not wise to know as many secrets as can be known.  Not only is this a waste of resources it has also resulted in a dilution of meaning.  Knowledge is now noise because there is too much.

There is a power that is present in that which is natural.  Connecting to this force and then orientating to its gradient or current is where this power will support you.  Humans can tap into this through honesty.  You will be required to be humble and meek because honesty today means acceptance of the failure of humanism.  Meek is declining in place.  The arrogance of humanism is what has pushed growth well beyond a natural state. 

This power may flow through you but it is not yours.  This power can only be found by honesty.  It is only attained locally where there is proper scale.  This power is diffuse.   This power for humans is spirt that is manifested in permaculture.  Permaculture is key because this is where man meets the land.  Keep in mind permaculture can be the support of permaculture like a carpenter or an ironsmith.  This power connection results in natural morals and morale. 

Centralization and concentrated power are the enemy of this natural power.  Centralization and concentrated power are the mechanization of nature.  Too much leveraged knowledge and the power multiplier effect of networking destroy this connection.  Today this has resulted in mechanistic transhumanism.  This force seeks to subjugate humans and nature to maintain its power and affluence.

Now is the time to embrace what I call the wisdom of insecurity.  This wisdom is of less things and more meaning.  It is a pessimistic optimism in a time of fake optimism.  Today we have fake techno optimism.  This is the worshipping of a false god.  It pathway is transhumanism.  Transhumanism is delocalization that comes from unbridled knowledge and machine living.   Delocalization is the reason for a destabilizing planet and a humanism in decline. 

This wisdom of insecurity is 80% spiritualism with 20% practice.  Connecting to the power in the planet gets you to 80%.  The 20% is a transformed lifestyle.  Once proper wisdom is achieved there is a natural elevation of proper action far above what you now have.  This action is natural and because it is centered on meaning it is effective.  It is REAL productivity not making and doing things to increase affluence.  Instead, it is proper action that is green and prepped.  Affluence is the problem today.  Affluence is a product of excessive science and knowledge. 

I am not asking you to reject tech and knowledge for spiritualism.   This would be unbalanced.  Yet, since science is so dominant today more effort must be dedicated to a spiritualism.  The wisdom is knowing the trap science and knowledge have put humans in.  Even those who are poor and do not even know science are exposed to the excesses of science.  The green revolution allowed an order of magnitude too many people that is forcing the planet.  The problem is more than the affluence science is creating it is also population.  Knowing this trap then requires scaling accordingly. 

The trap of carbon and the path dependencies of tech is now complete.  There is no going back and no going forward.  The day of reckoning is approaching. The trend today is towards transhumanism and this is a hyper delocalization destroying humanism and planetary stability.  This is the mechanization of human arrogance.  This is where machines merge with human agency.  It is failing because of the problem of trust.  Trust means letting go in the truth.  Humans do not even trust human behavior anymore and seek artificial intelligence and automation.  Algorithms are now employed to game human behavior. 

Distrust is the result of transhumanism.  If you do not trust then you can never let go.  Here modern science has opened so many doors the truth is now completely relative.  It is now quantum and debatable. Not debatable as in an intelligent analysis but debatable because of the noise.  One field says one thing and often another the opposite.  Online advice changes with the day.  Today machines are watching machines that are watching humans and these humans do not even trust their own nature.  This is a vicious circle of maladaptation.  It is a mechanization of control.  Human nature can’t be trusted making human nature that which must be subjugated.

Science is now scientism.  Scientism is embracing Marxist authoritarianism.  These techniques of coercion and lies are the result of existential distrust or the lack of grace.  Again, grace is being natural.  Picture an oak tree being an oak tree.  The wisdom of insecurity seeks grace through humility and being meek.  Meek is being scaled properly to nature instead of arrogant with power over nature.  The humility of this is important.  The simplicity of it should be understood.  This is what is ahead not the complex and complicated of AI and exotic machines.

Be wary of the addiction to the light switch and the ignition key.  These everyday luxuries of affluence are slow boiling you with delocalization.  You are trapped with them but with all traps adaptation is possible.  I will tell you here and now if you are in a city especially some of the worst in regards to resilience and sustainability, get out.  If you get out and move to a rural area you should embrace low carbon capture technics of green prepping.  This is basic permaculture and not rocket science.  In addition embrace the wisdom of insecurity which is a spiritual permaculture.  What is green is more prepped.  This is vital because eventually the reliability of the grid and supply chains will be in crisis.  A wisdom of insecurity is your starting point permaculture is your action.

Next post is the practical activity of firewood and heating your permaculture homestead.

REAL Green Conservation

I am appalled when I take out the trash.  I imagine this trash as it builds up in landfills.  I see the leachate entering the sacred water table.  I am disgusted with myself.  I drive my vehicles to get stuff at grotesque places that offer me so many enjoyments and capabilities.  So many choices my head spins.  So many possibilities.  I use machines on the farm to manipulate nature because nature is no longer allowed to be itself.  I do these things because I am human in the Anthropocene.  I have no choice.  I am trapped.  Forgive me I am human.

I am under no illusion what I am doing makes a difference in the bigger picture.  Most people I interact with are not concerned with conservation.  They know it is a good thing but they don’t live it like I do.  Even the mainstream green sites I visit the understanding of what real conservation values should be are low.  Conservation in this world today is a token item.  Instead, there are green tech lies and social justice hype of detoured identity politics environmentalism.  Instead of actual conservation we get the warped arrogance that comes with affluence.  This arrogance is “not in my backyard” or the hypocrisy of conservation with preaching conservation but not doing it.  John Kerry is a fine example flying a private jet to a climate function! 

This long discussion is not worth reading for many of you.  This is especially true for those who are trapped in cities working long hours with little time left for much.  I do not want to be self-righteous about conservation.  My reasons for being an obsessive conservationist are for green prepping reasons not identity purposes.  I do not care how I appear to others as much as I care about my local of people and place.   Their health is my paramount concern.  I have a deep environmental spirituality but a realistic and relative one.  If you are not passionate about the earth and its creatures then move on.  If you don’t feel impending doom then move on.  These many pages of conservation reflection are just a waste of time because the bigger picture is lost anyway.  Yes, nothing you can do will alter the bigger picture of a declining world.

On the other hand, if conservation is a deeply felt life ethic, then read what I am posting.  I am not saying this is what you should do.  What I am saying is why you should do something.  I am showing you why for self-preservation and altruistic reasons.  Even if millions do as I do the effort at lower ecological footprints just gets sucked up into the growth impulse of civilization so don’t expect planet wide results.  My effort is not that great compared to someone who has gone completely TRUE Green into off-line life without the grid and store-bought stuff.  A person with no car living away from an urban area.  This type of person is the true conservationist.

Downcycling is a term applied to conservation efforts that actually result in less conservation.  This is similar to the diminishing returns of tech applied to problems that just create bigger problems.  Downcycling is when diminishing returns turn a green effort into a dirtier effort.  This is also psychological with attitudes of righteousness and indignation.  Hypocritical, arrogant and condescending attitudes abound in those who continue to live dirty lives of affluence while criticizing the poor uneducated masses for their smaller footprints that just happen to be more fossil fuel dependent.  The affluent green in his McMansion with solar pannels, a power wall, and two Teslas calls the joe six pack with his pickup a dirty deplorable.  The reality is actually the affluent green has a larger footprint if you breakdown the lifestyle.

This downcycling is self-organizing in the system itself as it tries to improve efficiencies with the net result of more consumption.   Decoupling is a fancy misdirection play by the academic green.  There is no decoupling in today’s world.  Carbon taxes are a joke for corporations to offload their dirty laundry with loopholes a truck could drive through.  The reality of economic savings is they are just reinvested not sequestered in the system as a whole.  Offsetting is often talked about which is just transferring consumption elsewhere.  The elites and woke corporations like Google love offset talk because they utilize hypocrisy in misdirection corporate ESGs.  Many times, new technology offers marginal benefit when you look at full lifecycle cost.  There is the mothballing of an existing technology before its useful life is used up to lower this marginal benefit even more.  Downcycling is rampant in the corporate world.

Society is growth based both overtly and covertly.  This is self-organizing and policy.  This means system rehabilitation is futile.  The greater the real conservation effort the more moral hazard of phony policy and lies.  Net zero is a lie in affluent nations.  Real net zero is not even possible in poverty.  It is only possible with small populations in semi-nomadic hunter gather populations where humans take on a niche in a greater ecosystem.  Even at this level humans are disrupters.  Ecosystems need disruptors to punctuate complex ecosystems with succession.  Succession is necessary for adaptation.  Adaptation of an ecosystem is evolution to the brutal geologic change the planet evolves with.  When disrupters go into overshoot is when the ecological problems become destructive.

My conservation approach is different because my attitude is embracing failure to begin with.  In this case of failure, it is a humanistic failure.  From the point of view of the planet humans are just doing what life does.  If you are an arrogant humanist then you say things like “We need to save the planet”.  The planet does not need saving.  It does what it does and you are only a part of it.  When you arrogantly say that it is from a humanistic point of view where you want to save a human planet.  Really you are saying I want to save civilization with a nice environment to visit in your Tesla.  We want natural beauty which is natural.  We want a cornucopia of a rich ecosystem.  The problems with humans are they want this and they want their own affluence.  Just the act of saying you want to save the planet means you are out of proper scale.

Nothing this civilization can do can avoid its nature and nurture.  It is carbon and affluence trapped with behaviors and the equipment.   It utilizes these in path dependency of built out infrastructure and learned behavior.  I skip over anger, bargaining, and depression right to acceptance.  This way I am embracing honesty first.  Not America first or build back better just failure.  The truth is always found in honesty.  Nobel lies are still lies.  Bargaining is still an attempt to hang on to something that is suffering consequences.  I accept that this system will be made greener by the planet enforcing the physics of planetary efficiency not the policy of growth-based efficiency.  The planet will force smaller footprints through less affluence.  No amount of human effort will change this so modern green policy is a lie.  At least browns are honest about not caring or not believing the science.  Greens just lie about it.

Now, where green policy can shine is locally with people in acceptance of the reality of a failed civilization.  Here people can practice green prepping.  Green prepping is based in localism with relative and realistic applications of green behavior and lifestyles.  Low carbon capture of permaculture is embraced.  Conservation activities of smaller footprints are embraced not because this will save the planet and civilization but because it is more survivable.  Civilization is doomed so quit trying to save something that is doomed. 

This denial is at the highest level and when society embraces this idea it is in a codependency of all in a maladapted narrative.  This is where hospice care comes in.  Anyone who has had a loved one die in hospice will understand this process.  The effort at saving the life turns to making death more dignified and less painful.  This hospice care is needed today to seek dignity for a process that is going to be undignified.  Becoming poorer and being forced into serfdom is not going to be accepted easily.  Keep in mind this is not a feudal lord forcing this it will be the planet.  Feudal lords are going to pop up because the elites will naturally take positions of power but this will be a vastly different world by then.  Extinction is possible too 

Having a lifeboat is the idea behind this survivability.  Green prepping is more survivable and this equates to a win-win locally because despite the destructive nature of civilization in the human forced Anthropocene you in your local can proactively renew and restore.  You can be a microclime of constructive growth within an overall new epoch of destructive decline.  This also means using this a destructive civilization as a tool of restoration and renewal locally.  This is why it is important to understand that REAL Green harnesses the destructive forcing to renew and restore locals and by doing this makes them more resilient and sustainable. 

There is still low hanging fruit that can be drawn on to build up resilience and suitability but time is running out.  This process takes a decade to complete.  The attitudes can change overnight but the building up takes a decade.  Unfortunately, attitudes are the problem and the potentially easiest part of the process but actually paradoxically the toughest part of the equation.  Once attitudes change there is an explosion of activity because meaning is unleashed. 

You will need to be dirty to get green which may sound counterintuitive.  You will need to build up things that are more survivable until a new reality sets in where a greener living is the physical requirement of a finite planet a new society will embrace.  Currently society is based on tech and growth.  Even mainstream greens want this.  Degrowthers only talk about a circular economy in a basic affluence.  Certain greens talk about radical change away from technology but they do not admit to the cost.  Read Derick Jensen and see how radical greens are also deceived.  They are right about the science but wrong that the solutions are anything more than a death to humanity of billions.  Few discuss this like REAL Green that says this is a paradigm shift of planet and civilization.  Decline and collpase is ahead regardless of what is done.  Prepare locally and embrace the wisdom of insecurity. 

Eventually enforced consequences will change society in crisis.  Beat the rush and start changing today.  This planet will dictate a greener world not fake green policy consumed in the noble lie that affluence can be made green.  You can’t green up population growth and increased consumption when limits are bumped up against.  All species are culled when they get to the point humans are at.  The problems with humans is the arrogance of humanism thinks we are different because of our knowledge and tech.  This just makes the process worse.  When you combine sustainable and development talk of the globalist technocrats, you get the worst of both worlds.  Leave this lie.  Go local and build up a permaculture homestead and practice spiritual permaculture of green prepping to beef up survivability.

What you will achieve might be marginally greener depending on how green your local is.  It may achieve a lot of green.  Yet, the point is there are no refuges and there is no green nirvana.  There are just locals engaged in life boat strategies and a hospice of honesty.  Be a green prepper and see a windfall of increased survivability in a time of decline and locally restore and renew a microcosm of a greener world that might actually be a seed bed a new human type can live and grow in once society as we know it has collpase.

REAL Green defined conservation is an adapted version.  Normally conservation is considered: “prevention of wasteful use of resources”.  REAL Green takes this a step forward with a focusing on localism and relative and realistic application of resource reducing efforts.  Conservation efforts are watered down when they get delocalized.  In many cases there is a downcycling.  If you are using more resources to conserve than what is being conserved then you are downcycling.  This is most apparent when transport, energy, or water gets involved.  Many times, this involves delocalization from movement out of the local or importation of goods or services into the local to increase conservation. 

Now, keep in mind REAL Green is realistic and relative in regards to the people and place.  The trap your local is in is the metric.  An important part of REAL Green is integration into your local of the alternative views of REAL Green.  You will often make a bigger REAL Green impact by practicing less conservation.  The reason for this is radical change will be rejected by your local of people and place.  Introduce conservation practices that can be absorbed by your local depending on its delocalization.

Downcycling is a well-known issue with such things as recycling.  The condition affects conservation as well.  In many cases this involves introducing high tech efficiency into your efforts.  For example, buying a new TV when your old one has plenty of useful life left.  The green establishment wants you to buy green things.  Fake green corporations want you to buy to increase their fake green bottom line.  Life cycle cost are key.  Transport and embedded cost of manufacturing often outweigh the mothballing of old less efficient technology with useful life.  If your current TV is old and inefficient and conservation is an important lifestyle for you then use the TV less. That is a minor example but keep this in mind with all you do.  Cars are a fine example of this downcycling of equipment mothballing for efficiency improvements.  It is a scam in many cases to make more profit by corporations and politicians.  Many times, it is how people justify another purchase.

Delocalization efforts are an important consideration.  If you understand the nature of EROI and ROI in regards to energy in nature and energy in human society.  If you understand energy return on energy invested and societies return on investment you will see the difficult choices you will face.  Energy is considered a constant in relation to a cost that is generally stable in ROI.  This energy const is often artificial because it is a market price not a physics cost.   If you understand this then you will see that the humans bottom line often does not correspond with natures.  Transport is one of the biggest factors.  Humans like to ignore transport costs as a variable beyond a narrow gas cost.  The upstream costs of all that goes into making transport available is rarely considered from a human economic point of view. 

This EROI and ROI issue with conservation is manifested with gathering energy locally which I call low carbon capture.  The movement of resources or the regulation of activity is impacted by delocalization.  A case of low carbon capture I engage in is utilizing firewood.  Move firewood very far and you have lost its benefits of net energy.  In regards to conservation if you need to drive 20 mi roundtrip to recycle aluminum then you likely used more energy then you were saving from an EROI point of view.  If you just consider ROI with a basic transport cost of MPG and not the EROI of the activity you may be deceived into thinking you have conserved something.  These are subtle issues but multiplied over a billion people decisions it is significant.  If you want to be green you must consider EROI.

In regards to your efforts to go local and reduce delocalization, in everyone’s case localization will be greener.  Society will always make the pitch that efficiency in centralization and economies of scale can magnify a greener policy.  The globalist technocrats love this line of thinking because it enhances their power.  This narrative does not take into account many factors influencing a REAL Green equation of EROI.  If you can influence all your decisions by the parameter of localization you will be greener.  Localism is decentralization.  If is leaving the grid and going offline mentality.  Remember greener is more prepped.  A green lifestyle of localism and conservation orientations is more resilient and sustainable.  There is always the outlier but in general in most cases this is true.  It is common sense and obvious to those like me that have made a life of this. 

Keep in mind the relative and realistic in this equation.  Which is the nature of your local.  Many locals can only be greened up so much.  Excessive efforts at conservation may reduce your success.  People do not want to be changed too much.  Many times, they actually react negatively.  Introducing conservation strategies may get these people to turn to less green efforts to be greener.  This involves trial and error too.  Sometimes you will not know how positive you are with EROI until you experiment.  R&D is wasteful many times because success is often not accomplished.  ROI is generally more apparent because it is much easier to see profit and loss in regards to alternatives at the level of human economics.  EROI is trickier because you are dealing with energy at the very basic level of planetary physics beyond civilizations concern with profitability. 

Know your local of people and place.  What you will be doing is a juggling of conservation activities that will be part of other activities.  This can be surreal and annoying so you really must care about green.  If you have no interest in green then don’t bother but this means survivability strategies don’t matter either.  You will do what is easy and comfortable.  I am not knocking this.  It is your life and in the bigger picture the trap is set with civilization in decline and failure.  Nothing you can do will change this much.  You will do what cost you the least and gives you the greatest benefits if you don’t care.  Your attitude may well be “I have to die anyway” or “it is what it is”.  This is a typical reaction of laziness, helplessness, and self-centeredness.  These people are the ones the whine the most when their life implodes.    

If you care about green, you will do what benefits your local of people and place.  You will do things that benefit the planet.  You will do things that make your local more survivable.  Yet, you must be realistic and relative because you live in the Anthropocene of human forcing.  Nature is reacting with instability and the results are going to be death by a thousand cuts.  In this world all you can do is balance your actions based upon a proper cost benefit analysis that is often just common sense and apparent.  The amount of time, money, and resources you have available is vital.  Don’t go bankrupt trying to be green but by the same token do not be wasteful when you don’t have to be. 

Let honesty dictate meaning because denial and codependence of a civilization heading for a train wreck is not very smart.  Meaning is the ultimate spiritual assets.  I am presenting a pathway for meaning and truth. Meaning with the reality of the cost and the cost benefit.  Be honest that you are dirty a priori because you are human in the Anthropocene.  Yet, realize you can make a difference for the planet and life in a small little niche where beauty and renewal can flourish.  The beauty of this is more than this renewal it is also the process of being more prepped for a crisis or collpase.  A strong community has a natural abstract human beauty.

Conservation is critical to REAL Green.  It is the basis of green but also prepping for crisis.  Crises will be the fundamental nature of this new age paradigm of a planet and civilization in decline.  Systematically this will involve all those qualities of what science calls chaos theory.  There is abandonment, dysfunction, and the irrational.  Keep in mind there is a special quality to chaos theory and that is a process within the nature chaos.  Sometimes we think of chaos is complete randomness but this is not the case.  Chaos is a turbulent process of an undoing in the process where growth unravels.  It does not have an equation but this does not mean it is pure randomness.  This is a chaotic process but with a physics.

These conditions of decline which are qualities of chaos are plainly on view these days.   Yet, a normal person because of the social narrative of problem solving with knowledge and technology gets lost in the distortions of the lie.  This process is now actually the problem and making decline worse in an accelerated way.  This unravelling is speeding up and compressing.  Civilization will not be able to adapt this narrative.  It is hard wired and trapped in a carbon trap with path dependencies of growth. 

The elites are now compressing the process through a technocratic governance with globalist goal seeking.  They are trying to micro manage this resistance to the decline process.  This is the reason for the compression.  The compression is juicing the system with new problems from a failed policy frame work of problem solving with more knowledge and tech.  This involves corruption and incompetence.  They are both related.  Corruption is the creeping of moral hazards of avoiding consequences.    Incompetence is failed applications of power.  This is always how civilizations fail so whining and moaning about this is also failure.  What has to be done is a management of this process locally.

Growth and increase affluence are a bed rock principal of all cultures.  As a REAL Green you will turn this on its head.  You will manage the destructive results of this new age.   The path dependencies of this failed way of growth with increased affluence can only be managed locally with strategies to use this destructive growth to leave it.   This forced decline on all levels is adapted by the local. 

All levels are in decline except spirituality.  Keep this in mind when the depression sets in because this is a depressing topic.  What you must try to gain in this depressing transformation is an optimism that comes with meaning.  A spiritual affluence of getting closer to the truth.  This really is all that matters for true human nature.  The truth is the greatest quest of a fully human person.  So REAL Green conservation is actually truth seeking in humility.  This does not mean knowledge for knowledge’s sake.  It means the wisdom of insecurity.   

This is an exercise in existential dualism that will be surreal and often painful.  It will be painful because of the choices you will need to make.  Many times, these choices will go contrary to the status quo view of what choices you should make.  This will involve cognitive dissonance but also REAL Green insight.  It is only by declining in place into a localism of people and place that a scaling is achieved to properly navigate all the issues. 

You are not going to transcend this conundrum but you will be able to manage with a wisdom of insecurity.  The wisdom of insecurity I speak of is a knowledge of what knowledge to keep and what to reject.  This rejection principal in humility is key to this new age of decline.  Normally we feel more secure with more things but the wisdom of insecurity turns this upside down.  Less things mean more security at least less status quo things.  Having the ability to say no and embrace less for more spiritual meaning is an art.   This will require science but also education of what science that is needed and what is actually making the problem worse.  Some science must be rejected and purged.

This then will require spiritual strength to face the tough decisions ahead.  This is the hospice aspect of what you are doing.  You will have to be ready to apply palliative care principals to those who do not understand.  This will be difficult because society’s narrative does not include doom and prep.  Doom is a fringe element of the narrative.  Doom is taboo in many circles.  Much of this is because the masses can’t handle the truth so they are given a noble lie. 

The problem today is the elites who are doing this noble lie are lying to themselves and are in denial.  These elites for the most part have no interest in a local of people in place.  Locals are where the serfs are and the serfs need to be managed is their thinking.  They are interested in wealth and power.  That is what they seek to maximize not conservation for the sake of conservation.  Conservation will be on your backs and strictly to increase their power and control.  Do not forget this compression from the elites who are forcing decline onto your backs while they expand their house of cards.  This is an existential Ponzi Scheme. 

Get out of this compression and find a good local to invest in then begin the decade long process of reorientating a local of people and place to the realities of the new paradigm.  You will be an imperfect vessel of truth but it will be on the right track.  You will have a beacon of truth to guide you.  This beacon is the planet itself and its web of life.  This is your immediate higher power of support.  If you follow this way the planet will support you because this is the way.  Orientating to the truth means the activity is supported by harmony with nature. 

You will struggle to find a local that is robust becuase so much delocalization and disruption has occurred with modern civilization.  Modern man is in overshoot of consumption and population so in most case finding places with low populations and consumption is advisable.  Cities are almost always bad but some people are trapped in them for employment, families and their estates.  Ideally going into this decline period, you will want to be near enough to a city to draw parasitically off its ability to supply your local constructive growth potential.  Your vessel is a permaculture homestead.   Your monestary of is your spiritual vessel of permaculture meaning.

P.S. go to the pages side of this blog for some of my conservation activities and behaviors.


Preface – I am working on an addition to the pages section of my blog covering my conservation strategies.  This is a practical tool.  I want to balance my preaching with some practical living advice.  I am not a writer so it can be difficult to follow my thoughts when I preach.  My lifestyle is my real manifestation of REAL Green.  My work on conservation strategies is going to take time because I need to evaluate and put to paper my activities and dispositions.  My post below is long but it ties together many aspects of decline and REAL Green.

Forward – I recommend you read a very important work by a dear friend of mine who is a great writer and researcher.  He is exceptionally versed on energy topics.  He is an expert on the ancient Maya knowledge of cycles.  We both are coming to the conclusion of the importance of spiritual adaptation to this current age of dislocations.  His post “The Light Along the Way” relates to what my comment covers in the sense of a cycle transition.  He explains this Maya’s insights which is helpful to understanding the deeper level of cycles both with the planet and human destiny.  Please read his post “The Lights Along the Way”

If you could attain immortality through technology, would you?

The “terminator” movie is art reflecting a reality of sorts these days.  The actualization of a type of immortality pursuit by the elites but even deeper the system itself is self-actualizing through the mechanization of technology and knowledge.  This merger is turning against life in subtle but dangerous ways and humans are being slow boiled into complacency.  The elites are flush with powerful resources for action because of the digitization of citizenship.  The global system is a powerful organisms created by a network of people and machines as a power multiplier.  Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  This is a worn-out expression but do not be deceived by its casual use.  What we are seeing today is a mechanization of this power impulse of people and machines merging.  This merging of biology and machines is transhumanism.  The worship of this power through science in transhumanism is scientism. 

This merger of man and machine will end in a fantastic end one day in the future.  Mechanization is a vicious process of life destroying activity.  It is a vortex sucking engine.   A growth of more power and capability is never satiated.  The elites have always sought an immortality but today the system itself is developing its own biological/machine programed intelligence into a digital immortality.  This is a systematic merging that is now self-organizing because of mechanization.  It is now beyond human control.  How well would you survive without your machines?  Most of us would starve without all those gadgets that support our daily life.  This dependence is now turning against humans and will likely destroy lives and life.

This merging of biology and machines in a quest for immortality by the elites few know about.  The elites are seeking absolute control through the great reset and woke globalism.  The masses must be subjugated to the purpose of supporting this quest.  This is a camouflaged policy to enslave the masses to the engine of woke globalism.  The irony of woke globalism is that it is a tool of enslavement.  It is a façade so many are identifying with to their eventually detriment.  Woke is actually racist but deeper a tool of division.  This is why you should now be concerned by all the lying and disinformation by the mainstream media.  These lies are more than the noble lies of our so-called betters but instead are the Marxist lies of the quest for absolute control.  Propaganda, spin, misinformation and coopting of mainstream media is the modus operandi of a totalitarian transhuman elite who are the priests of scientism. 

Many believe in the message that science will save us.  Who does not believe science has been a good for mankind?  Science now is corrupt.  It is now a lie.  This lie is the core platform of the uber elites’ global organizations through a technocratic control.  This is a global movement of domination primarily because of the degree of power tech offers the elites and the elite’s reaction to the converging of planetary dangers.  The elites will give their complete trust to tech and the networking of the centralization of power to preserve their wealth and power. 

Many of these elites are themselves deceived because in the end they are slaves too.  Many will likely lose their wealth and power as power concentrates in ever smaller circles.  This is the nature of corrupted power.  Keep in mind this is not some secret revelations.  This is what happens in a late-stage civilizations.  Ours is global and technocratic techno tyranny is the result.  Elites always bring down civilizations.  Technology when uncontrolled will destroys itself just as human power does.  Combine the two and you get what we have today which is more insidious then ever in human history.

To understand this situation, you must understand the nature of uncontrolled technology which is a mechanization of uncontrolled growth.  The elite are actually mechanizing themselves but thinking they will be the ones in control with freewill.  The reality is the systematic nature of technology and control through mechanization will consume them too.  This is eventual destruction because control mechanisms can’t control control mechanisms.  At some point activity get so compressed by efficiency and power a critical breakup occurs much like when a diesel engine runs away into self-destruction.

Mechanization destroys itself if left unchecked.  The quest for the secrets of the universe and ultimate control is an eventual paralysis.  Intelligence and its inevitable automation when allowed to proceed far enough leads to paralysis.  A condition of knowing what comes next will proceed the next step which leads to this paralysis.  This is a metaphysical paralysis.  It is grace that breaks this paralysis.  Grace is truth and truth can’t be controlled.  Grace is naturalness.  This is why tech will fail.   Tech seeks to have the truth not dwell with the truth.  Tech’s uncontrolled nature is to know the deepest meaning and control it for maximization of power.  Grace on the other hand is the naturalness of not letting your right hand now what your left is doing like when a body functions naturally. This is why nature is so powerful and tech vulnerable.

It is this naturalness that sparked life to begin with.  Inanimate animated naturally.  The reason mechanization will destroy itself is its unnatural control impulse.  Naturalness cannot be trusted with mechanization.  Nature enjoys nature and only nature can overcome nature is an old dictum of the Egyptians for good reason.  Geoengineering and genetic engineering will fail because they represent a human arrogance in relation to the naturalness of life.  Humans can’t control this power because they can’t control themselves.

This is important to you the individual now at this time in history.   Mechanization is now the final destructive cycle of civilization.  We went from agriculture to industrial to the digital revolution and finally now artificial intelligence.  All of this involved the mechanization of technology.  The Forcing of this arrogant humanism over human history.  This evolution of technological cycles has now caused a threshold change both with the planet and the abstract of human civilization.  This inevitable mechanization through technology worship has tipped an earth epoch.  Technology is now the terminator. 

You the individual if awakened to this can find constructive growth opportunity of physical restoration and spiritual renewal in those places where tech is not dominant.  In fact, the spiritual renewal is the most important aspect of this new world you will be journeying to if awakened.  This spiritual renewal is the rejection of scientism instead with a faith in nature.  This includes your higher power of your spirituality and or religion.  What this means if you are a Catholic just for example is understanding scientism has coopted the Catholic church.  It is similar with other mainstream traditions.  In fact, all of human is being corrupted by this mechanization through scientism.

Scientism’s mechanization is diametrically opposed to spirituality.   They are pole opposites.  Science and spirituality must remain separate.  This is a key condition of man’s duality.  The ego in its quest to know the truth through deduction in the scientific process separates itself.  Spirituality is man’s quest to connect to the whole of life where meaning and truth is inclusive.  You can’t break down the truth in analysis and be part of it at a point.  Limits kick in.  Science is an effort to know that leads to separation because it breaks apart for inspection.  Spirituality is an effort at connecting with faith and feeling.  Science does not mesh with faith and feeling.

Mechanization is when the scientific process goes malignant.  Wisdom finds a proper places for man’s natural dualistic state of self-consciousness for a proper balance.  The inquisition was spirituality through religion running amok.  Currently the mechanization of technology is entering the death impulse where efforts at problem solving become the problem itself.  This age of technology is ultimately the final age our late-stage civilization.  It is the age of death.

REAL Green is an adaptive individual behavior confronting this existential dysfunction of late-stage civilization.  This is important to clarify.  This dysfunction is destructive and now is shaping the human era of the Anthropocene.  Humans are forcing the planet into abrupt change along all planes and in abstraction with the human metaphysical realm of rationalism.  Rationalism is now corrupted by moral hazard of lies.   Lies are a tool of control.  Sometimes they are called noble but lies are never noble because they breed lies.  Technology is driving the lies because absolute power requires lies. 

At some point lies are required because failure can’t be accepted by arrogant humanism.  Admitting failure is then the death nell of civilization’s narrative of the success of its power.   This is the reason civilization is now based on lies like renewable energy and artificial intelligence as the next revolution.  Civilization is already failed but the narrative is desperate to admit this.  In fact, the narrative is itself deceived.  Few will admit failure mainstream.  In fact, it is forbidden. 

Humility comes from the acceptance that the truth is beyond attainment and control.  Humility destroys technologies power of control by the implementation of restrictions found in proper wisdom.  Wisdom is knowing what knowledge to use and what to reject.  It is about limits and acceptance of consequences for failure.  Technology is about breaking through limits into a world where substitution is always possible once limits are bumped up against.  Uncontrolled Technology is arrogance and pure destructiveness.

Technology is a revolutionary human activity.  It is now religious with the transhumanism of scientism.  Scientism is the worship of knowledge for knowledges sake.  Technology flows from this arrogance.  We want to know the secrets of everything without restrictions or consequences.  Transhumanism is the incorporation of technology into biology so what we now have is a merging of mechanistic features with living biology.  Actually, the car cult culture and the digital lives we live are the preamble and the enabler of this process.  Delocalization is the result.  This is where humans lost scale and broke our proper relationship with nature.  This is by definition a cancer.  Arrogant humanism is malignancy.

The industrial revolution accelerated the dysfunction of humanism.  There is now a raw arrogance of humanism even with greens.  Greens are supposed to be earth friendly but much of the green movement now is committed to covering the earth in renewable energy machines.  We glorify dirty cities as the place where a green nirvana can be realized.  Cities cannot be made green.  Cities are a manifestation of both the arrogance and the dysfunction of humanism.  If you live in one you would be wise to leave them because they have no future.

Back to technology and its revolutionary tendency.  This quote is most telling:

“Intelligence and rationalism are not in themselves revolutionary. But technical thinking is foreign to all social traditions: the machine has no tradition. One of Karl Marx’s seminal sociological discoveries is that technology is the true revolutionary principle, beside which all revolutions based on natural law are antiquated forms of recreation. A society built exclusively on progressive technology would thus be nothing but revolutionary; but it would soon destroy itself and its technology.”

– Carl Schmitt

Take this to hart because this is what is driving our destruction and the only way it will end is when it ends itself.  Technology is now approaching the point where diminishing returns goes nonlinear into an inflection point where problem solving becomes the problem.  Time is speeding up because the cycle is compressing with the uncontrollable urge to ever greater power and efficiency.  We are in or near this point of rupture in multiple areas of civilization and the planetary system.  When the summation of the negative feedbacks from these problem-solving “problems” reaches a breaking point civilization will end.  When civilization ends the mechanization of technology ends. 

This drive of substitution when limits are encountered is a denial of limits.  It is the application of constant disruptive change that frays the fabric of life where stability is required.  The trajectory of this substitution is the lie of humanism and the reason humanism now is considering transhumanism.  Humanism can no longer be trusted.  The Irrational is found in that zone in the dualism of humanism where the ego dwells in all its nakedness.  A balance of spirituality and our scientific impulse in humanism must be found or extremes occur on either side.

The key component to spirituality in this sea of meaninglessness is the basis of a wisdom of insecurity.  Wisdom is about choices and consequences.   Human wisdom is being altered by knowledge and tech for the sake of more knowledge and tech.  A proper wisdom seeks less instead of more.  Affluence has been the result of this surge of technology and knowledge.  This is why the consequences have been ignored.  The pleasure of affluence is so great that sobriety faces an impossible task.  Now we are approaching or at the diminishing returns of these humanistic activities and downscaling is resulting.  Downscaling is the destructive activity of problem solving creating new problems.  

This is now a revolution that is forcing destructive change on humans and the web of life alike.  The result is planetary forcing that is affecting habitability.  Habitability is increasingly being degraded in localized ecosystem failure with overall ecosystem decline.  Nature is resilient but to a point.  When threasholds of a summation of failures builds to a point they will bifurcate the planetary ecosystem.  This forcing is cascading to a point where the abrupt change creates altered states with vital planetary systems.  Human civilization requires stability.  Tech will seek to impose its stability through mechanization and automation but the planet will not be mechanized or automatized.  The planet will make man honor his consequences because this is naturalness in action.

Planetary systems are now reacting with negative feedbacks.   The very stability that allowed human technological growth is in abrupt decline.  The hydrologic, nutrient, geologic, and carbon cycles are all in dangerous extension from threasholds of balance.  Life systems harness all of them to form complex ecosystems so the planets life system itself is now in a process of rapid and abrupt change. These systems are being forced by human activity and population levels with technology supporting these human excesses.

This means a new complex life ecosystem is in the making but first the death of the current one is in process hence the labeling of this age as the age of death.  The stability of the Holocene is tipping over into the destabilized Anthropocene.  These destabilizations happened periodically on planet earth and represent major extinction/evolution periods.  Unfortunately for us mortal humans these periods are over thousands and millions of years when a rebirth occurs.

The adaptation I propose to you is REAL Green living of green prepping to adapt to this age of death.  This includes a permaculture spiritualism which is a mental green prepping.  The wisdom of insecurity is the basis of green prepping.  This wisdom seeks to embrace the awakening to this period of destructive change across all plane’s humans dwell in.  This wisdom of insecurity asks you to embrace the destructive change and allow it to transform you into action.  This is the psychology of optimistic pessimism.  It involves the green prepping of life boat strategies and the hospice of palliative care for both the land and people of your local.  This involves your own personal scaling of human intelligence and the inevitable use of technology.  Scale is all important to this wisdom and the only proper scale for humans is significantly local.  The more local the better should be your orientation.  This includes spirituality.

A local is a place where you can walk to.  It is a place where knowledge is scaled to where you can apply wisdom properly.  Today it is most of all a boundary to delocalization.  A REAL Green adaptation adds to localization strategies a triage and a hybridization.  Part of your REAL Green adaptation is recognizing the Anthropocene’s delocalization for what it is and that is a new earth period with a new ecosystem.  This is a period of high human population connected in a digital and economic web.  Excesses of technology in delocalization is tipping over this age.  As an individual in your local you will live and survive in this delocalized ecosystem.  Your efforts will be localization as a way to find a niche of constructive growth in a complex ecosystem breakdown.  You will live the opposite of what the techno age of scientism is proposing.  You will embrace permaculture spiritualism to enhance your higher power of meaning.

This is quite important and the reason you will live in the surreal if you seek this adaptation.  In fact, if you experience the surreal daily then you are on the right track.  The extent of your delocalization is the clay you work with.  You’re awakening to the destructive nature of the Anthropocene with its tipping over into decline of everything has one variable that is not in decline.  There is growth potential with spirituality.  This is a fundamental change from the age of human growth which was represented by increasing meaninglessness from the uncontrolled pursuit of knowledge.

This spirituality is based on the wisdom of insecurity.  True wisdom is the wisdom of what knowledge to use and what not to use.  This wisdom has been destroyed at the top level of civilization with scientism and transhumanism.   This worship of technology is self-destructive.  Now more than ever a REAL Green adaptation of a local is required to triage out this delocalization.  This is a wisdom that seeks to the best of one’s ability adapt and embrace a more circular lifestyle with voluntary simplicity.  Decline in place and downsize with dignity.  Beat the rush to collpase with a personal manage collpase.   This is done within the driving forces of the Anthropocene of technological advancement of power and efficiency.  Use the Anthropocene power to leave it in a mental judo.

This will require a hybridization but also salvage.  The salvage is of the old ways that have been lost but the knowledge is still available because the modern world has stockpiled knowledge of all kinds and this includes knowledge from earlier times.  The knowledge is there but the lifestyles in many cases are gone.  So, the DNA is there but the nurture of education and applied lifestyles are gone.  The hybridization is the recognition that although technology and knowledge is destroying life a wonderful amount of valuable technology and knowledge is out there that can be applied to restore and enhance the old ways to create a very resilient and stable local.  This stability is relative because all locals are exposed to the destructive decline of the Anthropocene.  There are no refuges only lifeboats.

This transformation starts with acceptance of the arrogance of humanism running amok.  This tips over into a wisdom of insecurity of the understanding that tech will not save us and in fact is killing us.  This situation is going to collapse eventually because this is the nature of the mechanization of technology without control.  Even though you are awakened this will not save you except to save you from the lie.  Truth is where lies are not.  This wisdom of insecurity seeks to limit the mechanization with a proper scaling to a local where restoration and renewal is possible.  When a complex ecosystem breaks down new niches are opened up for growth with species adapted for new biomes.  Be that adapted species.

This may sound complex and obscure but it really draws on the common-sense humans have developed over the millennia of survival in a changing world.  Humans have a survival instinct so draw on this.  Humans have a common sense of things especially when they are not right locally.  Embrace these instincts.  This human and planetary crisis should be obvious if you trust your instincts and common sense.  You will feel insecurity even though civilization want you to think you are safe with safety nets of health care and income.  Society wants you to think problems will be overcome like climate change, pollution, and social ills with more science and technology.  This is why the narrative is a lie.

Embrace a wisdom of insecurity that seeks to find a proper range for scaling.  In this proper range is your people and place.  Here practice a wisdom of insecurity that seeks to reduce the knowledge and technology overload of delocalization.   Focus on the human basics of food, energy, and resources for shelter.  Get back to the basics of low carbon capture.  First find a good local if you have the opportunity.  In all cases cities are bad but cities are where the power and wealth are concentrated so you will likely have a local that is within a range of this concentrated delocalization.  Find a zone far enough away from this danger zone cities represent.

Low carbon capture is the key.  This is finding good water, good soil, and habitable climate.  From here low carbon capture is using local resources to feed, cloth, and build shelters.  Of course, we are in the delocalized Anthropocene so adapting the greatly reduced ability of a local to produce quality low carbon capture is a struggle.   Seek to be like our ancestors but relatively and realistically in this new age of destructive change.   This is where the triage, salvage, and hybridization come in.  This is where monocultures, transport extremes, and digital dislocations are throttled down.  Localism is this throttling. 

More local is greener so you are connecting to nature which is a spiritual windfall.  This is a key spiritual asset where the truth is found by living not in science but instead in permaculture.  You will have to live in both worlds but with a focus on reducing your exposure to the delocalized world of humanism run amok towards of local with a planetary connection.

This becomes a spiritual exercise because you will constantly need to evaluate your local through your wisdom of insecurity with faith.   What to use and what to reject will focus your effort to restore and renew the local you chose to inhabit.  The degree of delocalization is your own personal trap.  I call this a trap because traps are limits.  This is a finite planet.  These limits are with people and they are with place.  People and the society they have in place but also the dirt you live on.  You will have to develop your own unique wisdom of insecurity to deal with this.  This is where the wisdom of insecurity becomes personally focused.  Your soul is the ultimate local.

This breakout is grace destroying the mechanization.   Grace is realized by approaching the sacred in humility.  The sacred is uncontrolled and unknown.   Truth places you in proper scale when approached in humility.  This condition of humility is letting go.   Grace will set you free of the viciousness of mechanization.   It is best you find smaller scales with local ranges because it is here proper meaning can be found. 

Meaning is the spiritual asset that will power you through the existential angst of the lonely isolate ego adrift in an age of meaninglessness.  The naturalism of a properly scaled human is grace.  This will be what breaks your isolated soul out of the meaninglessness of the mechanization of modern life.  It is meaning that will offset your decline in comforts and affluence that is baked into this technological period of decline.

Is It Worth It?

REAL Green is about adaptation.  This adaptation is both physical with tech and metaphysical with psychology and spirituality.  The key to adaptation is a metaphysical orientation as the basis.  This is the psychology of a rejection of the social narrative of growth, affluence, and optimistic humanism replaced with existential pessimism.  This existential angst allows spirituality meaning from acceptance.  This acceptance then allows an application of optimistic meaning.  This is a transformative lifestyle of green prepping.  Importantly this is an add on to your existing higher power.  Atheist and agnostics should entertain this spirituality too.  The realm of Spirituality is that which is beyond your ego.  If you entertain the “why” of it all then you are a candidate.  If you have the feeling of a process and a system to existence then you are delving in the spiritual.

This is not religion this is an add on.  An add is the clothing of your being.  In this case it is your shoes because you will be on a journey.   The physical adaptation with tech and knowledge is easy enough to learn.  It is available from existing sources and in today’s digital age so much knowledge is at your fingertips.  As an add on to your existing self the application of this huge amount of knowledge and tech depends on your education, financial position, and time constraints.  This is your own unique nature and nurture.  Leave the world of what you are told is right and wrong and turn inward to your own meaning in your soul. 

This is a decade long process of a reshaped world.  Small physical adaptation can be achieved by anyone immediately though.  You can get an orange belt with little effort.  To get a black belt takes years.  A GREEN belt is attainment.  Attainment is humility.  This humility is spiritually and psychologically your measure in a connectivity with the planet and its life force.  This must be in a balance with your human world of community and greater world that is society.  You either have it or don’t or should I say you have it and don’t.  If you have it then this is a lifelong adaptation.  You don’t have it because you can never have the truth but only approach it.

Before you embark on this journey you must preform a personal cost benefit analysis both physically in regards to the physical investment but also in regards to your higher power.  This is very important because some of you should not do this adaptation because your local of people and place and the local of your soul.  This is a rigorous process that is disruptive.  This is an expensive process of physical change. 

I feel this adaptation is worth it for all in regards to a minimum of a personal cost benefit analysis.  It is likely worth it to do some minor green prepping.  Prepping is a wise thing to do.  The basics of prepping are easy to find out.  There are many sites that focus on lists of dos and don’ts.  I highly recommend some prepping in this age of decline.  The green part is worth a look at because in this age of emptiness there is immediate connectivity with natural beauty.  Doing some gardening and natural restoration is a rewarding undertaking.  Appreciating nature with acts of kindness instead of negligent destructive behavior is spiritually rewarding.  This adaptation is practicing basic good citizenry of society and the planet.  There are no miracles here because life is miracle enough.  Stop looking for special powers because the power is both minute and complete.

If you want to get serious about this way of life then becomes a REAL Green monk.   The teacher is the life force within the planet and web of life.  If you choose to be a REAL Green monk you must embrace radical change.  The key to REAL Green is the relative and realistic approach of this radical change.  This is where it differs from other spiritual traditions.  The radical of REAL Green is the relative and realistic approach within as an add on to your existing higher power of meaning.  Acceptance of death on all levels is radical.   This is the key because decline is death but death is also the soil for life.

How outward you are with the radical adaptation is dependent on your people and place.  REAL Green is deeply local so get out of your layers of being and go directly to being naked and alone.  No local is the same but many are similar.  You first must know your local and determine what change is possible.  Many have no local.  Many are lost and wander from place to place, person to person, and religion to religion.  Many feel unhappiness where they live and the people that inhabit their lives.  This is a prime indication you need adaptation but keep in mind you are trapped.  This trap is the limit of your adaptation.  Many are dependents without ability to be a leader.  This adaptation is about leadership in your local of people and place.

So first know yourself and your local of people and place.  Once you come to the key prerequisite of REAL Green of acceptance of this change over to the epoch decline then you must know your range.  Your range is your scale.  It is no different than an animal.  Humans are divorced from our place in nature so determining your range includes reintegrating your animal nature.  Get out of the traditional arrogance of humanism of man and nature as separate and start seeing your place in nature.  Your local is where your scale is.  Your range is your local.  Remain in your range so you can properly adapt with constructive growth.  Delocalization is your enemy but also the clay you will have to work with.

If you accept decline as the current dawning of a new epoch and you have done deep reflection on your range and scale then you must determine what is realistic and relative to your adaptation.  Since this is about a local of people and place the adaptation becomes more than you it becomes about them too.  The local of community is critical.  It is the body of Christ so to speak.  It is here your survival is critically linked.  This is why if you want to be a GREEN belt you must find the proper people and the place. 

You can only do your journey by leaving yourself.  At this point is where a value from your cost benefit analysis must be determined.  If you are significantly trapped then stay lite with your outward adaptation.  If your local are not adaptable and you can’t leave your people/place then don’t do it.  If your local of community and the land you inhabit is not adaptable then why risk the effort in time and resources for radical adaption.  You will turn radical if you embrace REAL Green but in wisdom not necessarily in action.  Much of what you participate in will be called into question by this wisdom but you will have to participate.  The age of decline requires this so the wisdom is an adaptive wisdom with surreal manifestations. 

Finally, if your psychology and spirituality are not up to it forget it.  This will be most rigorous with your higher power of meaning.  Your view of yourself and your view of your local of people/place will go through a surreal reflection that many will not be able to handle.  This is a calling into question everything you have been taught and much of the activity you have participated in.  Yet, in this radical psychological change there is the reward of meaning.

A GREEN Belt is going all the way into adaptation.  It is the highest level and also the lowest.  This means you will attain a spirituality that is high but you will embrace decline itself which is low.  So high is low which is a juxtaposition.  Much of your adaptation is surreal because you will face paradoxes and incongruous juxtapositions.  The value in this surreal of meaning is meaning itself.  The search for meaning is surreal because of the human condition of dualism.  If you do not experience surreal then you are not there. 

Meaning is a spiritual asset of the highest level.  It is meaning that comes with an honest approach to the truth within the imperfect vessel of your higher power worship.  So, a GREEN Belt is about the attainment of meaning.  This meaning will manifest itself in action.  You will be awakened and this awakening will transform you.  Keep in mind there is no transcendence except with spiritual experiences.  These spiritual experiences will be quick and powerful like a shock.  Transformation will open you up to this.

You will have vision quests because you will be untethered from a reality forced on you by the social narrative.  You will experience the transcendental for moments as you descend back into the mundane of the drudgery of living to die another day.  The key component of the awakening is the transformation of pessimism to a pessimist optimism.  This is a key to the worth of it.  It is a cracking of an atom so to speak in your soul but this will fall out.  You will not inhabit these places of immense energy for long because it is not meant to be.  This is a journey not the destination.

If you accept decline which is getting out of the denial of death then you will have pessimism.  Your ego will experience existential angst when honestly embracing decline.  There is no sugar-coating decline or death.  It is the ultimate challenge.  It is only facing death in all its forms that a transformation is obtained.  This will be a mystical experience of an inner journey.  This is akin to this beautiful prose:

“in the first degree the higher power enters into the soul and she turns inward. in the second she ascends above herself and is lifted up to the higher power. in the third the soul, lifted up to the higher power, passes over altogether into it.  in the fourth the soul goes forth on the higher power’s behalf and descends bellow”

So, you see this is a journey.  If the destination is what is important then REAL Green is not for you.  You will be faced with the surreal of meaning.  You will spend time and money on things that will not make sense from the point of view of the social narrative of affluence and growth.  You will be in a constant state of an inner journey moving in and out of meaning as fresh challenges are encountered.  Your mind and body making this journey will decay.  At some point if you are lucky enough to get old dementia will set in.  There will be very little left at some point.  All the things you built up will turn to dust.  The worth of this is journeying to death but in vigorous living.

For most people the adaptation of REAL Green is worth a look.  Some small REAL Green actions will be wise.  Green prepping is a good approach to increasing resilience and sustainability.  Discovering your local is another important activity.  Learning the destructiveness of delocalization and turning local is an important component to increased survivability.  Delocalization is both physical and metaphysical so learn your spiritual local too. 

Yet, if you want to embrace the wisdom of insecurity of the last step of a GREEN Belt then I will tell you, for most of you it is not worth it.  Many of you will not have the time, money, or the education to do a permaculture homestead with a monestary of knowledge that is the outward physical expression of the transformation.   This is an outfitting for a journey into the valley of death.  Most will not want to undertake these kinds of rigors.  Most want comforts from the mundane of survival.  If you want comfort then go elsewhere.  This is especially true of inner meaning because you will be asked to let go.  This is what insecurity is.

If you have the right stuff especially if you are young and unattached, I highly recommend this.  In fact, if you are young and unattached, I recommend going TRUE Green of off grid and directly immersed in nature.  It is likley someday you will return to REAL Green because this is where the people are.  It is exceedingly rare to find communities of TRUE Green.  This would be found in the natural world for example a tribe in the amazon or a group who have gone completely off grid in the simplicity of circular living.  This is man’s true nature not where civilization is.  Civilization is the destination and the destination is death.  Then life starts again.   For those of you like me who are now older you will be trapped in people and place.  You will be attached to making a living and paying bills.  This is where you go from TRUE Green to REAL Green. 

Actually, REAL Green is more demanding than TRUE Green.  TRUE Green is immediate spiritual satisfaction albeit with lower physical affluence.  REAL Green is spiritually challenging but generally with more affluence.  Affluence is the key trap of REAL Green and why you must be realistic and relative.  I wish I could go TRUE Green and I have at an earlier time but I did not know what it was at the time.  This happened to me in a spiritual experience.  This TRUE Green lasted for 40 days.  Then my family dragged me back into the real world in a psychosocially violent way.

So, in conclusion to my rambling world salad I would say REAL Green is worth it and this brings you to where you started.  This is deeply local of people, place, and especially your soul.  I cannot tell you if it is worth it.  This would not be my place.  In the big discussion above I was telling you my REAL Green not yours.  Keep this in mind.  I was talking about myself so disregard everything I said above and start your journey.  You have to get up in the morning and make your bed not me.  You will die alone.  I can’t make your bed or die for you.  Good luck on your journey.  4X4