REAL Green Behavior

Behavior is indeed the key to constructive change but it must first start with the Kubler Roth of acceptance.   This acceptance then accepts destructive change is the paramount force now in the paradigm change of planetary decline.  The acceptance is all humans are in a vicious circularity of a carbon trap with path dependencies.  This is a circular economy and social system that is a trap not a solution like often pitched by greens with a circular economy.  There is no circularity in nature with ecosystems.  They are always evolving and entering succession.


This goes to the very heart of the matter with the first step of denial and the second of anger and the third of bargaining.  We see denial in a significant portion of the population.  There are the most obvious with the Brown DENIALIST.  These people dismiss the science for a variety of reasons or cherry-pick science to prove a false point of there are no problems with growth.  A Brown DENIALIST will advocate growth as the only solution and they are right to a point.  Entropy does not allow degrowth of complex systems except in destructive change.  Brown forget about limits though.


We have FAKE Greens which represent the vast majority of greens who accept the science but are in denial of the solutions and bargaining with the false claim that renewables and an EV car culture can work with our carbon predicament.  There are other FAKE Greens advocating degrowth but then are in delusional bargaining with the economic consequences of collapse that economic abandonment represents.  They ignore the destructive dysfunctions and the irrational behavior which become powerful forces with economic abandonment.  The narrow specialists found in academics and science fall into these categories also by proposing and supporting unsound techno and social policy.  The unsoundness is believing we can geo engineer or solve techno problems with techno solutions.  Then there is the social belief we can all eat plants and save the planet and at the same time pitch vertical farming and organics behind a techno society.  It comes down to a culture that bargains with “failure is not an option” when failure is the underlying planetary trend of succession of complex ecosystems, we are trapped in.


There is then the awakened ones who have gone to the acceptance phase.  I call these people REAL Greens.  A REAL Green accepts the science, is not in denial of the solutions, and passes through the depression phase of failure by going forth in adaptation and mitigation.  A REAL Green is an optimistic pessimist and it is the paradox of that juxtaposition that becomes a truth that can be manifested locally and in small groups.  A REAL Green understands that in an overpopulated world in global overshoot caught up in a competitive cooperative of globalism there can’t be reform of the macro status quo.  This status quo is self-organizing and complex with complicated nodes.  What supports such a large population and also nodes of production and control are dependent on high consumption is the essence of a trap.  Even those areas that are subsistence and in poverty are at risk for a cascading collapse.  There are no refugees nor solutions to predicaments of this type.


A REAL Green then realizes that he can make a difference locally with small groups and small footprints.  A REAL Green can build networks, skills, and structures of resilience and sustainability.  Not many are capable of going REAL Green because so many are locked into survival in the status quo.  They are path dependent prisoners.  Many don’t have the education or the wealth to do it.  Those who do should do it but many don’t because the enjoyment of affluence is too great.  This includes a many of the affluent FAKE Greens.  Any FAKE Green has the potential to be REAL.  A REAL Green will leverage the status quo with things like fossil fuels and Amazon to leave it.  He will dive into permaculture with a hybrid of the best of the old like the Amish and the best of the new with simple and effective techno solutions like renewables.  It may have to be a hobby or passion so he quits vacations and luxuries as needed in sacrifice.


It all starts with behavior first for a REAL Green.  A REAL Green accepts failure as the starting point then goes forth in relative effort based upon his local of people, place, and position in adaptation and mitigation. This is done with local life boats of resilience and sustainability along with hospices of empathy and understanding for those who are not awakened.   It includes regeneration of the local land a REAL Green inhabits.  The hospice is human and natural and both will suffer the final chapter of the Anthropocene but that does not mean they cannot be regenerated to be better able to face the coming decline.  So, behavior is the key but behavior that is honest with science and human nature.  This behavior becomes  a physical and mental monastery of seeds that might be a flap of a butterfly’s wing into seeds of recovery post collapse.


“We Can’t Do It Ourselves”     local futures


“Advances in energy efficiency have not resulted in lower energy demand, because they don’t address new and more resource-intensive consumption patterns that often emerge from more energy efficient technologies. [1][2] Likewise, renewable energy sources have not led to a decarbonisation of the energy infrastructure, because total and per capita energy demand are increasing faster than renewable energy sources are added.[3]  Consequently, the only way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is to focus more on social change. Energy efficiency and decarbonization policies need to be combined with “social innovation” if we want energy use and carbon emissions to go down. This is where behavioral change policies come in. The third pillar of climate change policy tries to steer consumer choices and behaviors in a more sustainable direction.”

REAL Green synthesis of ambition and realism

This is a good article to highlight the hybrid nature of REAL Green.  In this article we see the tension between a green realist and an ambitious green.  A green realist argues we need to accept science and facts that point to failure.  Renewables are not solving the carbon trap and path dependencies.  They are only mitigating it.  An ambitious green that I often call a FAKE Green believes in doing whatever it takes and offer examples that are usually special cases and cherry picked of where strong transformations can occur.   Their moto is “failure is not an option” but the failure is the moto itself because it does not start with honesty of our existential situation.


A green realist and an ambitious green are only covering part of the issue because they are focusing on techno solutions.  They often do not include in the debate economic decline.  They are focused on climate and not adding to that planetary decline in ecosystems and the web of life.  The green realist does accept the fact that people’s comfortable lives will be wrecked.  That point of view should be adapted though because how comfortable are modern lives that are often empty and sad in consumerism and inactivity of the digital world, we live in.  The ambitious green talks about optimism and doing whatever it takes.  REAL Green is fine with this but stresses this type of attitude must come from acceptance of failure first.  This failure is acceptance of the carbon trap we are in and goes even deeper with the systematic path dependencies of society itself.  These path dependencies are at all levels from the very top down to the individual.  Path dependency means society does not have an effective plan nor the education to change so it won’t happen.  This is a trap not a puzzle.


This does not mean we cannot be optimistic and ambitious with our personal and local lives.  This decline process has a time frame with a measure of degree with duration. This means degree and duration that are so important to a species survival in crisis might be less severe if we have ambitious greens doing what it takes.  This is especially true in locals and small groups where seeds of change can be stored for the likelihood of an existential crisis.  It is here where resilience and sustainable strategies will come into play.  REAL Green takes both the realistic green and the ambitious green and combines them.  It does this once acceptance is made that our status quo lives will be wrecked in a process and possibly rapidly depending on how unsustainably we are located.  REAL Green’s approach is having Kubler Roth as the center of optimism and ambition.  The reason for this is the honesty of this acceptance of failure is a spring board for the application of efforts and techno solutions that reflect the truth.  A terminally ill individual will generally choose beneficial behavior if they are honest.  The honesty of failure will naturally lead to spartan, stoic, and humble living which is what it will take to mitigate and adapt to wrecked status quo lives.


REAL Green says we are screwed but that is not where it ends.  That is the start.  This is where the ambitious green can offer optimism and ambitious effort of doing what it takes to mitigate and adapt to something that will be a process with measure.  The key to REAL Green is ambition and realism and what is to be avoided is delusional FAKE Green which is just a green washed form of Brown DENIALISM.  FAKE Greens make up the majority of greens today.  Green today is about doing more of the same with clean and renewable but anyone who is honest with the science immediately sees this lie.  REAL Green says you can be ambitious and optimistic but mostly local and in small groups.  REAL Green also says techno solutions are part of this process but behavior is the key stating point.  Behavior is the building block not more panels and turbines.  The acceptance is more than green in REAL Green because we are also going through a destructive change with globalism that has powered techno optimism of the green revolution.  What this means is techno optimism is not going to solve the economic crisis we are on the cusp of.  This is a key area of failure of the FAKE Green and most scientist and academics who promote delusional programs like the green new deal.  They never really get into the economic detail.  There is then all the other problems that will require huge investment besides the climate.  FAKE Greens can’t get their mind around failure so they do not address the entire picture of a multilevel predicament of many problems and traps.  REAL Green transcends this with honesty by saying we are screwed but not right this moment.  In the meantime, we have lots of prepping to do and further green prepping is a rewarding life that can make a difference locally with the environment and community.



“OK Doomer”     resiliance


“William Rees has challenged us to accept his “realistic facts” that renewable energy can’t end the climate crisis, and green energy is no substitute for fossil fuels. The only solution he sees is a deliberate contraction, but since “That’s not going to happen!” we face the possibility of global societal collapse. He argues in The Tyee that hundreds of millions of people must be persuaded “to risk wrecking their comfortable lives” to stave off the climate crisis…Andrew Nikiforuk backs up Rees’s argument, arguing that the radical reduction in fossil fuel consumption needed to tackle the climate emergency “will radically change our economy and de-energize our way of life,” and “we must contemplate an energy descent for which our civilization doesn’t have an ethos or a vocabulary.”  Rees and Nikiforuk call this “realism,” but that’s a very loaded word. It says, “These are the facts: you can’t argue with them.” “Be realistic” invariably means “Stop being ambitious.” This kind of realism, applied to the climate and ecological emergencies, sends the message that we’re screwed…Rees is right with the data that wind and solar are only keeping up with the increasing global demand, and that the use of climate-disastrous fossil fuels is still increasing. I don’t dispute the need for a rapid acceleration of renewables, coupled with a rapid, regulated phase-out for coal, gas and oil.  We need to switch from being “realistic,” implying the need to accept defeat, to being ambitious, bringing a determination to do whatever it takes. We need to stop spreading the fear that the energy descent needed to tackle the climate emergency will wreck people’s comfortable lives, or that it is something “for which our civilization doesn’t have an ethos or a vocabulary.” Tell that to the Copenhageners.”


REAL Green Manifesto 2

REAL Green is for degrowth.  REAL Green believes in limits both planetary limits and personal limits.  What REAL Green says on the subject is society can not and will not limit itself.  This is because of competitive and cooperative globalism in a carbon trap with path dependencies.  What this means is we are systematically determined and limited to what we are doing now.  If there are any efforts at degrowth and respect for limits it will be around the edges.  To change this determined condition is to collapse it.  This is the position global society is in but nature has a different scenario.  The planetary system is about planetary cycles of the carbon, nutrient, and hydrologic cycles that behave in a way that seeks balance.  This means human forcing of the planetary cycles will cause imbalances that self-correct.  We are now in a self-correction event.  Science tells us this and what it means is an end of business as usual at an unknow point in the future.  No amount of FAKE Green techno optimism or Brown DENIALISM will change that.  It is determined there will be consequences for the extreme human actions of the Anthropocene.  It is science and it is happening.


So, what REAL Green says is decline now and bet the rush.  Withdraw to a local that offers relative resilience and sustainability.  If you can and if you can’t withdraw in your mind.  What this means is an ascetic “characterized by or suggesting the practice of severe self-discipline and abstention from all forms of indulgence, typically for religious reasons.”  Insert planetary reasons instead of religious and adapt it further with relative effort.  This can be a religious experience and or an add on to your higher power purpose.  This means Spartan living “showing the indifference to comfort or luxury traditionally associated with ancient Sparta” this is again REAL Green adapted.  This means stoic living “a person who can endure pain or hardship without showing their feelings or complaining” again REAL Green adapted.


This adaption is relative to your local and part of your local is your significant others.  A local is physical and the abstract of relationships and intelligence.  What this means is you have done the Kubler Roth and like Arthur Schopenhauer observed as you do “all truth passes through three stages: first, it is ridiculed; second, it is violently opposed; and third, it is accepted as self-evident.”  What this means is the decline of the collapse process has a scientific expression.  It is self-evident in human history and planetary ecology.  A REAL Green embraces this truth and emulates it with personal lifestyle.  A REAL Green lives succession.  To live succession means to embrace abandonment, dysfunction, and the irrational of the scientific force of chaos.  The act of embracing decline with its destructive effects allows a REAL Green to create constructive forces of change that yield and adapt to the destructive planetary changes and human socioeconomic decline.  A REAL Green knows he can’t leave the status quo so he leverages it to leave it as much as he can in relation to what is more resilient and sustainable.


REAL Green is then is a state of mind and action that is a hybrid.  You triage out the worst and incorporate the best into an adapted lifestyle.  To know what dead wood to clear and what seeds to plant is an individual and local effort constantly being pursued.  It revolves around the old ways and the best of the new ways particular to your local but also borrowing from best practices of other locals.  The reason this effort has to be constant is entropy never rests.  Your local and your life system will be under constant threat.  You embrace this as away of life adapting with a lower footprint but higher meaning.  This takes you to an ascending level of activity.


A REAL Green is first awakened to the truth of the paradigm of decline.   REAL Green then embraces action and goes forth into a collapsing world to build a monastery.  The monastery might be very small or larger like a community of enlightened individuals.  The monastery is the place where the status quo is adapted in a hybrid life of living in it to survive but leaving it to plant the seeds of a new life that is on the horizon.  This may not be your life.  It may be for others.  REAL Green is other orientated and planetary which means you live a life of making and giving in respect for the planet and your neighbor.  You do this relatively and local.  The bigger world is crashing down around us.  You study this and follow trends not because you think you can change it but because you want to get out ahead of the gradient of the collapse process with proactive efforts that will have staying power.  You may only buy yourself a little time in a collapse but REAL Green is about the journey not the destination.  We are all dead in the end even the pyramids will be washed away someday.  REAL Green is about life now in vitality in a painful world of decline.



“Defending Degrowth is not Malthusian”     resilience


“In my book I show how such romantic (and related socialist, feminist and anarchist) ideas articulate a notion of limits as a source of freedom and abundance. Likewise, those of us who defend degrowth today do not call for limits because the world is running out of stuff. We are not worried that growth might come to an end – we want to end growth and stop its catastrophic and meaningless path, despoiling the abundance of this planet that we can enjoy in common.  To put it differently: environmentalists like us are not warning of limits. We want limits. Limits in order to stop ecological and social destruction. Limits to stop in its tracks a capitalist system that knows no limits and is exploitative and ugly. Limits to leave space for others, human and non-human.  Limits bring freedom. A pianist can make infinite music with a limited keyboard. Give the pianist an infinite keyboard, and she or he would paralyze. Limitless choice is debilitating. Capital’s limitless and senseless pursuit of more is not freedom – it is slavery.  The call for ‘self-limitation’ is different from (neo)Malthusian views of limits as a natural property of the world. The atmosphere is not a limited ‘sink’ (what a terrible way to think of the sky) – it is we who should limit emissions so as not to screw the climate. The limit is on us, not the sky. There are no ‘natural limits’ that force us to do this or that. There is an ethical and political imperative not to: not to do everything that can be done, not to despoil the beauty we have inherited.  Self-limitation the way I see it is not about constraining, but about defining collectively as societies our limits. Collective self-limitation is the essence of democracy. This is why capitalism has always had little tolerance for real democracy.”

REAL Green Manifesto

REAL Green starts with individual and local but aspires to community.  This is because REAL Green is green prepping and the real standard of prep is longer term prepping and that is based upon viable communities with producing local environments.  Viable communities start with enlightened individuals.  REAL Green understands that in our delocalized and individualized world viable communities are in danger.  In fact, with the digital age viable communities are even more at risk.  This is not to say digital connections are all bad.  In the case of the decline of viable small communities digital connections represent lifeboats.


The basics of REAL Green starts with behavior and that beginning is in acceptance of decline.  This then is included in the basics of localism and community.  It asks people to be aware of delocalization and the dangers of a declining globalism.  REAL Green says this is what should spark a REAL Green effort.  REAL Green says ultimately a viable small community of like-minded individuals active in a common effort locally is the best it can get.  Viable small communities abound but many are delocalized and not aware of it.  These communities should first embrace a collapse process in localism and understand the tendency for small communities to be delocalized and dependent on the status quo.  The status quo limits small communities to this because of the homogenization of life.  People and small communities are trapped in this homogenization by the fact that survival and advancement requires it.  A very lucky few can withdraw away from this trap but since we are in the Anthropocene all locals are delocalized or exposed to a bifurcating globalism of collapse and migration.


What is even more difficult is real viability of small communities in local production.  Take a church group for example, they are locked into a structured belief system.  Many of these belief systems are struggling themselves against homogenization which is the loss of uniqueness.  This struggle which often involves resources then taxes groups away for the real need for resilience and sustainability locally.  These critical elements are then forgotten about because of the needs for identity preservation instead of a viable local that can withstand destructive change with sustainable practices.  There are very few small communities that are apex in resilience and sustainability.


REAL Green has a monastic individual approach for those awakened and those who have resources.  Many cannot be REAL Green because they are caught in many different traps from education to lack of basic security.  If a person has REAL Green that person seeks to build the seeds of a viable local community individually.  If the environment is conducive then a viable small community which is resilience to collapse and relatively sustainable to decline will develop naturally.  If this does not happen the individual is still doing good works for the local and attempting to lower the foot print the individual inhabits.  This is done both for self-preservation but also as an act of caring and compassion for one’s local environment.


REAL Green is about relative effort with hybridization.  The relative effort is what is optimal in the hybridization of using the status quo to leave it with leverage.  This lever is a tool but it is also dangerous so a REAL Green must always use wisdom in its application or else the individual can be consumed from within and from outside.  Further hybridization involves cultivating low carbon approaches of our ancestors with modern skills, tools, knowledge, and materials.  REAL Green wisdom attempts to pick and choose what should be mixed.  This then involves triage and the clearing of the deadwood of the status quo and in its place building a REAL Green monastery.


This monastery that is characterized by asceticism is not religious but it can be because REAL Green is an add-on not a way to embrace a higher power.  Locals have unique characteristics and by extension the individual.  REAL Green adds to this the Kubler Roth of acceptance of decline and seeks to use wisdom of decline to adapt and mitigate a local to this collapse process.  This is human and natural.  Since we are in the Anthropocene humans are an apex species in all sorts of ways including advancing ecological health or more often attempting to do less harm.  A viable REAL Green influenced community is the best a local can get.  What this means is a local that optimizes its human and environmental situation emulating natural ecology but within the decline and failure of the Anthropocene.  In other words, REAL Green relatively adapts and mitigates the collapse process to reduce pain and suffering which is the basis of the REAL Green awakening.  Unless an individual and or a viable small community acknowledge the collapse process with both human civilization and the planetary environment, they are FAKE Green and or Brown DENIALIST.  REAL Green seeks to navigate these groups yielding to these greater forces and by doing so beats the rush by proactive and measured declining in place.



“Gathering in groups as society falls apart – by Vicki Robin”     jem bendell


“How do we, who are so accustomed to individualism, enter into a new reality of living in concert with others? Not as a condiment but as a necessity. Not through idealistic eyes but as a sober process of surrendering attachment to the ego’s demands and entering a state of belonging to a people and a place.  I’ve lived in several communities and learned many lessons, surprising ones and hard ones. Here are some ideas for those of you contemplating moving to an existing rural community or forming your own, given your perspective of deep adaptation…In short…People. Power. Process. Projects. And sex. These will arise in any group that bands together for mutual aid. Best to talk about this – early and often.  Diversity of perspectives bring depth and wisdom to choices…Community survival is not the same as survival skills like fire building or hunting. Communities need a range of skills. Gardening, cooking, raising animals for food, fiber and fertility, foraging, turning dandelions (and beets and apples etc) into alcohol, natural building, natural medicine, composting waste, food preservation… and on and on. However, it also needs talents like mediators, meeting facilitators, priests or shamans of all sorts (for confession, for learning from mistakes, for healing from pain, for solace, and on and on), comedians, actors, artists, group game leaders, meditation (and other transformational) teachers, wise-elder leaders, and on and on…”

REAL Green does not pencil out

The below referenced article is an important REAL Green topic.  Permaculture is central to REAL Green.  There are a thousand different types both urban and rural.  I can tell you from experience that animals, gardens, orchards, grapes, wood, solar, and hay do not pencil out smaller scale.  Yet, smaller scale is what is needed to reduce our planetary foot print with resulting resilience and sustainability.  When I say resilience and sustainability this is even relative.  Our world is so path dependent, carbon trapped, and delocalized that even those who have the resources and motivation should be aware you can only go so far.  Beyond a point a TRUE Green lifestyle are an expense except for a few who can find a niche.  It takes an investment and then it needs to be subsidized.  FAKE Greens will go on and on about organic eco living.  They will talk about EV’s and solar homes and act like this is all affordable and green.  This is not the case in reality.  The reality the world is dirty and trapped in dirtiness.  It requires funds and things and those come from a dirty world that is concerned with growth.

REAL Green has a solution for those who can.  REAL Green is not for everyone and not meant to be although the basic fundamentals are for everyone and should become part of the greater social narrative.  These basics are about behavior and acceptance of path dependency and our collective carbon trap.  Path dependency is about a global competitive cooperative system of socio/economics that is locked into an arrangement we see right now in the status quo.  We want to do this or that but other forces push back.  The reason for this is competitive cooperation.  We have to accept the will of others to get our will.  We compete to try to push our way over others.  This is then trapped further in a highly productive but also destructive system of economic globalism.  REAL Green acknowledges this and accepts that this is a recipe for a decline process that risks collapse at some point.  Decline now and beat the rush.  Behaviorally this means accept doom and begin a REAL Green prep.

REAL Green prep is about localism with the basics of the old-world ways of harvesting and gathering of carbon energy.  It is about the lowering one’s footprint for one’s local but also the planet.  Since the truth of the matter is the planet is telling us these things the essence of your effort is emulating the truth.  Once you do the Kubler Roth of late stage capitalism and its faith in techno-modernity you then realize a gradient of change is ahead.  This will be overwhelmingly destructive change yet you can be part of the constructive change that is like Green cover over a Brown land.  This acceptance leads you to do two things one is triage and the other is gathering and harvesting.  Triage out bad behavior and lifestyles.  Triage out things you don’t need.  Gather tools, hardware, and material with a future.  Begin situations where you can harvest carbon in the form of food calories and biomass heat.  None of this is revolutionary because it is all out there.  It is proven and just requires a different frame of mind.  The nuts and bolts of REAL Green are readily available.  What turbo changes REAL Green is the behavior side.

REAL Green behavior uses the status quo to leave it in relativity.  You will need to continue to live your status quo life playing the game that is required to survive.  You will need to harness globalism with consumerism and even the delocalizing forces of the car culture.  You do this to leave it though.  This is the critical element that offer much needed meaning.  You are harnessing a powerful force that has huge resource base.  You are cherry picking the best of it and fortifying your local.  You are doing this in a camouflaged way with stealth.  Even with your significant others you may need to hide your true purpose.  You can call it a hobby or just light prepping.  Nobody minds small prepping or hobbies like gardening, animals, and vital skills.  What make people nervous is a full-scale dooming and prepping IOW people can’t handle the Truth.  People do not want their life system upended.  This then means you have a tight rope to walk.  On the one hand you live the status quo and on the other you are dedicating your life to leave it.

Where you are going is into a world with more meaning because you are accepting the fact that life as we know it has no future FAKE Green or Brown.  You are building a lifeboat of skills and things that will help you in an existential crisis.  You are creating a hospice that is a lifestyle of adaptation and mitigation of decline because decline is about pain and suffering.  The decline of affluence means hard times and for some total disenfranchisement even with REAL Green warriors. 

You are going to do things that economically do not add up.  A REAL Green homestead will not pencil out.  You will not be able to live off of it.  You can make it work and it will mean increased resilience to collapse and sustainability once collapse has taken a stair step down.  You will acquire skills and attitudes that will assist you on the way down.  You will then have what it takes to guide others that will go into this process unprepared and rudderless.  REAL Green is about leadership of this process but it is not exposed until it is time.  In the mean time you act FAKE Green and even Brown to fit in.  You harness your existing local to make it more REAL Green.  You harness by using those who are not REAL Green and, in the process, you turn your local a little Greener.  This is not about success but about the management of failure.


“How to Solve the Big Problems That Small Family Farms Are Facing”     ecowatch

“Under relentless and steadily increasing financial pressures, talented young farmers are giving farming their all for five to 10 years, then quitting. Experienced farmers, including organic farmers, are admitting defeat, selling what they can and finding “real” jobs. The prices farmers receive for crops do not cover all the costs of keeping farms viable, not to mention the extra costs of ecological or regenerative farming systems. The farm crisis is not over.”

The REAL Green Monk and Shaman

In REAL Green Deep Adaptation, a monastery is called for in its ascending levels of adaptation.  In the beginning there is the Kubler Roth of acceptance.  REAL Green starts with behavior because it is behavior where wisdom originates.  In the beginning there is the acceptance of decline and collapse.  Wisdom is needed to first accept the decline process that will mean the end of life as we know it.  This wisdom embraces the forces that guides ones conversion to REAL Green way of life.  The wisdom that develops from REAL Green way is accepting and humble and through this the power of the planet is channeled.  The acceptance is with planetary decline and the humility comes from the power this meaning will instill in you over those who are sheeples in the status quo.  As a shaman and a monk your meaning must not be used for personal gain or it is lost.  This ultimately manifests itself in shamanism and the Benedictine monastery but relatively in your local and your significant others.  The relativity is living in a status quo and using that status quo to leave it.  The shamanism comes from the connection and harnessing of nature.   The Benedictine Monastery is the local that is the accumulation of low carbon living that builds a local and a place for rebirth.  This then is human but also planetary.  Taoism is also present with yielding and the letting go into the way. 

REAL Green is not a religion nor a cult.  REAL Green is an add on to your higher power and local.  Shamanism, Benedictine, and Taoism are only for illustration.  Your local and your higher power are uniquely yours.  This is about the individual reaching out to your place and your people but it starts with individual conversion.  It is a spiritual way that embraces the best of comparative religion but also science and human sciences.  Real Green is about hybridization of the old ways with the new.  Take the well proven low carbon old ways and enhance them with modern knowledge.  Triage out lifestyles and things with no future.  Build up a place with the basics of a library both digital and paper.  Have a tool shed with tools, hardware, and backup supplies for a journey into low carbon and low planetary footprint living.  This is a local way of life which means living, eating, and traveling local but relatively because the status quo of family and career will force you out of your local.  REAL Green is about low carbon farming and gathering.  The farming is permaculture that attempts to integrate the modern with the old ways of farming within the planetary cycles.  These are the nutrient cycle, hydrologic cycle and the carbon cycle.  It involves animals, plants, and humans but also machines because this is the Anthropocene.  If you can do this without machines then do it but most can’t anymore.  It may only be a garden or aquaculture but REAL Green must have a connection to land or water to connect to planetary forces. 

The two keys to REAL Green are local and relativity.  First find a local with a future.  If your local has no future in the decline process then prepare for a future that may mean being a migrant.  As a potential migrant be aware of where you can go and how.  If your local has a future build on it relatively.  You have a local that is you, your place, and your significant others.  Leverage the powerful system we know today in consumerism and digital knowledge sources to find ways to leave it.  While you do this, you build up your local with restorative actions.  This means healing people and nature.  You do this with the understanding you are carbon trapped and path dependent in the status quo.  There is no transcendence of the Anthropocene but there is the chance to mitigate and adapt it through life boats and hospice strategies.  The life boat is the basics of GREEN prepping and the hospice is the behavior that comes with embracing the decline process that is a paradigm of decline that is self-organizing and planetary.  You realize that ultimately if society collapses then your local will be challenged with the collapse.  You accept this condition of being exposed and helpless and this may be your end too but you have found the meaning and the source of strength to face this. 

You have to walk a tight rope between this REAL Green way and the status quo of endless growth and techno optimism.  You shed guilt because guilt will hamper your ability to walk this tight rope that involves a focus on your local but also your status quo position.  To be effective you cannot turn your back on your career and family but you can affect them with change.  You can be a force of change through stealth resistance.  You will have to do things that are not GREEN but you will do these things to get GREENer.  Embracing the low carbon ways of the past with simple tools and local living will not pencil out economically so it will have to be a hobby if you can afford that.  Hobby farms, gardens, and skills sets are everywhere and people do them because they have talents.  Find a few things you are great at and do them but REAL Green means also knowing the basics of many things our ancestors knew to enhance resilience and sustainability of the local.  If you have the money, time, and awakened knowledge then become a REAL Green Shaman and Benedictine/Taoist monk complete with a monastery farm. 

I only used those examples to illustrate not to promote.  You may be on the ocean in a sail boat and in that case your REAL Green will be adapted differently.  As an add on then your REAL Green will fit your higher power.  This add on means connecting to the planet and your local with basics of REAL Green wisdom.  Also realize that REAL Green is not for everyone.  Very few can walk this path.  It is somewhat like being a Jedi warrior that embraces the force.  A REAL Green monk must be awakened and to be awakened means a spiritual experience of seeing the planetary process of decline.  Seeing this process, you build upon the rebirth.  This rebirth is the ultimate of the REAL Green monastery because you will have accumulated knowledge and things for those who come after you to function as the seeds and the soil of new life.  Planetary connection is the Key both of material and spiritual.  Collapse may come quick or be a stairstep process over time.  It may be a process that spares your local for a period and others are ended sooner but collapse will come.  This is why choosing your local is so important if you can.  If cannot then accepting all locals are at risk yours maybe more than others.  There are no refuges from the coming storm.  Honest science and REAL Green instinct will guide you to the right place whether you become a monastery, a pilgrim, or at some later time a migrant.  This is a journey not a destination because life is in flux and all will eventually be washed away.

Acending Levels of Greeness

I am blessed to have been awakened to the honest science years back.  In 2000 I started dooming  and in 2005 I started prepping.  The minute you  see doom and prep you pass judgment on me as a nutter and yes at some points I was a nutter but I have matured into something else that is worth at least a look.  It has been a tough journey because the status quo narrative is so difficult to decouple from.  There is the FAKE Green narrative that sees technology as the answer with green tech.  Green tech is part of the solution but will not save us IMO.  There is also the FAKE Green position that degrowth is the answer.  I believe degrowth is the answer to a degree but where Degrowthers fail is with the consequences.  Degrowthers  do not understand systematic decay in an economics of decline so degrowth means collapse if taken to extremes.  I am not mentioning the status quo or naked market-based capitalism that says all will be well with growth and tech.  This is what got us here. 

My position is REAL Green.  The REAL is more like get real or be realistic.  It does not mean TRUE Green that a subsistent human in the right location practices that which is in touch with the planetary cycles of life.  There really are very few TRUE Greens because many of these TRUE Greens would seek more affluence if they could.  Few are awakened to reality and subsistent with best practices of planetary harmony.  Market based capitalism is a seductress and humans have a weakness for more affluence.  REAL Green accepts this human nature and tries to harness it.  REAL Green says the first order of business is the collapse process of civilization.  It then involves acknowledging the process of succession with the planetary system and web of life because of humans activity.  We are in a collapse process plain and simple.  The honest science tells us this.  REAL Green says the beginning of GREEN action is with this Kubler Roth acknowledgement.  It is only with the acceptance of human failure and its consequences that true GREEN action can spring forth. 

FAKE Green action is good but it also represents malinvestment of resources because many policies are green efforts to maintain the status quo.  EV’s are touted as green when the car culture is one of the main reasons for our failure.  A green grid is another.  Electricity is a vital element of modernity but let’s not forget it is modernity itself that is killing us also.  More complexity from complicated green actions is just more of the same of dirty footprints.  IOW, making things more modern is just a hole digging exercise.  REAL Green says the key is first with behavior of failure.  The second is going forth in localism.  Behavior and localism are the key because it takes behavior changes to allow realistic localism.  REAL Green is realistic and uses relativism to navigate the path between localism and globalism.  All locals have been delocalized by globalism.  Most people live status quo lives dependent on globalism for survival.  This means if you want to go local in REAL Green you will need to do it relatively by using the status quo of globalism to leave it.  If is a bit like judo that uses the opponents moves against him. 

This is both mental and physical.  Mentally your community and significant others may not care about green so if you do you have to adapt to that disconnect.  This means the range of footprint change is limited.  Physically your footprint change is limited by economics and accepted practices of your local.  A front yard garden might not fly in certain locals.  REAL Green says adapt to your local and coopt it based upon your limitations.  First REAL Green says determine your local and this means physical and mental.  If your local has a poor future based upon the collapse process then move out if you can.  If you can’t then your strategies may be limited to the basics of survival for a local that has no future.  This may mean have tools for a bug out.  You may become a migrant or refugee at some point.  This also means the people you are around.  Some people and communities are have no future.  Find a new community if you can and if not make the best of what you have. 

Once REAL Green has determined its local then build upon it.  This means triage out the deadwood.  It means a hybridization of the old ways with the new.  The reason the old ways are looked to is proper scaling was once normal.  The old ways were generally local or low energy.  Take the best practices, tools, and material of the modern and turbo charge the old ways.  This is an ascending level of enlightened greenness.  What this means is you do what you can per your limitations.  The top is a monastery of GREEN.  Few can get to a monastery because of income constraints or the nature of their local.  Build a place with the seeds for a new life that is inevitable with a world and a civilization in decline.  This is done in green humility.   The power the planet will bequeath to you the truth because you are following the “way”.  This cannot be taken and used for personal gain or this power is lost.  So, in effect you are a monk and a shaman.  This is not a cult or religion it is an addon to your current higher power and local.  This makes it extremely personal and location based.  The keys are simple but the application is where complexity and complicated practices evolve personally and locally.  I am covering my experiences and my monastery in my  I am not a writer so this is just an effort to explain my life as best I can for the benefit of others.

REAL Green Doom & Prep

The key question none of us can answer is how fast and how hard will the decline be.  That is the key question because this introduces the scientific method into the equation.  Rationality in this case is respect for the unknown.  The other aspect to this gradient of collapse is stair stepping and “locality” There may be a period of severe crisis that has locality then a stabilization.  In the case of a stairstep this will continue with again the unknown of what is the next step except that it is likely the further a local gets down the gradient in tact the more stable the local.  If your local survives the first step you will likely be closer to sustainability with hard fought resilience.  When I say local, I mean your immediate life, community, and significant others. 

Systems science will tell you that systems tend toward stasis.  Perturbations will knock a system that is unstable towards stability.  The reason I mention this is humans are no different than other ecosystems that undergo succession from being at thresholds of instability.  Modern man is due for succession because we are clearly in overshoot with population levels and consumption.  The key identifier for species survival has always been the degree and duration of a perturbation event.  There is no doubt we have some bad events coming.  Will they be widespread, regional or primarily dispersed failures of locality?  In my opinion due to the degree of overshoot that is really global this will be all of the above with a complexity of consequences. 

We can use science to pinpoint where populations are most vulnerable but there is the element of randomness and nonlinearity that is found in the science of chaos.  You know the flap of a butterfly causes a hurricane thing.  My point is this defaulting as so many doomers do to mad max is a poor doom strategy.  It is similar to the mistakes gamblers and investors make.  These are well known errors of behavior.  In my opinion as a doomer now for 20 years and a dedicated prepper for 15 a strategy that minimizes poor doom behavior is essential as well as realistic behavior of the consequences. 

My recommendations are first a detailed evaluation of your local this means more than place it means the abstract parts of it like relationships and activity.  If your local is significantly unstable get out.  If you are stuck then prep according to the condition of your local.  A local that will likely fail needs a strategy of bug-out.  One that is more stable and defendable needs defense.  All need a degree of offense and defense as well as diplomacy.  The best strategy for all situations is decline in place beating the rush.  Clear out the deadwood and utilize strategies of salvage, hybridization, and spartan living.  Do it now or at least mentally go over the steps. 

This doom and prep are significantly mental with behavior and attitudes.  A marine with a level action 30 will beat an inexperienced person with an AR most of the time.  This is because of training and morale.  Yet, the best soldiers also need good provisions.  This dooming and prepping have degrees of attainment to.  I have gone through the steps.  I have experienced failures with learning curves.  I have experienced attitudes of others who think I am a nutter.  To be fair in my earlier days I was at times radical about this process.  Most of all I have faced “time” which is making an effort at something that does not happen.  Time in some ways is the hardest test because it goes to the core of your effort with cognitive dissonance and opportunity cost of a different life. 

I am now at the level of a shaman and monk with a monastery.  Now, this does not make me better than another just getting started.  There are others out there smarter and more prepared than me.  What I mean in my own little world this is where I am at.  The key to a good doom and prep is to maximize localism and avoid comparisons to others.  Localism is a very diverse subject keep that in mind so you don’t fall into the pitfall of bad prep because you are keeping up with the Jones.  The point of doom and prep is resilience and sustainability of YOUR local.  You can be the best prepared and dumb or smart luck passes you by in failure so accepting failure is at the top of the list.  In fact starting from failure is the best start point.  It will give you necessary humility of moderation and realism.

My opinion of my efforts and my monastery is it is only as good as my local community longer term.  Shorter term I do have the mentality, skills, and the provisions to ride out many SHTF storms.  I feel this is important because it is the first part of the crisis when decisions have the greatest impact.  Right before the worst is when you need to be optimally positioned mentally and physically.  My conclusion is be careful of poor doom behavior that leads to malinvested prep.  Have a good attitude that you might not make it because of the basic principles of randomness and nonlinearity.  I am now to the point of a doomstead that is really just a homestead of old but leveraged with the best practices and material of our modern time.  I am using the status quo to leave it and taking good knowledge and material with me.  I am trying to go 18-19 century.  I am living with the local sheeples who are indoctrinated into the status quo narrative.  You have to be careful with the sheeples because you need to keep your distance but you also need them.  I try to stay below the radar screen yielding to greater forces.  Pick your battles and practice flexible retreat.  Ideally make this whole process a hobby and or way of life.  Have a passion for it.  I feel it represents the truth so it is also giving me meaning. �����h

My Home Energy System

I have a 48-volt system with inverter that has 8 Trojan gel batteries.  I have 12 x 300-watt Hanwha panels on pole mounts.  I have all circuits in my breaker boxed switched for grid or solar.  I do demand management during the day maximizing my solar gathering.  I do not use the system at night.  I then have maximum battery power available if grid goes down.  I also lower battery cycling for longer life.  I intend to upgrade lead/gel trojans in the future moving these to my barn that is also solar with older watered batteries.  I am looking at lithium iron phosphate batteries that look promising.  I am on the fence because batteries are changing so fast so still watching.  I also have a throw switch at my transformer so I can run hose on a 50amp generator/welder.  This is on wheels so I can move it around the farm as needed. 

Also, part of my system is a Heatmaster wood gasifier.  I also have a Daikin split HVAC unit.  This Daikin heats and cools.  I have several low wattage (500 watts) ceramic heaters in the house.  This allows me to heat and cool with my solar if there is excess power available.  My wood boiler can be run with solar.  In the summer I have my wood boiler tank heated with evacuated solar tubes instead of using wood.  The solar water heating system disassembles and is put away for the winter when I switch to wood.  This wood boiler system has forced air and water to air heat exchangers.  These different sources of heat are all manually switch by simple values.  Potable water is warmed to an electric water heater through a heat exchanger.  The water heater is valved so I can take it out of the loop if grid power goes down.  Most of the time my boiler using wood or solar that preheats the water heater.  My well can be run off the solar system.  It takes lots of power so if I am using the solar to run the well I have all other circuits switched off at transfer switches.  I have an oversized pressure tank that I can then fill and use as needed.  I can switch off the well once pressure tank is full strength then power up my wood boiler to heat water if needed for shower or washing.    I also have a conventional woodstove insert in my fireplace as final backup and which I mostly use on very cold days.

They key to this system is its hybrid nature with multiple energy nodes for flexibility.  The other key is the system is a power collection system with wood biomass and solar but it is also a survival tool with grid down situations.  I use the grid as needed for economic reasons.  Grid power is the cheapest form of power at the moment.  That could change but currently when I consider sunk cost of equipment and labor then just using electric is cheapest.  Electric is also convenient and vital in bad weather when solar is not producing.  It is my hope the grid becomes more renewable based as is happening but slowly.  The real value from my system comes in flexibility and resilience with grid down situations.  I fully use wood and solar to help pay off the initial cost of the system so this is a matter of economics also.  I am a Green who believes renewables and locally sourced biomass is good for lower my planetary footprint.  My house is a split-level brick home with the best insulation I could get.  This was a combination of open cell and closed cell foam.  The windows were the best I could get triple pane Pella’s.  There are lots of windows so if grid goes down in the summer, I have plenty of ventilation. 

This total system is holistic with active demand management.  It is meant for someone who works from home.  In my case I am a permaculture farmer raising cattle and goats on a multispecies management intensive grazing system.  I make my own hay.  I also have a garden, orchard, and grapes.  There are 400 acres dedicated to wildlife that is abundant and would be available in a collapse situation.  I have multiple water sources for water both potable water and irrigating garden and animals.  This system is expensive but less expensive than a system that attempts to go completely off the grid.  Some applications demand off the grid strategies because of cost of getting to the grid.  My thinking is the grid is an asset utilize it as needed.

REAL Green Macro to the Micro

I have highlighted two different versions of the left’s eco-solutions.  One is the ecomodernism and the other the degrowth movement.  They both claim success as the end game.  REAL Green claims they are both FAKE Green and the reason is the basis of their argument is faulty behavior of being the solution.  REAL Green says failure is the prerequisite of going forth into lifeboat and hospices.  Life boats and hospices are just a catchy term for mitigation and adaptation to the collapse process.  REAL Green says this is the case because honest science says we are in a carbon trap and path dependent in a late stage capitalism.  Path dependency is also present in the competitive cooperative nature of global governance.  Global governance may give lip service to planetary problems but its real driving force is self-preservation individually.  The degree that all sides recognize planetary problems is directly contingent on survivability individually.  This survivability in the path dependence of late stage capitalism is staying economically competitive along with military competitiveness.  This then becomes another path dependency trap that is systematic.  Globalism itself is a trap that includes the carbon trap and the global governance trap of competitive cooperation. 

REAL Green is about acceptance of these traps as existential and beyond transcendence.  This means the only alternatives from the red Left for the obvious failures of capitalism is ecomodernism and a degrowth based socialism that are themselves failures.  REAL Green says starting from the acceptance of failure we move forward with Capitalism, ecomodernism, and degrowth through a timeline of constructive and destructive change.  The destructive change comes from the triage of poor lifestyles and draconian reductions in consumerism staged and staggered.  This then becomes a distilling out the critical elements of capitalism that is present in globalism that produces so much wealth efficiently in the beginning to prepare for the departure.  Comparative advantage, free movement of capital and knowledge, global movement of components and end products, just in time assembly and transport to end use is itself a resource that must be protected in the beginning of the step down of late stage global capitalism to a degrowthed world.  Ecomodernism comes in with the adoption of knowledge, tools, equipment and systems to degrowth with best practices and best hardware.  Renewables, conservation practices, and efficiency strategies come to mind.  Yet, understanding the diminishing returns found in the equation of cost benefit.  Degrowth comes in primarily on the behavioral side with strategies for people to live with less things but more spiritual satisfaction.  Degrowth is the basis because that is what collapse means fundamentally but this degrowth will be proactive and intelligent. 

This whole effort will recognize that the fundamental effects of degrowth will be the introduction of chaos into the equation so there will have to be a resilience to economic abandonment, irrational policy and behavior, and dysfunctional networks.  This means there must be a preparation, departure and journey with failure the ultimate result.  The failure is calculated and adapted to in stepping down behavior.   It is understood and goal based that these failures offer a rebirth.  These will likely be more like a series of rebirths where systematic leveling off of decline occurs with further bifurcations.  How long these declines with hopeful leveling occur  is then the  journey.  The journey is in reality uncharted and can only be theoretical. 

This degrowth process could begin by taking the enormous power of late stage capitalism to power a return to the land of seeds of the rebirth.  This will require a two-tier society of rural back to the land with urban productive elements supplying the necessary resources for this transition.  These back to the land people will have to be given basics rights to education, health, and security so they are not consumed by the competitive forces of capitalism.  These back to the land people will live with seasonality, intermittency, and frugal living.  Much of their enjoyment will be social based with a dramatic decline in modern consumerism.  They will live spartan lives dedicated to permaculture and localism.  The best equipment including renewables would be employed in a spartan and frugal way to allow sustainability and resilience.  This deployment of sustainable locals would be much like the outfitting of fantasy exploration parties to Mars.  This means a social narrative of the critical nature of this project to everyone’s wellbeing.  The upper tier would be like the bees in the hive that produce next year’s brood.  This will mean integrating into planetary cycles of low carbon capture with plants and animals.  During this time industrial agriculture will be reduced in a step down with critical food sources maintained and consumeristic industrial food phased out.  There is no substitute for global monocultures with industrial practices in the beginning.  Food security is vital to the departure.  Once departed then this toxic industrial system can be left to wither and die.

Socialism will be the gate keeper for this decline.  Socialistic principals will have to be used to control this process.  Socialism as used today is a failure because it is just another wealth and power transfer device little different from capitalism.   A new socialism that  is a method of change not an end game to governance must be employed.  The key to this is the wisdom that chooses what technology and consumption is allowed.  The wisdom also recognized path dependency trap and the carbon trap have consequences of pain, suffering, and death.  There will be winners and loser and no way to get around the failure of fairness.  The reality is most everyone will lose something some more than others.  Places will have to be depopulated and industries abandoned.  This will lower production of needed resources and will force hardship on whole classes and segments of the global civilization.  This effort would have to be global or it could not make the preparations for the departure and handle the consequences during the journey.  This is an open door to no return.  Once departed it proceeds into a calculated and prepped for failure of all that comes before it.  It would rely on the principals in nature of succession with extinction with evolution being involved in a rebirth.  It would also be understood that extinction may be the result but this is about a journey not the end.  Nature will decide not man.

This REAL Green global vision is of course a very broad outline of the principals of the path forward in a world of rational behavior engaged in critical wisdom.  This is of course nothing but fiction because man is not completely rational.  Man is on overshoot teetering near thresholds of failure everywhere.  Our footprint is entirely too large with governance, population, and footprints.  REAL Green presented what might work in an alternative world to demonstrate what can work for small communities and with the individual.  When we take the REAL Green solution to the micro, we need to include hybridization and relativity.  This hybridization means utilizing the modern status quo to leave it into the best practices of the old ways augmented and refined by the modern.  This must be done relatively based upon the position of the local in the delocalized greater community.  This means the exiting community and significant others that are locked into the status quo must be adapted to as one attempts to negotiate a departure from a way of life with no future.  This means walking a tight rope.  A persona or a small community will still have to make a living in the status quo. Since all locals are delocalized by globalization products and services will still be needed.  This will put pressure on sustainability and resilience that the REAL Green efforts seeks. 

There is no escape from failure with REAL Green.  This is the prerequisite of honesty and acceptance REAL Green starts with and plans for.  REAL Green is about succession with loss but seeking rebirth.  REAL Green is a green prepping and dooming strategy that is an addon to one’s local and community.  Its primary purpose are ways to give longevity to ones local and significant interpersonal relationships.  REAL Green does this by going local and embracing nature as our ancestors did but taking the best of what modernity has to offer to complement and enhance it.  This is a type of salvage also because so much has been destroyed in the mad rush to modernity.  Both location and lifestyles then become a salvage effort of picking through the clutter to find the best practices and material for the journey into the collapse process.  This means triage or the principals of removing deadwood.  This means downsizing with dignity beating the rush that everyone will be forced into. The dignity comes from meaning that one will find in the preparation, departure, and the journey.  Dignity comes from finding the basics in a greatly reduced life that offer satisfaction and comfort.  This also involves empathy and strategies of compassion because as the status quo deteriorates and fails many will be exposes to hardships and premature death. 

REAL Green is for everyone because the basics are applicable to all.  Advanced REAL Green goes into a kind of eclectic combination of specialization with what one does the best with a backbone of multiple basic skills that is required for a degree of self-sufficing.  In other words one must be good at many things with a few specializations.  REAL Green demands physical fitness and mental conditioning.  One must eliminate poor lifestyles and habits that will distract from this endeavor.  So REAL Green in a sense is a way of life within a way of life.  It becomes in a sense a hobby because the status quo denies many resilient and sustainable activities due to economic comparative advantage.  It is cheaper to get food at Walmart and hardware at Lowes than to do things locally.  Fossil fuels are economic and animal power not as examples.  REAL Green starts with the idea that at some point this will change but currently it is not the case.  Advanced REAL Green then goes to its highest level as a monastery of knowledge and hardware for the journey into the collapse process but also a storehouse of seeds of a rebirth for those who come afterwards.  That is if it is the case that your REAL Green local can be reborn.  It is likely the collapse process will involve a stair step down with thresholds broke into new stasis. 

REAL Green acknowledges all this is relative to the individual, community, and region one is in.  This means REAL Green starts out by determining the potential of ones local and if it has no future then REAL Green determines if it can leave.  If you can then you emigrate while you can to a local that can offer a future.  In effect you become a pilgrim journeying into an unknown land.  This may be location based or career based because the journey is really both of the material and the mental.  REAL Green never takes its eye off of failure and acceptance as the prerequisite.  You may construct a doomstead but that may not save you.  So, if you get to the point of a REAL Green monastery with robust sustainability and resilience you then infect your local as best you can with best practices and wisdom.  This is done because ultimately all REAL Green monasteries rely on community for survival.  REAL Green realizes this thinking must be done subtly and camouflage with status quo ways or you will be disregarded as a nutter.  This means both asymmetric and symmetric strategies.  Since very few have the knowledge and resource to do this it is recognized by REAL Green that you are special but also empowered to be a provider.  REAL Green power comes not from the individual but from nature and the local.  REAL Green is supported by the planet because REAL Green embraces the planet first by adding on those principals of nature as the beacon for the journey.

“Why De growth is Essential: A Rejection of Left Ecomodernists Phillips, Sharzer, Bastini, and Parenti.”     resilience

“The Ecomodernists recognize the seriousness of the global ecological situation, but they argue that the way to solve it is to crank up technical advance and economic growth to enable the building of a vast quantity of resource-intensive devices that will deal with the problems. These are to include nuclear energy, high rise greenhouses, water desalination. Humans will all move into cities allowing nature to regenerate, agriculture will go into those greenhouses, and the Third World will be liberated from poverty. Thus they scorn the De growth movement seeing it as unnecessary, guaranteeing misery for all, and indeed actually ensuring the end of human progress.  By contrast, the recently-emerged De growth movement advances the basic, fifty year old, ”limits to growth” case which has now accumulated a huge supporting literature. Its core point is that there is too much production and consumption going on, that this is the main cause of global problems, that eventually we must have stable or zero-growth economies, and that GDP must be reduced… This is a debate between those who believe that “tech-fixes” can solve the problems without radical change from a system committed to affluence and growth, and those who argue that only radical change to a very different, post consumer-capitalist society can solve the big problems…The core issue here is whether economic growth can be “decoupled” from resource and ecological costs and impacts. That is, can the amount of production, sales and GDP go on increasing while resources availability and ecological damage are kept below unsustainable levels…virtually all of a now huge literature says it can’t… Obviously to deal with this the decoupling would have massive; the Ecomodernists would have to show that by 2050 the resource and environmental impact from the generation of $1 of GDP could be reduced to one-thirtieth of what it is today, even though over past decades no reduction has been achieved. They make no attempt to show that this is possible; their case consists of faith claims about what future technology could do, supported only by pointing to some cases where mostly very small absolute reductions have been achieved. The above arithmetic yields the basic claim underlying the Simpler Way perspective; i.e., that the major global problems now threatening our existence cannot be solved unless we undertake enormous reductions in production, resource use and consumption. This can only be done by transition to mostly local communities which are small, cooperative, highly self-sufficient, driven by needs not market forces …. and by willing acceptance of very frugal lifestyles and systems. This involves scrapping the present taken-for-granted conception of “development” defined in terms of ever-increasing globalisation, complexity, capital-dependence, technical sophistication, and monetary “wealth”. Above all it involves happy acceptance of materially simple lifestyles and systems.”

 “This alternative vision does not involve hardship or deprivation; in fact it would be a liberation to a much higher quality of life for all.  And it does not threaten universities, modern hospitals, high tech R and D or “progress”. It is about ways which provide all that is needed for delightful relaxed, secure, creative, cooperative, peaceful lives via very low resource and environmental costs.  (For the detail see TSW: The Alternative Society.)  The key to these achievements lies in the small scale, proximity and integration of the new economies. A recent study of egg supply illustrates this powerfully. The industrial supermarket supply chain involves vast amounts of transport, agribusiness, chemicals, soil damage, steel, computers, petroleum, electricity , packaging, advertising, and waste, especially wasted nutrients. The village cooperative supply path eliminates almost all of these, e.g., because “wastes” can go straight to gardens, methane digesters and fish ponds. The study found that the dollar and energy costs of an egg delivered by the former path is around 50 to 200 times that by the second  path.  Our limits to growth predicament show that the main goal is not getting rid of capitalism, essential though that is. The goal must be to get those resource and ecological impacts right down. If the eco-socialists only got rid of capitalism but continued to pursue affluence and growth, we would have a more just society…still heading for ecological collapse… They assume that welfare can’t be increased unless there is increase in production of stuff being bought, thus unless there is increase in GDP.  (This is the fundamental vicious error built into conventional development theory and practice; poor countries cannot “develop” unless they enable investors to take out their resources cheaply and thus grow the GDP. See TSW: Third World Development.) This is patently ridiculous. Apart from the medical domain, the factors that would most enable a higher quality of life for most rich world people have nothing to do with monetary wealth or property; they are things like having good family and friends, supportive community, security from unemployment, closeness to nature, socially valued work, and peace of mind. These are easily and automatically provided in a poor Third World village or in an Eco-village, as are the basic simple food producing, housing, water, and energy etc. systems enabling very frugal but perfectly sufficient material living standards.”